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  1. Why not make the tow and put an end to that? Oh wait... what was I thinking? You just like to complain, not actually do something about it.
  2. I was there and everything went exceptionally well. Mel Thomas and I counted 81 cars in the pits. The track was perfect... no holes, no dust. But it definitely puts people like myself who are loyal to Tyler on Friday nights in a tight spot when we are loyal elsewhere on Saturday nights. We can't be in 2 places at the same time.
  3. Easy now.... The forum is open to all of the tracks, not just Outlaw. Just because Outlaw Public Relations comes here and takes advantage of that, it's not their fault that PR people elsewhere don't follow suit.
  4. Have you ever thought about starting a Woodhull thread?
  5. Off the top of my head, I can think of 11 people who have obligations at regular Saturday night tracks that are praying for rain so that they don't piss off either promoter for being loyal and honoring their commitments. I'll bet there are more.
  6. A racing tragedy should NEVER keep survivors away. If they help another driver, set up some kind of memorial event, or even set up some kind of charity in Kevin's honor, that's what they should do. Walking away completely and forgetting everything they knew isn't helping keeping Kevin's accomplishments alive. And that is precisely what I told Kevin Ward Sr. in Charlotte when I gave him a copy of my video, knowing that a civil lawsuit was on the horizon. No matter which side you are on in this case, none of us are the parents of the deceased. Parents will always see things differently, that's just the way it is. My brother and I were super tight and he was with me the entire way through all of the This Week on DIRT and Rush Hour TV shows and more. He earned his spot on those shows and everyone liked him. I can't just walk away and call it quits because everywhere I go will bring back memories of him. It's going to be extremely tough getting through the first couple of weeks this year without bawling like a baby, I know this, and I just may. But I also know he would expect me to keep going as long as I am physically able, and that's exactly what I am going to do. I hope the Wards do the same thing.
  7. GoPro

    Jesus Christ!!! Don't tell that to leroy.
  8. GoPro

    Must be a certain chassis builder had a problem with other chassis builders seeing what makes his tick.
  9. If I were out to benefit myself, I would have sold that video for big money and would be driving a new truck today. Instead, it never made air and I still drive the same old rusty 20 year old pickup truck. Do you know Keith Flach? Ask him how I handled his crash at Canandaigua and then tell me where I benefited myself. Keith got turned on his side and took an ugly hit to the top of the rollcage from another car. I contacted his family to find out if he was OK and if they had any problems with me releasing that video. Keith wanted me to keep it away from public view and I did until his story was told a couple of years ago. And even then, I needed to hear from Keith himself that it was ok to release it, not from the video guy who telling the story. I never collected a cent for that. When Matt Sheppard flipped huge at Canandaigua, I contacted Matt to find out if he was ok and what his opinion was about releasing that video. Matt asked me to post it online because he wanted to see it too. I also put it on youtube and posted the link here, on RaceNY and on several facebook pages. Everyone got to see it for free and I have never monetized my youtube account. That clip also got 36,000 views. What benefit is there to me in handing the track promoter any/all video that he wants to use for commercials that is being given to another video production service to be turned into a TV/Internet/Website commercial? I have never made a cent from the track promoter asking me to supply and deliver video to play at various trade shows. And I have never made a thing for spending 80 hours of my free time to go through a whole seasons video to produce a banquet DVD. Several times. What about safety truck video? Do I charge them for video so they can watch themselves work to better their response times? That's for the benefit of everyone that I give immediately upon request. And the owner of the motorhome out in the main parking lot at Canandaigua still has his generator because I saw thieves trying to steal it while the races were going on. So I turned my camera around to show the officials in the tower what was going on and they got busted. Maybe I should start charging for all the loose tires that flew off cars and sailed out into the dingweeds and were recovered and returned because I caught them on video and stopped the camera where they fell.
  10. Frazetta was my second favorite artist. First place to me goes to Tex Avery. Tex is credited for inventing Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Droopy Dog, and Red Hot Ridinghood, which was the idea behind the movie "Who Framed Roger Rabbit." Although he was a cartoon artist, Avery's work was very much adult oriented and he manipulated the censors well. In a lot of his work, he would intentionally include something sexually charged, racially charged and violence related, knowing full well the censors would make him edit one of the 3 no-nos out. They'd just pick the one that was furthest over the line. Look him up on youtube... I'll bet a lot of people have seen his work but didn't know who the artist was.
  11. I don't think the horse is all that dead. The guy who runs the place is a few sandwiches short of a picnic and must have some pretty good dirt on the guy who holds the deed. There are people out here that love the track and would give anything to see it continue racing. Unfortunately, I didn't inherit millions and can't do much about it except bring it up once in a while to keep reminding those who can save the place that it should be rescued. And if you liked Frank Frazetta's work, it was showcased quite a bit on Molly Hatchet album covers. They also used work from... Paul Raymond Gregory And Boris Vallejo
  12. themselves. Here it is, April 13th, 2018 - the dawn of a brand new racing season... and not a word out of Rolling Wheels Raceway for anything even remotely close to a schedule. This isn't good.