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  1. I can break down the price on the streaming service I purchase annually. It plays through an android box which I also purchased from the provider. I think it’s a pretty sweet deal. It’s called NubsVision. I order an annual live tv subscription from the service provider. Monthly subscriptions are also an option I believe. Through a live tv subscription the channels are endless, literally 1000’s of channels For sports fans it’s pretty sweet. NFL Sunday Ticket, MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass and NHL Center Ice are all included in your subscription. For us dirt racing fans, the grea
  2. Check out Mandy's video. Who ever complained came back before the start of the feature to make sure the piece was removed or altered to meet specifications. In her video, there is some guy who walks up behind Mike's car and is looking at both sides. Definitely have to think it's from the complaints pit crew.
  3. Sorry better phrase for greedy would have been business move
  4. The amount of classes on the card each night seemed a little ridiculous. The owner knew they weren’t competing against any other track. So car counts would be very high. I know purses need to be paid etc.. But seems a little greedy. Reading about the night and it sure does sound like there were plenty of red flags. What type of promoter though puts the headline class last on the card? Definitely never see that during an extended lap event. You hardly ever see that during weekly racing. Let alone when there is 5 other divisions racing that night as well.
  5. I was reading a tweet from Randy Slack. Saying the 23.5 hours of Brockville is done. Sure hope that’s including their travel time.
  6. I was following along on race monitor. Couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer at 2:15 a.m. this morning and shut it down. Last feature, 358’s, were 17 laps into their 96 lap feature.
  7. I access Chrome Google through my android box. Then sign in from there to Dirtvision. Up until this month. The live tv supplier through my android box had a subscription to both FloRacing and Dirtvision. All summer long I was getting those races for free. It was great.
  8. So intermission indicates halfway through the night then? Not the total number of laps raced or left to be raced?
  9. Wondering what other tracks do in terms of their rain out policy? I was at race track in Ontario Canada this past Saturday. It rained at intermission for about 10 minutes. All that was completed was the heat races and none of the features. They came on the PA system to say they were pulling the plug of the remainder of the evenings schedule. About 15-20 minutes later it rained a bit more, but not enough they couldn't have put the effort in to get the track back racing. They had 7 different classes of cars in the pits. Then they continued to say over the PA that they would be runn
  10. Matt raced last weekend in Quebec and Ontario. Then last night down in Bridgeport. I haven’t looked closely enough. But is Matt structuring his schedule around current COVID guidelines and restrictions. Race south of the border for a number of races then head back to Canada. Self isolate for 14 days and then back to racing in Ontario and Quebec. Maybe racing for a living is considered essential also. Lucky for Matt what ever he is doing, its to his advantage being able to get in more races.
  11. I see this weekend Matt raced Fonda and Utica Rome. Has crossing the border to race been deemed essential now. Or is Matt fortunate to cross for business purposes through his family being involved with Bicknell Racing and the business being located in both Canada and the US.
  12. Luke I've heard did get a job with the Coast Guard. But in Sarnia, ON. Will be returning for big paying events I've heard. I remember being at Frogtown Speedway then, now MIR, on the night Danny had his accident at Can-Am. They announced it over the PA at Frogtown that night and the place went silent. Having seen the video many years ago, he is a very lucky man. Congrats on a great career "Pocket Rocket".
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