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  1. There’s goes my Sunday 🥺 Looks like it’s off to the Thompson Speedway for some “tar cars”.
  2. I don’t think I said it wouldn’t make a difference but I think I said where do you think all of the extra people would come from which they were obviously somewhere with $1 bills in hand. I’m glad you had a fun night!!
  3. What happened to Pereggo last night at OCFS? I see he won the held over feature from last week but was dq’d in the second one.
  4. I think it’s great that the place packed them in last night but let’s be honest...if it takes basically letting people in for free to get them to come then that’s not good. Before you start calling me out let’s see next weeks crowd.
  5. If it’s so bad...why do you go? LV will be going strong long after the other tracks are dead. By your account of car counts Fonda, GR, Accord, Afton and others are near death...go to OC and shine Hearn’s helmet.
  6. No, he’s talking about himself...he’s the guy that helps the disabled girl.
  7. That’s you...I’ll introduce myself Saturday.
  8. Racing starts at 6pm sharp and with the Sportsman there this week for $2K to win I’d say ending about 10pm “depending on wrecks”. Tower sells out when it’s going to be cold out. You should get in line for reserved or tower seats by 4:30 or so to not be stuck in line for a while. Food is bought with $1 bills only so get change at the log cabin inside before getting in line for food. Have a great time, you will not be disappointed!!!
  9. Why do you say LVS is on life support? Is it the descent crowds despite crap weather? The good car counts? The excitement this past Saturday of a side by side finish for the prostock win or the fact that Flach passed 4 cars in the last 10 laps for the win? Tell me what it is.
  10. I hope it’s 100% successful next Saturday and maybe other tracks will have similar nights in the future but I have a question...where do you expect to get all of the fans from to make it a full house? I would imagine if you already attend a Saturday night track regularly you will go to your regular track. I also don’t think there’s tons of people not going to the races because it’s too expensive on a normal Saturday night so where do you think all of these people are going to come from?
  11. I only posted this to best Scott Friers to it... May 3, 2019 (Fair Haven, VT) – The Northeast Crate Nationals has a new home at Fonda Speedway. The legendary “Track of Champions” in Fonda, N.Y., will be the site of the 10th running of the signature race for the King of Dirt Racing (KOD) Crate Modified Series on Saturday, September 14. The agreement helps to usher in a new era for both Fonda Speedway and KOD; Deyo – founder of the highly successful Short Track Super Series – has just begun his first season as the new promoter at Fonda, and Devil’s Bowl Speedway promoter Mike Bruno purchased the KOD tour in late March. In addition to the new venue, the Northeast Crate Nationals will see several big changes. The race distance has been shortened to 50 laps, which will pack more excitement into the race by forcing drivers to run all-out every lap. The race purse will begin at a minimum of $2,000 to win, with the last-place finisher (30th) earning a minimum of $150; however, a robust series of bonuses to be announced is expected to elevate the purse for all drivers in the starting field. Furthermore, no one will go home empty-handed, as all drivers who do not qualify for the 50-lap main event will be guaranteed $75 in tow money. Drivers will be able to compete on either Hoosier or American Racer tires, which will allow entries to come from virtually every corner of the Northeastern racing scene. In the interest of creating parity between the two brands, tire compound requirements will be announced prior to the event. “We are really excited to bring the Northeast Crate Nationals to Fonda Speedway,” Bruno said. “When our previous races were cancelled last month, Brett Deyo was the first promoter to reach out to me and offer his support of KOD. Fonda is such an historic track and we’re looking forward to being part of the new era there.” The Northeast Crate Nationals is one of the country’s top annual events for the GM “602” crate engine Sportsman Modified division. With roots dating back to 2008, the race has grown under KOD sanction to draw fields of 60 or more entries and has become a source for major bragging rights in the region. Tim Hartman Jr. and Rocky Warner have each won the event twice, with other winners including Jack Swinton, Chad Edwards, Ray Zemken, Tim Sears Jr., and defending champion Brian Calabrese. The King of Dirt Racing Crate Modified Series opens its fifth championship season at Devil’s Bowl Speedway in West Haven, Vt., on Sunday, May 26, with the “Memorial Day Kickoff 50” presented by A-Verdi Storage & Office Solutions. Discussions for the possibility of additional KOD events are ongoing, and agreements are expected to be finalized soon.
  12. valleyfan

    Lebanon Valley

    What was the point of your post? Was it to point out that the announcers don’t say it’s intermission now? What the hell is the big deal if they call it intermission or not...everyone there know it’s their chance to leave the stands and not miss a race...”intermission”.
  13. valleyfan

    Lebanon Valley

    They take intermission once it warms up outside and there’s not rain in the area, that’s when they do the kids bus ride. They never do track maintenance after the heats because the track is always in great shape thanks to the best in the business.
  14. See the laughing emoji at the end of my post...that means it’s a joke. The emoji at the end of this one is an eye roll meaning...I can’t believe you asked me that. 🙄