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  1. I would almost guarantee that Richie Evans either did it or came real close several times.
  2. I've wondered the same thing myself and I have a pretty good library behind me to go through that could take me back to 1966. The problem is, without starting at the very beginning and going to modern history, I wouldn't know where to start. And there is another problem that dates even as recently as the 1980's... some tracks weren't very good at recording results or sending press releases to trade papers or local newspapers.
  3. I was fortunate to have seen both Danny and Alan start their racing careers and watched them progress at the tracks they called home. The rivalry that existed then still exists today... maybe even stronger than ever. Of course we get excited.
  4. Just to put it into perspective... Everything Matt Sheppard touches these days turns to gold. Nothing but good luck and fortune it seems. On the flip side, everything Danny Johnson touches these days turns to shit. Nothing but bad luck it seems. Exact opposites.
  5. Nobody who has any knowledge or education in this subject ever said such a thing or insinuated anything remotely close to this.
  6. Ummm... check that. Another DNF with a brand new first time on the track TEO tonight at Canandaigua.
  7. I remember being a kid at 10 or 11 years old and Will Cagle won a lot of the races I went to then. Matt runs at all 3 of the tracks I go to and he is very Will Cagle-esque these days. I like Matt and get along with him quite well. But I'm starting to get tired of seeing him win too.
  8. It sucked that the feature took an hour to run, but it was entertaining as hell when it was green. I love first time winners and we saw that in Jonathan Preston taking his first ever 360 Sprint Feature win. And man... he damn near threw it away on one of the 10 restarts on lap 19. He was saved by another caution. And I don't know how many people saw this, but in whatever heat race Steve Poirier and Mark Smith were in... Smith tried taking the lead at the drop of the green over in turn 2 by making a lane change from the middle to the top as they exited for the first time onto the back stretch. Smith didn't know Poirier had a front wheel even with his right rear and bumped Poirier by accident. The rest of the heat race you could tell Poirier wasn't happy. And then on the lap lap going into turn 3 for the last time, Poirier got a run underneath Smith but was going entirely too fast to stick it. Poirier ended up making significant contact with Smith, flipping himself and sending Smith over the bank. That was intentional and totally uncalled for.
  9. I didn't quote you. So let's see here... The Buffalo Billion deal was 100% legit and none of Cuomo's colleagues were arrested, indicted and convicted. Cuomo himself hasn't been investigated. The Syracuse movie Production studio is alive and well. Remington Arms not only skipped town, but state too. This free college tuition thing is fair to everyone who paid their loans in full with cash. And Glenn is the liar.
  10. You say Glenn had no money invested. Who held the deed to the property the complex was supposed to be built on? Clearing all those trees to make way for progress didn't come cheap. Who paid for that? Andrew Cuomo is a sports car geek and owns at least 1 Corvette. The only time he gets to have any fun with it is when he rents track time from one of the private tracks in NY. The road course at CNYRP was supposed to be built first. Cuomo would have had a garage space all to his own had the money been there. He could have left work at 3pm, hopped a flight to Syracuse, drove his car for 2 hours and then fly back to Albany in time for dinner and a decent night of sleep. Let's talk about something else loosely related to CNYRP. Cuomo broke his elbow from patting himself on the back and gloated big time about how he was bringing Hollywood to Syracuse. And he pointed at models and artist renderings while smiling pretty for the cameras because he was building a movie studio in NY. Are you remembering any of this? The building was built. I delivered the glass and the aluminum cladding for the main entryway because the company I worked for got that contract. That was almost 3 years ago now and not 1 frame of film has been shot there. Why? Because it was another smoke and mirrors show from the governor and his cronies who were spreading a bunch of horseshit on the brink of an election. To the best of my knowledge, the building still sits vacant. The NY State Fairgrounds won't exist at all in 20 years. They''ll raze the entire complex and build government housing there. Joanie Mahoney tried to paint a prettier picture when she spoke of shops and malls, but it was a load of crap. Then they'll start condemning entire neighborhoods in downtown Syracuse to fight street crime, and they'll send those people to live in these new housing projects. I think it's funny how they couldn't get national acts to the fair when the grandstands were still there, so they begged and pleaded for money to build a new amphitheater. Now that they have one and the grandstands are gone, all of a sudden they can book national acts at Chevy Court again. I suppose that's Glenn's fault too.
