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  1. If I had the necessary start up money laying around doing nothing but collecting dust, I would definitely toss my hat into the fire. But that's the problem. I don't have an extra $500,000 laying around, and that is a pretty realistic starting number. I make monthly payments to "Rent a friend" just like you do. You're just jealous that I get a better rate.
  2. CMP

    i don't remember that one. Hmmmmmm....
  3. CMP

    A graduate of EST. Emphysema School of Typing.
  4. CMP

    What you saw was the difference between a tacky track with bite and less dust versus a drier tracker with less bite and more dust. Not for nothing, but half of the people who do most of the bitching on facebook and twitter weren't there either. And not for nothing again, but half of the people on facebook and twitter who do most of the bitching, bitch no matter what track conditions they get. Just stating a fact.
  5. This one is ugly, but Matt is fine and gave me his blessings to post this...
  6. But Adam Pierson IS the only driver in the field that can say that he's won every feature he has competed in at Canandaigua. And he obliterated the field in doing it. Dave Marcuccilli was 2nd in that event and couldn't stay with Pierson. I've had several conversations with Pierson on facebook pm and he's a good dude. Not sure who his press monkey is, but he's not doing Adam any favors.
  7. I can't speak on behalf of Rolling Wheels, but I can for Canandaigua. The Ontario County Fair Society needs the lease money from the stock car races to exist. They are also 100% aware of the grandfather status that the speedway has over the noise and traffic ordinances that have been passed since the track reopened in 1972 and have absolutely no intention of giving it up. With or without Jeremie Corcoran, Canandaigua will have a season in 2017 and beyond.
  8. I said the same thing in reply to a friend's facebook thread and used Knoxville and Eldora as examples too. I also included Bloomington which would have been an appropriate finish.
  9. No idea. All I know is, most of the features this year have either been green to checkers or just a quick yellow for a tire. That means we're not wrecking cars, which also means operational costs for the teams are down and no flared tempers. Something for the CMP clan to think about... Our last event was 3 weeks ago. The weekend before that was the fair. So since July 23rd when Steve Paine won, Canandaigua has sat idle except for 8/6 when Peter Britten won. It's way too late in the season to start having rain outs and shit.
  10. Matt Sheppard has 4 wins at CMP this season. Peter Britten has 3. Tim Fuller has 2. Dan Wiesner, Gil Tegg, Gary Tomkins, Billy Decker, Mike Mahaney and Steve Paine all have 1 each. That's 9 different winners in 16 events. Alan Johnson has been extremely close on a couple of occasions. Justin Haers started slow and has gotten better every week. Give Mat Williamson an up front starting spot and a few laps to get momentum going and a green to checkers finish could easily produce a W. We had a stretch where there hadn't been a repeat winner in 8 weeks. To Tim Fuller, that may seem "really slippery." But to the people sitting in the stands, it's been awesome not having a dominant car for a change because you really don't know who is going to win each week. And this holds true with the Sportsman field too. Dave Marcuccilli has 4 wins. Ricky Newton has 3. Tyler Meeks, Paul Guererri and Kevin Ridley have 2 each. Adam Pierson, Karl Comfort, Kevin Root and AJ Lloyd all have 1 each. That's 9 winners in 17 events and no repeat winner since June 18th.
  11. Flat track bikes is a good time. My cousin and uncle used to race decades ago and I used to watch them as much as I could. Seen them race at Paradise, Canandaigua, Weedsport and NYSF a bunch of times. If you liked the Rolling Wheels show, you might be interested in the Square Deal Riders near Binghamton. I've been trying to get there for several years to hang out with fellow DTDer Spud.
  12. You're welcome. 1992 was like my 2nd or 3rd year of shooting video and it is primitive in quality. But historically it is awesome just as it is, that's why I posted it.
  13. Paradise was AWESOME back in the 90's. Good to know there is going to be a 2017 season. I think Paradise could bring the Street Stocks back to life.
  14. Boy do I disagree with this statement. Every division needs a sprinkling of big dogs to draw fans and other teams, or the track titles and the various series don't mean anything. That's part of why fans travel to different shows and why teams travel to participate. Imagine taking Rocky Warner, Dave Marcuccilli and Connor Cleveland out of the Sportsman shows. What's left? You'll still get a good field of cars but the fact is, just as many people come to see those guys win as there are those that want to see them get beat. Adam Hilton ran his nuts off last weekend at Weedsport for his first win ever at the track and had to pass Cleveland for the win while fending off the challenges of Marcuccilli and Warner at the same time. I'll bet Adam will say that this win means more to him than any other because of the people in the field that he beat. Marcuccilli has been running Sportsman now for a bunch of years and is a regular at Canandaigua on Saturday nights. Of the 17 events run this far in the season, Dave has won 4. But we haven't had a repeat winner in the class in 8 consecutive weeks. Maybe some of his competitors are reading this and could chime in, but I am thinking they'd rather race against him than not.
  15. Beer gardens are a Canada thing. They keep their drunks corralled in a confined area so they are nuisances only to themselves. In the states, we let our drunks roam free because we are equal opportunity annoyers Sorry. Couldn't resist. Weedsport is definitely the premier track in the state and hopefully the benchmark of things to come. The entire facility feels more like a park than a gritty race track and it's obvious that this was the plan from the very start of the renovation process. Shannon Phelps invited me to look at a stage map for the track 2 years ago when the track was in phase 1. As much as I wanted to see it, I declined. Weedsport is one of my top 3 favorite tracks in NY and I wanted to be surprised at the improvements as they developed. People who were there last week will notice another major improvement when they return again. That's all I want to say. The concession area is second to none. Food is good, reasonably priced and the lines move along quickly when they develop. As for the track, it's getting better every time they run. I saw Jimmy and Andy Phelps taking a slow lap immediately after last weeks feature on a golf cart, heading directly to the trouble spots as they drove. Sprint Cars don't have the vacuum effect going on like the Modifieds do with the aero stuff. They are also not as heavy, so they won't rip the surface up as much. And they definitely won't create as much dust. I am looking forward to this show because I love 360 Sprints. I also dig the hell out of the crate Sportsman.