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  1. In the Shadows

    Rainouts 6-15

    Fulton, Thunder Mountain, Merritville, Brockville, Drummond.
  2. I def like the STSS format better. I find it more entertaining. The whole evening is entertaining. With the SDS, there is no sense showing up til the feature if your looking for action/passing. Yawn. I also get to watch a group of drivers that I don't normally get to see. More entertainment value & cheaper overall too.
  3. In the Shadows


    Or here. http://jw4.proboards.com/thread/319/2019-small-block-modified-schedule
  4. In the Shadows

    Utica Rome

    Was looking at AARNs from exactly 11 yrs ago & this same s was happening. Rain out after rain out.
  5. I see too many boys who don't know how to check their oil or change a tire. It's sad. Someone didn't teach them this stuff. My dad had me helping, whether it was on the lawn mower, car or whatever. I hung around w gearheads/hot rodders & took autoshop for 2 yrs. Been going to a track since I was 5. I did the same thing w my son. Even though he works on his own car & motorcycle, he'd rather be playing video games than going to a race. Can't do nothing about that.
  6. Not a fan of them or Farrell either, nor Andy Samberg. They're all corny & not that funny.
  7. Someone posted on Twitter about 25 minutes ago that cars are on the track.
  8. In the Shadows

    Malta tonight

    In the stands when they were in a holding pattern, they announced that if they cancelled, rain checks were good for any (prob regular) race during the season. Then it started raining harder. Since I headed to my truck & then everybody else did, I'd say they cancelled, lol. Do not throw your stub out!!!
  9. I agree, he got himself a good one. The search continues....
  10. Back in the 80's when we were dating, she liked it. She would go once in a while. She said she liked going. She also had an open invite to join anytime she wanted. Later on, in the early 2000's, she went to karate 4 days a wk & I didn't complain at all. I let her do her thing, so I could do mine. Fed the kids, helped them do their homework, etc. But I couldn't get out on a Saturday night 20-something nights a yr? I'm now free to go as many times & wherever I want, within my racing budget & I like it.
  11. Isn't that the time of year kids nowadays call "cuffing season". Keep someone around for the winter & kick them out in the spring. Sounds like a good plan to me, lmao. Prob why I'm not married anymore. Gotta go racin'. No time for 20 questions to get out the door to the track.
  12. Just got a text that Malta is cancelled for tonite & is rescheduled for Tuesday April 23, 2019.
  13. In the Shadows

    The DR

    https://twitter.com/CNYMotorsports/status/1117169827481817089/photo/1 Doesn't say what yr, just that it's new. Sorry, don't know how to post it any other way.