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  1. Back on topic. Larry is bad fast at lLolL. The field of cars at LoL is impressive as well. It's too bad fans can't see the action in person. Great racing last night in all divisions.
  2. Art, I was a member of the old fire on dirt as well. Complaining has become a way of life unfortunately. It used to be constructive criticism on message boards and an outlet for the fans to voice an opinion. No longer, its become an avenue for faceless people to find the smallest flaw and turn it into a forest fire. People need to check out raceny to see what negativity has done to a site that was really popular 5 years ago. Find the positives people PLEASE!😁
  3. My friend I agree. Negativity is getting bad on this forum. I'm having a hard time with it as well. I help a friend at Canandaigua with his big block. The year has not gone very well, but we are having fun. I don't work on the car during the week, but the guys that do have really worked hard and I give them a ton of credit and with blown engines and broken parts those guys could say enough is enough, but they keep putting the time in and putting the car back in the trailer for the next race. That's racing!. A guy like RJO is bad for the sport!! Be nice to see him deleted from the forum
  4. Huge props to the whole LOL track crew last night. Track started off heavy and rough and they worked it into an awesome surface. Racing was awesome come feature time for all classes.
  5. You are correct on that statement. It was a run what you had in the trailer. I remember when DIRT went to the concrete McCreary tire as the tire everyone had to run. Hence, the beginning of the age of finding the edge of grinding and softening.
  6. I'm watching the Bristol race and the once hard to get ticket in NASCAR is empty. This is a heads up to all promoters in racing.
  7. Very awesome responses. Fire on Dirt was alot of fun. Chris Pappa and the boys started something that has turned into this site today. My hat is off to Mallet and the guys for the current website. I would love to see the current forum go back to what we used to do. We had alot of fun critiquing and not bashing. Posts were made that made sense and for the most part everyone got along.
  8. Been a long time since those days. I have to give a ton of credit to the current regime. There is a ton of bitching, moaning, and groaning on this forum. I was once one. Racing is racing and doo doo occurs. We have lost a lot of great posters due to the piss poor comments that people feel they have to post. Miller talks about shutting it down. I don't blame him!! I've been around this game for 30 years and it has its ups and downs, but everyone on this forum needs to realize we are fans of the sport. Criticism is part of everyday life, but constructive criticism goes a long way instea
  9. From what I have been told they tried to dig/disk the track and add water. It did not come around obviously. I get it, but it takes alot of time to lay the track back down and pack it so it does not get rutty. It's a weird science cause I've helped out people putting together a track for truck and tractor pulling.
  10. Congratulations to The Doctor and his crew!! They were pitted next to us and they changed a driveshaft after warm ups. Danny sat in the car helping to make the change. They did alot of work to get that win!!! Congratulations to that whole team!!!
  11. I am going Yates County. John Moravec, Lance Yonge, Doug Mattison, Lee Osborne
  12. Hey everyone is down on Mr. Ballou. He ran over his head and crashed. It's unfortunate that he forgot where he started; enter Mr. Bell. Shows up with an old truck an open trailer and has fun. Waiting for fans after the races; total class act!
  13. Huge props to everyone at Outlaw for getting a show in. That was a dust bowl that noone expected.
  14. The business of enduro racing is alot of fun , but comes at the cost of insurance. We ran many enduros at the Yates County Fairgrounds with some success. Problem being the cars got faster as well as the track and we had guys going through the fence and what not. You definitely do not want people getting hurt even with a waiver and an ambulance at the track. The track is no longer a functional track.
  15. Oh boy. The good old days. I was 15 years old crapping my pants running my first rookie street stock feature.
  16. Boy that is hard. I would have been more serious about basketball and football in high school. Racing never hindered my career in education to this day.
  17. What you need to be aware of is that Canandaigua is governed by a fair board. Jeremie did an awesome job and now Paul Cole is governed by a fair board. Takes time...
  18. People love to hate him, but he is the very best in DIRT Modified racing. You cannot say he isn't. Respect!!!
  19. I got thinking about it. Matt is class due to the fact that he was released from HBR and starts his own team. He could have walked away and said I'm done. He came back and look at what he has done this year.
  20. I have to say that no driver running big blocks is a cherry picker. Everyone running a modified has the chance to win. Give Matt a break he's damn good....!
  21. All we have to look at is Paul Mennard. His father puts up the money and he has a seat in cup.
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