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  1. Didn't realize it cancelled... I was still out in the middle of the ocean with no cell signal... lol
  2. Sonoma yes, Watkins, no. I used those as examples simply for the fact that they host NASCAR events and were not subject to the "NASCAR sprawl" that happened around most of the ovals, such as Charlotte, that hold NASCAR events. Short of street circuits that pop up in places like Tampa and Long Beach, most road courses are located in remote areas with very little around them. This is a big part of why they are able to operate daily for most of the year, or as weather allows. Development kills race tracks, it's been proven over and over again. Even if it was developed in agreement with every
  3. You look at a majority of road course facilities around the world, very few are in areas that were developed around the track. I don't think CNYRP will be any different in that aspect, so don't get your hopes up. Look at Watkins Glen and Sonoma, even with NASCAR events, they are still is somewhat remote locations with little surrounding them.
  4. The keyword in all of this is DINI. The guy is and has always been a joke. Why people still employ him to do any more than clean under the stands after a race eludes me.
  5. Not all of us look at the website, and it hadn't been posted anywhere else.... But thanks
  6. All your CMP regulars will be there as there are track points offered for this race as well, so I'd say you'll easily have more than 20 cars there.
  7. The other driver was Michael Sabia, who runs sportsman at Lebanon Valley weekly.
  8. Can we change colors or is that not an option? the white is killing me.
  9. I honestly think running against a guy like that, having the opportunity to follow him, can only help you as a driver. Personally, I will never have the chance to race against guys like Hearn, or Decker, or Johnson. I'm barely hanging on to a sportsman ride financially as it is. I'd welcome the opportunity to race against them.
  10. I don't know... if you're a sportsman guy and you're afraid of racing against a modified guy, maybe you should just find a new hobby.
  11.     No, they put in a rev box after he had the heart issue. Legality of said box, unknown.
  12. Shocks are shocks, it's a matter of having them valved properly. I had a set of Fox that were complete garbage last year, had them rebuilt and it was a completely different car.   As for traction control, it's out there, and for $3k you can have it too.   Hopefully Rocky gets the green light from the Dr. soon and can get back to doing what he does...
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