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  1. Figure cannot have a Super Dirt Car series when alot of the tracks cannot run weekly or are in Canada. Not to mention some of the competitors cannot come down here from Canada. Add to the fact it would be difficult for fans to travel. The season at Oswego is in question as is the Classic. You got to have fans at these events to make them work, but if you are going to limit them or add restrictions, makes it that much harder. 14 day Quarantines are not going to bring people to the state of NY for a while. So big events sadly just ain't happening. Hate to sound like a doomer, but this virus is not showing signs of slowing down. It is effecting our daily lives and hurting alot of people. I was going to go to the 12 Hrs of Sebring in March but as you know, that got moved in November. I question if that will even happen. With all the mayhem happening in FL I am surprised alot of the local tracks here are opened and with fans. I fear it won't be long before those get shut down.
  2. Racing has always been a nice distraction from work, politics and all the other BS in the world. When that green flag falls, I do not care about anything else.
  3. Whats frustrating is you do not know who to believe or trust. You got our leaders telling us this virus is bad which it is. Some have different stay at home orders and deadlines. Some states look promising to race, but this is a very fluid and changing situation by the day. The doctors have so many views on this which complicates this. In the beginning of this we were told not to worry about this. That it was not contagious. Go about our lives. Then we find out WHO and China lied. Now we are learning China has more deaths then we were lead to believe. Masks are not effective, now they are. I am confused and disgusted with the conflicting information being thrown around. We were all gonna die and hospitals are going to be overwhelmed. Now they are not. I want to believe racing will be back in July. But it seems like we keep getting later and later till we have quite possibly no season. I am gonna say the fall. Might have to do this without fans. NASCAR, F1 and alot of professional sports leagues are discussing plans. They wanna get back online and fullfill some demand for a distraction from this crisis. They are discussing a business model that works to be profitable and keep others safe and healthy. Hopefully some better data is found. We increase testing and have better technology to find and isolate cases of the virus. This includes better contact tracing. If we got to take temperatures, wear masks and drink beer through a straw under our masks, so be it. I am not believing we will have a second wave of this. I hope I am right.
  4. NASCAR will weather this, but the local and regional scene concern me. With small businesses effected and people without jobs, where does the revenue come from? Fans and sponsors? We won't see too many sponsors probably putting money into racing if we are heading into a recession. As far as the tracks go, I really hope they can get some funding in the form of streaming if the CDC still mandates the social distancing rules. How we get back to business is going to be interesting.
  5. Watched the races Friday Night. Have to say, awesome production by DTD. Great commentary and multicameras. The drone shots were a nice touch. Went to the race Saturday. All Tech is a nicely run and well prepared half mile. I will be back next year if the Sunshine Swing is scheduled again.
  6. Agreed, alot of these are guys looking to move up. Some are the ones to watch. I came up Saturday from my home in the Fort Myers area and stayed for the Sportsmans. I always make a point to stay and watch them, they always put on a good show. Don't get to see these kinds of cars in FL so it was still a treat for me in the land of Dirt Late Models and UMP Modifieds
  7. How much would it cost for improvements? Would ends be met after all repairs and renovations are said and done? Not only that but the big question is who runs there and what runs there? No way it could be a weekly track again with an already overly saturated CNY racing scene. I would love to see it back again as a special events track again. Unfortunately these are different times and how it will function will be a serious uphill battle
  8. They really got to do a better job thining the Sportsman field down. It is a double edge sword that they have a great car count, but it just takes a up a good chunk of time to get em thined down. I am glad they save em last on the program but racing past midnight? Yikes
  9. Not too many decent dirt tracks in Florida. This is unfortunate news. Leaves just Hendry, Volusia, Bubba and North Florida at the top of my head. Any other dirt tracks in the state of FL that races?
  10. There was some joker on facebook saying, "Those tickets to Super Dirt Week are give aways, I was offered some by sponsors and refused." Well, too bad. Missed a good race. Take your pitty party elsewhere. I am pretty sure most of those fans were paying customers, not to mention the abundance of campers there. I was blown away by the amount of cars in the pits. 92 Sportsmans!! The pit area behind the back grandstands were jam packed and I even noticed some teams were set up on Albany Street and some of the neighboring campgrounds. Maybe next year have a Supermodified team run a test or demo on the track on dirt. Be interesting to see how that would be.
  11. Larry got better as the race went on. Phelps gambled by not pitting and in the end costed him a win. Larry raced smart. Found the fastest part and just flat out checked out. Great win.
  12. Agreed. Great racing. The track held up well. Very racy. All the races were exciting to watch. I flew up from Florida to visit family and take this week and the race in. I was not disappointed. Will certainly be back next year.
  13. I honestly think that the millennial has no interest in cars, let alone driving them. The fact that when kids turn 18, not too many are excited to drive a car. I can think back when I got my license. The first thing I did was drive to all kinds of tracks be it Can Am, Rolling Wheels, Fulton, Weedsport and Brewerton. How did I get this hooked? My Dad took me to a race and I never lost interest. Sometimes just one thing makes a fan for life. Perhaps more of this needs to happen. Anything you can do to create fans would be beneficial. I think all kinds of spectator sports are suffering. You don't see too many people going to other sporting events too. Getting people out to do things I think is the challenging thing now. Agreed, social media can be a gift or curse. . Before you had Gator Racing News and Speedway Scene which were valid sources. They were the end all be all. Now it is websites. Results can be found instantly and most fans now have a larger source for information But add in forums, blogs, twitter, facebook and other social media you get all kinds of opinions and unfortunately some dirty laundry being aired. Some of this dirty laundry is very harmful, vindictive, hurtful and just downright evil.
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