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  1. I don't know who I like more... Ken Burns or David Attenborough.
  2. 2 things in this situation sucks... The first is that he does his homework and research. There is absolutely useful information in his posts. The second is, we've reached out to him several times to join us and be a team member, using a format people understand. For some reason, he wants to do it his way and continue getting 16 views per thread.
  3. We can disagree. You fought and preserved those rights for me and I thank you for that too. A Documentarian's job doesn't necessarily include being an historian, although it can. Most importantly, a Documentarian would present facts without an opinion and Ken Burns is doing just that. The only flaw I've found in the series of films so far is that it's not welded to a chronological timeline. It bounces forward and backward somewhat and I think it can be a little confusing... especially to those who aren't able to watch each episode when it airs for the first time. If you watch it out of sequence, you miss something. I wouldn't be so quick to defend Tricky Dick, Bob. He didn't get that nickname for no reason. Keep watching the show and you will find out that Nixon had a secret meeting with South Vietnamese Leader Ngyuen Van Thieu about staying out of peace talks with Johnson to greater his election chances in 1968. Johnson knew of this meeting through intelligence surveillance and for whatever reason, chose not to expose it when it was current. The bottom line here is that both were at fault - equally. Especially when you consider 23,262 US lives were lost between 1967 and 1968.
  4. I think they said 38 cars entered last night in Dundee and we only wrecked 2 cars in the same incident. 1 of them was just a flop, so more cosmetic damage than anything. You'll be fine tonight at Fonda.
  5. You're wrong. This is the Dirt Northeast section. " Talk about national and northeast dirt racing including Modifieds, Late Models and Sprint Cars." If you want to talk about Sprint Cars here, have at it.
  6. There are a bunch of us that truly appreciate not being forced to read through a melted crayon box to get to the useful information. Thank you.
  7. If you can't watch this documentary because of emotions Bob, I completely understand. The reason everyone is so in love with this film is because it is a Ken Burns film. He is without a doubt, the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in documentaries. He does his homework and presents the facts without political or religious motivation. His mission is to present the facts as facts and clarify rumors as rumors. I've spoken face to face with 2 Vietnam Vets since this documentary started - to find out if they were watching it and what they thought of it if they were. Both said that they love it and that it has been 100% factual. What we've seen so far isn't doing Lyndon B. Johnson any favors. Constant urging by his own political advisors recommending that the US pull out of Vietnam were ignored and he pressed hard for more ground personnel.
  8. I wish I could remember what paper I read this in, but back in the day of open cockpit cars, someone had written a letter to the editor complaining about a morbid situation at the local speedway. It happened to be that the local funeral director - mortician was also a race fan and drove his hearse to the races on Sunday afternoons and the writer of the letter thought it was tacky and even a jinx that he would do such a thing. I should have saved the column when I saw it.
  9. I want to personally thank each and every one of you for your service. I am watching this series of Ken Burns films on PBS and seeing first hand what you guys went through. I was born in 1963, but I remember quite a bit of it from watching news footage on TV as a kid. I didn't understand it then, and it was swept under the carpet by the time I got to high school. I like the fact that there is no political agenda or orientation in this documentary. Nothing but one on one interviews with folks who survived it, parents of folks who didn't and uncensored. Ken Burns did a couple of short radio interviews a week or so ago saying that he was able to get never before seen footage for this series of films. This footage is in pristine condition and allows you to time travel back to 1967 and see everything like it is happening as a current event. The reason I am posting this here (and I better not get any shit about it either), is because a lot of our racing community was there and there weren't any ticker tape parades. They were expected to blend back into society and pretend like nothing ever happened. The worst part about it was nobody ever claimed PTSD, and the government initially turned their backs on these guys as a final "f*ck you." I know this film can't even begin to touch on the reality of actually being there, but it's as close as we'll ever see and Ken Burns is doing an awesome job of getting interviews from both sides - who ironically believe the same thing. I may not be the first to say thank you for your service, but I will be the first to say I am glad you came back home and became a part of the racing community. It became a better place when you returned.
  10. Danny Creeden

    I remember that name. He was also scored last. The track was awful though, that much I DO remember.
  11. Danny Creeden

    Impressive. He won from 2 laps down?
  12. Danny Creeden

    That was the first time they had a modified show there in like 30 years. It also ran unopposed to anything in my schedule and was still one of three tracks I still had to visit to be able to say I've been to every track in NY, so I went. Who ended up winning that show?
  13. Danny Creeden

    I'll give Shakelton credit... if you want your name seen, sponsor the guys who people talk about most. That's a smart investment.
  14. And I'll bet you catch shit for it there too.
  15. Danny Creeden

    I find it interesting that Shakelton would sponsor the guy who intentionally dumped the big named driver at Skyline last year that they were already sponsoring. So this year, the big named driver sits out the entire season with no ride, and then Shakelton funds a car for the big named driver and all of the post season big money races? Am I missing something?