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  1. MikeMallett


    Sheppard ran a small-block car on Saturday and a big-block on Sunday.
  2. Hahah Bob Miller. If you've been to Iowa in August it's HOT so you need to replenish your fluids. I also like Peace Tree as they used to do tours etc. I find that kind of stuff fascinating.
  3. Been going for the last 13 years or so and some of the cool things we've found to do locally: 1. Hall of Fame 2. Slideways Karting Center (go karts and mini-golf) 3. Mr C's is a good food hot spot. Usually a lot of drivers eat there during the day. 4. Don't know if you are into garage sales, but there is a ton throughout town and every now and then you find some cool stuff. Found a few 1/64th diecast cheap a couple of years ago. 5. Dingus - not my favorite place simply because there will be a lot of people, but fun in the afternoon. They have bands/cornhole tourney's etc 6. Thursday Night of 410 Nationals - Always a chicken bbq under the grandstands, plus live bands nightly on the stage at night by the media center. Make sure if you plan on drinking at all have a DD, they don't mess around. Also go the speed limit. I've seen more than my fair share of people going 60 in a 55 get pulled over. 7. Daily shows on the stage with Steve Post and the Winged Nation gang. It's right next to the Iowa Beer Bus. Just saying lol. 8. Walk the midway - not as big as it used to be but some cool trailers, collectibles and stuff to do. 9. I want to say it's Peace Tree Brewing Company downtown if you are into craft beers. 10. The lake isn't bad. The park is there and you can go check out the sites as well as some bald eagles if they are still around. There is plenty of other stuff to do. We always seem to find something new to do every year. If you type in Knoxville Nationals Blog on Youtube it should bring you to our yearly trek and the dumb stuff we end up doing. I'm sure I'm forgetting something.
  4. Modifieds: 100gs to win at OCFS, 53,000 at Fonda and 50gs to win at Super DIRT Week, Eastern States Weekend. Sprint Cars: Knoxville Nationals, Kings Royal and National Open. and with that, any new track that I can get to this year. There is nothing like going to a track for the first time.
  5. Our ticker is connected with the scoring system so at times as they scorer makes changes, that will as well.
  6. Congratulations to the following people on winning the DTD TV raffle from the show this weekend: 1st Prize - Darrell Welty - Full season DTD TV Pass for all events 2nd Prize - Bruce Heschke - Georgetown Speedway pass for this weekend 3rd Prize - Tom Backus - Utica-Rome Speedway opening event pass Thanks to all that entered. I'll be emailing winners later today to get everything squared away.
  7. I was there. As usual a few too many cautions, but that's indoor racing. The feature for the TQs was a really awesome battle between Justin Bonsignore and Erick Rudolph. It was one of the better venues I've seen indoor racing at.
  8. Be sure to pick up your raffle ticket for a chance to win an All-Access pass to DirtTrackDigest TV for the entire 2019 season. Raffle tickets are just $5 each or three for $10 and you'll get every lap of every race that we broadcast this season, including all of the Short Track Super Series. Land of Legends Raceway and Utica-Rome Speedway events and more! Second prize is Georgetown STSS opener and third prize is a pass to watch the Utica-Rome Speedway opener. I'll be at the show all day Saturday and Sunday with tickets. We are located right by the main door.
  9. By being non-points no one is forced to go down. Just like the races at Volusia are non-points for the Super DIRTcar Series. If guys want to go they can, if they don't, they can stay home.
  10. Non-point events. Full Story: http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=26253
  11. I tried to give a breakdown of everyone here including money won, points and how well they did during the week while also providing an image of their cars. It's a fun time in Florida. I wish I could have been at more of the races but work commitments, no this isn't my full time job. I did make it to just the Saturday night show and it was a great race. Here is a short recap: http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=26013
  12. Plan for me is to get to Volusia early today and talk to Will to get the full story. He's had a pretty good week.
  13. Here is a link to tonight's coverage: http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=25747
  14. If you are checking the recaps and the forum out, what do you think of this format? Looking for suggestions to improve our coverage.
  15. We'll be doing updates tonight from the DIRTcar Nationals for the big-block Modifieds. We'll have recaps of each race, line-ups and results as soon as available. You can get it all here: http://www.dirttrackdigest.com/New17/?p=25666 Be sure to refresh often as it will be constantly updating.