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  1. ATTENTION EVERYONE... Out of respect for friends and family of those injured, I am politely asking that nobody posts a link to that video here. Thank you in advance - Bob Miller
  2. Why is it that cancer only seems to affect good people? I'm serious... name one scumbag pedophile or murderer that gets the disease who actually deserves it. You can't do it. Billy was a good dude and this sucks.
  3. How hard would I have to twist your arm to bang on a few doors and ask questions?
  4. Poplar Trees was a 4 corner intersection north of Varysburg back in the day. I believe this track was also known and advertised as Hilltop Speedway.
  5. The ad above is NOT the same track as this one in 1956...
  6. While on the subject of tracks nobody ever heard of near Buffalo, he is another one. This time from 1949...
  7. Just my 2 cents... It is never too late to have another track in NY State, especially one that won't interfere with the weekly stuff already taking place throughout the state. If the track only runs specials at the dirt track portion of the venue, then bring it! We need a permanent home for Super DIRT Week and some of the major touring events that we don't get here like AMA Bikes, USAC Silver Crown, Lucas Oil Late Models and NASCAR Trucks. Hell... in the winter, they could run a speedway snowmobile event.
  8. Hmmmm.... It definitely wasn't Victoria Speedway if you parked on a hill and watched the cars run. Victoria Didn't have a hill to watch from. Based on what you told me, I would bet almost anything that you went to the "Orendorf Corners" Jalopy races, which later became known as "Columbian Raceway." This ad is from 1953...
  9. Yes. The track was called Mettowee Speedway and ran from 1952 to about 1956. More about the track can be found on the Catamount Stadium website - care of Bill Ladabouche...
  10. UNF*@#ingbelievable!!! Back when I first started doing this stuff almost 20 years ago, an old timer at one of the stops I had while driving truck in Cheektowaga told me there was an old track somewhere near the Walden Ave. - Union Road intersection. I chased it as far as I could at the time, but dismissed it as hearsay until I got something more definitive to chase it with. I took the info above and started sniffing again and I am about 80% sure I found it. SR 130 at the top of this picture is the Old Broadway. The next street to the right going north and south (not in the picture) is Union Road - about 1/4 mile away. What makes me so sure that this is Ratzel's is that there are no farms anywhere near this track that might have used it as a horse training track. Also - it is flanked with a major junk yard - part of which still exists today. 1958 Ratzels Cheektowaga.bmp
  11. I don't know how to reply to this without sounding conceited and that definitely isn't my goal. I know this... I have found names of tracks and their locations of AT LEAST 3 dozen tracks that aren't mentioned on any other vintage racing website. I've had a bunch of pressure from people in the recent past telling me that I should write a book. Part of me wants to take that route because I'd dedicate it to Danny Ody. I was doing this about 10 years before I met Danny, but it was definitely Danny who inspired me to the level I do it today. What slows me down is that I'm not a trained writer, but my girlfriend is. And she's not really a race fan. It's a bit of a pickle. I don't mind that other sites borrow my findings, but my loyalty is here and on my New York Motorsports Research Network facebook page first. This stuff is like a drug addiction to me and I can't get enough of it. It's actually been medicinal in a way. My depression during the off season is real. Having this to fall back on definitely makes the off season a little more tolerable because it keeps my mind occupied.
  12. The Castile Banked Curve Speedway was owned by Manford Healy, a well known and liked businessman from Castile/Portageville. Healy owned a bording stable and horseback riding school, he was a produce farmer, he owned a hardware store/tack shop and he also ran the track. A freak accident stopped the racing here at just 7 or 8 events in 1939 only. Healy was found dead at the bottom of a hill with 2 gunshot wounds in the stomach from a double barrel shotgun. Healy was rabbit hunting when he slipped down the hill and the gun discharged. 112139.bmp
  13. Let's start with the word "jalopy." I have a pretty organized folder of ads I've collected and I started wondering when the first usage of the word "Jalopy" in an ad took place. I'm not necessarily on a "jalopy" kick, but the word keeps turning up in my searches and I am following that path while it is still hot. More on that in a minute... My folder is sorted first by year, then alphabetically by the name of the track and town it existed in. No track ads use any spelling of the word jalopy prior to 1939. Finding these old tracks has been absolute torture because there are a bunch of ways that the word jalopy is spelled in the ads... jalopy, jallopy, jaloppy, jalloppy, jalopie and jelopy are all used in different ads, and using one spelling alone only turns up results for that spelling. Someone on facebook told me I needed to get in touch with a guy in Kenmore who has done extensive research on Western NY tracks. Remember I said the word Jalopy was hot? I am trying to set up a phone conversation with him through a series of emails, but he sent me a list of tracks he has researched and 4 of them are brand new to me. This email volley started just this past Wednesday. This is what I have so far from jalopy tracks that started life in 1939... Amherst Speed Bowl - on the Kopec farm - Tonawanda Creek Road, Amherst. This was a 1/2 mile D shaped oval. Castile Banked Curve Speedway - on the Manford Healy farm - Sheldon Street, Castile. Dan Maney Farm - 3 miles north on Carter Road, Geneva. Later ads call the track "Jalopy Speedway." The exact location of this track is still unknown. Devil's Death Bowl - 2 miles north of Limestone on Lowney Hollow Road. This was an obstacle course track. Devil's Speedway - Byersville - Nunda Road, Byersville. The Floyd Brown Farm - Silver Springs. I do have a list of 20 drivers that raced an event there on 9/3/39 The Dipsie Do - between Corydon and Onoville on the Allagany River Highway. This track was built at the bottom of an abandoned gravel pit. Hemlock Fairgrounds - Hemlock. Jamestown Motor Speedway - Stockton Road behind Mikes Tavern. Kirkwood Speedway - located on what is now Route 11. This track was an oval, but that's all I know. Miller's Bowl of Thrills - 1 mile north on Route 60 - Cassadaga. It appears that this track only ran twice - July 30th and August 6th. Naples Fairgrounds - Naples. Oak Hill Speedway - North Main Street Extension - Fluvanna. Hilsdorf Jalopy Track - Poags Hole Road - Avoca. This track was built, but may have never opened. Smith Farm Jalopy Races - Smith Farm - Smith Road - Portville. Also referred to as Steam Valley Speedway. Prattsburg Jalopy Track - location unknown. An August 31st article in newspaper said it was built and ready to open by same promoters in Haskinville. Satan's Bowl of Death - Shaw Farm - on the Big Tree/Sugar Grove Road - Busti. Obstacle Course track. Torture Speedway - Nunda/Mt. Morris Road - 3 miles north of Nunda, 8 miles south of Mt. Morris. Tuttle Speedway - Dutch Street - Haskinville. Hilltop Speedway - Route 20A - 1 mile west of Varysburg. And brand new to me, names only - no other information yet - Ratzel's Speed Track Poplar Tree Speedway Quick searches of those names return nothing.
  14. After the shitstorm in THIS election? You'd have to be nuts to consider it even with a squeaky clean past...