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  1. Do they not pit wood chips down anymore? Or did they never use them
  2. Sorry if I posted this before but I cant find it. Is that a new car/owner that Danny was driving last night?
  3. Is that a new car/owner that Danny was driving?
  4. Weedsport is the laughingstock of Dirt Motorsports. Someone had to say it.
  5. I just can't take another 10 minute moment of silence, prayer and National Anthem tomorrow night. I gotta be at work Monday. You with me Uncle Tom?
  6. Everyone complains about Nascar drivers being so boring then you get guys who tell it like it is like Busch, Matt and Tony Stewart and then people complain they're 'crying'.
  7. The bonus points used to be a 1000 now its 1200. I think they threw on an extra 200 on to be sure Stew is nowhere near the top 5 or 10.
  8. What the heck is wrong with that new car??? Dnq??? Joking. Keep digging Keith. Good luck!!
  9. So by that logic the leader can start anywhere and it's ok???
  10. So they must have prepped the track with skinny tires for sure.
  11. If every track was like last night there'd be 10 car fields at every track by August. And damn did anyone see Horton hit every car in his heat race?
  12. So you're favorite day of Super Dirt Week would be none of them?.......they all suck??
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