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  1. Where are the people who always say DirtCar sucks and their rules and procedures are killing BB racing and the STSS is better and the way to go when there are only 24 cars at a STSS race?? Crickets.
  2. There are some real jealous haters on here. Y'all wish you were doing what Stew is doing.
  3. I really dont think that's the case. If anything you could make the case that theres a large contingent of 'dirt' fans now watching Nascar trucks. But if you're right itll be easy to see when/if they announce the penalty.
  4. I think I heard it right last night that Stew said he didnt know about that on the truck until he got to the track? Which if I heard correctly I believe. The crew prepares cars and the driver drives in Nascar.
  5. Stew got to where hes at because he is an amazing talent. But I pitted next to him for a few years and he really has a personality and charisma people enjoy being around. Sure we've all had our moments but I'd say most people who know him like him. On a side note I still find it amazing when he won a WoO race. Not being a sprint car follower I cant imagine theres been many part time sprint car racers who ever won an Outlaws race. And I'm not talking part time Outlaws racer, Stew was a part time sprint car racer. That's pretty amazing to me.
  6. Wow I agree with you RPM. Just another reason Nascar sucks.
  7. Ya try a new sport like croquet or badminton.
  8. Are you new to racing?? Cause you're not even close in your thoughts.
  9. Some of you people making stuff up is pretty absurd. His car in victory lane almost always looks brand new. Crybabies.
  10. I know he can afford it but certainly not $3 worth. So your point is he wont be in the car anymore? Or you just like to read your own useless posts?
  11. Wow pretty obvious who's never raced and who watches races all weekend long but is still clueless. Saw a hole????? Lolololololololol
  12. I'm not even sure if you're serious or being sarcastic. Just for fun name me one time Erick wrecked someone like that at Rans. Or Merrittville ( or anywhere).
  13. Did his 'apology' say it was a slide job gone wrong? No one could see what happened and really believe it was intended to be a slide job. There was no room whatsoever. He totally wrecked Rudolph. The apology I'm sure was mandated from Heinke as he used to be a sponsor on some of Ericks cars and surely knew it was a low class move.
  14. Great job by Justin Wright. Not real surprised Hearn wasnt there but no Steve Paine or Eldon Payne seems odd when they run there weekly.