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  1. It's on their NAPA Super Dirt Week Twitter page if your still looking for it. Sorry, I'm not tech savvy enough to copy it over.
  2. 358 load in at 4:45 pm per their twitter.
  3. Paul, per a story on RPW, Marc starts 11th in the first lcq. Taking top 4.
  4. Especially $30 to park in a mudhole where they have to advise you what to do if you get stuck. Some of the isle holes are ridiculous/deep.
  5. In the Shadows

    Scoring Laps When Caution Comes

    They were telling Dave over the one way to not throw the yellow til the leader went by to count that lap. I think Dave may have a little more leeway than the average flagger. Sometimes he's the better show if the race is boring. Makes me nervous that he's gonna fall sometimes.
  6. In the Shadows


    Will call is Gate 6 only. You can buy tickets at the other 2.
  7. In the Shadows

    Scoring Laps When Caution Comes

    They were telling the flagher to wait tIL the leader crossed the line & count the lap. Of course this was when the cauti on car was on the backstretch somewhere.
  8. I left after midnight and they were still running the second sportsman heat. Ugh...
  9. Check out NAPA Super Dirt Week on twitter. Show's a bunch of prostocks that are going. Gotta dig around a little. Show's some sportsman also. Hey tiracer, the Coondog is going per their twitter page.
  10. Stewie did spin out & have to go tail.
  11. In the Shadows

    malta weekend

    New flyer. Sat grandstands open at 2, pit gates at 4?? Seems weird.
  12. In the Shadows

    Duel predictions...

    Brett will be at Malta tonight.
  13. They just posted about an hr ago that the jersey barriers are in place and ready for the first load of dirt.
  14. Congratulations to Marc Johnson & team on the 2019 Track Championship @ Albany-Saratoga Speedway!!! Well done!!