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  1. No Bill, it's not. We are talking about extra distance events where fans and teams travel big distances to attend, not weekly racing. Time trials in weekly events would never work, that's why they handicap. You can't handicap a touring series fairly, that's why they need to time trial.
  2. con7 - I think most of us classify a back gate show as one with every available class (regardless of car counts) being added to fill the pits at higher admission prices - to make an event "appear" bigger than it really is. A good example would be adding a 7 or 8 car 20 lap feature of FWD 4 Cylinders to a 100 lap Modified special show on a week night.
  3. This makes me happy as hell because if the event ran as scheduled on Saturday, I would have missed it. With it moving to the following day, and since I drive right by the track on my way home from Charlotte anyway, I don't have to miss it.
  4. No, but I threw someone out in defending you, didn't I?
  5. Your memory sucks. Who was it that defended Friesen all the way to the end with the OCFS scoring issue and sitting on top of his car in protest again?
  6. When you look at the list of cars that are committed to this event, I think it is much more than a fun trip or a vacation. This almost appears like war... Matt Guererri Nick Guererri Kevin Ridley Eric Giguere Dave Marcuccilli Rocky Warner Adam Pierson Ron Davis III Adam Hilton Todd Root Glenn Forward Brad Rouse Kyle Inman Brianna LaDouceur Ricky Newton Rocco Leone David Schilling Jeff Davoli Joe Cook Jason Simmons Johnny Jackson Don Blaney Adam Gage Danny Gagne Chris Curtis Chris Cunningham Robert Bublak Mike Stacy Jake Dgien Jeff Marshall Greg Martin James Michael Friesen Dave Rogers
  7. Time trials weed out the squirrels because they start at the rear of the heats and have to race in. Time trials also eliminates the endless accusations of rigged draws. Here is another thing. When I do a special event someplace, I don't "NEED" 70 cars in the pits for that class. What I DO need is 24 to 30 QUALITY cars. I hate it when as many or more cars go home with nothing than what they start for the feature.
  8. I found this a while back and posted it on my motorsports research facebook page (which will be getting active again in about 3 weeks). This was the qualifying procedure for AAA Big Car races at Caledonia Speedway in 1938.
  9. Just a bit of education for those who don't care for time trials... The very first auto races in NY State were held at the Tompkins County Fairgrounds during the Ithaca Fair from September 11th through the 14th in the year 1900. This is day one as far as I've been able to tell. And the field was set by time trials. There is a big problem with eliminating time trials that nobody thinks of. What happens when someone who is completely in over their heads draws #1? Without naming names here, we all could name several guys who should never start up front, correct? We've all seen this... A rookie or someone who just can't drive starts on the pole in his heat race, spins out in the first turn and wipes out the field. Time trials eliminates that from happening as they should, and sets the field according to merit, not luck. Yes, they are boring. But also yes, they serve a purpose.
  10. Some of you people are just relentless. If even half of you actually spoke to drivers and team members yourselves, this forum wouldn't need moderation. More on that in a minute... So let's put this whole Matt Sheppard deal into perspective. Matt is now an owner/operator, footing his own bills and making his own calls - just like over the road truck drivers do. Everything associated in his team is now funded by himself. Tires, travel expenses, fuel for both the tow vehicle and the race car, repairs and maintenance. For the first time in his life, he is now responsible for all operational aspects, plus his mortgage, car insurance and car payments. I imagine his wife takes care of the apparel stand, but that would be a joint decision between them. We just got done with Oswego and we saw Matt was having overheating issues, right? What nobody but Matt knows is was there any internal damage to that motor? What hasn't been said until just now is that his overheating issues started early... like lap 30. I radioed to the director of the TV show when I heard Matt pacing in low gear under caution and said that we needed to keep a close eye on Sheppard for overheating. Matt won't go anywhere without a backup car, and I'll bet that engine that he had at Oswego went right back to the engine builder to be checked out. And we saw how rough the track was. I'll bet everything I own that when he brought that car home, it was stripped down and examined with a magnifying glass for stress cracks and bent/broken parts. Matt is meticulous about that, that's why he runs at the level he does. If I am correct, this leaves him with potentially 1 car for ESW. So team 357 contacts Matt about running Outlaw. All he is responsible for is making sure he brings his helmet, fire suit and raceiver, and you question the decision? Remember what I said about this forum not needing moderation if some of you would actually talk to drivers? I usually just kick people out completely that get under my skin, but I've had a change of heart this time around... foster - welcome to the world of purgatory. You have been placed on moderator approval indefinitely. You can still reply to posts on the forum, but they now have to be approved by a moderator. Why? Because your relentless boner for Matt Sheppard is nauseating. I want you to know up front that when you are on moderator approval, moderators aren't obligated to approve anything. In fact, they can just skip over everything you say and pretend it doesn't exist. Purgatory - not kicked out, but not a contributing member either. And you can remove this yourself. All you have to do is introduce yourself as foster to Matt Sheppard and bury your hatchet with him face to face. Matt knows how to get a hold of me if you do, and I will lift your restriction immediately.
  11. There are enough 360s in the area between ESS and PST that are not making the trip to Charlotte to make a decent field. If 24 is a full field, 32 necessitates a B - Main. I don't think that number is unreasonable.
  12. But see, that's the whole thing. If IMCA had picked a tire that actually got bite and would go forward instead of around in circles every time the driver touched the throttle, the class would have thrived. And then that's part of the reason why the cars resemble demo derby cars at the end of a feature. A spinner usually collects others because they tires don't turn or stop either. I never fully warmed up to the class myself because they were introduced to NY at a time when tracks were starving for Modifieds. IMCA came along and offered lesser established tracks a chance to run an affordable open wheel class that gave them prominence in the trade papers. What that did was give guys in the full fendered classes a cheaper way to take the plunge into open wheel, and a lot of them did. People brag up the IMCA Nationals at Boone about all those cars, but the only guy making any money is the promoter. And I agree... it is a slap in the face when a class can draw 24 to 30 cars as the headline division on a weekly Saturday night out west, and all they are entitled to is $250 for a win?
  13. This show was scored the old fashioned and trusty way... by hand. Someone would need the score sheets and the driver lineups to assemble full results.
  14. No, they don't and there are plenty of free outlets for them to air, too.
  15. I am figuring somewhere between 45 and 50 Street Stocks and about the same for 4 Cylinders. The 4 Cylinders at Outlaw definitely don't get the credit they deserve. They aren't the fastest cars on the track, but the racing they produce is damn good. That Street Stock 100 though... people who don't go don't know what they are missing. Unfortunately, I can't be there this year and will have to watch the DVD.