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  1. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    Cayuga 1989

    I was at that race in Cayuga. Mike Romano was leading running really strong with Brett Hearn running 2nd, they got together coming off of turn 2 and both went into the wall hard. I think it destroyed both cars
  2. I have 2 extra rooms I will be cancelling tomorrow. Rooms are at Comfort Suites, less then a mile from track. Message me if your interested
  3. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    MR. Dirt 17,500

    Facebook page says, Gates Open 5, Warmups at 6
  4. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    Where's racing Sept 10

    No brainer, Grandview Freedom 76er. One of the best races all year. I would definately be there, but I will be at Eldora World 100
  5. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    Fonda speedway & the doctor?

    I dont understand why anyone has an issue with this post!!! Racefan was asking for confirmation on something he obviously heard. How is that a bad question, amazing, some of you posters give him crap for a simple question. I dont get it
  6. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    USAC racing in NY

    Their is some talks about getting USAC to NY. their is a few issues though. Car count would be a issue, also they would need more than 1 race within a few hours to make it worth it. I also believe that it would be a huge turnout for whatever track gets them. Everyone would want to see them the first year. The quality of that show would determine the following year, but the 1st one would be absolutely huge. As far as the racing, i agree they are the most exciting dirt cars you can see. IMO, Albany Saratoga would be the best track for them along with Brewerton and Fulton. I also think OCFS would be the worst track for them. Luckily I am heading to Indiana in July for sprint week, Gas City, Kokomo and Lawrenceburg. hope its awesome
  7. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    Port Royal Speedway

    This would be a big success for a number of reasons. 1 promotion, deyo does an awesome job of promoting events. 2 it would be new track for drivers and fans which would support it heavily. 3 it would be neutral track for all drivers and it is multi-grooved. 4. Look at how big selinsgrove was the 1st time mods went there in the middle of sprint country!!!! The 1st race at port royal would be huge, and depending how well the whole show goes would determine the next year
  8. With no modifieds at Middletown, Jimmy Horton has Fonda listed on his schedule for this Saturday along with Stewart Friesen. Who else might we see?Gonna be awesome
  9. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    Fonda Ratings!

    you are partially right, Warmups did start at approx. 6:30. Racing was schedule to start at 7:30pm, not 7pm. the 1st heat race (pro stock) rolled on track at 7:31 (according to my iphone). I thought track was great for opening night. Smoothest I have ever seen for opener. little dry but Pete and Ric will get it worked out. And for it being similar as to when Ric Lucia ran the track that is because he is helping with track prep again. Overall I thought it was a very good show for Petes 1st night at the track of Champions. It will get better I'm sure, just give him time. I will say one thing I've always said. "You'll never hear someone complain that a show got over too early" c ya at the Track of Champions. And dont forget to stop at the Fonda Museum open 3-6 on Saturdays. Dave and Jackie Lape are doing a great job with it. This Saturday is Lee Millington night.
  10. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    Where should I go? Selinsgrove or New Egypt

    Weather looks iffy here at new egypt, Friesen is on his way from Selinsgrove. Hopefully we get it in
  11. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    Where should I go? Selinsgrove or New Egypt

    same distance for me either way. I like the idea of Port Royal on Saturday night after Selinsgrove.
  12. New Egypt and Selinsgrove both run on March 19th? Which will have better cars / racing? Drivers for New Egypt so far: Ryan Godown, Pauch Sr. and Jr., Duane Howard, Jeff Strunk, Stewart Friesen,  who else and where?
  13. Dirt Modifieds Northeast Blanket Check it out: http://www.ebay.com/itm/161925744443?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  14. Booster / Johnny Lakata

    Change to Fonda?

    SImple Fix, at least in my world. Fonda needs to stay the same shape, thats what makes Fonda what it is. Mandatory Hoosier XTRA Hards for Modifieds, That would slow the cars down enough for better racing but still would be fast for the fans. Would also save teams money. You may get a few weeks out of a set of tires. I would even find out if they made a harder tire than the XTRA Hard. Would even out the advantage of the high dollar motors.