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  1. I hope they throw a road course and eldora in before it ends. As I said, skip schedule and do the most fan interested tracks. Watkins glen must be mapped, Indy cars did it Saturday I think was the day. And interesting to me, they couldn't get a tv deal.
  2. Well Timmy hill has a 250$ setup, Hamlin 40,000. 😀 Now and again it ain't all money. 😀
  3. Jmo. But instead of following the schedule if that what they doing, to keep everyone entertained they should stick to the tracks where the racing is pretty good. I never thought Texas was good with real cars.
  4. Agreed. It was entertaining, not as good as last week but still good. And the winner had a 250$ setup clamped to his kids table. I'm thinking next week at Bristol is gonna be way better.
  5. I'm a things to do, places to go and people to see kind of person. With that said doing that I'm often around older and much vunlerable people so I have been very very limited as to what I've done or where Ive gone. And with heart and respiratory problems myself limits it even more. I absolutely hate mowing lawn as I have 2-3 acres and my parents who are 80 have 5-6 acres to mow. I'd give my left --- right now to be doing it. I ain't gonna be going to pharmacy to get heart pills if this last way long, I'll be getting the nuthouse pills! but I also think they doin/trying their best to get it under control.
  6. For fun, someone should start a poll and everyone can put their date in as when they think it'll happen.
  7. Jack I just read Denny estimated his cost 40,000! And he drove barefoot cause with shoes on he couldn't feel the pedals.
  8. I always seem to forget I have you tube on my tv and never look on there.
  9. Leroy, if you or anyone else happens to see any of the old races on or listed, please post it, I only happen to find Richmond race by flipping thru channels, and it was on a Chanel I've never watched before.
  10. February 23 1986. They said it snowed night before and it's chilly there.
  11. Mike joy. I can never remember his name.
  12. Hamlin beat Earnhardt Jr. In a great last few laps. Bowyer was rather funny everytime they talked to him. I hope they keep doing it for every race til they get back to on track. I'd damn near rather watch this than the real thing. Usually I can't stand Gordon and McReynolds and the other guy in booth and watch race and listen to mrn on radio. Today I didn't mind them at all. And they even had Mike waltrip with one of his usual pre race interviews. They tried to make it as real as possible and I think they did good. They joked and whatnot and wasn't so serious like normal.
  13. Can't remember the guy's name that was racing, but they talked to him and he got his buddy's business to sponsor him today.
  14. And every time they talked to a driver we didn't have to hear the robot talk about sponsors and how the car was. Right now on direct tv channel 48 I'm watching a replay of 86 Miller high life 400 at Richmond. Back when racing was real!
  15. I think it's pretty damn neat. Bowyers commenting while he driving is amusing. Shoulda brought back ole dw for a boogity boogity boogity lets go racin boys!