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  1. If the radio was in sync with tv I could watch tv and listen to radio! But it ain't, been so long since I did it I can't remember if radio is behind or ahead.
  2. Except for a certain few races, like Bristol, martinsville and Daytona and talledega and the glen, I listen on radio anymore. Them guys on there make it atleast seem exciting, they need radio guys to replace tv guys.
  3. When I said I'm not bitching I was referring to people bitching because you can do something in another state and not here. Absolutely nothing to do with a business. And I said I'm also well aware what it's doing to businesses. I have many friends in different ones and thru out all of this the one doing the best is a plumber. My sisters dream was to own a convience store, acquired one a few years ago and now regrets it and wants to walk away. And as far as it is what it is not being the correct way to put it, how would you put it?
  4. Robert just so you don't take that wrong, I'm neither party. It was a joke on the other post about freebies. And honestly one way or the other everyone likes something free now and again now as long as it ain't junk!
  5. I am living my life the way I see fit, others can do the same. I prefer to look at daisys and not be pushing them up. I'm not bitching cause we can't do this and others can, or this ain't right it should be this way. I'm well aware how it's affecting a lot of businesses, 1 bar near me just put a for sale sign in window, one of the local favorite restaurant ain't open up yet even for take out, sorta doubt it's gonna. Local bowling alley might end up same way. Is what it is, bitching and blaming who ever ain't gonna change nothing, only thing that's gonna change things is time whether anyone thinks it's right or not.
  6. Never fails in any thread anymore. Ain't a snowballs chance someone could start a thread right down to their pool is green and it'd turn political. It'd be one side or the others fault.
  7. Don't imagine there was a lot to close then, saloon, rooming house, and 5 and dime๐Ÿ˜€
  8. I'm assuming so. Release said first time In 141 years. I'd guess there wasn't the amount of customers then thou. Imagine the rides in late 1800s or early 1900s. That worth looking up.
  9. I'm sure you need to be somewhat fit to run a 1/4 or even 1/2 that schedule, but one would think all that would put a whooping on ya and you would need a break.
  10. Sea breeze in Rochester ain't opening in 2020 for the first time in 141 years.
  11. Athlete visa, he more important than the blue jays!๐Ÿ˜€
  12. The way I read that and understand it, does that mean them 5 are good to go if they win and the rest can try but may have more hoops to jump thru? Or ain't that right?
  13. Too much mumbo jumbo (wording) on both sides for me to make heads or tails of it. Other than I can do it right and safely, other side no you can't. That what I got out of it.
  14. I just read that and was gonna post it. I have a question for folks far smarter than me, say they win, does or will that only include them 5 tracks, or would every track be included in the win?
  15. Scottnorwood, I honestly didn't even notice the single quotation marks, either way if it was a half hearted attempt at a joke it failed with last paragraph. Not that it matters anyway, this thread is headed down the same road as most others nowadays. Ain't gonna end with this ๐Ÿ, more than likely in this ๐Ÿšฝ.
  16. Ill get a award for something then. And in the last few months there has been plenty, and I do mean plenty of other things said in threads that most definitely streched reality way farther than that.
  17. Race fans in quotations pretty much says it. Add in last paragraph and that finishes it.
  18. Good to know one is not a "race fan" because one does not agree with what another "race fan" believes. Learn something new everyday.
  19. Way back when this started there was a thread and I don't remember name of it, but a bunch of us was guessing dates and month and I'm not sure if anyone guessed past August
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