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  1. So you try to end on a good note by telling people to stop arguing .............. .while you're arguing lol. Ok.
  2. I thought every ticket was taxed? Its just included in the price. I think casinos are doing pretty well also. I've never seen one go bankrupt.
  3. You don't think the state is worried about money as they ready to go bankrupt?? And this was before Covid. Cuomo will be on his knees in front of Trump soon begging for help. Now that should be a PPV.
  4. Batavia had fans last week and as far as I know are having fans this week.
  5. He tried once if not twice to hit him before he actually got the job done. Certainly it was intentional. And what started it was plain as day....Rocky just slipped under Mike going into 3 and Mike stood his ground and it messed up Rocky. Just good hard racing and no one giving an inch. But also no need for payback. Kudos to the series for putting him back cause i could see a scenario where you let Rocky keep his position not wanting to punish someone everytime there's contact but in this case it was clearly payback and the series director knew it as well. Good night of racing.
  6. And no one can justify how a casino is 'safe' and a racetrack is not. Is it because it generates revenue? Boom there it is. Its absolutely laughable.
  7. One thing you have no clue on obviously is that on occasion things go wrong and you can't always hear on the 1 way radio.....then what??
  8. Not to nit pick but pretty sure Larry took the lead on lap 13 restart. No one is close to him at the moment there. Good racing last night for sure.
  9. I dont believe you can compare athletes from different eras. The games and or sports are just too different. Joe Montana's stats do not compare to today's 15th ranked qb but of course he was far superior.
  10. Problem for Peter was that he was never far enough up on Pats door to claim the spot. Case closed.
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