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  1. 34 Thunder Stocks and 18 of the 358 Modifieds Competed on the 3/10 Mile Clay in Port Colborne Ont with Justin Ramsay Claiming the $1,300 win Prize for the Thunderstocks While MR DIRTCAR Champion Mat Williamson claimed the 358 Mod Victory and $2,300 check. The event was FREE on Youtube Ch Gforcetv.net In 2 weeks Merrittville Speedway in Thorold Ont will be the site for the DIRTcar Sportsman, the Crate ACTION SPRINT CAR TOUR and the Mini Stocks. The Very same gforcetv.net for FREE will take place on Saturday June 27 7:00pm. The Humberstone event brought over 10,000 viewers who enjoyed the FREE Broadcast.
  2. I was in contact with Rev Tv and they told me they are Not Associated with MavTv USA or Lucas Oil Products.
  3. You can checkout everything Ohsweken on GFORCETV.NET by Through youtube.
  4. It will be show LIVE AND FREE. It will be carried for FREE on Youtubes channel GFORCETV.NET And Mav Tv Canada is now REV TV
  5. Fran


    ThankYou. It was VERY ANNOYING!!
  6. Bowler Parker Bohn has a family that was highly involved in New Jersey Racing And very successful!! Multi Talented Family!!
  7. I have had an issue with My Iphone and Ipad on the DTD SITE when I change pages when I go to scroll down and the page is snapping back. After a couple attempts I can finally scroll down. Anyone else experiencing this issue?? Scrolling is stuttering And NOT SMOOTH. DTD is the only site I’m having this issue with...
  8. 80 teams Yes! But its 2 Separate 40 car practices.
  9. Ohsweken has been broadcasting in 720 to avoid buffering at the higher speed and has not had any issues. The racing is so good that Attendance has increased with people wanting it in person. Live feed has definitely enhanced the speedway. At times the place looks empty but the stands hold close to 6,000 people. With Stadium lighting to enhance the experience. They also feature a second Warmup track for Sprint Cars so there is no waiting time for pushoffs!!
  10. The Owners and Operators of Ohsweken Speedway in Ont. have openly pushed that they offer Free access to ALL OF THEIR RACING EVENTS. All you need is an Internet Connection. Go to Youtube and select: gforcetv.net and you will have access to Live Ohsweken Races. Previous Races. Dirt IRacing. During the week Q&As with their Announcers and Officials. ALL FREE ACCESS. OHSWEKEN encourages Free Video Sharing. 4 HEALTHY CLASSES INCLUDE: 360 Sprints, Crate Sprints, Thunder(Street Stocks) and Mini Stocks. FULL CAR COUNTS IN ALL CLASSES. Special events are viewable. You may have also seen their shows on MAV TV. EVERY WEEKLY SHOW IS AVAILABLE on gforcetv.net.
  11. Best Buy has all the Plugs and Adapters need to run the Phone or I Pad to your TV.
  12. If LOL gave it away for FREE, as they do at OHSWEKEN, they may attract New fans instead of just the usual diehard fans that cannot make it to the races. Isn’t the idea to make LOL attractive and visible to New Customers???
  13. The “HAMMER DOWN WITH MALLETT” ”MALLETT’S POUNDING THE DIRT ” Mike! I enjoy your conversations On Tuesdays with Clint Geoffrey and Adam Ross for Ohsweken!!
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