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  1. To say that Mike was one of the good guys would be a massive understatement. Thanks to the friendship that he and my father had forged over the past 40+ years, I got to witness what a great person he was, and what a great family the Colstens are, not just at the track, but away from it as well. Mike's courageous fight over the last several years is an inspiration and he will be deeply missed. Please keep his family and friends in your thoughts at this tough time.
  2. June 7th, 2020 is a Sunday. Outlaw runs that Friday, Stateline Saturday, then Weedsport.
  3. Bob, I see you've been able to keep getting some posts on the board the last few days, hopefully this means you're making some progress with your health. We're all pulling for you to get this in the rearview mirror, so we'll see you back up on the roof at Outlaw and Canandaigua soon. Also, do you ever read your DM's?
  4. Gerald has always been one of the people I really look forward to seeing at the track, or anywhere I may have happened to run into him. He always had a kind word and would joke around, and always seemed genuinely interested in how things were going with my racing and my family. I'm going to miss him very much, especially that dry sense of humor and sly laugh, and I'm so saddened for Joanne, Jerry (Bear), Jillian, Justin and their extended families. Please keep them in your thoughts.
  5. You'll have to catch me in the right mood. I'm no professional stand-up comic, that's for sure
  6. Can't say that's where I got it from, as this cliche has been around a lot longer than Tim has, and I'm sure I heard it long before I even knew who he was. John F Kennedy used to use it all the time, but its origins are much older than that. My announcing style was much different than Tim's, so I tried to leave Frank Capra-esque one-liners to him, but I can do a wicked Tim Pitts impression, just ask Rich Vleck.
  7. WMR, I'm also unfamiliar with your teams and businesses, but want to say thank you for being so involved in the sport, even if we happen to be racing against you. A high tide raises all boats, and we need more folks like you in modified racing. Best of luck to you and your teams in 2019 and beyond.
  8. Thanks, Bob, I'm glad you like it, I know I'm happy with how it came out. Though I do prefer a clean, simple look as well, there's an awful lot of blank space on those quarter & sail panels. Maybe with a little luck, and some more hard work, one of those $5-20k sponsors being talked about in the other thread will find their way to our team. I always try my best to represent and promote our sponsors as best I can, like Upstate Brewing in Elmira that has one of the best varieties and quality of craft beer as anywhere I've been (seriously, even if you think you don't like "craft" beer, give them a try, they have something for pretty much everyone!), along with a great tap room. Also, Finger Lakes NAPA in Penn Yan has very knowledgeable people and great service and we're proud to carry their name as well. And since I've hijacked a Matt Sheppard thread, I certainly have to thank Stu Sheppard at Seneca Auto Sales & Service for all of his help over the years. If you're anywhere near Waterloo, NY and need anything automotive, stop in and see him; they do great work and he's a tireless supporter of our sport. Scot VonBergen (SMV Motorsports), along with a couple of other anonymous supporters help when they can, and they are greatly appreciated as well. Danbury Competition does an excellent job with our Ford engine considering that our engine budget is a small fraction (that's less than half, if you're keeping track) of what most others are spending. That said, we have very stiff competition to deal with week in and week out, but I still think we can run right there with them if we have enough help.
  9. Now if I could just remember who built those cars for Cagle and Mitchell back then, hmmmm. Seriously though, if we can manage to get second to Matt at Outlaw sometime this year, I'm totally counting that as a win hahaha
  10. Oh man, the bad news just keeps coming, this sucks! Met Julie many years ago, when she was doing lap times for Chuck Bower with her two-stopwatch clipboard back in the days before electronic timing and scoring. I always looked forward to chatting with her any time we would run into each other at the track, whether it was about racing, the automotive industry, or just some kind-hearted joking about my stepmom, with whom she worked at Pritchard Motors in Ithaca for many years. She was a huge race fan and helped many racers over the years, but most of all was just a wonderful soul and a very sweet person. “Jules” will surely be missed.
  11. Dale, it’s so tough to say anything that could bring you any comfort at this tough time, but know that your racing family feels your pain and is thinking of you.
  12. I can think of at least one other Hall of Fame-worthy driver to add to that list... And I agree, success in our mods does seem to translate well to success in other types of cars.
  13. Any word on whether they put back the pit area bleachers on the backstretch?
  14. Car is still in good shape from last year (one of the pluses of running at Canandaigua), though I would make new outer sheet metal if I had a sponsor to display. The engine refresh is probably less than most people would guess, given the numbers that get thrown around in this forum. 19ny, you have a PM
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