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  1. Kinda hard to compare lowes and home depot to the local family owned hardware store. But its happening here. I don't believe its way to expensive. Especially considering its in Florida. If it was a track near my house and I didn't feel like going I'd still pay a few bucks more to sit in my recliner, near fridge and bathroom. Wouldn't be to hot or getting cold or a sore ass. But thats just me.
  2. It was solely based off this. Just worded different. I could care less either way. Whether they let them in free or charged them. I'm well aware they was looking to make some money. If you don't then you generally don't stay in business long. And my point was it wasn't considered a race for this thread.
  3. Thank you. Learn something new everday. I could be wrong, Miller or Leroy would know, didn't Dundee do both? Fans and no fans? I believe Genesee did the same.
  4. I wouldn't consider a practice, a race no matter what they raked in. I meant actual race/payouts at end of night. And by no fans, I meant main stands. Not pitside. So for this threads purpose that would fall under didn't open
  5. Freedom didn't open. Chemung ran once with fans I can't even try to put these up top, I don't see or have a Edit button anymore on iPad and I can't even quote or reply on my phone after the last update here
  6. Out of curiosity, let's put together a list for tracks in just NYS. And please leave all the polictal bs and who's fault it is and whatever other crap you want to throw in out of it. Opened only with fans Opened with and without fans Opened with no fans Woodhull Never unlocked the gate. Do both dirt and ashpalt. I'm not sure I'm smart enough to add all to this thread so if someone else would like to by all means feel free.
  7. I don't much less care if it's Clinton or Reagan's fault. I've been stuck with so many damn needles in the last year and a half, 3 surgeries, teeth pulled, and half my blood drawn. 1 or 2 more aint gonna make much difference. It has gone way bad in my county. I know people that got it, people that are quarantined because they been around it, another friend's dad died last week from it. Effects everyone different. Rushed vaccine or not. I'll take my chances with it when available. What's the difference? Side effect from vaccine or maybe dead from virus, or pass it on to someone ? There is no gu
  8. I would be able to live with getting called that for sure!
  9. Just my Outlook on it, if I'm that dude, that's it! That was the last hoorah! Fat lady has sung.
  10. I know quite a few that have got it. One was a perfectly healthy 39 year old that died. Others were at a small group gathering for a year end party at a local campground about a month ago. 25-30 people, and most got it, half said never been that sick in there life. Guy across hill and his daughter got it, he lost taste and she had damn near every other symptom. Luck of the draw and not one I wanna chance. I prefer looking down at dirt, not up at it.
  11. I don't mind the classes with 8-10 cars, what bugs the hell out me is when they feel the need to run 2 heats. And I'm talking about any track, not specifically Dundee.
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