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    Duel predictions...

    I can see Dirt adapting the rule like they just implemented for dirt week this year, after 4 consecutive yellow laps the lap counter is locked... they could adjust it so on a shorter distance race it was locked after 2 laps or so. I personally wish we didn’t have so many caution laps because we had a much better green flag car and a lot better RR tire left than the guys around us at the end lol Rob Hile
  2. Rebob0510

    Duel predictions...

    I like the way you think!!! Haha Rob Hile
  3. They hold it in the infield of the racetrack and they can’t have dumptrucks and equipment running around the track with people in there. The clay is going down wed/Thursday
  4. Bacon fest is this weekend, they will start working on it sometime this week I’m sure. Last year some of the money they got from the state went to improving the conditions of the camping area and the roads in the camping area, this year the money went into improving the pits and the roads in the pits. Rob Hile
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    Chris Hile

    We run Brewerton on a weekly basis and also run every time weedsport races throughout the year. We have ran a few selected 358 races for a good friend of ours at Fulton. We are now in the process of getting the 358 car ready for Oswego. This year Chris is going to do double duty and we are going to run both big block and small block at super dirt week. Thanks for the kind words! Rob Hile
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    Chris Hile

    It was a good weekend for us Rob Hile
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    Chris Hile

    Thanks for the kind words, it was a last minute decision for us to go and looking back I’m glad we went. Chris has some laps in a sportsman car in 2007 at Middletown and that’s it.. never been around the place in a big block. In 2007 we were running for the mr.dirt sportsman championship (2nd in points) and he got caught in 2 wrecks and crashed his car in the heat and junked mine in the feature so I’m glad the results were far better this time around lol. We had a very fast consistent car all weekend and even tho we had great finishes each night we definitely had a better car than what the results show each night. For a small family owned team I don’t think we could have asked for anything more than what we did all weekend Rob Hile
  8. The 33rs he was in tonight was a w16 Rob Hile
  9. People bitched because it was a 100# lighter motor that they were going to let run at 2400# (100 # weight break) for once the drivers all got together and took a stand and they were forced to add 100# to the car and make it weigh as much as every other big Block there. It lost oil pressure durning the heat race and laid down so the test didn’t go so well.
  10. You couldn’t be more wrong, it was too cheap and lost oil pressure in the heat race. Rob Hile
  11. We will be running our BB car, The SB car is a car owned by Jason Occhino. He purchased Larry's Fulton/358 series championship winning car 100% complete at the end of last year.. We peeled the vinyl and re lettered it and Jason has ran it all season at fulton and my brother has ran it a few times. Its going to have all new tin/colors at the 358 race at Oswego. This will keep me busy all week HAHA. It will be #33 Rob Hile
  12. It’s one thing to watch it on tv and another to watch it live, while it’s definitely not the big blocks out there running from top to bottom I’ve been every year since they brought the big blocks back and it’s a pretty good live show. There is always something happening somewhere on the racetrack and the atmosphere of the place is awesome... especially when you are in the pit grandstands with all your fellow dirt racers and Stew takes the lead and we all went wild. It’s a heavy vehicle with truck arms in the rear that are made to run on asphalt. If you have never gone and have only seen it on tv and are basing everything on that go and see it in person and see if it changes your opinion. If it doesn’t maybe you should take up golf 😂 Rob Hile
  13. My brother Chris Hile will be back this year with both BB and a SB
  14. Not really, the mile wasn’t extremely tough on engines. Fonda and Lebanon valley are both very very hard on engines. Fonda especially because the engine doesn’t get much time to breathe because you are always on the throttle. Especially when engines are new and tolerances are tight it’s really scary lol fuel mileage and a perfectly tuned engine was the most stressful part at the mile
  15. I wouldn’t say we offer a warranty on engines but we try our best to work with the customer. When it’s a obvious parts failed that the customer had nothing to do with we would definitely make it right
