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  1. and that's another thing. You get the it made it thru pre tech story, whether it did or was changed after words. Only tech that counts is after race, that way it was ok before or most of year doesn't count. It ain't ok now.
  2. I think they should change it up. Check this stuff on car number 1 and different on car 2 and so on down the line. You change it up no one knows what is gonna get checked. Should do it that way in every class at weekly tracks as well.
  3. Has any one been by rolling wheels lately? Is it anything more than a broken down weed patch by now?
  4. How deep is the clay? They may be why they didn't do it.
  5. The jumping, kicking and pulling on the tin ain't the bad part really, when he backed up to run and then fell backwards is 2 chances he is damn lucky he didn't get run over.
  6. What's your answer then genius? sorry to disappoint you, I was never shooting for the monitor job. Had my sights set way higher. Wanted to be a wal mart greeter but they did away with them. And please correct me if I'm wrong with my answer. Did they not do it and that's that? Or did I miss the thread where they did it and said oops we can't do that and changed it?
  7. Apparently they do. And racing should get fixed. Less classes, more cars, more fans, less cautions, more tow trucks, better flaggers, better tech, and on and on and on. Next year should be a great year Everywhere.
  8. Nope. My sdw ended with the mile. Highly doubt complaining on a website is gonna fix what you think is wrong.
  9. Did you go to college to learn how to complain constantly?
  10. I thought the original agreement was 10 years? Or was that how long state was gonna help with $? That article says its atleast their thru next year, but both sides want it longer.
  11. Ain't hard to figure out. They did it and that's that. Same as other caution thread you started.
  12. Would my guess be right that about 50 percent of them had no shot at all with the way heats were?
  13. I'm guessing that means it'll be on Mav tv at a later date like the Fonda show?
  14. And guess who is standing next to me but can't admit it. Take a guess John Williams
  15. Cause I'm a idiot, woodhull is listed on their as .265 mile. Exactly what does that figure out to be as far as like 3/8 ths or 4/10 version of it. I think woodhull is sposed to be 3/8ths.