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  1. I watched it over and over. If Matt wasn't ahead of Dipple he wound not have been able to go over his front end. Your going to stick to what you say you saw and iam going to stick to what i saw. THE END
  2. If Dipple hadn't froced Matt into the inner barrierl it would not have happen. From what i saw was Matt getting froced in to the inter barrier and bounced off the barrier in the air into Dipple car. Dipple just driving like he all ways does.
  3. It can'r be leave Dunn car made weigh with all the body parts, nerf bar and brackets missing.
  4. Capital Region Sprint Car Agency The CRSA Signs Two Returning Sponsors For 2012 For Immediate Release February 21, 2012 Media Contact: LaGrange Media (tobylagrange@hotmail.com / (518) 844-2196) The Capital Region Sprint Agency (CRSA) is proud to announce that a pair of dedicated sponsors has signed on to return for the tours seventh season. Kreitz Oval Track Parts of Sinking Springs, Pennsylvania has returned to the series as a contingency sponsor for the 2012 season. Kreitz Oval Track Parts offers everything you will need for your Sprint Car. They also o
  5. I miss being able to go to the races, this old age shit sucks. Went to Fonda from 1961 to 2019. My wife and i left our wedding party in 1969 early so we would not miss and of the race. I have it set up to have my ashes put on the track when i die.
  6. I get all kinds of ads. when i watch Fonda but had no Ads. tonight .
  7. I have gotten e-mail back, and all it says is they will pass it on the another department to look into it.
  8. What does the service have to do with what Flo show. AOL
  9. Lap times, In the feather only 3 cars ran in the 20. laps. Jessica 20.277, Stewart 20.625 and bobby Varin 20.991
  10. That not what i saw on Flo, she passed coming out of the turn.
  11. Stewart got by her twice and she passed him right back. She was running his very top grove and he had to try the bottom and there were some holes down there that would upset his car. She drove a great smart race.
  12. I wish i wasn't so dumb that i could under stand what you are talking about. I watch on my computer. Ever time i try to adjust the sound so it not so loud, i lose the sound all together i have to sign out and sign back in to get the sound back. For the life of me i don't know why they feel they have to have the sound so loud for ads.
  13. They suck, There add are so loud they about blow out my speakers. They put there adds in the middle of the 4 cyl. race, They were reading the sponsors for the Hondo race and after lap 18 they went to there dam adds. I sponsored 2 laps and would of like to here my name. Then when they were giving the starting line up, about 1/2 way thru back to the adds. When i try to turn the volume i don't get any sound and have to sign out and sign back in. I have been filling the form out about 10 times each week but does no good.
  14. He raced modified midgets for years, them raced 305 Sprint in Pa. the last few years with several wins after leaving the 602 class. I guess he has had a change for the better. Good for him, he is really a very nice guy.
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