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  1. Thats a pretty bold statement, you your self have talked to all the teams. That mush have taken a lot of time. Finding all there phone # and calling them all. Sounds like you must work for CNN
  2. Yes but they can go there and watch there game and not set there looking at a FA1 screen
  3. I thought some of the cautions at the end of the race were a joke, cars would stop , caution comes out they drive in to the pit and work on their car. get 3 laps to just work on there car. No tire change . I can see it if they are towed off, but just sit and drive in when the yellow comes out. Hanson did that at the end of the race. I think it was 3 times.
  4. I thought it looked pretty good tonight, came from the back twice.
  5. Big

    Turn 1,2,3 or 4

    I have been going to Fonda since 1961. Started out in turn 1 and worked my way down to turn 4 turn by mid season and have been setting there ever since. Watching them come thru 3 and 4 is allsome. And down the homestretch is super.
  6. Just look at there win % last year. Stew's was far better that Matts
  7. 8/17/19 MODIFIED PURSE: 1 $100,000 2 $35,000 3 $15,000 4 $11,000 5 $10,000 6 $9,000 7 $8,000 8 $7,000 9 $6,000 10 $5,000 11 $4,000 12 $3,500 13 $2,500 14 $2,000 15 $2,000 16 $1,950 17 $1,900 18 $1,850 19 $1,800 20 $1,700 21 $1,600 22 $1,500 23 $1,400 24 $1,200 25 $1,100 26- 40 $1,000
  8. Big


    I had fluid build up a year and half ago. It was called Congestive Heart Failure. They had to put me under to pump it out from my heart and lungs. Then had to work on the legs. It is something i'll have to fight the rest of my life. Have to watch my feet and legs all the time. If they start to swell i have to take some extra pills. I have been sleeping in a reclinder for years. Can't sleep laying down. GOOD LUCK, do what the Dr. say. Get ready to go with out salt. watching every thing you eat for sodium
  9. Stewart Friesen said last night on the radio talk show he was.