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  1. I am with you Darrell. I don't think NASCAR will add any class to the program that will make the cup cars look slow.
  2. Just a couple of thoughts... I'm not sure what speed has to do with the excitement level in racing. Street Stocks just about anywhere are often the slowest cars on the card and almost always produce entertaining races. Maybe not so much this year, but last year at Dundee and the 2 or 3 years prior, the 4 Cylinders were sometimes the best show of the night. Do we think guys like Kenny Schrader, Jeff Gordon and Carl Edwards might try to be a part of this history? Are they racing a traditional Cup car? Or are they going to allow dirt late model chassis with Cup bodywork? Windshield or no windshield?
  3. I am definitely guilty here, but I have good reasoning. I absolutely try to stay with announcer race call as much as I possibly can. And I can appreciate an excited announcer. But this is where I draw the line... if he's calling the battle for 2nd and 3rd and that battle is still ongoing when he gets excited and says "And they are 4 wide coming off turn 2 for 12th - 15th," I am staying with the battle for 2nd and 3rd because whip pans look like crap and I also know that 4 wides don't last very long. I've been suckered into chasing them down only to get there and it's over with already. And besides, the announcer is going to come back and talk about the battle I am following anyway. There isn't really any science to shooting video except we try to follow the most forward battle as much as possible. Double points nights with the high point men starting mid field is an exception. And say Friesen or Rudolph gets an early flat and pits for a tire change. We might follow his progress back up through the field.
  4. Come on, GT... You don't have nicknames for hot dogs? Any time I go into a 7-11, I make it a point to walk by the hot dogs on those rollers for a giggle. I refer to them as "Rotary Dinks." My brother used to call the Bob Evans breakfast sausage links "Possum Peckers." And any track that scorches frozen hot dogs on a hot plate - those are "Grizzle Dicks."
  5. Sometimes guys get TOO creative in the shop and think themselves out of the box. And the longer they chase it, the further away from ground zero they get Pretty soon, that's gone too. Matt's not done winning by a damn sight. He'll figure it out and start winning everything he enters like we are used to. Wanna bet?
  6. I found out about this about a week or so before the news broke to the general public and Flo was mentioned at that point. I have been out of the loop tending to personal life issues since then, so I haven't really been paying much attention to particulars. I had hoped to work some of the events, but that's not going to happen this year as the personal life issues continue.
  7. Weedsport Productions are producing the entire OctoberFast schedule for Flo.
  8. Phelps winning at Fulton, Canandaigua or Weedsport is s hardly an upset.
  9. I was there as LoLLifer - "Land of Legends Lifer." I had always hoped that the people who ran that forum would limit the number of fake accounts so that people would stop arguing with themselves and that there would be more productivity there. I forget now what the final straw was, but I got pissed on November 22nd, 2003 and came to DTD. I still haven't been back to Syracuse.com since then. Once here, I spoke with Tom Ames and owner Chris Papa about rules for the forum here so that the brand new DTD forum never had a chance to become remotely close to Syracuse.com and we tested those rules in the chatroom. Success was immediate, so they gave me Admin/Moderator status on the forum too.
  10. Quite a few guys got torn up 3 weeks back pretty bad. Tyler tried ironing out a few rough spots around the track and the track ended up incredibly moist on race day. Car counts have fallen off pretty good in all divisions since then. I understand that some of them bent up their cars and aren't happy.. But if you are going to raise your hand saying you want to race, remember that final track prep comes along with it.
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