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    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    I hope your race at Fonda has 75 cars and that the spectator side of the fence is standing room only. I'll be happy if we get 35 cars at Canandaigua supporting the 1st ever Gerald Haers Memorial.
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    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    How do you figure? Gerry Haers has been a loyal supporter of BRP for decades. With Randy Williamson being part owner of Bicknell during that time, we revert back to respect. I don't have this on any kind of authority, but I did know Gerry Haers. I'd bet almost anything that Gerry palmed pocket money in a handshake to folks who were struggling and needed a little help because that's what kind of guy he was. You are 100% correct. Guys like Gerry don't come around very often. The only other guy I can think of with a comparable level of love for the sport and generosity would be Dave Rauscher. Here is a thought... With all of these season ending 200 lappers, is it possible that some teams are trying to save their equipment to run other events ( Outlaw 200, SDW, ESW, Charlotte )?
  3. Syracuse News - Channel 9 WSYR showed trucks on tonight's 6:00 news dumping clay around the track.
  4. oilman - CJ Guererri is trying to get in contact with you.
  5. I definitely agree. There are a TON of IMCA, UMP, WISSOTA and crossover style cars (cars that bounce back and forth between sanctions) out there. Once you step outside of Northeast Modified territory, these cars run practically everywhere. "Popular" to me means overall car count and number of tracks that run them, not necessarily by number of television broadcasts.
  6. Limaland WoO Sprint show a few years back... I've had people try to argue this with me, but it's true. There was iffy weather in the forecast and they were concerned about crowd and car counts. A small thunderstorm came within a couple of miles of the track that produced several loud lightning strikes. The track never got so much as a sprinkle though. Using lightning as an excuse, they claimed power was knocked out to the track and were forced to cancel. None of the TV crew guys were happy because everything we did to that point needed to be undone and put back away in the truck. It's one thing if you get it out and use it. It's another when you get it out and don't. Just as we were ready to leave, one of the powers that be saw we weren't terribly happy and offered us each a beer from a cooler in the back of the concession stand. I had already stopped drinking then, but a couple of guys accepted the offer and went in. They came out laughing because miraculously... the cooler containing the beer had power. People say it can't be true because of their affiliation with UNOH. I don't think the beer is for sale, but more for the people who work there after the shows. But there was definitely a cooler loaded with beer there.
  7. 2400 miles round trip for absolutely nothing warrants a grudge. The first two times were combined trips to see my ex-wifes relatives in Beatrice, Nebraska - but I didn't HAVE to go. Her and her mom would have gone anyway without me, but I went in hopes of adding another track to my list. Both of those trips produced legitimate rain outs.
  8. I took me 5 times to finally get Williams Grove in. And I refuse to give this one another try... I've made the trip 3 times to Eagle Raceway in Lincoln, Nebraska and never saw a show there. The last time was for a World of Outlaws Late Model show in either '05 or '06. The owner was worried that he wouldn't get cars, so he rained the show out about 11am in 100° heat without a cloud in the sky or a threat of rain. The TV crew was running cable for the show when it happened and we had to pick everything back up and put it away. I was so bitter, I vowed I'd never go there again.
  9. Baseball plays in dirt too! Just about every topic runs its course here, and eventually ends up going in different directions. The thing that annoys me is when someone starts a thread, someone else immediately strays off topic, and doesn't allow the original question to get answered. After the thread runs its course, not a problem. Some of the more interesting talk here has been off topic talk.
  10. For all those years, we thought his nickname "Charlie Hustle" came from his style of play. And as it turned out, it was probably because he was a gambler. Personally, I can live with him in or out equally, just the same.
  11. I made the entire trip to Flemington 3 times and never saw a show there.
  12. Pete Rose bet on his own team and had the ability to tilt the outcome of the game according to his bet. He says he never bet on the Reds, but he also denied betting on baseball period initially. I think Pete will eventually get inducted to the HoF. but probably not until after he passes.
  13. Comprehension is being able to understand written word. You failed miserably because I included him in a list of people who made ME laugh until it hurts. It's not a "best of the best list." Pay attention. You know what drives me nuts about you? You constantly look for shit to argue about. You asked who I thought was funny, so I answered. The second half of my list are all people I think are funny. What fu@#ing difference does it make who wrote the material? You play harmonica in a blues cover band. Does that make you any less of a musician?? I did forget to include a few people though. George Burns and Gracie Allen, the Marx Brothers and Mel Blanc.
