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  1. Older 360 Sprint Car fans will remember Bobby as a winner in the early days of ESS and others. When I saw earlier this season that Parrow had teamed up with Tom Fletcher, I hoped that the 53 car was going to be a good enough piece to get the job done. I wanted to see Bobby win again. Back to back wins on the same night. I guess that car is good enough to get the job done and the driver can still get it done too.
  2. I have been in contact with Captain Kirk Ekross, long time employee at Weedsport and Rolling Wheels through the Glenn Donnelly/DIRT days, and he told me that Rolling Wheels is now a cow pasture. At first, I thought he was bullshitting me. As it turns out, it's true. Cows, Llamas and chickens graze the property these days.
  3. I'm not sorry for cracking a fu@&ing joke and I'm not going to pretend to be. Ego has nothing to do with it.
  4. It started because my sense of humor differs than some. A lot of stuff on this forum gets said that I don't find interesting. Instead of saying something, I move on. A couple of years back I started a "Waiting for the wife/GF to get ready for the Christmas Party" thread. It was all free video games I found online that were Christmas themed. The intention of the thread was to give people something to do while their lady friends were getting ready to go to a Christmas Party. Some people enjoyed it. Some didn't. And some cried foul because this is a racing forum and that had nothing to do with racing. Holy hell... crack a joke here and people act like they just broke a tampon string.
  5. There is another thread on the forum somewhere with my list from several years ago that I never copied and I wish I did. I am somewhere in the 135 territory, but I'm not going to retype them all again. I WOULD like to find that other list though because I had tracks on there I won't remember this time around. I've added several to the list since then.
  6. Your ass still burns from when I suspended your posting privileges several months back, doesn't it?
  7. I've said on this forum at least a dozen times how I am not a fan of Trump. There goes that theory, genius. There are no facts in this Coronavirus nonsense other than it is nowhere near as deadly as they said it would be, and that cancer and heart disease still claims more victims. We'll NEVER know the facts because they are doing everything possible to keep them from us. Well, other than Dr. Fauci contradicts himself routinely. I have a few legitimate questions though. Such as, if the facemask theory worked so well, what was the need in releasing prisoners premature of their full terms? What a brilliant idea that was... 200 pre-released prisoners got rearrested 450 times. Here is another one... If the disease was so deadly, why aren't the front line people dropping like flies? And that brings to mind another question. OSHA and just about every other government body is quick to mandate specific items such as steel toed shows, non slip soles, specific gloves and outer wear, but nobody has mandated the N95 facemask. You can use ANYTHING to cover your face. Remember the early talk about ultraviolet rays and vitamin C and how both worked well in early stages? So why close beaches then? I've got more questions. So this disease is deadlier to a private wedding party or funeral procession than it is to rioters and looters and BLM protests? It's perfectly OK in your world to watch Fauci and Cuomo have these Town Hall meetings in auditoriums without wearing masks, but we can't sit outside doing the same thing? And what about that Governor who flies to Georgia - a state he put on his very own travel ban list, and refused to self quarantine for 14 days because he is exempt as an "essential worker?" Walmart employees and liquor store clerks were given that same status. Here's one nobody mentions. Why hasn't the virus ravaged the the Amish and Mennonite communities? The answer is - because they don't listen to main stream media that for 4 years are STILL butthurt because smug/arrogant Trump kicked pro politician Hillary's ass and present the news that way.
  8. WTF are you talking about? It was a meme on facebook. And it struck me funny because there is some truth in it. 'Yeah, that was me. And you stole it.
  9. If they told you that you needed to wear a pink dildo on your forehead, you'd run right down to the local Porn store and buy the brightest one they had, wouldn't you?
  10. Why are face masks wearers still bitching about non face mask wearers not wearing masks 6 months later? Shouldn't all non face mask wearers be dead by now?
  11. Outlaw - Out of 9 features, there have been 3 winners this year. Alan Johnson has 2 wins, Steve Paine has 1. Matt Sheppard should have 6. How does that stack up to Fonda?
  12. You're up Jamie. Pick which ones you want to see take a vacation and I'll give them their travel and hotel reservations.
  13. This is the kind of stuff that earns people vacations. I'm not pro Trump, but this type of comment usually draws a response from a Conservative and then a war starts. Knock it off.
  14. I asked Brett Deyo for a little background on the lawyer representing this case. Brett said that the guy races at Lebanon Valley and that he is absolutely the guy you'd want in your corner in this scenario. All throughout this Covid-19 horseshit, I've wondered if things would still be the same if Andy Fusco were still alive. Andy was passionate about his racing and was a good lawyer/judge. We definitely need someone with a strong racing background to pinch hit here. If it can't be Andy Fusco, it may as well be Kenneth McGuire Jr.
  15. A victory for 5 would be a victory for all. The only real problem here is time. If the hearing(s) get stalled out in court, they might not see victory until October/November - which is pretty much what it appears Cuomo is trying to do anyway.
  16. It's too early. If the lawsuit from Genesee, Fonda, Airborne, Albany Saratoga and Lebanon Valley has any substance to it, it's possible that 11th hour rescheduling happens.
  17. https://www.thedailynewsonline.com/news/genesee-speedway-suing-state/article_487153f5-d980-5505-b94e-1a03a63ae177.html?fbclid=IwAR2v55B4xTRb91VzrT6FOU-bDHCwaGf3WPH74aFUXABohGrOB_l0Uz4oSYU
  18. Following some of the activity on facebook as people were listening to or watching the race, someone said 13 cautions for flat tires? (Matt Sheppard went out with a broken axle) I saw a picture of Friesen's RR immediately following the race.... OOF! Misty Marcuccilli was saying that Dave's RR was down to the canvas. A couple of guys ended up with 2 flat tires. That's Volusia scale abrasive.
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