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  1. In the Shadows

    Ryan Newman

    Released from the hospital!!
  2. In the Shadows

    Ryan Newman

    https://mobile.twitter.com/roushfenway/status/1229869506970910723/photo/1 He's awake & talking.
  3. Glad that he's ok. That looked nasty. He took responsibility for it per his twitter. Alot of drivers wouldn't do that. 👍
  4. In the Shadows

    Sportsman Deserve Credit Too:((

    Shawn's Racing Updates on Twitter will show you this printout for sportsman if your looking for it. He posts alot of good info too.
  5. If true, awesome. I can't see comments, but I didnt see anything. They'd fly around there. ESS is at Weedsport on August 9th so I wonder how many they'd get on that date.
  6. In the Shadows

    Rick Laubach 2020 ride

    I had seen that like a month(?) ago & thought it was really neat!! A different look for sure.
  7. CNY Motorsports (@CNYMotorsports) Tweeted: Here is Tim McCreadie’s #ChiliBowl2020 scheme 🤩 📸 Factory Direct Mattress. https://t.co/Ar1Uzc4Nzy https://twitter.com/CNYMotorsports/status/1214596101069770753?s=20 Dont know how else post this, sorry.
  8. Put that in your ahoe ryan, lmao. What, no yellow??
  9. My condolences to Judy & the friends and family of Jim.
  10. In the Shadows

    RJ New Bicknell

    I like it!! Get'em RJ...
  11. In the Shadows

    Time To Retire?

    Didn't he lose his crew chief this year?
  12. 1970 Mustang Mach I w a 351 Cleveland. Badass....
  13. In the Shadows

    Brett Hearn

    Or start 4-6th or so & go backwards at Malta.
  14. It's on their NAPA Super Dirt Week Twitter page if your still looking for it. Sorry, I'm not tech savvy enough to copy it over.