  14. Will Farrell, Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler all regurgitate the same inept, half witted characters over and over again. It's funny once. Stop trying to make careers out of acting stupid. Garry Schandling just isn't funny to me. David Brenner was funny as Johnny Carson's stand in when he was on vacation, but his stand up routine got a little nauseating and over the top. I never found Jay Leno or David Letterman all that funny. Dennis Miller used $5.00 words in is standup routine and spoke over the heads of his audience a lot. Hard to draw laughs from a crowd who need to follow along with the dictionary. I never cared much for Jerry Seinfeld. Part of it was his nasal voice and part of it was that he always whined about something. That Julio Torres video played 26 seconds before I killed it. Limited/skewed you say? George Carlin, Richard Pryor, Rodney Dangerfield, Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, Sam Kinison, Bill Hicks, Don Rickles, Mitch Hedberg, Steven Wright, younger Joan Rivers (not so much after she became chief of fashion police), Denis Leary and Bobby Slayton have all made me laugh until it hurts. Dick Van Dyke, Bob Newhart, Abbott and Costello, The Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Lucille Ball, Andy Griffith, Bill Cosby, Nipsy Russell, Jack Benny, Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau and Buddy Hackett were all noted for clean comedy. I don't care who you are... nobody turns off a Hal Roach version of the Lil' Rascals because they are funny and very close to 100 years old. Limited/skewed my ass.
  15. From the Bob and Tom show back in 2010... It wasn't funny then either.
  16. I am somewhere between 70 and 80% health wise and getting better every day. You've listened to me whine on facebook throughout this whole ordeal and you've all given me encouragement. I am listening to my doctors and doing everything they tell me to do. No shortcuts other than trying to beat rehab through physical therapy. I've never felt more at home than I did tonight. Thank you all - each and every one of you for everything. It was good to be back home tonight... And thank you Mike Yawney for taking this picture tonight.
  17. What??? If you were a 410 Sprint Car driver back in the days when Steve Kinser was King, you didn't win unless he was in the field. If you were an Open Late Model driver in the days when Scott Bloomquist was King, you didn't win unless he was there. Matt Sheppard is King of Northeast Modifieds these days, just like Brett Hearn was once upon a time. Any time there are just as many fans cheering for a driver as there are booing, that driver definitely makes the event what it is. And even more so when the booing outweighs the cheering. And that's where Matt Sheppard is these days.
  18. What's next? Pulling Gallagher out of the toilet? Here's an idea... Move to Branson, Missouri. and open for Boxcar Willie. Wasn't funny then, ain't funny now.
  19. If Matt's pass on Godown is an issue, this sport is turning us into a bunch of pansies.
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    Just speaking the truth from experience.
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    Update... I am doing EVERYTHING the doctors have told me to do, right down to the finest detail. This includes using an oxygen generator when I sleep. I am walking as much as I can stand so that I don't have to go through a lengthy rehab process to get strength back in my legs. You'd be surprised how quickly muscle tone and flexibility goes away when you are basically laid up in bed for a month and the only walking you do is to go to the bathroom. Last Friday I climbed the stairs to the tower at Dundee and sat in the announcers booth all night. Going up the stairs was a challenge because the strength in my legs has been compromised in a big way. The drugs I am on all make me pee every 20 minutes, so I made close to a dozen trips to the bathroom. By the end of the night, I was walking pretty good. Another small victory came at Canandaigua this past Saturday when I climbed the stairs to the tower. I sat in a chair outside the tower in my old perch with my legs elevated on the railing. It was actually quite cozy. The previous 2 weeks I sat in my mother's van in turn 1. We all have our favorite places to sit and mine is on the judges tower. Several trips up and down the tower to pee got my legs loosened up. Felt good to be back on the tower. Weedsport on Monday was the biggest challenge. I sat in the production truck all night with my feet propped up on a camera case. It was the walk from the production truck to the concession stands and back that got me. To an able bodied person, that distance isn't all that far. But for someone like me, it was a long way without a place to sit or rest. I got lucky when I went and didn't run into 300 people I knew that wanted to stop me and ask how I was doing. I had to stop in front of the band on the way there and I went non stop the whole way back. And that's my limit right now... however long it is from the production truck outside turn 1 to the concession stand in turn 4. That's as far as I can go without stopping. This PICC line is a complete pain in the ass. For those unfamiliar what a PICC line is, it is an IV line that goes into a main artery in your right arm and can be used to draw blood, or to inject medicine from the same spot. But here is the thing... a tube runs through that artery all the way to your heart. This antibiotic I am on is a 20ml syringe that screws into the PICC line. I have to use a stop watch when I inject it at no more than 4 ml per minute only or risk giving myself a heart attack. I have to do this every 12 hours. Also, there are pills I take every morning. High Blood Pressure meds, an assistant to the high blood pressure meds, Lasix to pee and Florestore to keep the good bacteria in my digestive system up to snuff. On top of that, the antibiotic is so strong that it causes Thrush. Antibiotics kill bacteria. Some bacterias are good, such as the ones in your mouth. Thrush is not enough good bacteria in your mouth and everything tastes like shit. This is the second time I am dealing with Thrush. Everything tastes either extremely salty or sour. The medicine they gave me to combat the Thrush tastes nasty too. I'll skip the part about male yeast infections, but read on... Now for the worst part of the whole ordeal. I can go a single day without taking a shower, depending on how much I sweat that day. I have had just 3 showers since July 31st because this PICC line can not get wet. It's been sponge baths only and although I know I am clean, it's not the comfort you get from taking a shower. Of the 3 showers I have taken, all 3 were with the PICC line wrapped securely with Glad Cling Wrap and leaked every time. I am just finishing week number 2 of this crap with 2 more weeks to go. And all of this just because my legs were swollen enough that I can't get compression socks on.
