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  1. Thank you Howie. Your website is priceless to history geeks such as myself. I use it for reference often. Keep up the good work.
  2. I like this idea. You should do this kind of thing at every show using different topics. The next one should be for track press agents and how to use social media in their favor.
  3. Not a fair example. New clay this year and the track was locked down.
  4. My point is that some guys don't have a good history of time trialing well and need the heats to fall back on. I've said it many times, I don't care for time trials either, but I also know that they are the best way to set a field. Imagine towing over 100 miles and only getting 2 time trials laps or 1 pill draw as your only chance to qualify. 2 or 3 instances of that would make a driver stop supporting any kind of series events in a hurry.
  5. Umm... Huh? Just because a guy sets fast time in his TT group, it doesn't mean that he automatically wins his heat. And usually it's top 4 qualify, 2 to the redraw. So how do we line up positions 3 and 4 from each heat?
  6. If they are late models, they pull off when they go a lap down anyway - so what do we gain?
  7. Not a huge fan of provisional starts myself. Just because a guy is a former track champ, a former event winner or former points champ isn't enough. If he finished 9th in a B Main that only qualified 2, then 6 cars got the shaft - see what I mean? Plucking the 9th car out exclusively is a gift, and blows away all credence to earning your way in.
  8. If 24 Sprint Cars equates to a full field, then shouldn't 24 be the full field number for any division? Maybe it's just me, but I hate seeing guys tow in from Neptune and not make the field. That means a field with 45 cars, almost half of them home with absolutely nothing.
  9. First off, I don't mind when people use an occasional cuss word to emphasize a point. Sometimes it's even necessary. But 3 times in one post? That's pushing the limit. And secondly, I am glad you wrote this. By pure coincidence, I am leaving Wednesday morning for Myrtle Beach, SC to help shoot 2 events at the Myrtle Beach Speedway. Those shows are being covered by several of the very same folks who produced This Week on DIRT back in the day. I'm really kind of stoked because this is also a reunion of sorts and I haven't seen some of these guys since This Week on DIRT ended back around 2004. I can't wait to show them this.
  10. Canandaigua

    There was also a nasty chain link fence that ran all the way down the back stretch, around turns 2 and 1, and meets with the fence in the main parking lot. Before the jersey barrier went up on the back stretch, it was common for guys to exit stage right and get tangled up in it. Hey Gary... has the back stretch gotten wider over the years? Without that Jersey barrier in place, how long would it be before you guys were running where that chain link fence is/was?
  11. Boy... I could write a book here because I worked for Glenn for almost 2 decades - but I won't. I'll spare everyone the agony and keep this brief. I never thought the man was God or Jesus Christ All Mighty, but I did then and still do hold an extreme high degree of respect for him. I saw a lot of stuff I disagreed with, but then show me one person who agreed with everything their employer did. We ALL disagree with something our employers do, why is Glenn held to a different standard? Glenn's idea of unifying rules and getting tracks to comply with the benefit of breaks on insurance premiums and a guaranteed prime time SDS event that would give the promoter a chance at cashing in on a big payday was genius. It also stopped a bunch of intentional conflicts in scheduling. And with that came his own TV shows which drew national level sponsors which made flying the DIRT banner over your track even more important. I just have one question. Where do you think the sport would be today if Glenn Donnelly never got involved?
  12. Not a bad idea in theory, but we see pictures of guys and gals with helmet hair, dirty faces and firesuits and some of them in bad need of sewing all year long. A banquet is for everyone involved with a car to mingle and celebrate. I have attended many banquets over the years - in particular, the DIRTcar banquet for about the last 10 years or so, plus several before that. Been to the Black Rock banquet several times and to Canandaigua's banquet several times. Banquets are also a place for sponsors to mingle with the drivers. What's wrong with being professional in appearance (and attitude) for one night and striking up a conversation with a sponsor? Who knows where that conversation leads, but that's why it's formal. It also gives the promoter a chance to point out the weak and strong points of the year, plus his plans of improvements for the upcoming year. Banquets belong in banquet halls.
  13. Canandaigua

    For this year, yes. I'll be back in full swing again next year, like always.
  14. Canandaigua

    No other possibilities in between... like a friend asking to borrow the trailer, or that nobody plows the fairgrounds during the winter, so I'd be screwed if I needed to move something with it after we get accumulation. Those are exactly the reasons I yanked it out of there. And it's a good thing I did it when I did. With all the rain we had up here while I was in Charlotte, it got pretty muddy back where I had the trailer.