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  1. If you already have the ipad just get a adapter to go from the ipad to HDMI and then you plug a HDMI cable into the adapter and watch on your TV. Thats how I watch everything from my phone to the TV Rob Hile
  2. My brother ran in the top 5 most of the race so I found it super entertaining LOL. I loved the mile but the racing at Oswego (other than the first year) has been better than anything we ever had at the mile... And i stood in victory lane with Decker at the mile.. Just saying Rob Hile
  3. True Statement, We go to 2 tracks where the notes apply to those tracks and nowhere else... Volusia and Charlotte. Both tracks are their own aminal
  4. I bet 75% of the cars will have both engine combinations.
  5. I worked at Troyer and I ran the Mazak lazer that was being utilized more and more to cut body panels, A full asphalt Mod cockpit which is made out of 26 ga steel used to take around 3 hours from start to finish (hour to trace and rough cut, hour to finish cut, a hour to file) I could do the same cockpit in 26 minutes on the laser and It didnt need to be files and I could laser etch all the bend lines and bead roll marks on the panels. Granted the laser new was 600K and they had like 120 into it so its going to take alot of panels to be cut to pay for that LOL. There are lots of guys who use CNC routers to cut the panels and they make easy work of it, they are far less inexpensive. For my brothers cars we buy the panels pre cut and then bend them up ourselves Rob Hile
  6. 2nd smartest post in this useless thread LOL
  7. The first smart post in this whole useless thread..... Rob Hile
  8. For some reason the signature Only shows up on my computer and not on the Mobil version on my phone either.
  9. Dave you were not one of the ones I was taking about Lol. It’s funny because I get a text from a fellow engine builder asking if I know who a certain screen name was because they seem to have all the answers to everything and it made me think I wish I knew who some of these people were lol. Happy Holidays to you and your family also. Rob
  10. I wish it was mandatory to have to post your name so I could put a name to some of the idiotic comments and accusations that have been made in this post Rob Hile
  11. They are releasing the schedule next week at the PRI show. Rob Hile
  12. if you have a 360 or 410 sprint or Open Latemodel you can race from New York to California, because they have a universal set of rules... Yet our modifieds who we only really draw cars from the northeast and canada we have BB, Dirt legal SB, Albany SB , Pennsylvania SB, Deyo/STSS open small block (big and small cubic inch) , Canada is primarily Dirt Legal SB unless you are in Quebec where the W16 has been given a weight advantage. We have alot of engine combinations for a very limited amount of cars areas we can draw from. Rob Hile
  13. Add Decker, Wight, and Ward to the small block lists..... all in their normal Gypsum cars and numbers. Rob Hile
  14. Rebob0510

    Duel predictions...

    I can see Dirt adapting the rule like they just implemented for dirt week this year, after 4 consecutive yellow laps the lap counter is locked... they could adjust it so on a shorter distance race it was locked after 2 laps or so. I personally wish we didn’t have so many caution laps because we had a much better green flag car and a lot better RR tire left than the guys around us at the end lol Rob Hile
  15. Rebob0510

    Duel predictions...

    I like the way you think!!! Haha Rob Hile
  16. They hold it in the infield of the racetrack and they can’t have dumptrucks and equipment running around the track with people in there. The clay is going down wed/Thursday
  17. Bacon fest is this weekend, they will start working on it sometime this week I’m sure. Last year some of the money they got from the state went to improving the conditions of the camping area and the roads in the camping area, this year the money went into improving the pits and the roads in the pits. Rob Hile
  18. Rebob0510

    Chris Hile

    We run Brewerton on a weekly basis and also run every time weedsport races throughout the year. We have ran a few selected 358 races for a good friend of ours at Fulton. We are now in the process of getting the 358 car ready for Oswego. This year Chris is going to do double duty and we are going to run both big block and small block at super dirt week. Thanks for the kind words! Rob Hile
  19. Rebob0510

    Chris Hile

    It was a good weekend for us Rob Hile
  20. Rebob0510

    Chris Hile

    Thanks for the kind words, it was a last minute decision for us to go and looking back I’m glad we went. Chris has some laps in a sportsman car in 2007 at Middletown and that’s it.. never been around the place in a big block. In 2007 we were running for the mr.dirt sportsman championship (2nd in points) and he got caught in 2 wrecks and crashed his car in the heat and junked mine in the feature so I’m glad the results were far better this time around lol. We had a very fast consistent car all weekend and even tho we had great finishes each night we definitely had a better car than what the results show each night. For a small family owned team I don’t think we could have asked for anything more than what we did all weekend Rob Hile
  21. The 33rs he was in tonight was a w16 Rob Hile
  22. People bitched because it was a 100# lighter motor that they were going to let run at 2400# (100 # weight break) for once the drivers all got together and took a stand and they were forced to add 100# to the car and make it weigh as much as every other big Block there. It lost oil pressure durning the heat race and laid down so the test didn’t go so well.
  23. You couldn’t be more wrong, it was too cheap and lost oil pressure in the heat race. Rob Hile
  24. We will be running our BB car, The SB car is a car owned by Jason Occhino. He purchased Larry's Fulton/358 series championship winning car 100% complete at the end of last year.. We peeled the vinyl and re lettered it and Jason has ran it all season at fulton and my brother has ran it a few times. Its going to have all new tin/colors at the 358 race at Oswego. This will keep me busy all week HAHA. It will be #33 Rob Hile