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  1. Very --very good piece. I could not have said it any better. You are 100% right
  2. I just hope ALL tracks do this. Maybe this could one little good thing that comes from this tragity. One was one to many
  3. Unfortunately I saw the video --it is horrible,and I feel for the Ward family. Not sticking up for Stewart,but  I don't believe it was intentional.  Is it possible that the sprinter just ahead of Stewart blocked his vision for a second ?? It looked to me that Stewart was trying to go left to avoid him. I do believe that you should stay in your car --but I could understand his frustration at the time ----- So,so tragic.
  4. My parents. Apparently I went to my first race when I was less than a tear old. I never had a chance !!!!!!!
  5. I was there --to me just two determined --good racers not giving in. To me neither are to blame.
  6. It certainly was quite an exiting race to watch. Man they went at it !!!!
  7. Perfect post. we need more positive thoughts about this great sport of ours. Yeah I'm addicted also !!!!
  8. Like the new race track in Fort Erie --- I'll believe it when I see it. Sorry
  9. It's also available on Blue-Ray. I have it,and enjoyed very much. Worth getting I'd say
  10. Merrittville is generally pretty good surface wise. They aren't afraid to work on it at intermission if they feel the need. Always two grooves ---mostly 3 --sometimes 4
  11. I also have the "Syracuse Scrapbook",and no it's not for sale. Once again ---It be worth trying to find one.
  12. i have a copy of "Car Coming". It is an excellent book,but I'm not interested in parting with it. I'd be worth trying to find one.
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