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  1. If Meehan would have turned left when he got to the corner there would have not been any roll.
  2. Bob, I have the same problem. I went to NAPA and bought a clear face shield. It was just under $20. I wear it when i go shopping. I had to go to my Cardiologist the other day and wasn't sure if it would be OK there. It was OK. My Dr. came in and joked, asked if i was on a welding job. He had no problem with it.
  3. I enjoyed the racing last night. Just wish they would start a little earlier , had problems staying awake. Looking forward to to nights race. THANK YOU DTD.
  4. Jack Johnson won Superbowl Speedway, Tx 2/28/88, Devil's Bowl Speedway, Tx 3/3/89 and Battleground Speedway , Tx 3/8/89.
  5. THANK YOU so much Bob Miller for helping me get set up to watch the race. Your the BEST.
  6. Its hard to say with out it being in from of me
  7. I have tried to get set up to watch but guess iam to dumb to get set up. I don't know why it always so had. I guess iall have just watch TV and no racing. Bitch to get old. And not be able to to this new shit.
  8. They elect people they feel will draw fans to come and pay to go thru the Hall
  9. I sent a e-mail to Fred but haven't heard any thing back, not sure if he got it or not. Hi Fred I was looking at your Lebanon Valley Speedway page. Track Champion for 1959 was Howie Westervelt OK All time Win List Howie Westervelt isn't listed in 1959 he won 17 See attach photos Thank You Rick LaGrange
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