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  1. For me the biggest factor is crew help. We only had a couple guys for the week, hard to get ppl to go for a whole week when most ppl are working. This year I was lucky enough to have 2 cars down there, but it almost makes it harder on a small team in a way. We barely had time to even maintain anything during the day. The 358 satellite shows were huge when the mile was going because it gave teams that couldn't afford the mile somewhere to race and still be a part of Dirt Week. Tracks were also closer to the mile, so there was less time traveling back and forth. Now you have to leave Oswego earlier than you use to. Its almost cheaper to just run Oswego than the satellites, little to no tire wear, no travelling. So now most teams are just running Oswego, which is good but i think the weekly shows need to get adjusted.
  2. I really wish the satellite shows during dirt week were not series shows. It makes it almost impossible for a small team to run all 3 races and be at Oswego during the day and weekend. I did it this year and won't be doing that again anytime soon. Unless you have 2 seperate teams to look after oswego and satellite shows separate. I would like to follow the series again but the Dirt week schedule will prevent me from doing so.
  3. Some years there are races added after the original posted schedule. The year has only been over a month. Maybe some other tracks are working on adding them but haven't commited yet.
  4. The Fonda 200 ran for the first time in along time, they didn't have the date before. Last year Fonda had a late season race but was it not a Dirt Series Race? So if a new owner takes over the track and goes a different route, but wants to keep the date does that mean the Super Dirt Series can't schedule a race somewhere else to make up for the date they lost. Realistically they had a race at Fonda last year and Deyo didn't, so really Deyo stepped on Dirts date. Yes I may be stretching a bit, but just showing how it could be viewed differently. (This year was different with an extra weekend, so will even be harder moving foward)
  5. Just because a promotor announces a date for a race doesn't mean they own all rights to that weekend. Other promoters might be in talks with sanctioning bodies or sponsors to set their plans. If they are working out details still and someone else schedules something else, they are suppose to just abandon all the work they have done with their own plans?
  6. i have ised this argument over and over again with sportsman guys i feel should move up, or can move up. They feel they cant, but if they seen what we spent and run fairly competitive, the purse difference themselves pay more than the freshen of engines. Yes there will be guys that outspend us and there is nothing we can do about it, but i feel on any given night i can compete with the best with less than top notch engines or equipment.
  7. what time of day does the race start? is it a day time race or a night race?
  8. One of the best, and one of my favourites at my home tracks growing up. Glad I was able to race against him for a few years
  9. I was going to say it doesnt seem like many people on here have sat in a racecar in over 100 degree weather. I am ok with racing or with them not racing because of the heat. This isn't most of our jobs and i would say a lot of us aren't in tip top shape lol
  10. Slick is good at certain tracks, while some tracks tacky seems to work ok, slick tracks seem racier to me up here in Canada
  11. I think each track should run a rookie sportsman class for 3 or 4 weeks to start every year and then eliminate it. Gives new guys a chance to learn the basics but then its time to move up. To many bad habits are learned racing guys that haven't raced before.
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