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  1. That was Rick Martel's Race Safe system. When the flagger turned on the yellow lights, a transmitter sent a signal to each car to turn on a yellow light on the dash. The problem was those units were fussy. Some units never got the signal to turn on and some wouldn't reset when the yellow lights were turned off.
  2. He said he supports the protesters. The problem with his statement is that very little of the protesting has been peaceful. Almost all of it has included destruction, rioting and looting. He never said he supports peaceful protesting in those exact words. What he did say was "Violence is not the answer. It never is the answer." Sometimes what you DON'T say speaks louder than what you DO say and this is one of them.
  3. Interesting. I've been to almost 800 events at the track since I first started going 49 years ago. I've lived in the City of Canandaigua, the Town of Farmington and the outskirts of Geneva in that time and all in different directions when I leave. I've never been pulled over or even saw a road block after the races.
  4. That is almost word for word how it was explained on the news. I used the word unreasonable because I couldn't remember the exact word, but it meant the same thing.
  5. In simple language - A group pf Churches were offended that Phase 4 areas were further restricted from mass gatherings. They presented their case to Supreme Court saying Cuomo infringed on Constitutional Rights. Technically he did. The judge agreed saying that he found it unreasonable to not allow Churches to gather while the Governor at the same time supported and condoned rioting and looting. People can spectate as long as they follow CDC guidelines.
  6. Didn't they get into hot water with the feds for claiming to be an off shore/international gaming site but were found to have land based roots? My memory isn't perfect, but I do remember hearing something of that nature around that time. It might not even have been them.
  7. I don't think you'll have much to worry about. Even the weather looks good.
  8. I appreciate the vote of confidence, but I am still learning too. If you can get the pictures scanned, I'll bet it'll be just a minute or two before someone figures it out. Jack Brady brings up a good point. When the back stretch at Weedsport was pushed out, a ton of fill was used. There used to be a ton of old campers, cars, trucks and farm equipment off the back stretch. It's possible that some of that stuff was used then.
  9. The pictures I have of Rolling Wheels being built date back to 1968 and show the track being carved into the ground and the grandstands being erected. No half buried cars in them. Penn Can would make more sense.
  10. This is the first time I've heard this story. Would love to see the pictures.
  11. Until last night, I had 4 of the 6 Gater Racing News Yearbooks in my collection - 1973, 1975, 1979 and 1981. Missing were 1968 and 1969. Last night Frank Guererri Jr. gave me a copy of 1969 which leaves 1968. If anyone has the 1968 yearbook that they are willing to part with, or if you see one in your travels that is for sale, I'd greatly appreciate you pointing me in that direction. These books definitely help as reference materials in dating pictures and film/video - that's why I want/need it. Thank you in advance.
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