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  1. Redd not looking to argue, but 1 they don't get a chance around here to get established, and it appears atleast from this site that only thing that matters in this region is northeast mod style cars. Everything else is support not worth watching classes. There must be some sort of reason Boone gets 300 plus cars in one class, sdw ain't anywhere near that with one or two maybe three classes. We have what we have and people don't like change. Would you agree thou, no matter how much $ you have in car, a rock hard hockey puck helps equal it out.
  2. They should do same tire wise with the modifieds as Imca. Put them on hockey pucks and then the superstars God knows how many dollar motor don't mean any more than Johnny low buck built in garage motor.
  3. I ain't really sure what the point of the letter is myself.
  4. Now that's a damn race fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!😀😀😀👍👍
  5. dan dan


    Thinking it wasn't mr ESPN or this thread wouldn't exist.
  6. Gone thru the most or not. He must do something right cause he keeps getting them.
  7. I don't make it a point to ask dumb questions but doesn't rookie equal novice and vice versa? Aren't they the same? Or do the 3 classes go, brand new, done a few laps and been around a long time?
  8. Apparently westracing01 you ain't been to woodhull lately.
  9. And a couple guys leaving for this show here and there is in no way gonna hurt a tracks attendance. More so think giving them the night off will cause the majority believe everyone goes to see modifieds and nothing else.
  10. For arguement a sake let's say every track has 2 guys that are gonna go, how is it fair to the other 20 or whatever guys that ain't to simply get dumped for the night, or to get show up points and not real points? It ain't.
  11. I agree fight for the rail. It's a my track is better than your track