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  1. Nope. How smart am I when I keep returning to this site every day?
  2. About 2 minutes of it on TV last weekend... it's all I could take. The broadcasts are painfully boring.
  3. I gotta do this So the truth comes out... you like Asians and dikes on spikes.
  4. Eldora Million? Donnie Moran won that in a late model...
  5. There must be a little more to it than just holding your foot to the floor or everyone would win.
  6. I'm talking about the guys with limited driving skills getting lucky by pulling a decent pill, running a fair ten laps and qualifying up front for heads up starts.
  7. I don't care for the Bernie Sanders School of Racing where you don't earn your way in, someone gives you a starting spot.
  8. The tow out there sucks. Plus, if you're not staying at the track, finding a place to stay can be a bitch... and expensive. Just my opinion here for whatever it's worth... Eldora needs to be a special event and to keep it that way, run it once every 5 years or so.
  9. I agree with everything you said here and your reply is exactly the point I was trying to make except the part where you think I was trying to defend Matt in the beginning. Just because I didn't remember seeing video of Matt intentionally dumping someone, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I was just saying I didn't remember seeing it is all. But I did remember seeing the Matt Billings flip and the Mike Mahaney flip because they got a ton of attention here. I only stated the truth, it wasn't meant to pick sides. And this is definitely worth mentioning... I was at Outlaw Speedway that night Matt and Larry got together and Matt spun. I also shot video of it from the center of the back stretch in the infield. The extreme difference in angles makes it look like a complete different incident. A 3rd angle would be from the back stretch stands which probably looked different than from the roof on the front stretch and from my view in the infield. And finally, there was the Larry and Matt view on the track, which probably looked different than the others.
  10. OK... so what does this make Danny Johnson when he climbed into the cockpit of Gary Tomkins car at Ransomville to exchange pleasantries? Or how about Pat Ward running past security to throw a couple of punches at an unsuspecting Danny Johnson who was inside of his car and being towed to the pits at Brewerton a bunch of years ago? Just trying to get a feel for what is acceptable and what isn't.
  11. Boy have times changed. The picture above is from the 1979 Daytona 500 and is commonly referred to by many as the best Daytona 500 ever. I liked the 1976 Daytona 500 better myself, but this brawl is famous. Just wondering why this one is ok and Matt's deal with Larry isn't.
  12. If losing your temper once defines someones character, I am in serious trouble. Just sayin'...
  13. Why do I get the feeling you are trying to bait a trap here?
  14. LMAO... I'm not going to name names, but more than one driver in your list were BRUTAL post race interviews when they didn't win.
  15. ... which is why I said "most."