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  1. Sheppard started up front because of how fast he was in time trials and heat races which earned him the right to get into the redraw.
  2. You've got to give Brett credit for getting Matt and Mike to OCFS. Brett knows what it takes to be successful in racing. Mike is a true gentleman. I think he'll run very well at OCFS.
  3. I was surprised when I just read this. https://speedsport.com/sprints-midgets/world-of-outlaws-sprint-cars/woo-dirtcar-coo-tom-deery-resigns/
  4. Your coverage was awesome. It kept those of us that weren't able to be there current on the happenings in Florida.
  5. If you subscribe to the DTD videos and click on the Bell you'll be notified whenever Mike posts a video on YouTube.
  6. I'm surprised they're not coming back to Utica Rome. They put on an awesome show last year with some local ESS drivers in the mix and competitive.
  7. That's because there wasn't the technology to do a vlog until recently.
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