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  1. Not a bad suggestion right here.... Something different...
  2. Keep Deyo out of central NY.... Hate much?
  3. Why would anyone NOT WANT another dirt track? Unless your the owner of another... These places are closing daily please open it back up!!
  4. P&T Racing


    Is there ANYTHING that people won't complain about.....
  5. P&T Racing

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    I saw it... I was in half covered stands... He clearly punted him... He ADMITTED IT.
  6. P&T Racing

    Time To Retire?

    And so much for that Hearn rumor.....
  7. P&T Racing

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    "Mega Money" Williamson being in the Beherent #3 may have saved his a$$ from penalty on the track... That ride is racing royalty at OCFS... JMO.
  8. P&T Racing

    Brett Hearn

    Hearing that he's announcing at ESW that he will take over as OCFS Promoter and run a select schedule in 2020...
  9. The race at Lebanon Valley (200?) when Horton in the 85 car took Hearn out...
  10. We have no idea what Gurda said to Sheppard during the whole exchange, but Matt was outta line with the P.O.S comments. But, that being said there was no physical altercation just words. And anyone can get over words.
  11. Good crowd too... drive in was full down to the last row that usually gets used...
  12. Thanks for the info... We see the Shakelton deal down in these parts!!
  13. Just an observation... That Metal Pless company that sponsored Hearn for 2 minutes really won the marketing lottery. That picture is being used all over to promote the Centennial Weekend and I would imagine 2019 ESW. Talk about right time, right place!!
  14. seems to be fair pricing? i think the past years have been +/- $25,35,45 for weekend