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  1. Premiumdiesel, thank you for the offer!! Unfortunately we had major motor issues Saturday night. I am not sure what the plan is with the 82 or when it will return to the track, BUT I have not given up on racing this year! We will see what the future brings!!
  2. The first year the mods ran at Eldora we ran Champion plugs. One race we wouldn't have any problems, the next we'd have to change them to get the motor to run right, but they were a sponsorship deal. Well at Eldora they decided not to run right so we had so we had to change them. By the time we had it all figured out, qualifying was over. we started 15th I believe and was just about to run down Bob McCreadie for the lead (oh and we were just about ready to lap Brett Hearn) when my right rear tire blew. Most likely because I had to abuse it to get to the front. We pitted and put another tire on, Brett comes in and puts a softer compound on, he had been running HARDS and came in and put on SOFTS like everybody else had. He drove to the front and won, our right rear grew to much and we only got to 5th. If only. . . . . I have had mags just weaken though, which changing it will cure the problem. With a MSD setup it could be the coil, ignition box or distributor that's the problem. SDW 2008. We had a brand new magneto in the car. Right before halfway the motor just quits coming through turn 4, caution comes out. I just happening to try the starter and the motor fires right up and ran fine. Restart almost last and with just a couple of laps to go we're running 3rd behind Billy Decker who blows his motor and coasts off the track. Now we're second to Frank Cozze, and as we're sailing down the front stretch, the motor quits again, this time no luck with the starter, figure we're out of gas. The crew checks it after we get pushed into the pits and we still have a few gallons of gas left. When we get back to the shop we put another mag in and it fires right up. If only. . . . I drove for an owner who swore by E3 plugs, said they were 6 extra HP. I couldn't tell though lol. I've had the most luck with Autolite. When installing the plugs we usually try to index the plugs so the opening is towards the center of the piston.
  3. I just want say for the record that after reading these posts- some of you people are nuts!! lol
  4. Glen Donnelly had a few of them built. Would take them to different tracks, usually during a SDS race and have some of the stars race them. There were some entertaining races! They also had a deal where on Tuesday nights a group could rent them and drive them at Weedsport. They always had a regular modified show up and be the "pace car". One night we were there to do it and while we were driving around the track one of the "drivers" messed up getting into turn one and smacked the wall hard! Everything came to a quick halt while he was checked out, turns out he was ok, and the car wasn't hurt bad. While everything was quiet we suddenly heard a shriek from the grandstands, it was the drivers girlfriend who had replayed the incident over on her camcorder. She shrieked when she realized she had gotten the whole thing on tape! lol
  5. Bill Trout died last night. Other than my family, he probably was the biggest help to my racing career. He got me a job working for John Birosh and I also worked on his race cars that John drove. He later put me in his race car which allowed me to make a big step up in my driving career. He had many drivers over the years including John Birosh, and Alan and Danny Johnson. Bill owned the car that Danny drove from last to first at Rolling Wheels in the SDS race. Matt Sheppard got his Sportsman career started in a Bill Trout car, and also took his first laps in a big block in one of his cars. Godspeed Bill
  6. No we didn't go to ESW that year. We did finish 3rd in 2004 to wrap up the Mr. DIRT title.
  7. Not really a particular race, but when I was a kid, opening day at Weedsport. They usually opened on a Sunday afternoon and it was before any other tracks opened so it was everybody's first chance to see all the new cars. Cars from all over New York and sometimes other states converging in the ( sometimes) bright early spring sun! I can still recall the smell of fresh paint (yes paint!!), race fuel, and hot dogs! And the sound of the unmuffled big block and late model engines! A race that I wasn't involved in for me would have to be either Jack Johnson's first SDW win or Alan Johnson's first SDW win. For me it would be two, 2002 SDS at Hagerstown, my first SDS win, or 2004 at Hagerstown in my first race for the Beachy team when we won the SDS race.
  8. I will second Rob's assessment about fans that don't normally see the big blocks run. Almost every time we've raced at Charlotte I've had somebody come up to me after the Friday night feature or before racing starts on Saturday and say that they were blown away by the sound that the mods make when they all hit the throttle at the start of the feature. And they always seemed to be impressed with the racing the mods put on too. It's funny how a perception of something never changes when in reality it's either not as bad as it seems for the most part or, in this case New York, the only place that sees that "problem". Case in point, ONLY New York tracks get slick. All Tech (in Florida) just had some modified racing there and just judging by the video, it seemed like it got slick. BUT the racing seemed like it was pretty good was it not?? The last SDS race at Weedsport, the track had bite all night, even Matt Sheppard, who usually favors the bottom, was running the cushion. I know we had to loosen our car up for the feature because the track had so much bite. There have been times that the surface hasn't been the greatest, but I know they've been working hard on different things to get a handle on that surface.
  9. I appreciate the compliment! That being said, every time I drove for a team that wanted to try something "different", I would say to them, do you have a budget to do testing or a lot of racing? Are you willing to spend many nights not getting good results because what you thought might work didn't, at least on that particular night. Do you have time to be in the shop changing stuff along with the usual maintenance that's required with a modified? Very rarely has anyone ever come up with something over night and immediately were fast. It takes a lot of time, money and patience. I've been a part of some teams that have tried different stuff. We were trying coils on the rear on that famous night that Danny ran our other car (it wasn't a back up car) at Rolling Wheels and won. We actually did win with that coil car, but decided it wasn't worth the time and effort then to try and develop it further because our other car was running really good. We also had the first rubber floor car, that one turned out pretty good though.
  10. How long do you think it would take, if somebody in Central New York came up with something better, to have it available to everyone?? It took about three years total from the time the latest craze started by some guys in Delaware until everybody could buy the parts and go faster. And now teams have to spend a bunch of money if they want to keep up. And like I said, pretty much all of the modified teams are running some version of it, so what has been gained, other than money in the parts manufacturers pockets?? What good what it be to turn the modifieds into a "late model lite" anyway?? Spending a lot of money the change the rear suspension AGAIN would only be advantages to the big teams and the gap between the haves and have nots would only grow bigger.
  11. I think DIRT did the right thing with these rules. With the latest trend towards rear coils, left side rear panard rods, and short radius rods, teams had to spend 1,000's of dollars to keep up. And in the end most modified pit areas are filled with cars that have basically the same rear suspension again, but the teams have less money in their pockets. DIRT actually had the foresight to see what was coming next and decided to put an end to it.
  12. Still arguing about a race held in 2015? Anyway when you sign a Platinum contract, you agree to follow the terms of the contract. you get certain benefits for doing so. Brett made it known he was not going to Weedsport. Time trails were held on Friday night, no Brett Hearn. Gates opened for the race Saturday, no Brett Hearn. DIRTcar couldn't use him for promotion of the race, because he wasn't going to be there. They couldn't use him for autograph sessions, because he wasn't there. (both part of the contract that he signed btw) I don't remember if there was still a consi to be run, but all other qualifying was completed, no Brett Hearn. Yes ultimately the race was cancelled, but there was an attempt to run it and DIrtcar decided that he didn't follow the terms of the agreement so he was "punished". Pretty simple. It worked out for him though. And you know what, if I was in his shoes I would've done the same thing. He wasn't in a position to win Mr. DIRT and had a really good chance of winning ESW so might as well go after the money!!
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