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  1. That was insane. Hopefully the push truck driver never pushed again.
  2. I started going to Rolling Wheels weekly in 1976 until they went to specials only format in 1981. That's when I started going to Dundee weekly. I still am on a streak with Rolling Wheels though. Haven't missed a show there since I started going weekly.
  3. A quick and funny story. I used to hit a bunch of the early spring events in PA between Speed Weeks and the NY season got started. I'd meet up with a bunch of my buddies down there and they were all Greg Hodnett fans. It's not fun sitting in the stands with your friends when you are all cheering for the same guy, so I picked Freddie Rahmer to cheer for. Most of the reason was because everyone else hated him. If you ever want to feel uncomfortable, be the only guy in the stands cheering for the number one villain of the PA Posse. And I admit... when on the mic, Rahmer can definitely rub you the wrong way. But then Bruce Ellis can too, so I don't know where to point the finger first. And here is where it gets funny. I was also (still am) a fan of Sammy Swindell, and NOBODY treats the press as bad as Sammy can. What made me a fan - and I will argue this with anyone - there is nobody more exciting behind the wheel of a sprint car than Sammy Swindell when he's fast. Nobody. I've seen him do wheel stands the entire length of both straights so high that the push bumper scrapes the track. Most guys burp the throttle and get the front end back down. Not Sammy... he rides it out. I've also seen Sammy hit the outside wall so hard that you'd think a part of it was stuck in his nerf bars and he was going to have to retire for the event. Not Sammy. He just mashes his foot to the floor until the car breaks or it blows up, and we've seen that too. Unfortunately, Sammy sometimes takes innocent victims with him and that even makes me mad.
  4. As long as he has the newsprint to back up his notes, I can't wait to see it.
  5. I've got a feeling that Hanna is going to need a lot longer than a winter to conquer Will Cagle's win list and believe it can never be accurate because he raced in many divisions and a ton of tracks up and down the east coast. Tell Bill I wish him luck and look forward to his results.
  6. What is it with you people and the name calling? Within the last 6 hours we are calling people liberal morons, conservative morons and assholes. Talk about a joke... I suspend members for 30 days for the offense and they cry to the owners begging for mercy and reinstatement. We wonder why kids act the way they do these days? Look no further than their parents.
  7. It was my understanding that anyone who won any feature at any DIRT sanctioned track that year qualified for the Winners Classic. And as you said, the starting lineup was determined from using SDS results. You can call the event a gimmick if it makes you feel better, but that was never the intention. Toward the end, the drivers and teams starting mid field or worse turned it into pit stop practice session. Instead of cutting it from the schedule, they could have just closed pit road for anything short of a flat tire.
  8. The Winners Classic was one of my favorite events during SDW and I was pissed when they cut it from the schedule. But is invitational the right word? The criteria for qualifying was winning a feature that year at any DIRT sanctioned track, so there WAS a qualifying method in place for anyone to attempt.
  9. Paving Rolling Wheels might get a little interest in the beginning, but that would guarantee death in the short future. In the current NY asphalt world, Holland, Lancaster, Spencer, Chemung, Evans Mills and Adirondack Aren't exactly setting the world on fire. Perry is doing well I am told, but this only recently and after clinging to life support for over a decade. That leaves Oswego, which probably would be troubled without Super DIRT Week to fall back on.
  10. Surely you jest. Now you're asking people to actually get facts when it's much easier to make shit up and see how far it flies on the internet.
  11. I am looking for a solution to a problem I encountered about 2 or 3 months ago and haven't been able to correct it on my own. I used to use a tablet for road trips and as a second computer, but it finally shit the bed on me. This happened almost immediately after I got out of the hospital back in the middle of August. I made a promise to myself and my girlfriend that I wouldn't spend 8 to 10 hours at a time on my main computer because sitting in my office chair was a major contributor to my legs swelling. The thing that was nice about the tablet was that it was extremely portable and I could use it while laying down on the couch if I wanted. The problem with it was that my hands are big and it was a touch screen, so the screen was always dirty. That was a huge decision maker when I replaced it. Sniffing around on craigslist, I found a Sony all in one desktop for less than the cost of a new tablet. And better yet, it came with a normal sized mouse and keyboard so the dirty screen was no longer going to be an issue. This all in one unit is still portable and fits inside of my travel bag when I do road trips. It also has a bunch of different card readers built in, so uploading pictures or video isn't a major chore if I need to. But here is the problem - the person I bought it from installed Windows 10 on it and it won't let me copy and paste links from other websites to this forum. I can copy... but it won't let me paste. There is going to come a time when Microsoft is going to stop giving updates for Windows 7, I know that. Learning Windows 10 is a must if I am going to keep active on the internet. But no matter what I do, I can't figure out how to copy and paste links using Windows 10. So who here smarter than me can tell me what the secret is?
  12. Exclusional is saying "everyone welcome but this guy" who just happens to be the odds on favorite.
  13. Just playing Devil's Advocate here, but wouldn't the opposite of "invitational" be "exclusional?" If so, then the 2018 and 2017 versions of the Outlaw 200 should carry asterisks.
