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  1. That isn't the truth and you know it. You can go back through history and see that he constantly gripes about Canandaigua. He did it with DIRT, he did it all the way through the Jeremie Corcoran reign and he started again with Paul Cole. Educate yourself before you take me to task. This is the same guy that criticized Mike Mallett for using a picture of Brewerton in one of his stories that showed a weak crowd in the background. Mike explained that he used a stock photo because he was working on several stories at the time and didn't have time to hunt down a current picture with better background. And he kept on Mikes ass for a week or better with several members defending Mike and none supporting him, so he took shots at the rest of the team here (all of us completely innocent), and demanded that we remove him from the forum. I waited a couple of days before I said anything because I suspected he was up to something. I was right. He realized he was wrong and tried re-registering here with a new screen name so he didn't have to live with his error or own up to it - so I called him out about it on the forum and he admitted that was his plan. Call it what you want, but I'm done dealing with that shit.
  2. sprintdaddy - you're alive! Been wondering where you've been the last month or so.
  3. The truth is, whiners on social media look for anything to whine about because they can't be stars in their own little circles without it. It's kind of like the selfie folk who constantly take their own pictures and post them on faceook, twitter or instagram. They thrive on the comments they receive. Without the pictures, nobody knows them. Without whining and stirring the hornets nest, nobody knows them.
  4. Rule number one is and always will be - no name calling. And Steve Marriott is in my top 5 favorite musicians ever. Such a sad ending to his life. Nobody deserves to go out like that.
  5. I got this big by eating pasta and taters, not ice cream and donuts, true story. And I have bench raced oilman at Tim Horton's in Geneva quite often.
  6. If you're not using emoticons, that will happen.
  7. Busting balls is fine, nobody has ever taken issue with that. A while back he was crying like a little girl about the way Canandaigua paid their point fund. His ridicule about it inspired Paul Cole to sign up as a member to explain things. But then to say that Canandaigua's point fund system and bottled water policy in this heat wave was a scam is going too far. There is nothing productive or even funny about it and was meant to spite the track. He can take his "yours truly" shtick and his raging boner for Paul Cole someplace else. I mentioned in another thread that there was going to be a house cleaning here and I am serious.
  8. I am a non believer with more morals than most Catholic Priests. Not sure I want any hope.
  9. No he doesn't. He gets off the roof pronto because he doesn't want to look like this...
  10. I have had all I can take of your bullshit. Enjoy your vacation.
  11. I was asked on a post on facebook to continue this story, but I can't meet the expectations I think they are looking for. I do have more to add to the 14 year old car owner story though... About 5 or 6 years ago, a lot of the Canandaigua clientele would meet at the Denny's Restaurant in Geneva after the races. And as has been true most of my adult life, I very seldom eat anything all day long, but at dinner time I am famished. I used to make that trip to Denny's and would order a feast. Not the healthiest way to eat I know, but that's another story. One night Jerry and JoAnne were there and I was seated at the next table. Naturally, we talked about the races we just saw and what we expected to see in the near future. I was working with Steve Pesarek at the time and he was telling me about how Jerry got started in racing one day during lunch. So while I had Jerry's attention, I asked him about that. He told me all of the stuff I mentioned earlier and then went on to say that he still had that car as few as 7 or 8 years ago, tucked away in a corner somewhere at Phelps Cement and that he gave it away because he wanted the space. At this point my jaw hit the floor because of the history associated with that car. So I asked Jerry who he gave it to and with a typical Jerry smirk on his face, he said he couldn't remember. About a week earlier, I had heard that one of Dutch Hoag's old cars sat on Route 318 not very far from the Waterloo exit on the Thruway. The next morning I got up early and made a beeline to Route 318 to see for myself. There were old race cars there alright, but not the car I was looking for. The Dutch Hoag car there actually turned out to be one of Ron Narducci's cars. I also had an acquaintance tell me about another car that was converted into a street legal car that he had heard belonged to Dutch Hoag. I had seen this car before, but never gave it much thought that it could have been a resurrected car until after I spoke with Jerry. As it turned out, that car was just a street rod project that never was a true race car. With nobody else talking about it for several years now, I've pretty much given up hope that it still exists. If it does though, I sure would like to see it.
