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  1. Crazy_Chris_Motorsports

    Rolling Wheels Rumor's resurface

    How much would it cost for improvements? Would ends be met after all repairs and renovations are said and done? Not only that but the big question is who runs there and what runs there? No way it could be a weekly track again with an already overly saturated CNY racing scene. I would love to see it back again as a special events track again. Unfortunately these are different times and how it will function will be a serious uphill battle
  2. Crazy_Chris_Motorsports

    The Year of Mat Williamson continues!

    Matt is gonna have a nice Christmas
  3. Crazy_Chris_Motorsports

    Mahaney go after Watt ?

    All I could think of was, "On the next episode of Madhouse"
  4. Crazy_Chris_Motorsports

    Super DIRT Week Friday Night Lights!

    They really got to do a better job thining the Sportsman field down. It is a double edge sword that they have a great car count, but it just takes a up a good chunk of time to get em thined down. I am glad they save em last on the program but racing past midnight? Yikes
  5. Not too many decent dirt tracks in Florida. This is unfortunate news. Leaves just Hendry, Volusia, Bubba and North Florida at the top of my head. Any other dirt tracks in the state of FL that races?
  6. Crazy_Chris_Motorsports


    There was some joker on facebook saying, "Those tickets to Super Dirt Week are give aways, I was offered some by sponsors and refused." Well, too bad. Missed a good race. Take your pitty party elsewhere. I am pretty sure most of those fans were paying customers, not to mention the abundance of campers there. I was blown away by the amount of cars in the pits. 92 Sportsmans!! The pit area behind the back grandstands were jam packed and I even noticed some teams were set up on Albany Street and some of the neighboring campgrounds. Maybe next year have a Supermodified team run a test or demo on the track on dirt. Be interesting to see how that would be.
  7. Larry got better as the race went on. Phelps gambled by not pitting and in the end costed him a win. Larry raced smart. Found the fastest part and just flat out checked out. Great win.
  8. Crazy_Chris_Motorsports

    Wow....!!! (in a good way!)

    Agreed. Great racing. The track held up well. Very racy. All the races were exciting to watch. I flew up from Florida to visit family and take this week and the race in. I was not disappointed. Will certainly be back next year.
  9. Crazy_Chris_Motorsports

    Some 'Food For Thought'...

    I honestly think that the millennial has no interest in cars, let alone driving them. The fact that when kids turn 18, not too many are excited to drive a car. I can think back when I got my license. The first thing I did was drive to all kinds of tracks be it Can Am, Rolling Wheels, Fulton, Weedsport and Brewerton. How did I get this hooked? My Dad took me to a race and I never lost interest. Sometimes just one thing makes a fan for life. Perhaps more of this needs to happen. Anything you can do to create fans would be beneficial. I think all kinds of spectator sports are suffering. You don't see too many people going to other sporting events too. Getting people out to do things I think is the challenging thing now. Agreed, social media can be a gift or curse. . Before you had Gator Racing News and Speedway Scene which were valid sources. They were the end all be all. Now it is websites. Results can be found instantly and most fans now have a larger source for information But add in forums, blogs, twitter, facebook and other social media you get all kinds of opinions and unfortunately some dirty laundry being aired. Some of this dirty laundry is very harmful, vindictive, hurtful and just downright evil.
  10. No joke. Moved here years ago. The local racing scene here is not so good as it was where I used to live. Upstate NY is a mecca for great dirt track racing. Miss having the luxury of going to so many different tracks. Used to live in the Oswego area and most tracks I would go to were Oswego obviously at times, Brewerton, Fulton, Can Am, Rolling Wheels and Cayuga County Fairgrounds.Was great how close those tracks were to home. Those were some of my favorite tracks and seen some awesome shows there. Then I moved to Florida and about the only close tracks nearby are Desoto Speedway, Hendry County Speedway and East Bay Raceway. Got to say that East Bay is the best. Great variety of classes. But the variety of tracks in this area is very small. Also there are not too many really big special shows they run here unlike up north. Hopefully the new owners get things straight at Three Palms Speedway in Punta Gorda. It is a nice little bullring and have seen races there before. I have not seen alot of fans show up for most races here, but dirt late models attract a good crowd at East Bay if they are special shows or Winter Nationals of course. I wish DIRT would run some Super DIRT Series races at East Bay, I think they would do well there
  11. Pros -large enough track -Nearby plenty of restaurants and stores. Cons Covering Oswego with dirt has never been done before. So many questionable things The pit road set up is not like NASCAR. Not good for a 300 lap race requiring pit stops with many teams. One of the questions I have is what could it do to the pavement when it is done?? Oswego needs new asphalt anyways. Wouldn't it make sense to rip up the asphalt, cover the track with dirt, go all out and then just resurface the track with new asphalt??
  12. You are in luck. Hickory Motor Speedway which is west of Charlotte has its opening March 19. http://www.hickorymotorspeedway.com/schedule.htm
  13. Well Ace Speedway has a practice session on the 19. Good bet racing starts later. As far as race shops go. All of them with the exception of RCR are in the Charlotte area. All of them allow you to look in and see what is going on. Glass window or right on the floor depending on the shop. Michael Waltrip racing is the only one that charges admission. RCR is like 45 minutes to an hour away from Charlotte. I will break down the shops I went to. Concord In that area is Roush, Hendrick and Ganassi-DEI. Hendrick-Not too far from the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Has a museum with past successful Hendrick cars. The shops are in separate buildings and have a window but you won't see too much. Roush-This is a sprawling campus. The buildings look like offices and you would never guess it houses Roush. Theres a museum there and on site is Richard Petty Motorsports on the same grounds. When I was there I was able to look in and see the 16 and 6 side. The 17 and 99 is on the other side and when I was there it was closed off. Maybe it's open now. Ganassi-DEI- Just down the road from Roush. Has a platform where you can walk onto the shop floor and see both the 42 and 1 cars. Harrisburg Wood Brothers Racing-Not too far from Concord. This shop is very old school. You can walk right into the office and back to the shop right on the shop floor. Kannapolis Just up the road from Concord is Stewart-Haas. It just has an atrium with a big glass enclosed shop to look in. Mooresville Penske- By far I thought this was the best shop. You walk upstairs and they have this "fan walk" where you can overlook the cars being worked on. Houses the Indy car teams but thats off limits to fans. Jr Motorsports-Just a window in the gift shop. Red Bull Racing- Just a window in the gift shop Kasey Kahne Racing- is located in the area of Jr Motorsports. Has his sprint car shop there and has a window you can look in to see Red Bull Racing- Has just a Window in the gift shop. DEI- The old DEI shop was a kind of a disappointment. If you like Earnhardt this is a nice museum with some of his cars and trophys. I was upset to see that the famous DEI cars are in this other room behind glass. You cannot get up close to those cars to get a good look like most places. So if you want to take pictures with Dale Earnhardt Jr or Michael Waltrips Daytona 500 winning cars forget it. Huntersville Joe Gibbs Racing- has a nice atrium and glass window overlooking the 18 and 20 team cars being worked on. The 11 car shop is way out of view. When I was there I saw none other then Joe Gibbs himself there. Nice guy and gave me a signed copy of his book. Sometimes if you are lucky you might run into some drivers or owners. Welcome RCR- If you are an Earnhardt fan this is the place. Has a nice museum in the old RCR shop which is filled with Earnhardt's old cars. Down the road is the current RCR shop with an atrium, a parts shop downstairs you can look into and upstairs through the glass you can see the whole RCR shop, 29,33, 27 and 31. Down the road is the Nationwide Series shop and you can just walk onto the floor and look Best eats in Mooresville and a must stop is Lancaster's Bar-b-que. Great food and great atmosphere surrounded by NASCAR sheetmetal, helmets and firesuits. Word of warning. Eastern Carolina Pulled Pork is HOT!! I mean spicy hot. I was not prepared for how hot it was but it was good.
  14. Crazy_Chris_Motorsports


