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  1. BobMiller


    HiHey all... Yes I am back in again. Concern and such is definitely appreciated. My girlfriend and I think we have it figured out as to when this all started unfolding. Back in early May during the first or second mowing, I was cutting the grass around one of our several apple trees. The front of the lawn tractor latched onto a low branch and moved along with the tractor as I advanced forward.. The branch finally released itself from the tractor and whipped me real hard in the left leg... Hard enough to leave a giant welt that bled pretty good for about 20 minutes. I t hurt like hell, but I shrugged it off and didn't give it much thought.! Since then though, the leg has been giving me grief. I had a follow up visit with the vascular surgeon on Wednesday and she didn't like my progression at that point and suggested that I check back in so she could oversee a new round of antibiotics. That's all my girlfriend needed to hear. For the rest of the day she kept riding my ass. Then one of my best friends stopped by and I got gang banged about going back in. I got sick of hearing it, so here I am again. That was Wednesday night. It is now Saturday and I'm not seeing major improvents. Whatever this infection is though, it f@#%ing hurts!
  2. Actually - 15 drivers were tested at Eldora.
  3. I heard this rumor myself Saturday night, so I did a little homework. It is true, 5 random drivers were tested at Eldora. Coffey's test was the only test that returned hot.
  4. BobMiller


    I'll keep this brief as possible, but here is the latest. When my brother was diagnosed as Stage 4, it meant there is no hope. They can try to buy time, but it won't be much. Then they found a nodule on one of my lungs during on of my high blood pressure tests. I was scare shitless. The Miller Family traditionally doesn't fare well in the good luck category, so in my mind, I was convinced that I was going to die from cancer too. Last night they came and got me for the followup CT scan. When I saw the floor doctor, I really didn't want to know the results.. He said I see you had that followup scan last night. Want to know the results? I said let me guess, it's turned into a full blown tumor and this will make the recovery from my legs a secondary process? No... the nodule is gone. There are no signs of cancer. I started bawling like a baby. A feel good story happened today. Some guy walks into my room and wanted to know if I was Bob Miller. I told him I was. He went on to say that I probably didn't know him, but he knew who I was through DTD and the nostalgia stuff I post on the internet. When he said who he was, it nearly knocked me out of my chair. As it turns out, he was a pioneer in late 1970s Canandaigua Street Stocks with Many feature wins. When the Sportsman class was added to the Canandaigua card, he moved up a class and holds numerous victories there. He also advanced to Modifieds and holds a single Modified victory there. Steve Schultz from Naples. And until yesterday, I had never met him. That visit moved to the top of my visitors.
  5. BobMiller


