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  1. I like it. They don't spend what they w o n repairing a busted up car. 200 lap races are not a race. It is an endurance race.
  2. I wasn't aware they were already selling tickets to the Barnum & Bailey Circus
  3. Well at least my post is NOT deleted by the track on here, and by the way Rocky's picture should be on their facebook page he's the TRACK CHAMPION!!!!
  4. Well stay tune race fans because my prediction is the same sequence of events will occur September 27th and 28th at all cost the promoter or instructed race director will make sure they do everything possible to ensure a selected winner or should I say Whiner is in victory square! One word sums it up pathetic
  5. Or is the mystery caution flag going to fly with 35 laps to go.
  6. His lucky night that Super Matt didn't show up, oh I forgot he needs lunch money after a great performance in Texas🤣
  7. Sometimes change is good sometimes change is bad but I think that this would be a good change if someone wants to sit through the other classes you're more than welcome
  8. Most likely not. But they could have ran the mods or sprint cars before the street stock and the Pro Stock classes that is what most of the people pay to see on a holiday schedule.
  9. Why did Fonda run Support classes before the headline classes. Knowing that the rain was coming and they even said they knew it was coming screwed again. What a way to lose fans.
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