  11. When the announcers first mentioned Farnham at the beginning of the night, his name didn't mean anything to me because I didn't remember reading it anywhere. Truth be told, Canandaigua gets new drivers several times per season. Sometimes they have no loyalty to any other track and they bounce around from track to track. Other times their home track canceled for whatever reason, and Canandaigua was within reasonable travel distance. I figured for sure that Farnham fit one of the two descriptions and didn't expect much. What we got though, was amazing. Farnham started 10th on the field. Had he finished there and never passed a car, it would have been considered a decent run. Especially if you consider this being his first ever visit. But Farnham actually raced well, and finished 4th. To put that into perspective, Alan Johnson started on the pole and finished 7th, so Farnham had to get by Alan to finish 4th. When I got home, I looked him up on facebook to learn a little more about him. His racing plans weren't very explicit, but I wanted to know if he was planning on finishing out the season at Canandaigua. So on my own facebook page, I asked if anyone knew what his schedule was. The reply I got from KB19 was amazing... He believed that last Saturday's race was Farnham's first ever big block show anywhere, which made the performance amazing. Farnham himself replied back that it was true and that he still wasn't sure what his Saturday night plans were yet. I'll say it here too... I want to see him return and repeat the performance.
  12. I'm not in any way beating the track up. Historically speaking, U/R doesn't have a particularly good relationship with Mother Nature...
  13. I hope it's sunny and 80, a slight 8 to 12 mph breeze out of the south and people come from miles around to watch you kick Mother Nature's ugly ass tomorrow. Wish I could be there myself, but I know someone will have video.
  14. I know several people that go to Fulton every week. Some sit all the way down in turn 1, some like the middle near the beer booth and some have sat in turn 4 for decades. The funny thing is, none of them talk about the crowd (or lack thereof) with any concern. That's why I wondered.
  15. I wouldn't have pointed the camera at him at the time of him breaking had I not noticed that the gap between he and Matt was shrinking. Especially when the slugfest between Justin Haers and Billy Dunn was still hot. Meanwhile, some unknown guy is passing all time feature wins leader Alan Johnson for 5th... It could be that Matt realized he had a huge lead and decided to lay off a bit. But we don't know that in the stands... it looks to us like Danny found something.
  16. Is it that the actual fan count is down, or is it because the place sits 10,000 people and a weekly show of 1,500 to 2,000 people makes it appear like nobody is there?
  17. Bruno DiMatteo, Carl Meyers and Gary Rowe were all investors. You're right... that's a lot of zero's.
  18. Danny found bite WAY up on top in turn 2 that nobody else found. And he started shrinking the gap between him and Matt. Then he miscued that bite, got a little further out than normal and the car broke. I didn't see it as equipment failure or from Danny driving too hard. Things break sometimes.
  19. It was definitely his first ever big block race - Farnham confirmed that in his reply. Like you, I would assume he turned some practice in the car but I didn't ask that. If he didn't, it's even more impressive. Canandaigua is a momentum track where being on the throttle is the trick. Getting into the corners and lifting as little as possible is what wins races there. You can't flatfoot at Ransomville without knocking down the outside Armco Barrier in between turns 1 and 2. He adapted well. I haven't been this impressed by a first performance since some guy named Rockefeller from out Fonda way made his presence known a few years back.
  20. If it makes you feel any better, I won't sleep a wink tonight.
  21. Why didn't you start your own thread? Not a word of your reply answers the original question and because your answer was reply number 2, the entire thread was derailed off course. Allow me to put the train back on its tracks... jsw14886... I noticed that both Steve and Billy Paine were missing from the lineup last night and wondered why, so I asked before leaving the track. The answer I got was that last night was Billy's prom night. I spoke with Steve at the Canandaigua banquet back in December about his son's progress and what the future lies in store for Steve's racing. Steve said that Billy wants to race and he is quite content on stepping back himself for that to happen. He also said that he is satisfied with what he has accomplished in racing.
  22. Are you questioning his authority?
  23. There isn't a neighbor within miles of the track, so that helps. But on the flip side, it's tough to get to. It reminds me a little of Bear Ridge in Vermont in a way. Access is by tight, twisty roads up steep hills. I couldn't imagine dragging a 28 foot (or bigger) enclosed trailer up there.