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  1. I disagree. I understand that the list is "tentative" however now you have a driver (Pat Ward) who was supposedly confirmed per the speedways facebook page to run that says he was never even contacted by the track and never said he was going. How could you confirm a driver that you never contacted?
  2. This time it worked. I believe this is twice now this season where they've been on social media saying drivers were committed to running the ridge and then those committed drivers no-showed. Won't be long before fans stop believing them when they say guys are coming. Wonder how many Pat Ward fans were in attendance?
  3. WipeTheVisor

    STSS vs KOD

    Here are some screenshots of various locations. Not a single one of them mentions a rain date of 8/15. STSS website schedule page: Albany-Saratoga schedule page: Advertising poster:
  4. WipeTheVisor

    STSS vs KOD

    Correct. My point was that 8/15 was not posted anywhere as an official rain date so Fonda scheduled an event on that date. Now they either have to go head to head for drivers and fans, or postpone/cancel their event because the STSS and Albany-Saratoga have re-scheduled on their date. Everyone preaches tracks need to work together for the better of drivers and fans. Just doesn't seem like that happened in this case.
  5. WipeTheVisor

    STSS vs KOD

    Guess it doesn't matter if they had an official rain date or not. They went and rescheduled right over the top of Fonda's KOD 358 race. Gotta love it when tracks work together.
  6. WipeTheVisor

    STSS vs KOD

    Is there an "official" rain date? I looked everywhere and its not listed.
  7. STSS had a good field in the high 30s when they ran there a few years ago but it was the most cold and miserable June day I can remember. Hoping for better weather this time.
  8. Good to see it posted last night that STSS is going back to Outlaw next year. I went to the race a couple years back. Nice field of cars but weather sucked.
  9. 6 hour show? The ghosts of the Harpells must still roam the can.
  10. Sheppard posted on his Facebook page he will be at OCFS Thursday in 92s and Outlaw Sat.
  11. Great show! Afton is the perfect place for that race. Nice small track and very nice grounds. Was cool to pull in Saturday and see so many campers!!! 60 Mods from all over and the match races were friggen awesome. Deyo made the right move having the race there. Good job everyone!
  12. Matt's move to Outlaw was a money-maker. He won a bunch of races and the American Racer Cup championship which pays him $11,000. No way he would have made that $$ racing at Brewerton.
  13. Well that makes things interesting. I understand the "my sandbox" so "my rules" approach but isn't the Outlaw 200 an "Open" event? If it is, could Matt potentially have legal grounds to pursue if he wanted? I highly doubt such an action would be taken, but does he have a legal leg to stand on?
  14. Sheppard said in AARN this week he was going to ESW Thursday night to race but wasnt sure on the rest of the weekend with Outlaw running Saturday.
  15. Looks like it could be a tough date with KoD at Malta, SDS at Brewhouse, regular show at Penn Can and 76er the next day.