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  1. Those that want to watch our first Dirt Track Digest ISCA Big-Block Modified iRacing Series presented by Billy Whittaker Cars and Trux tonight can view via the Dirt Track Digest Facebook page or on Dirt Track Digest TV. It will work on all of our apps, all you need is an account and these are free to watch. The account is free to sign-up for. Racing gets underway at 830pm from the virtual Volusia Speedway Park. Link to DTD TV event if you have an account: CLICK HERE TO WATCH Link to sign-up for a FREE DTD TV account: CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP
  2. We allowed 45 drivers ish into the main field based on their status as either an invite status or a high enough iRacing (how good you are in game). Everyone else went to a preliminary feature that will be run at 7pm each Wednesday. That will not be broadcast. The top 10 in this series get into the main program at 8:30pm. As for Bob. I used to make fun of it, sometimes still do. It is a video game, but man I have a blast with it. For me the racing is a close as I'll ever get to owning a race car. The other aspect I really like about this right now is getting on and chatting in gam
  3. Give this story a read. This is a good story and talks about racing in California and the difficulties. https://narc410.com/2020/12/13/narc-newsline-december-13-2020/
  4. Registration is now open for the DTD iRacing league presented by Billy Whittaker Cars and Trux. Please send an email to dtdiracing@gmail.com with the following information. Name: iRacing Name: iRacing member ID: IF YOU DO NOT INCLUDE THE ALL OF THE INFORMATION YOUR ENTRY WILL BE INVALID. We are currently working on amount of drivers that will be in the league. The response has been incredible. We will have more details about potential qualifiers and weekly races to earn spots in the Wednesday night broadcast.
  5. If you don't like it, don't watch it hahahaha, just getting that out of the way for those that hate watching others play a "video game." hahahha But if you enjoy it, here is a link to info about our new series for the Big-Block Modifieds: https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/iracing/2020/12/02/dirt-track-digest-isca-big-block-modified-iracing-league-presented-by-billy-whittaker-cars-trux-kicks-off-december-16/
  6. Well we can end the rumors on this one - https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/fonda-speedway/2020/11/23/fonda-speedway-management-preparing-for-2021-season/ The 200 will pay $53,000 to win as well - https://www.dirttrackdigest.com/short-track-super-series/2020/11/23/short-track-super-series-features-two-50000-plus-to-win-events-in-2021/ Baumes, comment hahah
  7. I think it was time to move on from Eldora. Go to the Kings Royal, look at the crowd for the Dream, the truck race was a third less full the final couple times. The novelty of it has worn off at Eldora. Personally, I don't want the trucks at Knoxville as it's going to ruin the experience I go for the Nationals simply because of all the extra fencing etc they are going to add. Yes, Im selfish haha
  8. Ken Bruce is working on the story. He's already talked to Glen Hyneman and will be speaking with Dom Buffalino later today.
  9. Unofficially from what I'm hearing is Buffalino is in the car for 2021 at Georgetown, Bridgeport and the STSS South Region. Ken Bruce is working on things.
  10. Based on my conversations with Brett etc, don't be surprised if you see multiple big races at Port Royal in 2021. This race was a success for everyone involved. That's fact. As far as pit stops, loved it. It was 3/4 laps at most with only 3 counting. It was a pit stop race and you didn't need a quickfil, that is perfect. It was a cluster, but it was fun for me to watch as strategy mattered.
  11. My thoughts are with the entire Perrego family. I'm just so sad to hear about the passing of Tom Perrego . I'm at a loss of what to say. In this sport I'm fortunate to meet a lot of great people, Tom was one of them. No matter where I was if Tom was in pits, we chatted. He always had a story, or a joke or just something to talk about. He was one of my favorite people to talk to. He was a straight shooter and I just enjoyed him for that. We talked, laugh and just had a great time. We joked he was going to start a podcast to tell the racing world how it really
  12. Feel the same way, plenty of friends here to help. I just sent you a text bud. Here if you need us. COVID has made my job as a teacher SUCK! I hate it. No student interaction, just a robot talking to a camera. So in personal and just awful. Whatever you need bud I'm here and I'll be a Port Royal camping so we can have some fun. It's not the 31st Lap at Eastern States but we'll do our best to make it a party!
  13. We aren't sure how this will work, but we are taking a shot. We have some Monster Truck action on Sunday night at 7pm from the Thunder Mountain Speedway on Dirt Track Digest TV.
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