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  1. I have a serious problem with this new attitude tracks and flagmen have taken about refusing to talk to a driver who parks at the flagstand. How does a driver communicate that there is a dangerous problem with a competitors car or that he saw debris on the track without stopping at the flagstand?
  2. Seriously? The last time Matt Sheppard won at Canandaigua was on June 11th. There have been 7 events since then. June 18th - Tim Fuller won, Sheppard was 3rd. June 25th - Gary Tomkins won, Sheppard was 4th. June 30th - Tim Fuller won, Sheppard was 2nd. July 2nd - Peter Britten won, Sheppard was 2nd. July 9th - Billy Decker won, Sheppard was 4th. July 16th - Mike Mahaney won, Sheppard was 6th. July 23rd - Steve Paine won, Sheppard was 17th.
  3. Just for reference, AJ said he broke 2 shocks on the last lap which caused his spin.
  4. #1... I am talking to a driver that is ripping me apart for not liking Eldora as much as he does. Now let me qualify my position. I've been out there 12 to 14 times over the years. I could drive there right now without a map. I've seen every class of cars run there except wingless midgets. Yes, I have seen good racing there. But not all of it has been good. In fact, maybe 4 or 5 of them were "good". So he says to me with a huge smile on his face, "Canandaigua is 1a to me. Eldora is 1b. I love the place so much, I'd have sex with it!" He told me I couldn't repeat this story when I told him I was going to put it on DTD. Well, I didn't say who it was. He can own up to it if he wants, but that was hilarious. To the driver who said this... blame AJ Lloyd who Triple Dog Dared me to do this. #2... Someone else was telling me that they found a corpse on the roof of the Walgreens in Penn Yan on Thursday. So I asked him how a corpse got on the roof, and how would anyone know to look for it up there. Apparently the guy was a contractor and was hired to make repairs up there. There aren't any external ladders going to roofs these days. Roof access is now from the inside, so an employee would have had to show him the way and give him access. My next question was, "So the employee goes home that night and hasn't seen the guy. But his pickup truck sits in the parking lot. Isn't that some kind of red flag?" He says "I know! And then they come to work the next day and his truck is still there. You'd think they would have checked it out." So then I ask, "How long was the guy up there?" He says "2 or 3 days. In this kind of heat, he had to be stinking pretty good!" I feel sorry for the guy, but that isn't the answer I was expecting and I thought it was funny. #3... About 3 weeks ago, Steve Paine made an uncharacteristic mistake and spun all on his own while battling up front early in the feature. He was real lucky that he didn't get clobbered. I am sitting at a picnic table shooting the breeze with AJ Lloyd when Paine comes up. Paine hears me busting on AJ about stepping on his dink a week or so ago. AJ was in 3rd place right on the bumper of 2nd place, who was almost side by side with the leader. They had just taken the white flag and Lloyd was definitely the faster of the 3 cars. I really think that AJ would have won that race had he not spun on his own and end up in the infield. So Paine starts ripping on AJ, and AJ fires back, "You did it too!" Paine looks at AJ all calm and with the traditional quiet Steve Paine voice, Paine says, "That's the difference between you and me. I did it when there was still time to recover and finished in the top 5. You did it on the last lap and finished last!" There you go AJ...
  5. I'm about ready to tweak... I don't know about anyone else, but I imagine there are some useful and interesting stats in that mess. But I can't look at it long enough to decipher the color codes. I am just going to come out and say it. It looks like shit and gives me a freaking migraine.
  6. I'm glad you said this. Please explain how it was perfectly OK for Five Mile to do it years ago. Your position now was my position then, only the supporters of Five Mile said that the people who race at Five Mile wouldn't run Syracuse anyway. And I argued that when the "fans" are given other options, some of them will take them. And I'll say it again. I remember a simpler time when there weren't any satellite shows and everyone embraced Syracuse like Langhorne because it was sacred. My personal opinion is that there shouldn't be ANY satellite shows so the fans don't get bled to death and the drivers can focus on the big show. Apparently I stand alone there.
  7. I saw you there Walt, but you were busy handing out plaques and running around doing other shit. Just a tip for the powers that be if this show is on the burners for next season... A less aggressive schedule goes a long way. The show would have been just as much of a success with just the Sportsman and Modifieds. $13 for a 2 division show on a Sunday may attract even more people if they think they can get home at a decent hour.
  8. Rolling Wheels has always been part of SDW with the Friday night small block show and the Saturday night WoO show. I know, I broke the news. I was editing last Saturday's CMP video and ran across the video clip and figured people wanted to see/hear it.
  9. I was hoping you were going to go. It would have made a pretty gruesome threesome.
  10. The announcement - as is was made on Saturday night...
  11. I couldn't remember the name of the sammich shop and I didn't pass any open gas stations on my route through Ithaca to ask for directions. oilman - what's the name of that joint? I don't get to sit in the stands very much Mike. Maybe once a year, if that. Between you and the Sweeney's and Rich form Niagara Falls, I had fun. It sure beats the hell out of sitting alone and having nobody to talk to like I did when I went to Stateline. Never spoke a word the whole time I was there.
  12. Admit it... you're jealous, aren't you?
  13. Just being a smart ass to the people who insisted that he was going to win every feature at CMP this year.
  14. I have always said that all lead weights should slide inside of the 2x4 frame rails and be secured in place with a welded cap over the end of the rail.
  15. People used to say that the crowd died off at Syracuse. Yeah... it dwindled some, but it also spread out immensely. Speaking as a first hand witness, hardly anyone watched the race from the back stretch when I first started shooting TV there. Then came the big scaffolding in the 3rd turn and people caught on. In the final years, there wasn't an open spot to be had. Those folks all came from the stands.