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  1. I think that's about when they went to that regional start time thing, depending where the race was.
  2. Yes, it was. Like someone else said, started on the front row & was never touched. Everyone thought the fix was in. https://images.app.goo.gl/YSRwDm78YNXuyKoo8
  3. Brewerton opening is May 7th. Weekly racing per their website & Twitter. Schedule will be out in the coming wks.
  4. Its also messin' w my Supercross, lol. I only got MAVTv in my area a couple mos ago. Luv it!!
  5. It's on regular MAVTv starting at 7 if you have access to that channel. Supposed to be live, but I don't know if part of it is delayed from the MAVTv Plus like heat races or what the difference is.
  6. http://devilsbowlspeedwayvt.com/devils-bowl-speedway-switching-to-saturday-nights-for-2021/ I don't see Tremont leaving the Valley. Anybody else leaving their Sat night home??
  7. Just saw a Twitter post from Rocket Chassis recommending HD suspension parts & wheels stating that Bristol will be hardest place on everything. How will this affect our mods??
  8. Todd Stones cars were nice. So were Jack Johnsons cars. I liked Robbie Bellingers white/black/silver car from about 5 or so yrs ago. Billy Deckers cars were neat too. I liked that Rick Laubachs blue car. Different. Gary Tomkins has had some nice looking cars as well. There was a sportsman a couple yrs ago at Canandaigua, I think Nick Cooper was his name, that was really sharp.
  9. I thought he looked like Garapolo too. I've called him Stewy several times while watching a game.
  10. And the schedule is out. I tried to copy & paste it, but its too big. Coming to Bridgeport, Ransomville & Weedsport. Of course PA too.
  11. There are a couple on Dirt Racing Updates on Twitter. Sorry I dont know how to get them here & don't want to break anything w the person/photographer. They post quite a bit of old mods/sportsman pics from the good old days too.
  12. "CBS Sports Network Set to Showcase World of Outlaws, Super DIRTcar Series | World of Outlaws" https://worldofoutlaws.com/news/cbs-sports-network-set-to-showcase-world-of-outlaws-super-dirtcar-series/
  13. Dirt Racing Updates Retweeted Weedsport Speedway @WeedsportSpdwy ยท 6h Weedsport returns
  14. Damn, he was one of my favorites. My condolences to his family & friends.
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