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  1. Thanks for kind words folks. We are trying. I can tell you this, it's the first time I've ever been a victory lane camera guy haha. So do be too hard on me lol.
  2. There are a handful of local cars in the area. They used to run with the winged series in the area but then there was a split between the groups because the guys running the old Northeast cars were dominant. In talking to the promoter of these events he told me there are 15 cars in the area. In looking at the interest from our area, there are a lot of guys that couldn't go the NC deal that may make the trek down to LA. I put some feelers out on my Facebook must to see who has interest and learned that Sheppard is heading down along with others. Gary Wegner from NJ is also going.
  3. Officially add Sabine Motor Speedway to the event for Thursday, May 28. Full story: https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/featured/2020/05/13/sabine-speedway-added-to-louisiana-swing-slated-for-thursday-may-28/
  4. Sad to see it go. I made a couple of bonsai trips down there for the Whelen Modified Tour two years in a row. In early 2000's when I lived in Myrtle Beach I literally was in a house about 500 yards from turn 3. I would rotate between going there in the summer and Sumter Speedway which was two hours away. Loved my time in Myrtle Beach and I'm still close with everyone down there.
  5. Ken Bruce did a great job contacting drivers, track owners, car owners etc for this piece. He did a Q & A style format sending them the questions. It's a long read, but a good one. Featured are Billy Pauch Jr., Ryan Watt, Tina Rogers, Glenn Hyneman, Brett Deyo, Doug Rose and myself. I really much enjoyed hearing what track owners had to say. https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/columns/ken-bruce/2020/05/07/effects-of-covid-19-q-a-with-drivers-car-and-track-owners-and-media-dtd-exclusive/
  6. You do realize comparing DIRTvision and DTD Tv is like comparing an elephant to an ant. DIRTvision is a NATIONAL company, DTD Tv is local. DTD Tv shares revenue with the promoter unlike other sanction bodies that by rights and the promoter gets NOTHING. We are a regionally based series. Whether anyone likes to admit it or not, we are Northeast based. Our fan base is in the 100,000's not the millions that DIRTcar/Flo and others enjoy. If big-blocks were national and our ability to get thousands of subscriptions was possible, things could be different. We are living a different reality. Comparing us to other PPV providers is not a fair comparison. The purse for this event is $30,000 with 30 cars in the pits and no fans. It's going to be a tough nut to crack. We thank Brett Deyo for taking the chance with us that we can help him get it done and hopefully get to that number. It's a HUGE risk for all involved. And one final thought. DTD offers this site for free with constant updates etc. We've looked at going to a subscription base like most media has gone as far as the site. We just don't like that model. We have to keep paying the bills. Like a promoter, track etc, we need to make money to pay bills. We have great partners thankfully, but when you look at work vs reward, most people would have quit this gig a long time ago. We are fortunate to have passionate fans that own this site, that write and shoot photos. Without them working for nothing, we'd be done. We hope that you watch, but if you chose to not to watch, we understand that as well.
  7. Cost for the event are $24.99 for Thursday night and $29.99 for Friday night. You can get the weekend pass for $49.99.
  8. Well Modified racing is back on May 21, 22. It's limited to 30 cars but it's a start. We just have to head south to North Carolina. https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/short-track-super-series/2020/05/06/short-track-super-series-returns-may-21-22-at-north-carolinas-tri-county-racetrack/ The races will be broadcast exclusively on https://dirttrackdigest.tv/.
  9. We are working on things. We needed to update due to a new PHP and security options. We were running some pretty old stuff in an effort to stay relatively normal. Problem is some skins don't provide updates to features/security/etc. That is an issue.
  10. I miss racing and really want to go racing, but knowing a handful of people that either have COVID-19 or have passed away from it sadly makes me think more. I go to 120 races a year minimum, but I want everything to be done in a safe way. I'm a teacher and would be immersed in the cesspool of this. I don't fear for myself or getting sick. In theory, again "in theory," I'm healthy enough that if I got it I'd recover. My fear is that I would come in contact while carrying it with someone that wouldn't recover. I don't want to be the reason for someone else getting sick and not being with us. I don't want tracks or promoters to fail. I want racing tomorrow, but I also don't want us to go about his in a rushed way and hurt the sport even more long-term. If we all go racing tomorrow and 30,000 more people get this, then where did that get us? Either way, on the politician side, I'm for term limits. No one, regardless of party, should be becoming millionaires on our dime. 3 terms in the house, 2 terms in the Senate and you are out. Good luck to you. Sorry, this one irritates me and I'm normally not political lol
  11. Bare with us. We are making some changes to things to improve. We are working on it. We figured if we were going to get up to date as possible now was the time. We took a major step forward in the backend and we are trying to work it all out.
  12. Just logged in. I got to tell you I like the new update we have here. Something a little different.
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