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  1. If it was a 30 year old who did basically nothing in 2 years of sportsman racing said he was moving up to BB everyone would pretty much roll their eyes and say why? So now it's a 12 year old and people say its brilliant!!! Still laughable to me.
  2. I hope you dont believe this kid might turn into another Jeff Gordon??? Laughable.
  3. I dont care what age anyone is with those results in sportsman......you have no business moving up to big block. Hes surely gonna create alot of havoc for guys this year and theres no need for it. Race sportsman ......where he belongs. Novice sportsman that is.
  4. I dont think its about the importance of a child or adults death. I assume people think a death may be a little more likely and could be prevented if a 12 year old isnt racing in a class over his head.
  5. Well after a little research its laughable that hes moving up. At Albany he appeared to be there every week with a finish of 18th in points with a grand total of 2 top 5's and zero wins. Not sure what people are basing all his 'talent' on. We call this more money than brains. No way in hell he should be moving up.
  6. I dont have a dog in this fight but in my opinion I'm totally against this. I'm not worried as much about anyone's safety but more that I see racers (adult racers) who dont belong in a certain class and just screw up the racing week after week. What's the rush to get him in a BB? Unless someone thinks hes going to Nascar someday. Out of curiosity how did he fare in sportsman? Was he dominant? Average?
  7. It's not about a 'challenge' it's about making a living.
  8. WRG cant keep track of bolts or seals on a crate motor. Wow now that's a far fetched idea for sure.
  9. macho


    One of the dirt racers said it was about 100 grand to rent a truck for Eldora.
  10. That was always an amazing race to attend. Tons of what was called street stocks back then also. Don Pratt was killed in a modified there as well.
  11. Bloomer going back to WoO is certainly a bigger story than Tim and Sweeteners parting ways amicably.
  12. So trying not to hijack a thread but I was surprised when Andy thanked BRP. How long has he been in a Bicknell? Cause I was thinking theres a guy who's going good in a Teo.
  13. Before Friday Crafton had only beaten the other 3 contenders once all season. So he gets lucky for the second time and now hes champion? It's a sham.
  14. I thought the new system came after Jimmy won so many and people were sick of him winning so this way is very difficult to win many years as it's somewhat dumb luck in a 1 race deal.