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  1. dan dan

    Chris Hile

    80 k, never fails, there is and has to be a smartass know nothing in every thread. As a rule it's usually one of the same few that have zero contribution to this board other than to see themselves type something stupid.
  2. I have a question. If they have to have a green flag lap in before curfew, if they was to tell drivers over radio stay in your position we and gonna do one lap, could they have waved the green and yellow at same time to complete a full lap? Would that fly as far as curfew rule is concerned?
  3. I agree the title of this thread ain't real clear. It makes one think the motor was smoking and someone won. Kinda like zeke the streak did at weedsport years ago.
  4. They do look the same 😀 what I mean is without a number in front of you to look at I find it hard to believe a second or 2 a lap let's say for the big blocks is noticeable to the naked eye.
  5. Rpm, read the very first post. This topic is all about a second or 2. I'm very well aware that they sound different, handle differently, etc.
  6. Then I got issues. Been going for well over 40 years. Sound yes i guess, speed difference of a second or 2, you are more than welcome to sit next to me and tell me. If you can tell that small of a difference in speed your a genius of some sort.
  7. I can read the 2nd to bottom line on eye chart at dmv and dr. Pretty damn sure I ain't noticing a second or 2 a lap sitting there watching. If someone can see that without looking at the lap times then that's impressive. I'd like to be sitting next to the guy that says big blocks are running 19.3 and sportsman are running 21.3 and I can tell by watching.
  8. 2 seconds is that noticeable? Doubt anyone would know if they didn't have a number to tell them .
  9. dan dan


    Thank you. I'm not on Facebook and hadn't seen anything here and was wondering.
  10. dan dan


    Bob, or does anyone else have any word on how he is doing?
  11. Don't know about right at the track, but I can say for certain at 650 pm it absolutely monsooned about 15-20 miles from there and it was headed that way.
  12. Just me, but one would think in this day and age, you can blow in a tube and well your to drunk to drive, but someone hasn't figured out how to have you blow in a tube and say hey, you had to much hippy lettuce to drive right then and there. Makes no sense. Then it turns into did you have it a bit ago or last week?
  13. I had intentions of going for my whopping 2nd race of the year!
  14. Cancelled no rain date. Be back in 2020
  15. dan dan


    Stay strong and get better. Us here at dtd don't want a new sheriff in town, we want sheriff bob!