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  1. I only know a little. The car was built by Peter Corey, son of the legendary Pete Corey as a tribute to his father. The picture above shows just how much love went into the car... it is absolutely beautiful. I watched the building of this car as it was being done. Peter posted pictures on facebook as it progressed. I didn't know Peter was selling it, but he does have at least one other car - a coach, that he plays around with on weekends and various special events with a vintage club he belongs to. I'm not sure what kind of following Pete Corey has in North Carolina. Here in New York though, and especially in the Fonda area, Pete was an icon. I can only hope that if this car sells, it goes to someone who has ideas of bringing it to New York occasionally so that us fans here can appreciate it in person.
  2. Play that song in your head as you read this. Naples Speedway - September 10th, 1950...
  3. I've been wondering where GasketCase was. Someone told me that the last time they saw him, he was studying the nothing he sees in his mirror.
  4. Favorite driver

    When I first started going to the races at Canandaigua in 1972, the #24 of Will Cagle was on fire and won damn near everything. I remember going to Weedsport and Cagle won. Went to Rolling Wheels and Cagle won. It got so bad that I started preferring Late Models because Cagle didn't race those. And who won most of the Late Model races? Walt Mitchell in a number 24 too. Then this new kid just a few years older than me showed up in a white Corvair. The announcer said he didn't even have his driver's license yet. I told my dad right then and there that this Alan Johnson guy was my favorite driver. And that turned out to be a good thing because Dad liked Will Cagle. When Alan started winning, some of our Sunday morning discussions at breakfast got pretty heated, but it was all in fun. When Cagle retired, Dad became a Bob McCreadie fan just to keep our rivalry going. I really like the Sportsman events here in the Finger Lakes region today. For the most part, everyone gives each other room, they respect each others equipment and the personal rivalries between some of the drivers is hysterical. When one driver is completely out to lunch, the rest of the field volunteers to help him out and get him fast again. These guys truly are "sportsman" so I always cheer for the guy who is trying to get his first win or someone that hasn't won in a while. If that's not an option, I cheer for the guy who had to pass the most cars to win. And I have a preference for green race cars, so that helps.
  5. Volusia

    I don't mind an occasional cuss word. We're all adults here and sometimes it's necessary to properly convey a point. Just don't get carried away with it. But name calling will never be allowed because it almost always turns into brawl.
  6. Favorite driver

    I remember Faulkner's car sitting at a garage at the corner of Parce Avenue and Main Street in Fairport a lot when I was a kid. Brian Sipple - are you listening?
  7. Volusia

    Tread lightly with the name calling.
  8. They did still have a few fair races at the track after 1977, and there were a couple "reunion" type events in the '90s. But 1977 was the last year for weekly stock car races. I had planned on going to the event you won Gary, but there was a death in the family or something of that nature that kept me away. And you are 100% correct about the tacky clay there. I remember walk out on the track as a kid when the races were over in the '70s and couldn't believe how gooey it still was.
  9. That had to be '76 or '77. Waterloo reopened in the late summer of 1976 after the grandstands collapsed at Canandaigua during the fair on July 10th. I am pretty sure Waterloo ran 4 shows that year. In 1977, Promoter Dominick Tantalo was in and out of court all season long, battling with nearby residents about noise, dust and personal danger from the speedway. During the court proceedings, racing was on again and off again 2 or 3 different times. The track closed for good with the promoter throwing in the towel on August 16th, 1977 - citing financial losses from improvements and recent court action. Jeff Kappesser won that event - a 50 lap Late Model feature held during the Seneca County Fair. That's how Glenn Donnelly secured Canandaigua Speedway. He learned that promoter Dominick Tantalo was abandoning his lease and contacted the Ontario County Fair Board about staging 3 events at the tail end of 1977. He got the green light, installed temporary grandstands and ran his events in September of that year. They ended up being huge draws at both gates, making an easy decision for the fair board to continue doing future business with DIRT. The first full season under Donnelly was 1978.
  10. It's the high point of the off season. Temperatures are low, tension is high and we're all chomping at the bit to get back at it again. I thought the forum could use some stupid humor to lighten things up a little.
  11. That's not exactly where I was heading with this, but it's funny.