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  1. Ummmm.... I've got to disagree. There are several of these stories throughout the history of Gater Racing News - this one just in 1974.
  2. I am not a spokesperson for the family, but I did know and became friends with Mike during his tenure at Black Rock a few years ago. Mike's family probably wouldn't mind me saying that he passed from an extremely aggressive form of throat cancer.
  3. I don't know how you can talk about people being allowed in the stands without talking about the vaccine too, because one ain't happening without the other. Just sayin'... One thing that HASN'T been discussed so far is what good the vaccine will be with people who have already had the virus. I am 98% sure I am one of them. I had all of the symptoms before we ever knew there was a problem back in October of 2019 and speaking with 2 friends who were treated in the hospital for Covid, I also have the same residual crap that they have.
  4. Mel's wife of 55 years, Dianne passed away Sunday 12/20. Their kids, Mike and Matt have been heavily involved in TV production their whole lives. Matt and his son AJ are part of the DTD TV crew and Mike works locally and freelance out of Charlotte, NC.
  5. My favorites gave always been the simplest schemes. I can appreciate the talent of airbrushing and contrasting colors, and that kind of stuff is for mall car shows because you can stand still and see everything that was done. But it's worthless on the track when the car is going 100mph and you can't see any of the detail. And speaking on behalf of the media members who shoot still pictures and video, any car with that highly reflective tape that causes mirror/ghost images is ugly and most of us won't shoot them.
  6. Fakebook strikes again. I didn't hear that then but I saw it early yesterday morning as a new item. Cleaning that up now.
  7. Life took you in a different direction??? I'm not even sure what it is you do for a living but I'd just about guarantee there are jobs similar to yours here in NY. If you really wanted one, you'd have one. Come on GT... it's more believable when you tell the truth and say "My ass got soft when I took this job because I no longer have to clean my car off and shovel the driveway just to go to work."
  8. Give me a date of death and I'll add him. Certainly worthy, that's for sure.
  9. This is all true. And another thing that is true is that racing on a computer isn't real.
  10. I don't know how people who are addicted to iracing can justify the expenses in getting started. Seriously... by the the time you get a worthy computer, the wheel and pedals, the subscription, the tracks and a decent internet service you've spent upwards of $3,000. You could almost race a real hobby stock for that money.
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