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  1. Now we've resolved ourselves to tampon jokes?
  2. How is it robbery when he gives every cent of it back?
  3. There are 2 sets of stands in the pits. One set is in front of the VIP booths off turn 2 where the staging and work area is. That one is real close to the concession stands and bathrooms. Then there is a second and newer set of elevated stands that run from the middle of the back stretch toward turn 3. I am there every week and I have no reason to lie to you. We had a single blown motor last week in the heats for 1 caution. And for the first time in a long time, I tore down my camera, came down off the roof, talked to the same couple of people after the races like always, and drove by the bank in Dundee before 12:30. I was in my driveway a half hour north before 1am. Where is your home track?
  4. Throw Woodhull in there too. And I haven't been to Big Diamond in several years, but that used to get dusty as hell too. Funny story about the first time I ever went to Penn Can. The people I went with wanted to go into the pits, so I went in there too. As the races were about to start, I saw some dude walking through the pits with a military gas mask (I'm not lying) hanging around his neck. At first, I passed it off as a joke... just some clown being a wise ass. I walked up to the fence outside turn 2 and WOW! I couldn't see ANYTHING. The guy with the gas mask was a seasoned veteran and probably the smartest guy in the pits. The next time I went back I brought a bandana to tie around my face and brought safety goggles from work. It was better, but not a whole lot. The only time I've ever got up and left a Modified race before they turned 10 laps was at Brewerton one year at the beginning of the era of Satellite shows during Super DIRT Week. And I've shot camera at Williams Grove for TV and been sandblasted bad. Been choked out at Eldora and at Tri State in Haubstadt, Indiana too.
  5. The dust that night was the worst it has been all year. They started that feature in the bright sunshine and nobody could see a thing. They ran 1 lap, saw it was bad, stopped the race and went back out with the water trucks and packers. Then they brought out the full fendered cars because traditionally, they don't kick up as much dust. When the sun finally sank below the tree line, they brought out the Sportsman cars to re-run that lap and the rest of the feature. All I am saying is, if that level of dust is bothersome, you might want to go to Lancaster or Oswego on Saturday nights.
  6. I guess my level of acceptable dust and yours varies greatly...
  7. Sprintdaddy - Any way we can get a running order itinerary before the show? And by the way... you like nostalgia, correct? Check this out! June 6th, 1980...
  8. I was just telling someone on facebook who is coming from the NYC area that because it is a weeknight, they will probably run in order of engine noise volume. If that holds true, the running order would be: Modifieds, Sportsman, Street Stocks, Hobby Stocks and then 4 Cylinders. So cut out after the Street Stocks and head home, you just saw exactly the program you were hoping for. Qualifying there goes real quick because the track is small. Last Friday night we had just one yellow in the heats for a blown motor. And intermissions there are VERY brief. They bring out the water trucks and packers for 3 or 4 laps of spritz on the cushion and a dozen laps of packing. You'll barely have time to take a whiz and grab a beverage before racing starts again.
  9. Just an observation... Nobody in racing ever used the term "Enginesports" because it sounds stupid.
  10. Twin 35 lap Modified Features plus the extremely popular Power Wheels races for kids, plus qualifying and Features for Street Stocks, Sportsman and 305 Sprints. All this for $15 general admission, $13 Seniors and 16 + under free. And as always, DTD.TV will be covering the action for those who can't be there in person. Oh yeah, I almost forgot. Danny Johnson reunites with the Sweeteners Plus team.
  11. Not true. There is a legion of Alan Johnson fans out here who beg to differ.
  12. I don't think this is even remotely true. It's the fans of other drivers who get sick of Danny because their favorite didn't get the vacant seat. If the car owners traded stories like fans do, Danny would have just 6 wins and only went through 4 car owners. Danny gets those rides because car owners want to win too. Danny does produce W's and there is a high cost of doing business with him.
  13. I have a legitimate 2 part question... We've had several household name drivers get killed in Sprint Car Racing over the last 4 or 5 years. Is that contributing to the diminishing car counts? A second part to the question is that everyone wants to beat the kings. A lot of the older Super Heroes have retired or thinking seriously about it now. With those guys gone from the sport, does it feel lackluster?
  14. You know what I find hilarious about this thread? Danny has won with 37 different car owners but has driven for more than that. I am confident that they all came to him, not visa versa and they knew exactly what they were getting into when they picked up the phone to contact him. I am trying to figure out why it matters so much to people that have never owned a car before... I am an Alan Johnson fan. Always have been, always will be. That rivalry might be the biggest one between drivers that ever played out on a race track, but you know what? I would rather have Danny IN the field than not, so he can drive for 37 more car owners as far as I am concerned.