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  1. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Lebanon valley

    For what its worth, there are 2 correctional facilitites with the names Upstate and Downstate. Upstate is in franklin county and downstate is in souther dutchess county i believe. That should clear things up a bit
  2. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Hard Clay Open 2019

    Just a shot fired in Howies direction IMO. Hopefully this will make all the capital region tracks up their game. Might seem like an insignificant press release, but seems to me like a calculated move on Deyos/ OC part to have Mr. LV on the cover of the press release. Not that i see anything wrong with what they did, nor am i hating on anyone; just hoping that what deyo is doing in fonda and on the stss and whats going on at OC will push the level of promotion and gamesmanship in the roght dorection for all parties involved
  3. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Syracuse Indoor Race

    You might wanna check on that Capitol region racing history
  4. If he puts 200 people in the stands every week, for 20 race weeks at $11 GA that's $44,000. Kind of a deal for Howie. And that's not counting concession $ spent by the 200 people. I'm assuming that 200 people show up each week to watch hearn.
  5. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Another rumor

    If Howie had so much pull dont you think SDW would have been held at LV the past few years. Or that he would have a second SDS race or would still have the WoO sprints there still? Did you think that Fondas premier race of the year would be Dirtcar sanctioned with Deyo running the show now? Who in their right mind wouldn't hop on that date for an end of the year special? Every other track outside of fulton was probably looking at gaining that weekend . I'm not so sure that Howie would object to anything that would make him $ and a stss show is surely a money maker according to some. IDK, maybe now with Deyo being so close to the Capitol region Howie sees him as a threat. Tough telling not knowing
  6. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Stewart Friesen

    Maybe uncle brett will hook him up
  7. Hearn has more wins there too. And thanks to the Dr. More flips.😂
  8. Hearn has won at 49 different tracks. Not many more out there that run mods. 10 states, 2 Canadian provinces. I dunno but I'm not sure the doctor has won at that many different t tracks
  9. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable


    About as cool as the first 2 years
  10. track conditions, forget that. Let's talk about the grandstand conditions. The reserved seating in section c was tight to say the least. Seems like the leg room was cut in half. When you pay for reserved it's kind of a disappointment when you get seating room as bad as that is. Everyone around us had to sit staggered so we could all fit in the top 3 rows.
  11. True Blame that on track prep too! He came out in time for the 15 minute break, but they were doing track prep and he had to turn around on pit lane and go back to the hauler. A buddy was sitting up on the hill and texted me as soon as it happened
  12. PaGeOrGaBleBHisable

    Fonda......Only 16 mods !

    To me it didn't seem like he over drove it. Looked pretty good getting in, in between cars. That turn was ducking cars to the wall last night. I believe Bobby Varin dodged a bullet when he was sucked in. Made it to that opening on turn 2
  13. SN has been in existence since 2005, not changing it.
  14. I fully understand the sport of racing Captain Obvious. There is only 1 reason I was complaining about that move and it's because I'm a brett hearn fan. Considering the year(s) hes been having that might have been the most satisfied ive been watching him run 3rd.
  15. There were so many things that were done wrong last night with the show but.......... When the features were that good its damn near impossible to complain about anything. The only thing I can complain about is Stewie throwing the block on Hearn at the end. Brett was creeping up on fuller those last 20 laps and I thought he had something for him, but stewie threw the block and he killed his momentum. As soon as brett showed him the nose stewie moved down. What a great feature. Fuller and Hearn were hustling the bottom pretty good there for the last 40 or so.