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  1. Years ago, DTD member cuda11 was a casual poster, usually on topics about Bob McCreadie. The topic came up about the Eldora event and I stated basically the same thing as I did above. His reply was "FINALLY!!! Someone who agrees with us!" As it turned out, cuda11 was none other than Bob McCreadie crewmember and best friend Mike Hayslett. I didn't know Mike at the time, but he and I became friends shortly thereafter. Glad I got to know him. He was a good dude.
  2. Negative. It was an Eldora event while Hearn still had the Budweiser sponsorship. Hearn was completely out to lunch in this event and ducked into the pits under yellow to change tires and make chassis adjustments, which at the time - you had to pass the entire field ahead of the leaders and behind the pace car. He did that, changed 2 tires and rejoined the field at the tail of the field. Instead of repassing the field and falling in line behind the pace car again, he ducked into the pits from the tail of the field a second time and needed to exit before the leader passed him at the pit exit in turn 1. He didn't. He came out of the pits at the tail of the field, putting him a lap down. Brett tore through the field from last place and passed leader Bob McCreadie with just a few laps to go., putting him back on the lead lap. That event was when they changed the ruling about not being able to go a lap down under yellow - because they'd need to have a transponder loop at the beginning and end of pit road to monitor every car in the pits.
  3. That being the case, then we should run a 30 or 35 lap feature because that's what we do all year.
  4. This was my haggling point... Some of the events you nominated, I attended. Others, I don't remember. But the Danny Johnson last to first? When you bring up a rainy day conversation about the best races you've ever seen, that one always gets mentioned. Decades later, people still talk about it. And Mel still gets requests from time to time for DVD's. You're right. It wasn't a Nazareth or Langhorne show where the big stage was part of the draw. But 20 years from now, the Rolling Wheels event will still be talked about.
  5. I'd like to add an event not mentioned in the original list... The Rolling Wheels event when Danny Johnson quit the Ray Bramall Freightliner 6 in the middle of the show, and started dead ass last in Bill Trout's/Gary Tomkins backup car. With just 3 hotlaps in the car prior to the feature, Danny put on a clinic, tore through the field, ripped through the middle of an awesome 3 car battle for the lead between Hearn, Plazek and Tomkins in the late stages of the event, and won going away. I'm not sure of the date, but Mel Thomas has sold tons of videos over the years and that particular event is by far and above his best seller ever.
  6. I'm not saying that the product served on Sunday doesn't need work, because it does. I like the idea of running all race events at night, however I don't see that happening without some major rescheduling. It means an adjustment to the satellite show schedule and I'm not sure the promoters involved with those events are going to budge. I definitely want to see all 200 laps be green. This is no longer a 200 mile event, it's a 100 mile event. It's already 1/2 the distance and time of Syracuse. Counting cautions takes even more away and I can't support that. My opinion only... I like the idea of 1 event being an entire team event, which includes live pit stops because it makes for good television. I remember seeing the pre-race pit road ceremonies at Syracuse when all of the pit crews were dressed up all spiffy and professional. That part of the sport is what helps attract major sponsors. We need that going into the future. And good luck and bad luck both play out on pit road and adds the unexpected element to the event. We haven't seen it yet, but it's bound to happen... a driver leading all 200 laps. A mandatory pit stop guarantees a lead change.
  7. I can hear the open to your television broadcast now... We're LIVE, at the "Ho Hum 100" in Oswego, NY, sponsored by Nothing Special Lubricants. Hello, my name is Doug Logan and we bring to you an average show, a typical 100 lap event where the drivers go as fast as possible, needing no guess work, using the same strategy as everyone else, just like we do all year. We don't know who will win, but then again neither will you because you'll fall asleep from being bored to tears.
  8. Correct. It can also happen in a night time event, but the thing is... it becomes a full team event. You don't stay up until 6:00am as a crew member getting puke drunk the morning of the race if you have aspirations of winning. You come well rested and well practiced and 2 or 3 strategies for different scenarios. It's a little bit like football in a way. Vic Coffey won his first at Syracuse by pitting out of sequence (quarterback sneak) and that was cool. Everyone said he got lucky until he backed it up with a second win and an unpredictable fake punt. Billy Dunn won his Syracuse event by pitting and switching to the Purple Hoosiers if I remember correctly. While everyone else was blowing tires and running out of fuel, he chugged forward. Might have been an on sides kick returned for a touchdown.
  9. And my opinion is the race should be different than anything else. 200 laps (every one of them green), live pit stops (a complete team event), and run at night (the weekend of the first full week in October). Reducing the distance and cutting out pit stops makes it the same thing as everything else.
  10. They had their chance at $53,000 a couple of weeks ago and we see how that turned out. Just a thought... but is it possible that there is too much racing in September and October and they suffer from burnout? The reason I suspect there in an air of truth to this is that several drivers who generally support the DIRTcar shows were missing last night. Leading that list is Matt Sheppard, who said on his facebook page that he wasn't doing any of the satellite shows. No explanation why, just not doing them. Billy Dunn, Tim Fuller and Alan Johnson come to mind as well.
  11. Some of you people wouldn't know a good race track if it bit you in the ass. When the track is dry and slower, you bitch about dust. Tonight it was tacky, practically dust free, smooth as a baby's butt and wicked fast, so you complain that there was no passing. Mat Williamson came from 29th to second and got nipped at the wire by Mike Maresca to finish 3rd. I watched RD3 struggle for several laps trying to get by lapped cars because they were so fast. If anything, tonight's track may have been TOO fast.
  12. Right. If you want tone of voice and distance from the camera without static, you need to step up for that.
  13. Being that this is a DIRTcar event, if it were to be streamed online, it would likely be on Flo. But here is the thing... they will be setting up at Oswego and testing on Wednesday. I'm not sure that they will want to tear the system apart. I'd sooner expect a highlight package the next day.
  14. Don't cheap out with audio equipment. Buy name brand stuff such as Sennheiser. Just like anything else, you get what you pay for.
  15. The Pro Stock event during Super DIRT Week is one of the best all week, but doesn't get the attention it deserves. I think it's neat that DIRTcar CEO Brian Carter bought one and took it home with him in Charlotte, but comes up here to be a part of this show.