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  1. Yes. The track has been found, but I haven't found anything that says there ever was a car race there. The track was part of a primitive NYS Fairgrounds as it bounced around in various locations in the late-late 1800's and early-early 1900's. The true location wasn't Baldwinsville though, it was just over the river outside of Phoenix at the intersection of Pendergast Road and River Road.
  2. Black shirts for me too because fat guys like to eat and I've never ate a meal that I didn't slob all over myself.
  3. I can't wear driver shirts because video is an extension to timing and scoring. But I can wear track garb, so I used to buy hats from every new track I would go to. Hats don't last very long though. Between the dust sticking to the sweat and no real good way of washing them, they have a real short life. I'm not a fan of fitted hats. The flat billed look is popular with younger folks and their bling and most every track has switched to that style hat.
  4. If I had to pick? Lernerville is one of my 3 favorite PA tracks. Just LOVE the racing there. Selinsgrove is fast as hell but the actual racing quality isn't so great. I'm going to Lernerville.
  5. Tommy Barron and I have been friends for forever it seems, and he is definitely Sonny's kid. Tommy likes the asphalt and will only race there these days. His last outing on dirt didn't fare so well, so he sticks to pavement. Tommy's son Brandon fields a street stock at Canandaigua on Saturday nights, making him a 3rd generation driver. Brandon is just now getting the hang of it, so I expect we'll be hearing more about him in the future.
  6. I am thinking that maybe we should eliminate the few who constantly do it.
  7. I have had enough with this topic. It started off innocently with a concern over tire availability. The reality is, the shortage exists and promoters and sanctioning bodies are making adjustments accordingly. How that ever evolved to Covid deaths and an upswing in numbers in LA is beyond me.
  8. I will bet0 everything I own that your brother was never told that. Hospitals are not allowed to deny treatment to anyone for any reason. Nobody was more broke than I was back in 2017 when I finally decided to get looked at. I told them as I was being admitted that I didn't have health insurance and was without steady income. They said that by law, they had to treat every patient the same.
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