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  1. With all of the flip flopping and double talk that has been going on, who knows? Cuomo said early on that the state would not police compliance unless there was a complaint. But that was also back last year when the 4 stage plan would have allowed tracks to re-open at stage 4, and he changed his mind when certain areas met the numbers to do so.
  2. Stop. Not everything they tell you on the news is true. I don't believe for even a second that a mask with the consistency of a sheet of Kleenex or an anti static dryer sheet has the power to save the world from the deadliest disease known to man, and I can't do anything but laugh at this...
  3. I don't know what to say here because I have never gotten the feeling that people were laughing at me. If they are, who cares? Some of them live in trailers, drive Fords and have round girlfriends that have been around the block several times, so I can laugh back. The difference is - I didn't ask to get the virus. They chose the trailer, Ford and flabby old lady. Who gets the last laugh?
  4. Spring Break people have health issues alright... extreme alcoholism.
  5. I am 98.9% sure I had the virus back in October of 2019. I had every one of the symptoms. But we didn't know about Covid 19 or coronavirus back then because those terms weren't invented yet. Supposedly, the virus didn't even exist then. Bullshit. I know 6 people who were officially treated for the disease in the hospital. I am not saying all people who get it live, but all of the ones I know lived and all have 3 things in common. Leg strength/muscle tone has been compromised in a big way and major lower back persists. And breathing in the aftermath is difficult. I have all 3. Steam in the
  6. Remember the media telling us not to go outside early on because they (CDC and WHO) thought the virus was spread through the air? Because that absolutely happened. Then along about July or August of last year they said that people like myself, who were largely shut ins and practicing proper hand sanitation, mask wearing and social distancing , were over 66% of the people being treated for Covid at that time.
  7. I made this statement on my facebook page last week... "I've decided that Covid, Cuomo, CDC and Fauci can kiss my ass. I'll wear the stupid mask if I go into a store. But know this now and forever... If I am outside, it's not happening." I would rather die today living free and stupid than to live the rest of my life cooped up in a vault in fear and educated.
  8. Great minds think alike I guess. While on the roof last night, I got thinking about how 3 HoF'ers were racing at Dundee while an SDS event was taking place a couple of hours away at Can Am. And what I came up with was that Steve Paine has never hidden the fact that he is slowing down so that he can get the careers of his sons under way. I would assume that touring series events with his boys is part of Steve's eventual plans. With Danny, his car owner owns the track and 3 cars. And with Alan, his car owner funds the team out of his own pocket, not with the large bank roll that you would need t
  9. I heard him say in victory lane that they've got a strong car and that they thought they were going to have a good year. It's been a long time since I've heard him speak with such confidence. I think the last time was when he drove the orange Mike Maroney 14j a bunch of years ago.
  10. This lifelong Alan Johnson fan is probably happier than the man himself.
  11. Contact Mel Thomas with FLX Media - partners with DTD TV on all of the streamed video productions. They can convert just about any format of master video over to DVD. They have helped me out of a jam to fulfill promises I couldn't keep when my computer was taking a nose dive. I just took possession of a custom build computer last week and would help them out of jams when their broadcast schedule gets busy.
  12. TopDog - When you decide you want to post here, you are asking for a membership. You can be denied or accepted, depending on the mood of the approving moderator at that time. There are a few simple rules to follow to remain an active poster. There is no such thing as freedom of speech on a forum. You either comply with the rules of the forum, or your privileges get denied. You can write a letter to the editor in the newspaper, but it will never be printed if you don't include your name and address. We don't go that far, but you get more leeway here if you use your name and are willin
  13. I listed 4 famous soap operas, which I thought was a strong hint. My God... nobody has any attitudes except you.
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