    I don't think you can fix a race. Everyone says if that were the case then Dale Jr would be winning all the races and not Jimmie Johnson. It would be stupid for drivers to arrange for laps to crash and stuff. Theres been no evidence of payoffs. I suppose some of those fans think that we did not land on the moon. However its been said that some drivers in inspection are givin "THE CALL" as Bill Elliott said in his book which means the inspectors will let certain stuff fly with certain drivers. Thats what some drivers say but that could just be sour grapes. I would not say the races are fixed but cheating plays a bigger factor maybe. There is cheating in NASCAR and its a matter of getting caught. Now they are saying Waltip's spoiler fell off his truck and they are investigating that. Waltrip is no stranger to this considering his team got in deep crap for using jet fuel in his engines. I don't know if anyone remember Bobby Allison's Daytona 500 win where his bumped was supposidly designed to fall off and give him more speed.
  15. Crazy_Chris_Motorsports

    Are You Kidding Me !

    I ment to say DIRT does not do the "Overdrive" My bad and hope no one else does. I really think the problem is NASCAR says "They listen to the fans" but maybe its not the right fans, someone in a boardroom or maybe its someone on Mars because half the ideas they put in are not too bright at times and from outer space. The new changes in the points this year were changed because "thats what the fans wanted." I don't buy that one bit. Thats just something to say to justify any move. Brian France which fans? The ones on another planet? The problem with NASCAR is they are more concerned about putting on a "Show" rather then a "race." I have a theory that NASCAR is intentionally doing some of these moves to weed out the old fans or old demographics. Its not your Daddy's NASCAR anymore. The new NASCAR fan is one who is a sucker who buys all the latest Dale Jr stuff, spends alot of money on the best seats or luxury box. NASCAR is targeting the affluent to stay afloat. NASCAR sees dollar signs from the affluient fans who will just blow thier money on tickets to a NASCAR race regardless if the product sucks. To heck with the smart old time NASCAR fans who know a good race when they it. Why be concerned with them? NASCAR thought lets just create new fans. It cannot support itself from the old blue collar fans of old. That and they want to create a new image of the fans. Gone are the Winston Cigarette, Chevy truck driving, Busch drinking and Wrangler wearing jeans fans. They do not want those fans anymore and can live without them. Today we have the Sprint phone talking, Toyota driving and Kim Kardashian Sephora fragrances wearing fans. NASCAR wants to shed its old rowdy southern roots and go national to other markets. In order to do that they try so hard to appeal to new markets. Who would have thought that a NASCAR track in the Los Angeles area or Chicago area would have a NASCAR race? During the 90s boom they built new tracks, took some old tracks off the schedule and changed the rules around. The old rules were working too. But NASCAR thought they were so big enough at this point that it would not matter so then they started to make up the rules more as they went on.