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  1. I honestly had thought something completely different was gonna come out of that interview now that the track has changed hands. Sorta surprised me and a few others.
  2. It was a good interview, especially for a guy that didn't know where or what state he was in. 😀
  3. I would say yes. Talking to people that aren't just drivers and can give insight to the other things involved with racing.
  4. Leroy, I believe the next one is billy van pelt from what Mike said in the thread with the poll about picking name
  5. Racing = money. Pretty much always has and always will one way or the other. From go carts straight thru F1. Having everything reported and stamped or whatever would never work. Unless they plan on checking every piece on car on a regular basis instead of random things week to week like they do now. I can go buy a car, spend my allotment on the best stuff, car sits in the garage and never leaves and my buddy can use different parts as he sees fit. Gets caught with wrong part and well I borrowed it cause I couldn't spend no more. And gets a hand slap, small fine and just goes to a non sanctioned track.
  6. Are you gonna put the interviews or a link to them in this section so us non geniuses can find them easily?
  7. The only bad thing I see with if something happens to your engine so you hafta buy new is the low buck guys that are in it for the fun for the most part. A fair amount at some tracks don't have the money or a spare engine sitting around.
  8. Eagleonemotorsports, you are severely mistaken if you think jumper has no clue. Might wanna send people a message and ask before you say they don't know what they are talking about. Their is already a few on this board that tell everyone they are wrong.
  9. A old man once told me, you don't bring nothing with you and you don't take nothing back. Ever seen a hearse hauling a u haul? 😀
  10. I don't see where it's any worse than any other announcer has done. It's certainly better than being plain and boring. Keeps people listening to see what they say next. And if it's me, I'd be like hell yes keep it up I'm getting a lot of air time.
  11. I don't know if joke is right word. Maybe complete cluster f--k might be better. As many police have said. With this system they have zero incentive to not reoffend cause they can do it and be right back on the street to do it again with no immediate repercussions. It has nothing to do with handy andys thought process bail hurts the poor and not the rich. It has everything to do with getting votes.
  12. That you certainly do as well
  13. I meant it's more prevalent today than years past. It's always happened just now there seems more of them that think they did nothing wrong with a serious attitude to go along with it.
  14. In this day and age with the way kids are, (not accountable for their actions) some not all, I'd be inclined to believe this story has got stretched out a bit.