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  1. What I noticed in that video. A couple few guys had flat tires. Their car didn't "stall" and bring out the caution and magically restart.
  2. Bob Miller or dale Welty would be ones to answer that for sure. But if memory serves me right Dundee did tires and I think what they called the concrete turtles. I don't think either went over well.
  3. Could be I guess different configurations and banking of tracks as to how well or not if it works.
  4. That don't work. They have that at woodhull and if them tires are in at all they will plant front tire on the berm and ride it right around.
  5. Kindly explain how what i said translates in your head that I'm a wanna be promoter?
  6. How about go watch on a wing and a prayer, and not come on here with 6 pages of bitching cause it did end up raining and they should've just cancelled?
  7. I was talking bout tony yes. Getting out of your car while the rest are still moving, unless it's a emergency then no telling what may happen.
  8. Except it was proven he did nothing wrong and didn't lose control of himself.
  9. To simplify the point I was trying to make, if we need to have a rookie sportsman class, why shouldn't we have one for every other class? Track time for beginners so no matter what class it is, they can race with others that are new before they have to get thrown to the wolves?
  10. Guess every track needs a rookie street stock class along with the ones that know what they are doing and don't smash stuff. Then should have a rookie crate late model class along with the ones that know what they are doing. Then rookie sportsman and a rookie sb/bb class as well. Then we won't ever have crashes and people smashing their stuff up cause the guys that know what they are doing don't crash. May as well hand out trophies at the gate when they come In too.
  11. Some tracks do that, want to see what you can do before you in with them. And some tracks also have practice time after races. If they get handicapped to front and get smashed, that's their own fault. They have the option to say no I wanna start in the rear.
  12. I agree with bob. And if they ain't sure of them self then start in the back just like everyone used to do. People bitch about to many classes now, do we need a starter class for every class? Only one I think they should have is the bandit or whatever a certain track calls it for the kids 12-16 in 4 Cyls.
  13. Different promoters. Maybe they don't want to do what was done in the past. I give them credit for not screwing around.