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  1. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Lebanon Valley

    Its the setup!
  2. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Lebanon Valley

    It wouldnt have mattered what the schedule was, the mods would have blown that track off in a few laps anyway. Might have been the dirtiest ive been ever at LV. But ill take every minute of it. The crowd was outrageous. Most of the features were good. I thought Bachetti had a shot at a 4 for 4 night with the way he started the night off. I was even rooting for him in the 2nd SB feature to pull it off. The 2nd BB feature was pretty damn good too! Hearn starting 15th and slicing his way to the front was damn exciting. Overall an awesome night at LV!
  3. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Lebanon Valley

    Ive been waiting since tuesday to quote this. 100% a daytime track. !
  4. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Lebanon Valley

    Doesnt make much sense for Hearn to run the held over feature if given the chance. Having to start last is hard enough at any track, especially LV. More than likely they will run the mods 1st, which will make for a daytime-like track. Passing will most certainly be at a premium. Not having ran one lap at rhe track this year will be a deterrent also. 2 warmup laps? Then go out and run it hard. I get it, hes got a ton of experience there but still..... Then if he does start last, having to wade your way through the bullshit without damaging the car, trying to keep it clean for the 5k feature that night will be a task. If anyone can get it done from the back its Hearn at LV, and i for one would enjoy it if he was given the opportunity to race but it uust does t seem to me like the optimal thing to do when invading and looking for a big payday
  5. Personally, weekly racing is usually better as a whole than a time trial format event. Time trials wont keep me away but i also know what to expect from each show. Honestly how can anyone say that a show with the fast cars starting up front is better than a show with the fast cars handicapped into the top 15, moving to the front?
  6. Lebanon Valley announced at 650 that they were forgoing hotlaps for the BB and SB in favor of rushing the show along. Got in the SB,pro stock and BB feature before the rain. Not a moment too soon as it started raining moments after the checkered flag waved.
  7. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    The Beat Goes On 11 in a Row

    If its in the rearend then somebody should be able to figure it out soon, thats all anybody has been seeing on his car all yearπŸ˜‚
  8. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    The Beat Goes On 11 in a Row

    I was clearly joking around. Hence the crying/laughing emoji! I have no problem with matt sheppard other than him stinking up the show. πŸ˜‚ Look at the hard clay open this year. 2nd-6th were racing hard for the last 30 laps. And Sheppard was out front by a straightaway at least. Stinking it upπŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ
  9. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    The Beat Goes On 11 in a Row

    Does the guy not go through tech?🀣
  10. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Airborne Speedway

    Reaching out to the right people , using your own knowledge and incorporating what knowledge they pass along to you and im sure a little bit of luck. The guy is doing all the right things to make the track what the drivers and fans want. Having behind the wheel experience and a construction background helps too
  11. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    What happened at OCFS

    The problem with what your saying is that the car counts at those tracks have been what they are for years. Pull up results from 3 years ago at the valley and compare them to this year. Why do i go? Because i want to support the track. I could easily drive to OCFS every week, shit i thought long and hard about it, but when it comes down to it i felt like i would be abandoning LV at a time where they probably needed me. Not specifically One person or me personally but as a collective. 4 guys go with me every week because i kind of push the issue. If i didnt go they wouldnt. Im sure theres others there everyweek in my same situation that realize whats happening and do the same as me. Its guys like you that ignore whats staring you in the face
  12. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    What happened at OCFS

    So by your account 2 minutes of excitement made up for the rest of the Night? And to use Keith Flach as the barometer for a good night is not a very good example. The guy is an underachiever who rarely gets the job done. My take is that it was more of a fall off by the guys up front ( Steve Hough, Olden Dwyer, Kyle Armstrong) than Flach charging to the front. I mean cmon guy, i get it, you love LV and so do i but dont try and sugar coat any of this for DTD and make it seem like everything is alright. I started a post last year with the same topic in July . The struggle is real and its not going away by doing the same things over and over. And unfortunately for the prostock feature it was the last race of the night and nobody was left there to see it. Take the blinders off and look around . Its like the walking dead at LV. The pure stock class is down to around 20 cars, 4 cylinder counts are low. Sportsman are about half of what they used to be. The rest of the classes are decent but still a bit disappointing. The crowd is low with absolutely no excitement . Walk around and look at peoples faces in the crowd and their body mannerisms. They are there going through the motions because thats what they always do on a saturday night, me included.
  13. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    What happened at OCFS

    Unfortunately Bretts decision to leave the Valley is looking like a lose/lose for both parties. 1 fluke feature win out of 6? Features ran, hes probable tore up more equiptment than he has in the last 2 years at LV. Going from the best track surface and most efficiently ran program to what everyone has been complaining about. At LV, if you cant notice the lack of any excitement at the track and throughout the stands youre blind and deaf. The attendance is down by my estimation of 350-500 people. The place is big and looks empty without all the Hearn tshirts and hats. Everybody i sit with has noticed it. Unfortunately its a little too late to go back on that decision. Just have to ride it out and survive the year for both. Hopefully Hearn can scoop up some of that $ down in Orange County and the field at the valley can create some excitement heading into the summer. Honestly, LV needs alot more than some excitement. Everything there is stagnant. IDK what to even suggest. Like i posted last year around july, LV is on life support and no one wanted to believe me.
  14. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable


    🀣 Tremont fans at the valley are very opinionated.
  15. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Lebanon Valley

    It came off the wrong way. No way intended to be a pissing match. Matter of fact, the only reason i got up was to go out to truck at intermission to add layers and boots.πŸ˜‚ Just stating facts that when mallett posted i was pulling in driveway. If it wasnt opening night i probably would have ventured somewhere else but my cuz runs pure stocks and i wanted to watch. Granted he was the first race of the night but.......