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  1. Jeez I agree again with you Rpm. Stew has won and been very successful in everything he has ever done. Won in indoor midgets at like 16 years old, won in sportsman right away, finished 3rd in his 2nd 358 start in a SDS race. Appeared to be the best 360 sprint driver in NY almost immediately and won a WoO race as a part time sprint racer. That's nearly unheard of. And it's a relatively small body of work but in my opinion hes currently the best truck series regular. People dont have to like him but jeez open your eyes and look at what hes done. He is a great great talent.
  2. Have you tried contacting Mandee herself? Sincerely, Fondafan.
  3. How about the sportsman finish? What a sham that was. Cant believe they allow that garbage.
  4. Thanks for a legitimate response. Just seems weird they'd offer sprint and late model passes when they race on the same nights.
  5. Yes I did but with no response so now what should I do since you seem so smart. Wtf
  6. Since were talking ppv I want to buy tonight's races from Charlotte and they give the option of a 'Fast Pass' which loosely says it covers all the Charlotte racing. Then they also show a Sprint car fast pass and a Late Model fast pass? Will the $39 cover tonight and the late models and sprints and mods next week?
  7. Did anyone see the contact at Orange County? If so, how was it?
  8. macho

    Time To Retire?

    Can you explain what's so different?
  9. Wow chill out a little. I'm sure Randy and Mike are fine. If that starts more shit imagine what some other comments must start. And if everyone's fine with everyone theres nothing to start right? Thin skinned people.
  10. I always wish I could be there when Mike goes to BRP. Gotta be a little awkward I'd think.
  11. How many here watched 1 full truck race a year before Stew got involved? Almost none of us I'm sure.
  12. Not sure which of the 5 threads to post this on but how did Phelps run? I see he finished 6th I think. Was he ever a factor?
  13. Remember when it seemed most tracks made rules about not ever exiting your car on the track (unless on fire) after the LoL incident but now it may still be rule at most tracks but seems it's not enforced.
  14. I'm always amazed how almost always it seems when a guy switches to Bicknell he almost always runs up front or wins immediately....the most recent being Maresca, Drellos ( I think he switched manufacturer) and even Stew. I expect the same from Phelps.
  15. And add about 30% as soon as he crosses the Niagara River.