  22. 14 cars from a 42 car starting field is 1/3. It was raining when they dropped the green. The race should never have been started and resulted in a monster crash 12 laps later. People who were there are saying it rained the entire 12 laps. The race director realized that they probably shouldn't have started the race and tried to rectify that by allowing teams to repair cars to continue. Doing so without penalty was a commendable gesture. You say the race director didn't do his job, but he did. If the grand high supreme being didn't like that call, he should have stopped the teams from making repairs immediately. HE is the one who didn't do his job.
  23. In my 47 years of involvement either as participant, employee or fan, the race director oversees all aspects of on track activity and is judge, juror and executioner in on track decision making, including rules interpretation and enforcement. General Manager oversees everything else. The race director did his job in this case. Sometimes making adjustments to rules are necessary to keep everyone happy. I've seen cases where 7 laps of a feature were run off and a quick rain storm wiped out half of the field and cancelling the remainder of the show. The following week, rather than start at lap 7 and all of the wrecked cars starting at the rear, the entire feature was restarted at lap 0 using the original starting lineup. Consistency is what keeps people happy. If a premature yellow is thrown for a car wall surfing and he is given his position back, that needs to happen every time. Just to make a point, I was one of the few who supported Friesen in his rooftop protest at ESW a bunch of years ago, so this isn't a witch hunt. All I am saying is, if he dropped even one position when the yellow was thrown, he restarts at the rear.
  24. The way I understand this.... The race should never have started. The inevitable big wreck happened. Guys were told on the radio that they could work on their cars and keep their positions. Many did. So now we have a problem. Someone made that call. It doesn't matter who made it, it was made. It needed to be corrected IMMEDIATELY and before guys could work on their cars and it was not. Guys repaired their cars with the belief that there would be no position penalty. So after the work was done, a drivers meeting was held and they were informed that anyone who repaired their cars would have to start in the rear. They claim that whoever made that call (now pointing fingers at Suitcase) did not have the authority to do so. Wait a minute here. Is Suitcase the Race Director? If so, then he DOES have that authority and he was thrown under the bus. And so were all of the drivers who repaired their cars thinking they were rejoin the field in the position they were running in as the wreck happened. Whether you like Matt Sheppard or not, he stood up for everyone who made repairs - including Larry Wight. His cussword laden tirade was absolutely right because nobody stopped them from working on their cars to spare themselves from starting in the rear. And then to allow the cars that did not crash to refuel without penalty only adds insult to injury. But the topper of all toppers in this mess was the Friesen caution. He drew the yellow. He goes to the rear and that didn't happen either. Matt didn't need t apologize for his language. He didn't say anything we all haven't heard in the pits at some time or another, and using kids in defense of your argument is weak. There are more kids in the pits these days than ever before. Of course they hear that language. And then to say Matt Sheppard isn't allowed to participate at OCFS events for the remainder of the season for speaking up for the drivers as a penalty? Immaturity at it's finest.
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    Dippel suspended

    Everyone replying in this thread needs to remember that there is a no name calling policy on this forum. Just because I haven't been able to spend as much time here as I usually do, it doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Listen.... Debate and trade opinions all you want. A cuss word properly placed now and then helps convey feeling and nobody will get scolded for that in moderation. But name calling is a weak way to convey your thoughts which are generally closed minded once you go there. As the Grainger commercial says, "Get it? Got it? Good!"