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  1. I just thought back to that pic over the winter of Danny at DKM. What was he doing there? Maybe I read it but forgot.
  2. And wasnt it last year Gary Lindberg won a triple 20 at Oswego in his first BB attempt? Impressive stuff.
  3. He raced in the Ransomville sportsman class for a handful of years before running modified there last year. He picked up I think 2 wins and was impressive. Pretty sure Saturday was his first ever big block race though I assume he may have made a practice this with it?? I believe he was second in the sportsman race at Oswego 2 years ago. Certainly has a bright future.
  4. Serious?? Sore loser?? Still a rookie? Wrong again. Conserve fuel?? When theres a car 6 car lengths back?? Wrong again.
  5. I dont think either Matt or Stewart are currently even the best modified driver. Sincerely, Erick Rudolph
  6. I did forget that. Certainly impressive. But again in different era's it really is tough to compare.
  7. Not counting Florida does anyone know how many races hes entered and how many wins? Someone said 6.
  8. Hearn was great for sure but I dont recall many 40 win seasons for him or winning the SDS 6 out 8 years. Maybe I'm forgetting???
  9. Being a full time racer is a help for sure but if some of these other guys did do it full time it sure as hell wouldnt guarantee they'd just start winning 30 or 40 races.
  10. It doesnt matter how many races in a season, Petty has a much better win % than Earnhardt or Gordon. I'm sure I'm not the only person who would really question whether he was that much better than those 2 guys. Gordon would need more than 500 more races to even get close to Petty in wins. On DIRT now some people act like everyone is just ok so Stew and Matt get alot of wins. There are alot of excellent BB racers nowadays but none are equal to 9 and 44.
  11. Well it's impossible to compare drivers of different era's. Some great drivers are getting older sure but Matt and Stew are making alot of very good drivers look very average. Someone mentioned how there were 8 'greats' competing against each other in the 80's. But were they all 'great' or all fairly equal with none of them 'great' enough to separate themselves from the rest like these 2 are doing?? In the 70's and 80's when there was much more of your own fabricating it was more likely the 'smartest' guys had equipment the others didnt. That made them smart but maybe not 'great'? Does anyone think Richard Petty was so great to have 200 wins while Dale and Gordon are under 100 means he was by far the greatest driver or was he in cars with technology that no one else had? Id bet that's the case. In today's racing where the cars, motors and tires are all basically the same for these guys to be able to separate themselves from EVERYONE else is pretty amazing.
  12. I doubt Stew and Sheppard keep many people away but I wish I would of kept track this year how many times they finish 1 and 2. And if they didnt finish 1 and 2 they would have if one of them didnt have problems. Seems almost every race they are clearly the 2 fastest cars.
  13. Yes we walked in on Saturday of the 200 last year as racing started and sat at the finish line without any issues. I dont think you need reserved at Fulton cause you're so far up already even on the bottom rows. Forget the reserved and it's fine imo.
  14. Ransomville has guys in novice who've been racing something on dirt for 10 years or more. And 1 guy with either a brand new car or at least a very nice car and hes been doing it for 3 or 4 years now. I'm not sure why anyone would want to race novice more than 3 or 4 races anyhow. You get more laps in the regular class, you get a more normal track condition and you make 'more' money. Seems like a no brainer to me. But some guys want that championship lol.
  15. Years ago we were thrown to the wolves and we all survived. I'd say only necessary now if theres more than 24 regular sportsman where some guys would go home. And the track should use their judgement if a rookie cant hold a line do not let him start up front in the regular class until he can. And no points for novice class. Would anyone really be so proud to be novice champion??