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  1. And to think ive been pissed off since april when i was inforned i had to go to a bachelor party in vegas this weekend. Im still not quite sure how anyone with any brains thinks this wreck isnt the tracks fault. And when they make an announcement telling drivers they can work on cars and get their spot back they basically admitted guilt for the pile up. Put yourself in sheppards shoes and tell me you wouldnt do the same exact thing. I know i would.
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    Lets just stop with all the marijuana stereotypes. Most of them are more antiquated than having a race car with a big block in itπŸ˜‚ To each their own, but rules are rules and must be followed to play in someone elses sandbox. Simply put.
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    Whats sad about it?
  4. Why was the format of this race never mentioned in this topic, but interviews from 10 years ago had multiple posts. I probably would have made the venture over if i knew the format. I guess i could have just looked myself but you fogure with such an abnormal format that the track would promote it as such and push it to the masses?
  5. Kudos to the track last night for getting it in. Thats the second time this year they waited out the rain and ran the track in. IIRC its been about 8 years since they actually put packers back on the track after rain . Could be even longer. Since fuel prices spiked to over $4/gallon for gasoline years ago,diesel ecen higher, they rarely if ever have ran the track back in .
  6. Looked just like duzlak out there. πŸ˜‚
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    Mr Dirt Track USA

    Cmon man. Just stop
  8. The pro stock class is just a product of crate racing IMO. Once guys figured out the setup with the crate power its super tough to pass. You can be a tick faster but still not have enough to get all the way by on the bottom. Most of the guys running the class have tons of experience on the track and in a pro stock. Its just tough to pass. Hence the beating and banging
  9. Far from a nascrap guy. Google his background and youll see why hes doing it.
  10. So because of 1 incident its becoming bowman gray? No one even mentioned the 2 hand over the head garbage can smash across the front of the 17 by the 178. As much attention is being paid to the battle between Jeseo and Duzlack, the 17 of Nick Hilt hits everything that comes his way,every week.
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    Did I Miss Marlar BB Ride Announcement

    And not one lap in a BB
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    Thats what made last night so bad. I was actually saying to myself while they were battling that the 55 not closing the door and drifting up in front when he had room was a big mistake. Turns out i was right. Theres a fine line between respecting who your running with and taking the spot. Theres noting wrong with a slider, closing the door, or whatever you want to call it. But when you doorslam,hip check, chop em down in the corner or run them out of room into the wall its uncalled for. 2 weeks ago the 4 was running below the berm and off of 4 doorslammed the 35 to get back to the racing surface. Uncalled for. What the 35 did in retaliation wasnt any better but im sure if nothing else bachetti will think rwice when running the 35 side by side. Clearly Bachetti will never change his driving style. Sometimes it works for 30 laps ,most tines it doesnt. Hes a very accomplished driver that probably could have been great if he polished it up a bit.
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    Im not so sure about the dangerous part. The guy has unbelieveable car control when he wants. I also dont mind when he is throwing it in harder than anyone else and making a show of it. Usually none of that translates into wins anyway and he usually keeps it pretty clean. The part that gets me is when he gets passed and drives in way too hot and uses up someone else. It doesnt happen regularly but it happens enough with him to warrant a conversation. 100% unbiased here with no dog in the foght.