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  1. I recently got over Covid. Besides being layed up for 3 days and feeling slightly ill for another week I took no medication and am fine. No reason to shut things down for most of us. People with conditions ....yes they need to be careful.
  2. You mean it's not a series for the working man? Or the little guy? Isn't that why folks on here used to say it was so much better than the SDS?
  3. If you never raced you maybe couldn't appreciate what Friesen was doing especially towards the end when the camera was on him quite a bit. That alone was quite a show.
  4. I'm not a fan of Weedsport but I thought last night was the best race of them all. I kept waiting for Max to overdrive it but he drove a great race. And Friesen at the end was superb changing lines to gain some speed.
  5. Oh ya the obvious one. He's not doing much. Probably wishes he'd of married one of Pete's daughters.
  6. Who is running a '19 or '20 Troyer in mods? Godown i think does. Im just curious theres anyone having any success with one? Or Teo.....anyone with 5 mod wins in a Teo? I'd say noone.
  7. I bought Dirtvision for this week but looking ahead there is 2 or 3 more modified shows this month along with Outlaw Sprints and Orange County. I cant believe they didn't change the price for this month.
  8. It wasn't that the track slicked up last night its that it took rubber. Stew has plenty of wins on a slick track.
  9. I enjoy them all just to see some racing but I will say DTDTV has an issue getting the running order to match whats actually on the track. And LoLtv needs to move their running order cause it blocks a third of the TV. Dirtvision has been pretty good but a few audio issues.
  10. There's alot of guys who have caught up Matt and Mat and Eric. Eric really looks off. See if he can put it together tonight.
  11. Hes not winning tonight or any night this week. With all due respect to Ronnie.
  12. Interesting cause that seems likely but then I'd say I cant imagine Stew not winning 2 or 3 so that would leave 1 win between Decker, Wight, Sheppard, Rudolph and everyone else combined .
  13. Omg I agree with you. Petty shouldn't talk about anything these days. And that's a cheap shot to dirt racers everywhere and he's a part of some of the worst racing you can see these days.
  14. There's no way it would ever be totally gone. No matter what people did.. And we could be wearing masks and social distancing at racetracks and that is deemed too unsafe. Think about it.
  15. Not to hijack the thread but wondering where Kyle has been? Seems like he hasn't raced much.
  16. I never get to see Strunk race much but the handful of times I have in the last year or 2 I was almost never impressed. Though my perception was that he's a top runner. How long has he used Bicknell? He was always Teo i thought.
  17. People don't understand how tough it is to go into a place you don't race at much and beat the regulars. No matter what class.
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