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  1. My Brother Chris Hile is doing all 6 nights. Decker, Ward and Wight are doing all 6 nights with both Big Block and also all running the 3 small Block races also Rob Hile
  2. Upset or not we will take it LOL. Thank you to Paul Cole, The Land of Legends Staff and also the Hears family for putting on such a cool event in Memory of a Great Man!! Justin called me on sunday and we talked for awhile and he was super happy we won it. Looking forward to Octoberfast in a few short weeks. Rob Hile
  3. Drove by the NYS fairgrounds on saturday, You would think it was business as usual. About 1000 horse trailers and people everywhere, Tons of cars on the crucible steel side for what im assuming was some kind of event seomwhere. Was surprised to see that much traffic on state property.
  4. I can measure one of the gypsum haulers tomorrow at work and get you a upper deck height. Back 10 years ago when we didnt run tall cage cars you could get away with a little less height, now with the taller cages its getting more and more tight on the upper deck. Bicknell makes some pretty nice "loader" tires that use a small passenger car tire to gain some room. Latemodel stackers will 100% not work on our cars, they are alot shorter than our modifieds are. Liftgate trailers are nice because you end up with more overall space and room inside the trailer because you lift is built into the back of the trailer giving you more storage in the trailer, If the liftgate has a issue and you cant close your door then they arent so fun LOL. I have seen some very nice stackers with lifts inside also, Those are usually cheaper than a liftgate style trailer also Rob Hile
  5. A regular handheld scanner would do the trick, you could go that route or you could get a raceceiver, That is what all the drivers will be wearing to listen to the tower. I personally would go with a scanner that lets you program frequencies that way if you end up at a nascar race or at a race like Super Dirt Week next year you could program some drivers frequencies in and listen to their radio chatter. The problem with the ones the drives use is once you set it to that channel that is the only one you will be able to hear. Rob Hile
  6. I went, Place was absolutely packed!! Had a good field of cars, I wasnt happy when I seen they were running 4 classes tho LOL... made for a late night. I got home around 4:30am. Track was tough to pass on early making it tough if you drew bad. They only started 24 cars, and at the end i think there were only 14-16 cars left on the track. Watt was hooked up all night and drove off with it in the feature Rob Hile
  7. It makes a little more HP and torque from the bigger carb and the better header design.
  8. Thanks for the kind words. All the cars are pretty much identical in the gypsum stable, there are a few minor differences but nothing major. The only thing different about this car is the "PA" spec head engine in the car. Pretty much the same as we would run here for a dirtcar 358 show other than that you can run a ported intake manifold, 750 Carburator and a tri-y header in PA. This car is actually the same car he won the 358 race at Oswego last year(minus the engine)
  9. Gypsum car for both races. Thats the car we tested last night at fulton Rob Hile
  10. Yes sir, We will be in Charlotte also! The plan for this season was the full SDS until covid hit LOL
  11. I only work for Gypsum Racing 40 hours a week for the past 8 years and Spend the other 40 hours a week working on the family owned race team with my brother.... What would I know HAHAHAHA. ON a positive note I am glad Dirtcar and the tracks were able to come together and put on some late race shows together so we can go racing. Definitely has been a weird year. Looking forward to hitting all 6 shows with the 5H
  12. You arent comparing apples to apples, Syracuse and Old Middletown were special tires that you used once a year. Now everyone who runs hoosiers has the correct compound to run at 95% of the tracks we go to and have what they would need to go out and run these 6 shows. My argument is that most guys who have one or the other more than likely wont go out and buy what they dont have. How many american racer only guys do you think will go out and buy 15 hoosiers to run these 6 shows.... I mean buying tires is buying tires right?
  13. Most guys who dont have american racers dont have them for a reason and more than likely wont be using them again if they bought them for this race. Bridgeport runs racers weekly, Look how many locals wend and bought Hoosiers for the SDS race when we came to town. Its a investment to go out and get a bunch of tires you may not use again. You cant just put them in the rafters and use them 5 years from now, It doesn't work like that.
  14. its a 2 day show and there alot of unknowns... if you want to go there with a chance of winning you arent doing it with the 4 tires on your car and no spares. Are you going to need a 44 or 48 Right front...., 44 or 48 left rear..... 48,50,53,1B, 3B for the right rear? 4 inches of stagger or 7,these are the unknowns going to a track that is new to modifieds in long distance format.
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