  16. I’ve been at Gypsum Racing full time for 7 years now, 4 as crew chief on Larry’s car and 3 in the engine shop and I can only think of 3 or 4 that broke on the dyno and 1 was a huge cubic inch drag race engine we were just dynoing for a customer. Thankfully we haven’t had many issues with them on the dyno. I would say we dyno 50 engines a year so out of 350 individual engine dynos and about 5,000 dyno pulls we have only had a handful of bad ones lol
  17. If we are gonna make it official it should read Head Machinist, Dyno Operator, Purchaser and inventory control for LJL/Kevlar Racing engines haha. Unfortunately I dont get to put many engines together now I run the other end of shop... I only get to build Chris and Kates engines during the off season
  18. Thats a tough question, When we started our big block program it was with a used big block we bought for $8,500 because that is what was being run weekly in our area, if we had to do it over again today im sure we would end up small block racing just for the fact that it is a more economical option than a big block and thats what our local tracks are running for the most part
  19. That right there is a engine builders nightmare, This is something you never want to see happen but it often does. Thats tough one because alot of the time you never get the whole story, It can be a combination of things, parts failure operator malfunction. We run engines on the dyno and run them hard because we would rather have it happen there vs on the track. For example our combination of a mikes headed big block will get 10-12 dyno pulls... we have built alot of them and know everything plays well together, The open STSS Small block we built seeing how it was a new combination got about 40-50 dyno pulls. To answer the second part of your question on the STSS engine we had a manufacture sent us parts that were not built to our spec and we did not know and the customer had issues with the engine the second race. It sucks getting a call at 11pm that you had a problem with a engine. At this point I met the customer at 7pm on sunday to get it apart and fixed asap and he had it back for the next weekend of racing. In this circumstance because it was a parts failure and we 100% knew the problem and where it started we had to replace the bad parts with new parts to our spec. That repair alone we had to eat about $5,000 worth of parts.
  20. Right now if you were to order a engine it’s right around 6-8 weeks from the time of a deposit to the time you would be able to pick it up. Luckily we are fortunate enough to have a huge inventory of parts available to be able to get working on it right away. We are pretty busy with rebuilds and new customer builds so it would be all of 6 weeks, 8 would be worst case scenario
  21. That is correct, a Friday night racer who hits some series races here or there could be pretty close to running all year on 1 engine, that is typically what we do with my brothers engine. Freshen it over the winter and can normally run it that 1500 laps throughout the summer. Now a Friday night driver and a series driver... now you need some inventory. We just changed engines in both Larry’s and Billy’s car after the rainout at Middletown. Both started the year at volusia, run every Friday night at Brewerton and the full series. Larry’s has about 1500 and deckers around 1400. Right now they each have about 250 laps on them from Quebec, add 50 from brewerton this Friday, 120 at weedsport, 120 at Sharon, 120 at Eldora, 50 more at Brewerton and by months end that fresh engine already has almost 700 laps on it. They will probably run those till Lebanon valley and the ones we just took out will be turned around and freshened up and will more than likely finish the season off. If you run weekly and the full series you need 2-3 engines, that way you are prepared for whatever is thrown at you along the way
  22. Not sure what Erik has, but I would love to know haha. As for Larry his engine is 90% the same as the eco 358 package. The only difference is a crower crank and connecting rod vs a scat and a K1 connecting rod. The difference is about 3# rotating weight and about $2500. We offer the eco 358 with a better crank and rod if the customer is looking for a little bit lighter parts and longer life expectancy. We will run a crower crank and rods for 10 years in a small block, where the scat crank and K1 rod we strongly suggest replacing every 2-3 years. The scar crank will hold up but for $600 the connecting rod is the only question mark in the engine so we cycle them out a little bit sooner. Same block, same heads, same valvetrain, same pulleys, other than crank and rods they are 99% the same.
