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  1. A chassis company built the "outlawed" part. meaning it would cost racers money to get it. My point was that there are things racers can do to improve their own car that doesn't require much money, but does require time and effort.
  2. Racers always complain about the cost of racing. But when a sanctioning body clarifies a rule that will end up saving racers money, they complain that it takes away innovation! There's still many places on a modified that can be changed to possibly get an advantage, but how many racers will actually do that ???
  3. If you watched Doug Elkins' video, Jimmy hits the nail on the head. It used to be that once the track would get dry you could race almost everywhere on it, but it has been getting to the point where it would get bottom dominate once it got black. Hopefully the changes will allow drivers to run up the track, but I also think that the changes will bode well when there's bite in the track too.
  4. By rule the Northeast mods have to have the bodies centered on the frame and not skewed like the late model bodies are. But there still is aero benefits to having the right front dropped almost to the track surface and the left rear stuck high in the air. Drag on a short track while not being completely unthought of, is not nearly important as down force. Having the back of the rear deck on a mod at a steep angle, is comparable to the rear spoiler on a late model that stands nearly vertical. As they catch air, they both act like a lever that rotates around the rear axle to pull down on the re
  5. Except for a few cars that run STSS, Northeast modifieds do not run a 4 link rear suspension.
  6. The change from torsion bar, long rear radius rods, and right side panard rod rear suspension to coilovers, short rear radius rods, and left side panard rod was made because of the “potential” of that suspension. Currently the setups being used with this suspension are really just the tip of the iceberg regarding the performance gains that are possible. There is generally a slight decline in lap times compared to the old setup, but I expect that as more is learned, the cars will be even quicker. Another thing this setup allows is the ability to move around on the track more, meaning you don’t
  7. When the left rear is raised up on a modified when it's at speed, the left rear radius rod is at an angle where it makes the left rear suspension basically solid. The right front corner of the frame will occasionally bottom out too. Not a fun ride when it's rough.
  8. I've been an F1 fan for awhile, I like the fact that these cars are at the absolute edge of technology but yet an exceptional driver still can make a difference. I also like how it's packaged for tv. The pre race is called just that, and when the start of the race is announced you know that's when it will start. You also know the race will be around 2 hours long. I'm not a fan of parking lot tracks, but I will say they did a good job of changing the Abu Dahbi track. As for yesterday, the race director was in a bad spot, if they took the time they usually did to go through getting the la
  9. And you know as well as I do, that this has been going on since Glen ran the show.
  10. And you know as well as I do, that this has been going on since Glen ran the show.
  11. I really wish I could somehow get people to "feel" what the air does to a car as it goes around the track. What people think happens and what really happens is quite different. I've talked to numerous aerodynamicists over the years about modified body designs and one thing they all agreed upon was that the different yaw and attack angles that the car is in as it goes around the track make it difficult to make a "one size fits all" body. One thing that is often overlooked when examining body design, is the negative affect that the front tires have on the air as it meets the car. So basically a
  12. BRP has been building frames without a torsion rack for a few years now. There were probably only a handful of cars in the field at Charlotte that still had a torsion rack.
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