  14. Rolling Wheels opened it's doors in August of 1969 and ran just 4 times that year. It didn't run again until it's Grand Opening event on the July 4th weekend of 1970 running Friday nights continuously until 1981 when Glenn Donnelly went to the specials only format. When people say there is no room for Rolling Wheels in the schedule, they forget that Weedsport is now running the specials only format as well. Our race season traditionally is about 17 events long. Some of the shows are run mid week, not just on Sundays which creates a bigger window to work with. If someone were to come into Rolling Wheels and work side by side with Weedsport, it COULD be a benefit to both tracks, and especially so if there were a 2 track points system in place right from the beginning.
  15. It also provides a 3rd opportunity for people who love the track but live in far away places to get there. I can't imagine all 3 shows being identical to the others. I am thinking there will be a different support class each night with various perks to both teams and spectators alike. Paul Cole is no dummy and I'll bet he would agree that 3 identical shows would be overkill. I'm curious now what goes on the undercard to keep them different from each other and enough of an enticement for people to want to attend all 3.
  16. From Danny Ody's photo albums, a still photo from Carroll's Grove... Also from Danny Ody's video collection, 40 seconds of Carroll's Grove film...
  17. https://fultonhistory.com/Fulton.html Getting to know how to get this site to be productive in search returns is a bit tricky and you need to be patient. Everything you are looking for is in there, you just have to use the correct search terms to find it. I have found that using vague search terms instead of precise search terms is FAR more productive. One more thing... there must be some kind of bot within the site that remembers your search history. I have spent several hours on several occasions trying to dig up ANYTHING in print from a track located just north of the PA border called Addison Hill Raceway and turned up absolutely nothing. Giving up, I switched my searching to another track just outside the City of Elmira called Glider City Speedway. Again, after several hours of using different search terms, I found nothing. BUT... now I am getting Addison Hill returns. I still haven't figured that out. The key to success is being patient and refusing to give up. Fulton adds new content almost constantly, so you have to check every now and then for what you are looking for. They are currently up to 47 million newspapers in the archive and have recently branched out to other states. A lot of Pennsylvania is in there, as well as Kentucky and Minnesota. If anyone is looking for search tips on this site, I am more than willing to help. I'll bet my IP address is at the top of the list for visitors.
  18. BobMiller

    World of Outlaws 2020

    This the World of Outlaws norm we are seeing here. The +/- tally will go up and down 8 times before next season starts.
  19. It's pretty neat when you get preseason trail cam activity showing Bullwinkle near your tree stand and finally get a chance to raise your bow or gun... even if you never shoot. And people think deer are defenseless. Like hell they are. I chased an enormous buck one year for the entire season and never got a shot at him. I saw him just about every time I went into the woods, but never close enough to take a shot. This buck was a smart deer and was always 2 steps ahead of us, no matter what we did to flush him out. He knew exactly where we were at all times. And now people are hand feeding deer in their yards like they are pets and don't think about the vulnerability they are creating for the upcoming deer season. Not all humans are friends, but the hand fed deer don't know that.
  20. I got laughing one year in Florida when one of the back woods rednecks was bragging about his deer hunting expertise. My older brother had an English Mastiff that was bigger than the deer down there.
  21. I don't know what it is about midwestern deer, but I've seen a few that are the size of elk. While working TV for the World of Outlaw Late Model series several years ago, one of our stops was in Huron, South Dakota. Some of the TV crew decided one night to go for a joy ride and headed north toward Aberdeen. There is no ambient light up there. No houses, no towns... nothing but pitch dark at night. Even with your high beams on, your headlights seem weak. Out of nowhere I see eyeballs glowing in the road so I stab the brakes. Good thing too. The legs on this deer were so tall, I probably would have hit him with the windshield of the SUV we were driving. Absolutely the biggest deer in the wild I've ever seen.
  22. There are a few ways... Not knowing exactly where your hunting partners are is the first way. If you miss, you have to know where your errant shot is going to go. I can't tell you how many times I didn't shoot because I wasn't exactly sure. Accidents like this happen more often on drives than they do still hunting. A group of 11 kind of indicates a drive. If you ask me, it's kind of early in the season for that. I stopped hunting with a couple of guys who couldn't hunt without drinking. Having a good time after you get back to camp is one thing. But carrying a flask with you is entirely different and I didn't want to get shot. I've seen guys shoot at noises in thick brush without identifying their target. And now that they allow rifle hunting almost everywhere, it's going to happen more often because rifle shots carry a lot further than a shotgun slug. And I've been in the woods when someone on a bullhorn identified themselves as Ontario County Sheriffs who asked everyone within the sound of his voice to unload their guns and exit the woods. A young kid (late teens - early 20's) shot and killed his father after missing his target and hit his dad in a tree stand. It wasn't long after that when I decided to call it quits. The final straw for me was losing hunting privileges to my favorite property after the owner had 2 major thefts.
  23. Precisely, and that's what doe permits are for.
  24. robertmorris doesn't run this forum. And for his dog comment, he has been suspended from commenting. If people don't want to look at dead deer, they can skip the thread, it's that easy. I'm pretty confident that those who hunt in the racing community are responsible hunters and only take what they consume. Otherwise, I wouldn't allow it.
  25. Wow. Here's an idea... educate yourself and then come back and pay us a visit some time. That was totally uncalled for.