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  1. Does anyone think the car counts were so high because of limited racing this year and no sdw? Or would they be somewhere near that if they tried it sometime next year? Or a combination of limited racing and something new?
  2. I had sorted figured he would hold out maybe for Stewart. Stewart probaly the only one that would let him run around country in a sprint car while driving a cup car. Stewart should put him in one of his, one driver, 2 cars!😀👍
  3. For someone that don't want to start stuff one can surely tell by your last couple posts you are doing the best you can To not have that happen.
  4. This coming from the guy that takes the name of probaly the most remembered kicker of all time!😀😀😀😀👍
  5. Ive ask this in different threads about this topic, they let special use asphalt cars get made, which had the upper hand. Why couldn't you go with same rules you have on dirt. Other than harder tires. Same height, weight, body etc. no lowering or tweaking this or that. Run dirt and asphalt with same car. And revive the series? doable or no?
  6. I didn't say they got what they should, just pointed out plenty of them do it week in and week out and some prolly get away with stuff. And I ain't a fan of either of them. If you can get away with it, then good for you and you didn't technically cheat. If not then whatever punishment you get is your own fault.
  7. Jimmie Johnson and Chad knaus always were on the up and up wernt they?😀
  8. I'm thinking he makes a few more bucks driving the truck for a living than he does a mod for fun.
  9. Figuring this may not be a yearly thing, they should do all 3. Trucks Friday, xfinity Saturday and cup Sunday.
  10. I find it hard to believe those signed are for every show. Been nice if they woulda took the time and do it track by track. No way there is 96 sportsman cars traveling to 6 straight tracks. Not as much hype and expecting so and so driver doing it track by track thou.
  11. I have my 17 yr old daughter do it for me. Works great that way.
  12. We would be in the crowbar hotel if we did that today. And cps would be taking the kids quicker than one could blink a eye.
  13. Won't affect me. I'll read results, if I don't order it. They can hand out free beer, and food, let me in for free, pay for my gas to get there, and kiss my a$$ and I still won't go.
  14. I know a couple somewhat old school hippie type fellas that may partake in the green tobacco that buy the can and papers and roll there own smokes. One at a time. Carry the can every where, even at bar. I ain't got that kind of patience to roll my own. My dad smoked un filtered pall malls for 30 years, after his heart attack at 44 he quit. That was thirty some years ago. I don't know if they even make unfiltered pall malls still.
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