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  1. I posted this on Facebook, but want to post here as well - I want to take a moment hto thank our exceptional team of guys for the fantastic job covering Florida for Speedweeks. I don't know many other media outlets that had boots on the ground at so many different events. You guys provided race day coverage unlike no other media outlet. Thank you to everyone that made our last three weeks some of the best on DTD to date. Your hard work and dedication is second to none. Myself and all the other owners of DTD are grateful to have such amazing people as part of our team
  2. Heard the Doctor has engine woes and is done. Got that from Bill Foley as he was walking the pits. Not sure on Siri.
  3. Here are some videos we shot last night in our post race coverage in-case you haven't seen them yet. Recap by Bill Foley and Joe Grabianowski Interview with Mat Williamson by Bill Foley IF you haven't subscribed yet to our channel be sure to do so. We will have content all week long the next morning. My hats of to our crew as it sucks not being there, but George, GT, Bill, Terry and Rick are kicking ass on the coverage. I hate not being with our guys down there, but I'm having fun reading, looking at photos and watching the videos each day. I'll get my one day on the job on Saturday night. Stinking real job lol.
  4. Highlights from the final night:
  5. Here are the highlights of the 50-lap finale for the Sunshine Swing for the Short Track Super Series on Saturday 2/8.
  6. Here are the highlights from both Modified features last night. The Sportsman highlights are posted in the Sportsman topic. Feature #1 Feature #2
  7. One more set of highlights for you on the Sportsman
  8. Here you go, some Sportsman highlights from All-Tech Raceway last night:
  9. We have more coming. Ken did an awesome job on these. I'm spacing them out a few couple days. All of us at DTD appreciate Kenny's hard work and we are glad to have him as a part of the team.
  10. In my top 5 list of guys that I don't get to talk to enough. I'm lucky to talk to a lot of amazing drivers on a regular basis. I wish he was one of them because he's one of my favorite interviews. He's just down to earth and appreciates everything.
  11. It was funny. I got off the highway in NY, drove to get gas on the border, and then followed a road that ran along a river and a lake. I had no idea if i was in PA or NY lol. It was a lot of fun.
  12. Here is Episode #3 of The Dirt. I had a great time visiting Billy Van Pelt and chatting with him about last season, his career and a lot more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Edi8uDaq01U
  13. So far I've chatted with Billy Van Pelt (Episode 3), LJ Lombardo (Episode 4) and Matt Tanner (Episode 5). I'm trying to mix it up between well known drivers and other folks. Have some plans with others as well. Would you be interested in one with Utica-Rome Speedway owner Bill Shea? Thinking about heading to where he works for his real job and then talk racing and off track life. Thoughts?
  14. I think you'll see him at more of those STSS events in 2020 if what we talked about at the DIRTcar banquet ends up being the plan.
  15. Here is our second episode of The Dirt featuring Mike Bowman from Southern Ontario. A regular at both Ransomville and Merrittville Speedways last season.