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  1. Richie Evans raced at Daytona where 25 drivers met their demise. He also raced at Thompson International Speedway where 13 more drivers died. Between those two tracks alone, 38 people died. It never made any sense to me when Richie became the first to expire at Martinsville.
  2. ryanhunsinger... My only point in my post is that too many guys allow themselves to be beaten by a glitzy trailer and tow rig because they assume that all the trick parts are on the race car that comes inside of it. I can tell you of an incident that I personally witnessed for proof. A new driver who invested a little money in his first paint scheme is quick out of the box in his rookie season. Guys who have been racing the class for several years take immediate notice. In this drivers second year, he wins a bunch of races. By the 3rd year, everyone is thoroughly convinced that the guy HAS to be cheating his nuts off because they can't catch him. By mid season in the 3rd year, drivers in the class pool their money together for a surprise protest/teardown. The driver in question hears about this alleged planned teardown because he heard people talking and goes to the ring leader in the group and says "Hey... do yourself a favor and save your money. I am telling you right now, you're going to embarrass yourself because they aren't going to find anything. The car is 100% legal. The reason I am so quick is because the car works. It wants to turn." I stood there that night as they had this car torn down. This wasn't one of those look at this thing and that thing and be done with it teardowns - they started at the front bumper and didn't stop until they got to the back bumper. Tech couldn't find a thing wrong as the sun was almost ready to come up. It can never be the driver, can it?
  3. Jake - would you be open to a "put up or shut up" challenge? Any driver with the same basic equipment could challenge Rocky to a 1 on 1 eight lap heat race - Rocky driving challengers car and the challenger driving yours. The deal is - if the challenger crashes your car, you keep his until the repairs are made in full - and vice-versa.
  4. I'm trying to figure out what makes me feel worse... Losing another member of the racing family, or the complete lack of remorse by heartless members of the community who put videos of drivers deaths on the internet to elevate their social status.
  5. I thought the same exact thing. Only I wasn't going to say it because any time someone mentions CNYRP, it turns into a 34 page shit slinging contest.
  6. I just ran across this by pure coincidence tonight while looking up information on Addison Hill Raceway that ran near the PA border in 1952, 1953 and 1954... If you won the headline class feature in 1974 at Woodhull Raceway, you won $300. An inflation calculator says that is $1482 today.
  7. A modified TEO... which is a modified Bicknell... which is a modified Troyer... which is a modified Show Car.
  8. They dumped a ton of money into the place not all that long ago when the NASCAR Truck craze was hot. It just doesn't seem to do well with a steady crowd though. I really think that the dirt format (along with safer barriers installed) might open a few eyes and it will thrive. If they stick to a specials only format, there's no telling where this could go.
  9. Back to Bridgeport, Big Jim Murdoch is there shooting and said the temps were near 80° before the rain delay. He said the temps fell rapidly after though.
  10. A couple more from Matt Thomas who is also there...
  11. This photo posted by Dean Reynolds who is there... I have driven by this track dozens of times on my way to someplace else and always wanted to see an event there, but it didn't fit in my schedule. Now that it's dirt, it might.
  12. I titled that clip "Hillbilly Jim" because of the moron that got all excited and clapped his hands when the car got turned upside down. He's not a race fan, he's a wreck fan. That was my second year of teaching myself how to shoot video.
  13. Smart racers don't save receipts because the the paper work trail allows the wife to find out how much was really spent.
  14. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions. But do all opinions need to be shared? When you do it in complete anonymity, it reads as arrogant, cocky and malicious. I didn't make that rule, it's just the way it is. And why should DTD be the avenue for someone to say things they wouldn't have balls to say to a drivers face or on their own facebook/twitter pages?