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  1. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Jackie Brown 2020

    Mark flach was supposed to run a 20 backup at so.e point last year, maybe for mr. Dirt. Never happened. Doubt it will
  2. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Brett Hearn

    And? Is there a rule against changing tires before a heat race? Give the GOAT a break. I mean damn, the guy just basically announced his retirement and they scumbag him like this Thanks for coming to charlotte, now get to the back . Basically no shot at all for a win now
  3. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Time To Retire?

    Brett Hearn is stuck in a TEO. Thats his problem. Everyone youre comparing him to is driving a damn bicknell. Granted he is old. But certainly not washed up. Look what happens when people switch to a bicknell.
  4. The 2010 outlaw200 was a pretty awesome race. Billy Decker and Stewie swapping the lead with sliders for the first 100. Brett Hearn qualifying with a SB and starting 24th ish, moving up to 3rd in the 1st 100. Then taking the lead and running away the second hundred. The track was super racy that night with battles all over the track. It was Hearns only win at Fulton speedway . That night was the only night i have ever doubted Brett. I clearly remember picking guys before the race started and someone asked why i didnt pick Brett, decked out in Hearn gear. I said hes never won here and didnt have a shot starting so deep. Proved me wrong that night. Ive never since then not thought that he had a shot to win any race ive been at, no matter starting position. And the fact that Matt Sheppard drove through danny under caution after danny spun him in turn 2 , almost ending bretts night early
  5. Im not sure money is the issue. I believe that the drive forbthe satellite shows was always a racing fix when at SDW because of the product at the mile. Now with the racing at oswego being pretty good, people dont have to venture out to see a good battle? That and the fact that Oswego is not centrally located to the tracks that host the satellites doesnt do them any favors
  6. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Pro Stocks at SDW

    Valley also
  7. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Outlaw 200

    Hearn per his website
  8. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Yellow Lap Count At Fonda 200

    Not when your doing double duty during the rain delay
  9. I think hearn changed 2x after 75
  10. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Fonda 200

    Yeah, my uncle just texted me asking who went over the wall. I told him nobody. But my daughter fell asleep during prostock feature Nd we left when they called 50/50. Sprints were racing when we were going over the bridge.
  11. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Fulton frequency

    Forget the radio frequency, did they fix the damn reserved section of "new " seating. It was bad last year
  12. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    There is no such thing as division points. But there is 2 wild card spots and were currently 3.5 out of that. The same wild card the stankees used last year for their 1 game playoff run. This isnt the yankees of the 90s, 50s ,40s. If i were you id worry about my starting pitching . The playoffs are a different animal.
  13. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Valley Prostock

    So thats why he texted me 5 minutes later cousin luke
  14. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable


    Bicknell has probably 100x the cars on track that dkm does. Maybe 500x Their odds of winning are far greater than dkm. Not saying that the performance is based on #s but still....
  15. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Valley Prostock

    My buddy was texting me updates from the track 9:02 20 to go Older 9:33 Dan Older won I acrually thought to myself: damn that was a long ass race