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  1. Hey Gary... Eldora. You just touched yourself, didn't you?
  2. I spoke with Mike Perrotte briefly before the DIRTcar Banquet a couple of weekends ago and he said that he has been to the track several times watching the clay go down at Airborne. I told him that the new surface meant that I had to go back. He laughed and said, "Yes. When they run their series event." Mike - I am putting you on notice right now. I'll be there and I want a spot on the roof like last time.
  3. I just read an article about Stu that said he started racing at the age of 23 at Paradise in karts. Then in 1985 he ran Street Stocks and then in 1986 he moved to Modifieds. Stu ran on a shoestring budget and couldn't afford to keep going in the Mods so he moved down to Sportsman when the class was created in 1987. Stu won his 1st of 17 features in his second night out... powered with a Ford, just as I thought. I'll have to ask him when I see him again, but I am almost certain that the 999 car he ran was a tribute to Barney Oldfield - who started his racing career with Henry Ford.
  4. You haven't been to Weedsport lately, have you? Al Hienke has dumped millions into the facility. Multiple millions. And he's not done. Shannon Phelps told me once that there is an itinerary/map of the different phases of what is in store for the track and that I was welcome to look at it if I wanted. I decided long ago that I don't want to see it. See... I go to the track and I see the constant improvements as they happen and I think it helps me appreciate them more not knowing what is coming in advance. And to be perfectly honest, I don't think that Weedsport will ever be completely done as long as Al Hienke is alive. I also think he knows that if it ever went up for sale, he'd never recover everything that he has invested in it. Hienke and Brennan sound like they came from the same parents. All I know is that I appreciate the hell out of it.
  5. I am almost positive he ran a street stock and I want to say he ran a Ford Granada.
  6. Dean Reynolds... I have 13 issues here in my possession, but there are gaps. Are you sure it was only 13 issues? June 1986 - Jeff Taylor ESS Champion on the cover. July 1986 - Bob McCreadie cover. August 1986 - Jan Leaty cover. September 1986 - Charlie Rudolph cover. October 1986 - Brett Hearn cover. November 1986 - Bentley Warren cover. December 1986 - Super DIRT Week cover. January 1987 - Jimmy Horton cover. February 1987 - Richard Clark cover, low budget racers edition. **no March or April issues** May 1987 - Maynard Yingst cover. June 1987 - John Birosh/Charlie Jarzombek cover. July/August 1987 - Rick Hoctor cover. September - December 1987 - Stu Sheppard/Park racing family cover.
  7. Did someone say Rick Hoctor?
  8. Looks like Chuck Brennan got fed up with South Dakota's state politics much in the same way that Tom Golisano got fed up with New York's. It hurts when it hits home in the racing world, but you can't blame these guys for feeling the way they do.
  9. That's a shitload of feature win stickers on the roof of that car... 49 to be exact.
  10. I loved Auto Rac'r magazine. Here's another cover...
  11. "Progressive banking" means that the turns have varying degrees of banking, and that the straightaways are banked too, to allow that. When Charlotte was built, it was advertised as such. When I stand at the track exit on the back stretch and have to wait for the cars to go by so I can get to my camera, it's all down hill. Speaking of waiting at the crossover gate on the back stretch at Charlotte, I still owe you for goosing the throttle and giving me a snoot full of mud 2 years ago, bitch.
  12. Charlotte is progressively banked and there is no lack of "racing" there...
  13. You'll never find out if you try to make a living by replying to every topic on DTD all day.
  14. Hard to tell what we got out here in the Canandaigua - Geneva - Penn Yan area because the wind out here is ferocious. There are places in my yard where the grass in still visible and others with drifts 4 feet high. And of course, one of the deeper ones goes across the driveway between the house and my truck, so I have to climb through it to get to work. My guess is that it would be somewhere close to 8 and 10 inches if it wasn't windblown. I did make deliveries in Rochester today at work and it was weird. It stopped snowing there about noon, but as I headed back to Canandaigua the snow started back up again and hasn't quit.
  15. Yup. Because there is a brand new brown clay surface that Hoosiers will be able to get bite on.