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  1. Also honoring rain checks even after half the show was completed
  2. Why worry about it, all the races were paid and workers paid. Rest is their business.
  3. I remember when Dundee did mid-season championship and both the mid-season and final championship nights were lined up by points not the handicap system [ as long as the driver qualified through the heat race].
  4. Outlaw looked fine when I drove by this morning. Dundee got a lot of rain but not much flooding [except my basement but I'm used to it].
  5. I took a Woodhull first timer and a dirt race first timer to the STSS show last Thursday and they both loved it.
  6. I was also told that outlaw was scheduled first when I asked why they would try to compete against sds
  7. If you don't qualify you can get in the feature but cost you last place money. If you place 18th or worse you get no pay, 17th you get $5. If you win you get $4600. Usually 1 or 2 cars are eligible.
  8. See new post. Danny driving for Siri at outlaw, Friday nights
  9. I was in the infield. I told him when we were lining them up after the red flag, that was one gutsy move. He said thanks.
  10. That was an awesome pass for the lead. Probably shouldn't try that too often though, he might not make out so good next time.
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