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  1. Don't apologize, you are entitled to your own opinion. But now curiosity is killing me. If you think Matt's car is too busy, I'd love to know what you think of this picture...
  2. Trying to figure out where you are going with this. Are you missing one?
  3. I am hoping with everything in me that Weedsport is idle that day.
  4. August 6th - Bethel Motor Speedway - $6,900 to win Short Track Super Series - highest ever pay to win for 602 Crate Sportsman.
  5. Same car - colors reversed, and what might have been Ed Ortiz' last ride.
  6. Here is the picture I was talking about. This is the same car, earlier in the season (no leaves on the trees in the background and subtle sticker changes). The air breather being over the roof appears to have been the difference in photographer position when you compare the 2 photos side by side. The photographer in the color shot isn't as low in the infield as the photographer in the black and white picture is.
  7. If you liked that, you'll LOVE this... Last off season I was chasing down a few new jalopy tracks that I had never heard of in the Finger Lakes section of New York. While scanning the headlines of the newspapers where I found these ads, I saw a couple mentions of this dude named "Daredevel Doherty" who traveled carnival shows and fairs doing ramp to ramp jumps... on a f@#%ing bicycle! That piqued my interest in a big way, but I was 100% sure that I'd never find out much about him because he did this in the mid to late 30s. One of the things I've found over the years is that you have to intentionally misspell things to get more results because people who wrote stories didn't always have the right spelling. In this case, "Daughtry" and "Daugherty" gave results I couldn't find using the correct spelling. As more results started coming in, I read that this Daredevll Doherty guy had to spice up his act now and then to keep people interested. First he went with higher ramps. Then he spread the ramps apart. Then he made the ramps higher again. And finally, he built a wall of fire between the ramps that he had to jump through. And I am thinking as I read this that there is no way I'll find even one picture of this guy. But I was persistent. I had to download the video to slow it down, but check this out...
  8. Every time I see that car I think to myself... man would I like to see it one solid color and have one of our better graphics guys give it some Super DIRT Week love.
  9. I'm not sure how much you bounce around from track to track in a season, but I can say this from being a personal witness... when track owners and promoters invest in upgrades to their tracks, teams and fans return to help support it because they feel like the people who run the show actually care. Before Jeremie Corcoran took over at Canandaigua, the track was struggling. BADLY. Jeremie came in and either repaired a bunch of broken stuff, replaced stuff that couldn't be fixed, or built something brand new. Cars and fans came back and CMP became one of the better supported tracks on both sides of the fence. Let's talk about Weedsport. This track was practically rescued from the auction block it was so bad before Al Heinke came in. And in 3 short years, Al has turned the track around 180° and is taking it in directions NOBODY could have predicted. Fans and drivers are coming back and now with the addition of his own production truck, there is no end in sight. National TV perhaps? I think that goal is in his mind somewhere... I've been through all of the phases at Dundee. I was the video guy at the end of the Steve Wetmore era and the track did ok. Not spectacular, just ok. Along came Lin Hough and whipped the place into being the premier track in the state. People were in the stands and there were cars in the pits. Lin sold the track to Dean Hoag who didn't invest as much. Nothing personal against Dean, but that was his downfall. Crowds trailed off and so did some of the car counts. Along comes Tyler Siri who fixed most of what was neglected or broken, invested money here and there to make improvements, he brought back the Modifieds and now look at it... a brand new REAL clay surface for the first time since Steve Wetmore. And the crowd is starting to come back. I've never been a regular at Fulton, but I know people who are and they all said they were extremely worried a few years back. Talk was that real estate developers had their eyes on the joint and wanted to turn it into housing. Along comes Jon Wight who invests a few bucks into the place and it now stands on it's own feet again. What can you say about the transition from Frogtown to Mohawk? The difference is beyond incredible. I can't wait to get back to one of my favorite PA tracks for a Modified/360 Sprint show because of all of the improvements that have been done since I've been there last. We're talking Susquehanna and I absolutely love the racing there. Now with all of the improvements, it'll feel like a brand new track to me again. I don't know what Brett Deyo is doing about curbing costs at Georgetown, but I keep track of his updates on facebook and it sure seems to me like he's throwing money at the place. Maybe I'll get lucky this season and find a Susky/Georgetown double header to attend. I can also say this with 100% certainty... no major sponsor wants to shell out big bucks to sponsor a track that has been neglected for years. They all want a place where they can schmooze and wine and dine their guests and business partners without feeling like they need to get a tetanus booster first. A coat of paint and a weed wacker goes a long way here.
  10. I was almost positive that I could find pictures of the PT Cruiser, but I was wrong. It looks like someone took them off the cloud they were hosted by. Nothing anyone did on the DTD end. If I do run across them again, I'll make sure I post them.
  11. I believe the car DID come from asphalt. I'd have to look into that a little deeper, but I am almost positive that it ran Lancaster prior to Tom and Kim Ewing buying it. And on Alan's facebook fan page, a couple people made mention of him wearing a Yamaha Snowmobile helmet when he raced that car. Let me look through a few folders for another picture of the same car. I know I have one stashed away someplace where the top of the air breather is actually above the roof.
  12. LMAO... Mallett doesn't scare me.
  13. I am a little more optimistic than some. I would like to see the list of tracks that have done major renovations over the last 5 years. There is a shitload of them. People don't make those kinds of investments if selling the property is the primary goal because the money isn't recoverable.
  14. Apparently I scorched his nuts.