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  1. I'm on board again this year for the same things this year, Kelley. Jim J&J Racing
  2. AR has different compounds, with the most common compounds ranging from 33 (soft) to 53 (hard). The STSS races are mostly "shorter" due to Brett understanding that races do not need to be 100 or more laps to be entertaining and competitive. It's easier on the race teams both short and long term. In my opinion it has nothing to do with AR tires. Many of the racers I know prefer the ARs over the Hoosiers and there are definitely differences.
  3. I am not defending it and could care less about how much money they have or don't have, and are saving or not saving. I was just answering something Sean Dolan had asked /posted. I have only been there once and didn't love it or hate it, but I do hope the track makes it and Jeremie does a great job with it.
  4. Property and school taxes, probably some insurance, and maybe some payroll (someone has to manage the "business").
  5. I happen to have a rock formation in the backyard of my race shop....a ot of great names/drivers that are hard to leave off the list. Northeast: Barefoot, Ray Dalmata, Tremont, and Brightbill. Nationally: T-Mac, Bloomer, Larson, and Kinser
  6. Thanks, Stretch...I appreciate the well wishes. Sorry for my delay in responding, I was away with my son's travel soccer team the past 3-4 days and still trying to get my feet back on the ground. I went back and read "Danny's" post. It is a complicated one to respond to, but I will try. Every track differs week to week and sometimes it is minor and sometimes it is more major, and sometimes it gradually changes over a summer season. There were times when Jake/Mike and Pete/Matt tried some things to see how it affected the track and the racing. They tried going hard and slick for a bit to see if we liked it better than the hammer down situation we had when it is super tacky. (That track is lightening fast when the clay is moist and tacky!) It seemed that the drivers there at those times always gravitated to something in the middle, which I agreed with too. All of this has occurred at every track I raced at with any consistency over the 20+ years I have been racing, so no surprises. The track at the Ridge was different Sunday night than the last time few times I raced there, but that does not make it a bad track. We all race on the same surface and have to adapt to that surface and it's changes. The drier, slicker tracks are most advantageous to the drivers with good throttle and brake control, and usually more experience, while the heavier, fast tracks are good for the guys who have heavy feet and enjoy flat footing it around the entire time. That type of track makes it very hard to pass. I had no problem with the track on Sunday, and I thought there was a little bit of an outside groove in 3&4. The high side in 1&2 is usually not really there or up so high that it makes it too far around to gain ground. Again, it changes weekly or nightly and sometimes what works for one class does not work for a different class. I'll close with the point that I think Ray and Mike are trying very hard to keep a neat little race track open and operating. I am not sure what the right or wrong answer is for that place, but it is one of the best tracks I have raced on (I liked Fulton a lot in the early and mid-90's) and I hope they or someone finds the right answer and keeps the racing happening at that place.
  7. I could not agree with Mr. Nelson more on this post, well written! I am writing to share that I changed plans for the weekend and ran at The Ridge because Ray and Mike took a chance and gave the Mod show a shot, and we should support that decision/risk as racers and fans. The fans certainly supported it and there were some good cars there. I hope Ray and Mike made out ok financially and decide to do it again. Jimmy Becker PS: I think if I hit the front stretch wall one more time in that same spot I might finally break it. 🐵
  8. GC...very sorry, but happy to read she had a fulfilling life and passed away amongst friends and family. Warm wishes from all of us at J&J Racing
  9. Very sorry to hear this...Bernie was a great guy and always so friendly and willing to help. Lost a good one! Condolences and warm wishes to the Heald family!!
  10. race4one

    What do you do?

    Besides racing as much as my schedule allows and supporting Andy's Speed Shop on a monthly basis, I sponsor young drivers coming up in the sport and I bring my car/truck/trailer/crew to events for younger kids. I use the attention the car gets to try to get them interested in coming to the races and to talk to them about team work, safety, and the importance of an education.
  11. I think Premium was just letting us know there is a car and equipment for sale, and not really an announcement. JMO
  12. We go to the dirt bike races every year and while you can smell it, it is not that bad, and they run 40-45 races.
  13. race4one

    Favorite driver

    When I was younger it was Ray Dalmata....consistently fast, clean, and always kept his cars looking nice. After that it was Barefoot, which morphed into T-Mac. I tend to root for Kenny Tremont locally.
  14. race4one


    Prayers and warm wishes to you and your family Bob!