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  1. We'll talk about this face to face because it's impossible to type the million reasons why crate late models struggle in NY. And I need coffee anyway.
  2. I disagree. You're saying that it can't work just because it hasn't been done yet. If you had a guy like Gary Montgomery (who speaks well and is pleasant to look at) organizing the show, there is absolutely no reason to believe that it wouldn't be as successful as what the Can Am Late Model Series was back in the day. You would also need support from tracks like Frozen Ocean, Star Lite and Limerock to get the ball rolling, but it COULD work and we already have the cars scattered about to make it a reality. A Monday or Thursday night race date that doesn't interfere with Modifieds? Someone with organizational skills could pull it off.
  3. This is where Paradise Speedway is missing the boat.
  4. I speak with a Brewerton - Fulton track regular almost nightly who says basically the same thing as you just did and that is why I was asking. He also says it is better at Fulton. I do Dundee on Friday nights and it is hit and miss down there. Some nights last season, it was almost painful watching that class. But the new clay this season has opened up a second lane going into 1 and so far, it's been pretty decent racing. Once they get the wrinkles and bumps ironed out, I think Dundee is going open some eyes.
  5. I'm not saying this isn't true where you see them race, just wondering where that may be because it isn't like that at Canandaigua... not even close. In fact, what we see weekly at CMP is why the Sportsman Series events are high on my list of deciding where I go for mid week events.
  6. Andy - Constructive criticism is defined in the dictionary as: "helping to improve; promoting further development or advancement (opposed to destructive)" True or false? You're not stupid - you advertise your show on this forum every week because this is where a good portion of your audience might come from. So tell me again how suggesting that crediting one of your primary sources of listeners every week is painting a negative picture of your show. I spotted a flaw and offered a way to make it better. That's what constructive criticism is.
  7. I have to agree with Dale Welty here. I know about a dozen guys running the sportsman crate engine program well enough to call them friends and they all say the same thing. If it weren't for the affordability of the 602, none of them would be able to race. Keeping engine costs down has helped them be able to afford other things associated with racing. Some invested in tow vehicles, some bought trailers, some bought more tires, others invested in spare parts, and others still bought decent shocks.
  8. I just want to pass along one word of constructive criticism... You advertise your show here for free. Weekly, your closing comments should include thanking Mike Mallett, George and GT - the owners of Dirt Track Digest for helping get the word out about your show. None of them told me to say that. There hasn't even been a behind the scenes discussion about it. I don't live in the Hudson Valley so I'm not likely to tune in to your show weekly. But I did just listen to your last show through the archives and didn't hear a single mention about this website.
  9. You know what else is asinine? When you DO own the rights to video that was uploaded to youtube without permission and you follow the steps for removal a dozen times or more and get ignored. Not even a response. Now how do you suppose I would know that Greg?
  10. Without an emoticon, it's hard to tell if you are serious or joking. All I am saying is that it seems like every time they run, they have installed another cool gadget or gizmo. And visual improvements are just as appreciated as the mechanical ones.
  11. LMAO!! I posted this picture on the Skyline facebook page because they insist that you can't fool the Cam Doctor and asked what they make of this? This was their reply... My line of thinking is that just because they found 3 of them, it doesn't necessarily mean they found all of them. Don't break your elbows from patting yourselves on the back boys. I admire the attempt, but your arrogance about it is a bit overboard.
  12. I heard Gibson say Super DIRT Week. The rest was covered up by foul language, probably loud enough to be heard in the stands. Good thing nobody was in them I guess, but I was one wet and miserable SOB.
  13. It's still a work in progress, give it time. They resurfaced the track with some red clay and it wouldn't cooperate, so they tore it up and put down the current brown variety. I was able to mosey through the concession stand area yesterday and was thinking... this looks more like a shopping mall than it does a concession area at a race track. I've been lucky to have visited some of the countries more famous dirt tracks and Weedsport has one upped all of them - fan experience away from the track. I posted this on my facebook page yesterday after work... That's a Jay Fish photo of the souvenir stand. Seriously? Yankee Candle could only be so lucky to get a spot that nice in a mall. Weedsport has just rewritten the rules on how to display souvenirs. The thing I like about it is that it appeals to the casual fan because the walls aren't all race cars and mud. Did you see the new stone wall in front of the ticket booth? When I pulled in, I turned right where the old pit entrance was so I didn't get to see it myself. But I did see pictures. Again, A Jay Fish photo... Eldora doesn't have that. Knoxville doesn't have that. Charlotte doesn't have that. This Weedsport thing is a complete new experience for everyone. I'll admit that I was wrong. I had been going to Weedsport weekly since the mid 70s before the VIP towers were built and before the clubhouse. And I was heartbroken when I saw them laying in a pile of rubble in the parking lot. I purposely didn't watch the video of them being knocked down. I was convinced that it was the end of Weedsport. Man was I ever wrong. This is like watching a wrecker haul my old neighbor's rusty 1919 Cadillac out of his garage and seeing it return perfectly restored and in brand new condition.
  14. OK, I'll say "hmmmmm..." We are talking about a guy who has invested $$ MILLIONS $$ into his track which he obviously knows he will never recover in his lifetime, and you think he's worried about taking a hit at the gate? I am more inclined to believe that 2 key employees had more to do with the decision than anything. 1 would be modified driver Jimmy Phelps and the other Anthony "Gilley" Salerno (crew chief for Matt Sheppard) who probably decided together that the track would have been extremely heavy.
  15. It's really not all that hard to understand. You're saying that if I show a replay to the VIP towers and the folks who are standing in line at the concession stand (which is also part of my agreement with the track when I contract to be their video service), I lose the rights to that video just because someone has video capabilities on a phone and a facebook account? In other words, I can't even have the decency of getting home and put my logo on it before it gets uploaded to the internet? Mel Thomas told me that the video had over 3500 hits on it before he got home from Outlaw Speedway - which rightfully belonged to the Thomas Video's own youtube page. Your argument may be valid if the person shot the video himself with his phone, but he didn't. He stole the Thomas Video version and uploaded it like it was his own.