  23. This is a very good question, This process varies from engine builder to engine builder but I will explain our process and what is replaced. when a engine comes back for rebuild the entire engine is tore down to a bare block, we replace many parts and also re use many parts. The parts that are going to get re used get checked over and then cleaned and laid out on a assembly cart. On every rebuild we do big block or small block we replace 90%of the same parts. Some items are probably replaced way sooner than they need to be but $500 now can save you thousands down the road in repair bills. The Pistons, Rings, Crank/Rod/Cam bearings, timing chain/belt, all gaskets, Intake and exhaust valves, Lifters, head gaskets are replaced at every rebuild. The block gets honed for the new pistons, then washed and painted, the connecting rods and pistons get fit to the wrist pins, and if work out a oversize wrist pin will be installed. The Cylinder heads get completely disassembled, then they get a valve job done to ensure proper sealing of the valve. Once all the parts are clean and everything is ready to go back together it rolls into the assembly room, on average it takes about 20 hours to assemble a rebuilt engine. The its off to the dyno to ensure quality control of the engine and back to the customer. A typical Big Block rebuild is right around 10 grand and a small block is around 6 grand. Like I said we could re use the lifters and save $600 but its one of those items that you are better off changing early than having a issue and causing serious damage.
  24. We are still having great success with that engine package, Currently Jeremy Dygert, Ben Bushaw, Pat Ward and Tim Sears jr are all running very well with that ECO 358 engine package.
  25. Threads like this make my blood boil, mainly because so much of what has been said on here is simply not true. I read some of the posts and as someone who builds engines for a living I just sit here and shake my head. 1st off in the BB vs STSS debate you are spending just as much on a “open small block” as you are on a big block. We just did one and it was $49,000, a brand new big Block is 49,500, both were built with the absolute best of the best parts, the big Block you turn 7500 rpm, the small block you turn 8500-9000+ rpm so the people on here saying it’s cheaper to rebuild a Sb than a bb you are WRONG. A big Block will run 1500-2000 laps before freshening, a small block at 9000 rpm, 1000 laps is a safe number. The harder you turn it the more stress on the parts. I can guarantee you all the fast guys in “the working mans series” are not racing with a $10,000 used latemodel engine that they bought a steel block and put the parts in... they are all running the latest and greatest mikes 13° head with all the bells and whistles. I’m sure there are guys who are running old latemodel stuff and are competitive but the same argument can be said with guys with older big blocks. Open rules are good and bad, the small guy can build a nice engine or buy a used one for a fair price but the big guy is going to have a engine built that the small guy will never be able to afford even if he sold both kidneys on the black market. Anthony Perrego debuted a 358 ci pro power ford a few weeks ago at Fonda, turned it 9100 rpm in heat race and as a engine builder myself I loved hearing that thing scream.... oh yea it was also $55,000. That’s what everyone in that series is racing against. There’s no good answer to this but i atleast want facts to be learned in this thread vs the he said/she said stuff that is said in this thread. Please don’t take this the wrong way but I would be curios as to how many people that have replied to this have a nickel invested in a actual racecar vs just being a fan in the stands who likes to weigh in on topics like this. Dan Dan, tell your friend whoever quoted him 70 grand for a big block to call that person to tell them to pound salt, while I know my engine at $49,500 is no where cheap I know exactly to the penny how much we have just in parts and you cannot buy any better than what we put into that engine. Between parts/machine work and labor you definitely aren’t taking wheelbarrows of money to the bank as a engine builder. We could probably build a big Block for $30,000... run a cheap crank, cheap rods, stock GM Block, timing chain, cheap camshaft but it’s not going to last. We build a killer piece from the start with the best parts that will last for years and years. I said it before, we just used dart block serial #37,465 and We have a customer with serial number #256 and it also has the first original prototype Mike’s Racing heads on it. That engine is about 13 years old and won a few races last year. Any other engine related questions ask away and I’ll try my best to answer. all I do is build badass engines Monday-Friday 8-5 😎 Rob Hile