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  1. I'll be right there with them being alright. Quite a nice 67 degrees where my hind end is sitting.
  2. Gonna be a long week. Heat is really getting to some people already.
  3. Just a suggestion, the ones that wanna keep bitching and bringing politics in every thread, no warning, just a vacation. Everyone on here been told enough not to do it.
  4. I will do just that rpm, and I've already taught him to not piss into the wind. It's a losing battle.
  5. I went to just reading threads for awhile and not typing, I should go back to that and continue to have conversations with my 4 year old great nephew.
  6. Rpm forget it. Anytime someone posts something that you don't agree with we are wrong and you absolutely can't and will not try to see someone else's point of view. You ain't scared of the virus then by all means do as you see fit. Can't wait to see your answer to why, when and if round 2 comes around in nys. One thing for sure, you ain't blaming me. Just for the hell of it, explain to us ignorant people that don't understand simple things like a serious virus is nothing to worry about as how a racetrack is a essential business like a Home Depot, grocery store, gas station etc ?
  7. What is exactly would be more important to you? Home Depot open so you can get supplies to fix your house, and racetrack closed or racetrack open and Home Depot closed and a 5 gallon bucket would make do for a crapper?
  8. Maybe this might sink in rpm, doubt it but maybe. My 80 year old mother has of today maybe 12 hours left on earth after suffering from cancer for months. Would it have affected her if one of us gave it her? No, if anything it would have sped the process up. But my elderly father and my aunt it more than likely would've. Our family has taken every precaution imagineable to not get or spread it. Virus statistics don't mean shit to me. People I care about do.
  9. Their is plenty of us that do care about this virus and the possible consequences of it. Not all of us are billy bad ass.
  10. Fullbrew, you can't interrupt a good back and forth with a back on topic!😀
  11. Jmo, but one would think if can am was hand delivered a letter and went ahead anyway, with the way there whacking bars with fines and taking liscenses away there prolly is some repercussions coming.
  12. Rochester red wings announced no 2020 season. Actually no minor league season for any team at all.
  13. Ransomville press release on rescheduling the summer nationals says fans are prohibited until atleast July 21st.
  14. Apparently somewhere along the line I ain't comprehending something. Some tracks saying fans welcome this week, others say waiting for the 21st to see what happens, or postponing events for this weekend for the restrictions that are still in place.
  15. No flagger, the little kids have no one to mimic. And as far as showing how far ahead you are. Don't think it's neccesary cause if the guy behind you is that close, at some point your gonna feel the chrome horn and you will know how far ahead you are.
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