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  1. I haven't been to any races since SDW. I was going to go to FL this yr but chickened out as I'm afraid of flying & a 20 hr drive by myself wasn't doable. I should've just got half a bag on at the airport bar or some good stuff from the doc & did it.
  2. From poking around their website & Facebook page, it doesn't look like it.
  3. Horses & Watkins Glen. Hmmmm, people w $$$. We got f'd thanks to horse people once before.
  4. What's Tim Fuller have to do w this, j/k, j/k. Sorry, had to. Good luck to your mom. I hope she beats the cancer.
  5. https://www.news10.com/sports/local-sports/fonda-speedways-reopening-plans/
  6. I couldn't find it, but is Tyler Co allowing fans? I saw it was $40.00, but was that just for streaming? Streaming doesn't do it for me. I've been dvr'g late model races all last yr so I still have plenty left for now. I can't remember who won anyway, so they're all new to me, lol. Desperate times call for desperate measures, lol.
  7. They've had versions of our cars down there for awhile now but were putting sprint car wings & other body modifications to them. AR-TX-LA or something like that. They were kinda goofy looking. Glad to see them w more of the standard look.
  8. The numbers are shrinking because we're doing what we've been asked. You go back to your normal routines now & those numbers go right back up & fast. Nobody & I mean nobody is going to get these projections correct as 100% of the info needed is not out there. Testing has sucked so they have no idea how many people are walking around with this crap to get accurate #'s. You want to get back to normal & take out your own peeps, go for it. I respect others & am willing to sacrifice everything to protect mine & along with other peoples families, friends, etc.
  9. You know they're (not Zepplin in particular) using vocal & instrumental backing tracks right, lol. They cant play like that or hit those notes anymore. So you're only getting a partial real show & for what they charge is bs. I won't pay it. Rather go to 10-15 races for that. I agree w you tho, not my thing either.
  10. Alot signed up for the WOO iRacing Invitational tomorrow per their Twitter.
  11. Hospitals around here are running out of tests so how many are walking around w it. Nobody will know. Skews the numbers.
  12. In the old movies when someone was out of control, someone would grab you by the shirt & slap you in the face & tell you to get ahold of yourself. Alot of people need that slap. It was also nice to see that some grocery stores have implemented a no return/exchange policy on items purchased during this crisis. Kudos to them 👍. You know people are over buying hoping to return anything the couldn't use or sell . There is a special place down below for them.
  13. Port Royal posted on Twitter that racing is still on for this w/e.
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