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  1. And to think you get to 'enjoy' him for almost 5 more years.
  2. How do you know if they washed their hands???
  3. But there are doctors who also say just live your life and take precautions and wash your hands often. So it's not like they are all in agreement on how 'terrible' this is or could be. And part of it is that if any business or sports league or college does nothing they are up for a potential lawsuit. I think that's the reason for all the closures/ cancellations.
  4. What everyone is talking about......coils, left side panhard, shocks, smashers and whatever else they're doing.
  5. Not saying they are the complainers but guys I think of who really seemed to struggle the last year or 2 are also somewhat older drivers who in some cases dont race as much as they used to and or perhaps are set in their ways but Dr, Fuller, Hearn, Tomkins, Phelps, Haers, Ronnie Johnson, Ward and Alan I'd think wouldnt mind getting rid of this new technology.
  6. I cant get into all the exact rules and changes being done but in the last year or two with all this new suspension technology there has been about 5 guys who have the money and who race enough to figure it out...(Mat, Rudolph, Larry, Stew and maybe Sheppard). Guys like Hearn, Pat Ward, Haers, Doctor, Britten, Decker , Fuller have all become cars that probably cant win a SDS race (Decker probably will) but the others likely wont at least the way last year went for them and others. I'm not sure I like where things are/were heading as a fan. Jmo.
  7. I'm well aware of that. It wasnt my idea.
  8. I'm thinking mods cause it'd be second to none since it would be the only one.
  9. macho

    Ryan Newman

    They mentioned bruising on the brain and bleeding.
  10. macho

    Ryan Newman

    Theres a little blame for everyone here but it comes down to the drivers and Nascar. They went around nearly 200 laps yesterday with almost no issues......until a few laps to go, like every restrictor plate race. Nascar likes and allows anything to go on the last lap and the drivers just follow suit. If Nascar would penalize for spinning or driving thru someone you wouldn't have every finish end with 15 cars spinning and wrecking......but imagine how boring it would be to watch the whole field finish just like the first 199 laps with no wrecking? I'm not for wrecks but it's terrible 'racing' so a crash fest at the end is good for Nascar and ratings and gets the fans talking about it while forgetting how boring the 3 hours before that were.
  11. Well he was passed in 3 on the last lap and then wasnt in a qualifying spot so he drove thru the 6 car in front of him. Just dirty in my eyes but being a contract driver of course they let it go. I hope he at least got punched in the mouth.
  12. A little off topic but I wish they would of parked Drellos after that move in the consi. Blatant.
  13. Not sure what thread to put this in but where are Dr and Siri tonight?
  14. Weedsport is a great facility ......except for the track surface. I go about once a year and that's enough for me. The features can have some decent racing but seems like almost no passing until then.