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  1. I’m not saying anymore because it might not be accurate info and I don’t want to be wrong or start a BS rumor. I do believe that Britten is staying though.
  2. “Downtown” Jackie Brown is making the Valley of Speed his Saturday night home in 2020 and I have it on good authority that there’s 2 more about to be announced soon...another EPIC season ahead at the Valley! 🏁
  3. Robert Morris, please explain what you meant...I’m confused.
  4. He won at the Valley this season too.
  5. Any year Roush stage 3 Mustang.
  6. When is the rain date for Sunday?
  7. You wouldn’t say that about Ronnie if he was still a Fonda regular...so many on here are 2 faced 🙄
  8. Only entertaining part of the day.
  9. Sunday sucked, too bad it was the only day we went.
  10. That pisses me off too, the flagger should never show a driver that they have a good lead.
  11. I’m so happy I didn’t get a spot, I’d be pissed if I had to camp in a mud bog.
  12. Anyone have any sneak peaks to share?
  13. Thompson’s World Series is a great weekend of racing but it happens to be the same weekend as SDW.
  14. Seekonk is great racing. Can’t wait to get there this month for the Haunted 100.