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  1. I just used hdmi cable from my android phone, Apple phone or iPad and they all work fine for all racing channels. Simple.
  2. And we will all be talking about whether we can afford the gas to drive to a race 3 or 4 hours away this summer.
  3. I assume they aren't gonna start 45 cars. I wonder if 45 will even go if some have no guarantee of a payday.
  4. No shit you're talking about legal gun owners and ignoring all the illegal gun owners who are shooting 50-75 people every weekend just in Chicago. Never a mention of that. You already told us where you come from if someone punches somebody they get shot. I'm not going near your town.
  5. He would of bragged if he had the winner lol.
  6. Never knew there were so many psychologists on DTD. Geez he got punched in the mouth. Whatever. Bunch of whiners is my analysis.
  7. Have you looked to see how many people carry legally? They are not the problem but keep drinking the Kool aid. Not to mention there's an illegal gun owner committing a shooting everyday in just Chicago alone.
  8. Lol so where you come from its acceptable to shoot someone if they punch you? Ok got it dude.
  9. I dont understand people praising what McCreadie said and then when it happens now it's the worst thing ever. At least be consistent in your beliefs. Don't let your hatred for Matt get in the way of what you believe in. Sheesh grown men (I assume) crying on an internet forum cause someone wasn't punished even though it has absolutely nothing to do with them.
  10. I dont have any skin in the game (like most everyone on here) but I don't care whether he's suspended or not. Imo Max had it coming from other drivers. But I predict DIRT will suspend Matt from some early season race that he probably wouldn't attend anyhow to save face. And DIRT dropped the ball here big time. You just can't allow that to happen. As much as I don't care shame on them.
  11. Glad he's not suspended but I'm just gonna guess that it's the 2nd or 3rd time Max had 'messed' up Matt. Max is overdriving most of the time. And I bet he gives Matt plenty of room now. For the people who hate that he wasn't suspended just pretend it's like your government bailing out criminals or letting them out of jail and you might feel better.
  12. Oh so you'll offer to pay the roughly $3,000 difference in pay?? (Assuming he could have won)
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