    This shit sucks. I don't know what I did to deserve it, but it's the most painful thing I've ever had to endure. Cellulitis is definitely present, but there is also a tissue virus going on that they haven't figured out yet. I was admitted to the heart ward because they were thinking that maybe I candidate for a heart attack. My blood history says I've had no heart attack or stroke. My cholesterol numbers and sugar numbers are almost perfect and always have been. They can't properly treat me as an in patient because that kind of extensive scheduling doesn't exist in this hospital. What they are trying to do is get me to a point where they are comfortable sending me home and continue treatments through specialist as an out patient. Back to the cellulitis a minute. That's my neglect and I own up to it. But it isn't the root of everything either. I can not sleep laying down. When I try to, the fluid weight in my body pushes my stomach over my lungs and I start to suffocate. That's been going on for almost 6 months. Instead, I need to sleep upright in a chair. That restricts blood circulation in my lower legs and adds to the leg problem. Sleep Apnea could be contributing to it and I will be seeing a sleep specialist once I get released. And finally, none of these issues existed 6 to 8 months ago. I have put on 70 pounds of fluid weight in that time frame which suggests kidney failure, but my kidneys function Wednesday morning and afternoon was the worst day of my life as far as pain goes. The nurses here keep asking me what my pain number is - 1 being tolerable and 10 being the worst I've ever felt. I sat here bawling like a baby, unable to eat my lunch and the nurse was watching from a distance. Finally she walks in and asks what number I was feeling. I told her I know what level 10 pain is from breaking bones my whole life. I told her break a leg and then set it on fire... this is uncharted territory.
  6. Was my description accurate enough?
  7. dan dan... The issue I am having is partially related to the major high blood pressure problem I went through back in 2017 and still deal with today. My blood pressure is definitely better, but I can't return to truck driving because it is still too high. So for 2 years now, constantly adjusting medications, going through tons of testing, I sit pretty much idle all day and I am gaining weight big time. The weight gain is all fluid and it's settling in my lower legs. On July 31st, I had an appointment with a vascular surgeon to check my legs for blood clots via ultra sound. That testing proved negative, so we started phase 1 of trying to reduce the swelling enough to wear compression socks. They wrapped my legs with medicated gauze, then again a little tighter with the sports style ace bandages, and then finally again with this elastic tube to hold it all together. On Friday August 2nd, my left leg started hurting real bad and was blowing up like a balloon. Saturday morning it hurt so bad that I would have gladly let them cut it off. My mother got out of the hospital on Saturday morning and she wanted to go to Canandaigua because she missed Dundee the night before. I didn't let Ma know how bad my leg hurt, but by the end of the night I couldn't walk period. My original plan was to go home and take a shower and wash the 4 day stink off because I couldn't take a shower with those bandages on, and then go to the emergency room. On my computer desk upstairs was a referral sheet for a CT scan at the same hospital. They found a solitary node on my left lung back in 2017, but it was small. 2017 was the year my brother found out he had cancer, so it is definitely a concern. I figured as long as they were going to keep me, I might as well take care of that too. Problem was, I fell asleep while reading results from other tracks on my computer and never woke up until 7am. So Sunday August 4th, I hobbled down the stairs, took that shower and had all I could do to walk 30 feet to the car. They did another series of ultra sounds both chest and legs. I have had IV after IV of antibiotics and diuretics and taken tons of pills for high blood pressure and pain so much that food tastes like crap. I haven't slept a wink since I've been here - partially because of the noise and also because I can't sleep laying down. I feel like an elephant is setting on my chest and suffocating - due to the rapid weight gain. I am sharing a room with an 85 year old stroke victim who fell and hit his head hard. He snores pretty bad, he suffers from Parkinsons and Alzheimers, and he is hard to understand when he needs help because the stroke is real recent and got his speech. And the guy in the next room can't hear shit, so his TV is always on at full volume. When the nurses drop in to tend to him, they have to yell. I don't think they really know what is going on yet, but my leg is feeling like it is on fire again, the redness is returning and the pain is coming back. I told them when I first got here that my leg felt like it was broken because I know what a broken leg feels like. I shot a weekend at Fulton's Victoria 200 with a broken leg. They considered X Rays then, but decided that since I could walk, nothing could be broken. I told them I DID walk around on a broken leg. They said I couldn't have. If it was broken I couldn't have walked on it. It wasn't Joe Theisman broken, it was hairline crack through the diameter of a shin bone broken but still broken.
  8. I'll play... Rudolph struggled early to find speed. To his advantage, he could watch Matt run his lines and use others to try and reel him in. Rudolph found that he was quicker using the top of 1 and 2 a the middle of turn 4 and ran him down. On the last lap, a lapped car played into the pass for the lead in turn 2. The lapped car was where Matt wanted to be and lower than where Erick wanted to be. Both cleared the lapped car ok, but it allowed Erick to get a better run down the back stretch. happyracer… Contrary to popular belief, I don't bounce people for speaking out about the track - providing that they don't go overboard with it and can discipline themselves from pounding the track into the ground every time there is a Canandaigua thread. A few people here seem to thrive on that. I sat in the stands Saturday night for the first time since 1989. I was forced to give up my position on the roof because of a medical issue and I am in the hospital now as I write this. I had absolutely no contact with management all night, but I sat in the stands with an understanding of the decisions that were made and why. I agree - ESS could have forgone the 4 wide salute, but that's also part of their show. It didn't bother me either way because I have seen enough races there to know what a caution free track looks like. They got their feature in and it was a quick show. The Modified Feature was also quick, as were the Sportsman and 305's. I don't find wrong in a track throwing the dice and getting all of the racing program in without unnecessary downtime, so I get seen as being as being overprotective. That's not being overprotective, it's acknowledging that they got the show in as promised. They had obligations to sponsors for the bike race, it wasn't unnecessary downtime.
  9. The reason I brought this up was that the last time Weedsport raced, the track was tacky, but bumpy. This time they had it smooth too. I just wanted to make sure that it didn't go unnoticed.
  10. Tacky all night long. Bite from the outside wall all the way to the inside wall. Grooves galore. 4 and 5 wide racing pretty much the entire way through the Hall of Fame 100. Not a speck of dust all night long. Yeah, Sheppard stunk the race up pretty good with a half a track lead over 2nd, but the rest of the show was awesome. I think maybe Weedsport's track crew is onto something.
  11. Ummmm.... Because drunks notoriously run their mouths like that and sober people generally don't?
  12. What if I told you that the same people who shoot Modifieds for FloTV also shoot for DirTVision and DTDTV?
  13. I also want to mention Paul's effort from last week. I doubt any other promoter would have dug his feet in and refuse to give in to all of the adversity. Anything that could have gone wrong last week DID go wrong. Just overwhelming adversity, but the show went on anyway.
  14. There was a half hour to 45 minute monsoon between Hall and Stanley. It came down in buckets. You don't know how close we came to pulling the plug on last week's broadcast. EVERY electrical component involved with making a show had some kind of issue. The broadcast last week was a moral victory to those behind the scenes because it wouldn't have happened with a lesser staff. That's not ego talking, it's a fact. It was all hands on deck and Art Rorick - the brains behind the show, pulled a miracle out of his ass.
  15. I can't go to Wall. My brother and I used to travel the country knocking off tracks together. He and another TV guy did Frogtown one year when I couldn't go, so he got one up on me. The following year I did Frogtown when he couldn't go, so I evened the score. Then he and the other TV guy did Wall and got one up again. I told him to enjoy it while it lasted because I would get it in some day. He passed away before I could ever get there, so I've decided to let him keep it.