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  1. So here it is. This is the heat race. I always leave a little bit of sitting on pit lane and heading to the scales in, as I think those are things the people who haven’t raced yet don’t see. The dust at LV sure is different.. hangs in the air but is sticky.
  2. YouTube link I know, it’s been a while since I uploaded an RJ video. After hanging up my helmet I got into Flat Track racing. I have now thrown myself into the ground often enough that I’m thinking I may hang up another helmet. With most of us not being able to go racing, I thought this might help. Enjoy!
  3. I have been a bit busy racing on two wheels myself, and not spending as much time working with RJ as I would like to. I have a few more races to upload, I will try to get to them this week. Enjoy!
  4. Jake, I am sometimes not so smart. Fixed the title, I will fix it on YouTube tonight. BTW, congrats on the sweep.
  5. I'm playing with camera location to try to keep it cleaner, and I'm not real happy with this..
  6. The camera took a rock partway and broke the case. But... Enjoy. I know I had a blast watching RJ in this race, I hope all you fans out there enjoyed it.
  7. I'm kidding. A new career path has me so busy I haven't even made it to the Spraker/Johnson shop since the team meeting.. and yes, there was free food there. I showed up last night at Fonda, and after a few hours of what I hope was good natured ribbing I was allowed to hang out. Of course, I brought my GoPro... https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCf1IgQ1HjFns2vX8aGAoA1A This is the youtube channel I use for uploading the videos. Last night is uploading now.. but plenty of other stuff to watch. RJ had some brake related issues that I am certain is already fixed. I'm looking forward to working under seventy hours a week and seeing some of you at the track.
  8. And that is part of the game. Bringing money to the table is no different than running the right cross weights, or getting the tire prep right, or having the right gears.  It matters. It all matters. And if you can't get all of it to work, you don't win. Just because we find one part of it harder to get than the rest doesn't mean it isn't part of the equation. 
  9. It sure is easy to look at a young kid who seems to show up with some money, win some races, get caught cheating and hate him.      I once was one spot out from qualifying at Fonda, and I think he made the show that night. Rocky moved me, Tyler may have been cheating, blah blah blah. Rocky moved me because he caught me and I was slower than him. Tyler and ten other guys may have been cheating.    Only talked to Rocky in person a few times. Seems a decent guy ( Hi Rocky. I forgot when I saw you at the RC race to mention.. condolences. Can't imagine what you are dealing with. ) And never once met Tyler.        Here is what I know for sure: If I hit the lottery tomorrow, handed Teo a bunch of cash and bought a crew chief…. not sure I can keep up. These guys put in a ton of hours and can easily communicate to someone else what the car is doing. Running a team is hard work. Shit, it is hard work when the team is just you, and old Teo, and an older guy helping….much less a whole team.      Yeah, there are guys who's driving I greatly dislike. But I reserve judgement on the man himself until I meet him in person.      Tyler hit the financial lottery. That is life. But races are won not at the bank, but in the barn. And cheating alone won't get the job done.. ( I say that as a guy who ran a JPM open during an exhibition race for rookies at Fonda. Wanna know what all that extra HP got me? Sideways in turn one trying to keep up with better prepared teams. )      Life is not fair. Get a helmet, get out there, and do your best. 
  10. I didn't get a big enough memory card:) http://youtu.be/Ax2mvQWX6ZI
  11. It is a shame, but I gotta say the team as a whole are fantastic people. After all that work and time, the entire crew simply and professionally packed up and got ready to head home. Both Alton and RJ stay calm in situations that would have me crying in my Wheaties. 
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