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  1. We can't post what we don't have. We rely on tracks to send us news about their upcoming events which we post. Penn Can did not send that. We don't have time to be the tracks PR team lol
  2. I have talked to multiple promoters, and no I won't name them, but the threat from the NYS Government is real. They will take you liquor license, you operating license and anything else they can in order to make you follow the rules. Maybe local officials aren't enforcing it, but the state will catch up with you eventually.
  3. I was very saddened to hear this news. Andy Phelps was one of my go to guys to chat with in the pits whenever he was at Brewerton / Fulton or when I went to Weedsport. We'd sit and talk about racing, politics and whatever else was going on in the world. He was one of my favorite people at the track. Always loved our chats and seeing him. We always had a running joke about him and John Tiff. They had a disagreement when John Tiff was race director at Brewerton and I wasn't sure if he would ever forgive him. I remember joking with him and saying that I can't wait for the day you guys are able to talk and put everything behind you. Lo and behold one night at Brewerton I get a picture of him and John shaking hands. Made me laugh for a month. He was such a supporter of racing and all around good guy. I know the racing world for me won't be the same and it will be tough the first time I got to a track and see the team there and he's not. Going to miss him tremendously. I send my thoughts and prayers to Jimmy, Shannon, Mike and the entire Phelps family. He will be missed by me and so many others.
  4. I used to eat a dozen at a time in Myrtle Beach when I was down there. The hot now are AWESOME!
  5. We did the same thing at Utica-Rome. We asked everyone to wear a mask and follow CDS guidelines. If one tracks makes a mistake, it could impact all of us. I hate the mask. Went down south, wasn't needed, but I want to see racing in NY and if wearing a mask is how I get to go, so be it.
  6. If you have internet you cant watch it on your computer. If you TV has an HDMI port as does you computer you can connect them together to watch as well. It also works on your phone.
  7. And all three nights will be televised on Dirt Track Digest Tv!!!!
  8. Thanks for kind words folks. We are trying. I can tell you this, it's the first time I've ever been a victory lane camera guy haha. So do be too hard on me lol.
  9. There are a handful of local cars in the area. They used to run with the winged series in the area but then there was a split between the groups because the guys running the old Northeast cars were dominant. In talking to the promoter of these events he told me there are 15 cars in the area. In looking at the interest from our area, there are a lot of guys that couldn't go the NC deal that may make the trek down to LA. I put some feelers out on my Facebook must to see who has interest and learned that Sheppard is heading down along with others. Gary Wegner from NJ is also going.
  10. Officially add Sabine Motor Speedway to the event for Thursday, May 28. Full story: https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/featured/2020/05/13/sabine-speedway-added-to-louisiana-swing-slated-for-thursday-may-28/
  11. Sad to see it go. I made a couple of bonsai trips down there for the Whelen Modified Tour two years in a row. In early 2000's when I lived in Myrtle Beach I literally was in a house about 500 yards from turn 3. I would rotate between going there in the summer and Sumter Speedway which was two hours away. Loved my time in Myrtle Beach and I'm still close with everyone down there.
  12. Ken Bruce did a great job contacting drivers, track owners, car owners etc for this piece. He did a Q & A style format sending them the questions. It's a long read, but a good one. Featured are Billy Pauch Jr., Ryan Watt, Tina Rogers, Glenn Hyneman, Brett Deyo, Doug Rose and myself. I really much enjoyed hearing what track owners had to say. https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/columns/ken-bruce/2020/05/07/effects-of-covid-19-q-a-with-drivers-car-and-track-owners-and-media-dtd-exclusive/
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