  12. You take issue with my usage of the word "pray." Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the word "pray" as: 1.) To speak to God especially to give thanks or ask for something. 2.) To hope or wish very much for. Don't expect my Heathen ass to start using footnotes. It's not happening.
  13. Nope. If he says $1 water will be available, he'll have enough on hand (or standby) to get through the night.
  14. While traveling with the World of Outlaw Late Model series back in the mid 2000's, we did shows at Memphis Motorsports Park and in Pevely, Mo with actual temps of 103 - 105 and a heat index of 108 - 111. I remember setting in car cameras in Clint Smith's car and laying on the deck was like laying in a frying pan. Two of the guys on the crew were sunburned so bad they had huge blisters on their shoulders.
  15. Truthfully, I think what we are seeing is that some places are just barely covering expenses with the front gate draw and are now forced to consider weather as a factor. It's hard to blame the tracks when the fans don't come in perfect weather...
  16. It wasn't the surface though. His 1st turn corner entry was all wrong and he stepped on his dick. Then to save himself from having to wipe the egg off his face from flipping in time trials, he blamed the track.
  17. It makes me wonder... How many guys got a little secret financial help over the years that came straight out of Jerry's pocket without knowledge of anyone but the driver and Jerry? Because Jerry was that kind of guy.
  18. As I said on my facebook page when I found out the news... I met Steve Pesarek back in 1986 when he first started racing and we became good friends almost immediately. Steve was working for Phelps Cement then, and Steve's family and the Haers family used to sit with us at Canandaigua most every week. Justin couldn't have been more than 7, 8 or 9 at the time. Jerry hung out in the pits, but JoAnne and the kids sat with Steve's wife, Steve's mom and my family. You're absolutely right about nobody ever having a bad thing to say about him. He always had a smile on his face, he was a ball buster and extremely dedicated to local level auto racing. His obituary says he got involved in racing at the age of 14. That story is incredible... He attended races with his family and he loved the sport as a youth at Waterloo and Weedsport. At age 14, he decided he was going to race and bought one of Dutch Hoag's old cars without consent from his parents. When he got the car home, his dad had a cow and told him he couldn't race. So he hired a driver to drive for him and became a car owner at age 14. Best part about it was that the driver was Eddie Anchor and they won a bunch of races at Perry for sure and possibly Weedsport. And a loyal, dedicated supporter of local auto racing. I found this ad in a Waterloo Speedway souvenir program dated July 20th, 1963...
  19. Canandaigua SDS just a couple of weeks ago. Sheppard had a kid draw for him who pulled number 11. He was no better than a 7th place car (admittedly) and was handed the win in a gift wrapped package when McLaughlin took out Rudolph in the last set of turns. Starting position can mean everything. Announcers are always quick to point out that the great equalizer is lapped traffic. We fans sometime pray for lapped traffic because the pole sitter is gone and the race sucks. And we also pray that the race stays green in those situations because the further into lapped traffic you get, the tougher it is to pass. So we're hoping that the leader runs into 10th through 5th place lapped traffic to slow him down some so that 2nd place can catch up and make things interesting.
  20. Sunday September 29th according to what I've read so far.
  21. If it looks anything like this, it does...
  22. Thanks for the help guys. As you know, I collect ads and this one (if it existed) is kind of important. Old Ford Man, are you listening? What are the chances that you have the T Shirt artwork saved somewhere as a png file?
  23. Does anyone with an AARN subscription know if Brookfield placed a Grand Reopening ad in the paper?
  24. It sucks when you have loyalty to 2 tracks and they go head to head against each other.