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  1. We are going to Bridgeport for the first time in a couple weeks. My son’s hockey season is up in the air so we still have time to hit some new tracks.
  2. Thunder Road is my favorite track...love it there!!!
  3. I seen them at Thompson and I remember it being entertaining. I know Jack Cottrell won a race but not at Thompson.
  4. I think 4 mods because they opened in August and the teams have been running Stafford for a while now. You can’t wreck the car Thursday at Thompson and make it to Stafford on Friday.
  5. Can someone please tell me why I get directed back to the main page when I click on the Dirt Northeast Forum? Have I been “blocked” from it?
  6. I still can’t get into the Dirt Northeast Racing forum on my phone...I haven’t tried from another device because we are camping and only have my phone. I was able to post this by doing an “end around” but can’t access the forum.
  7. Does anyone know why when I click on the Dirt Modified forum I get directed back to the main page?
  8. Back in March the experts were telling us not to wear an N95 mask because the frontline workers needed them and the nuts that hoarded toilet paper would have done the same with masks.
  9. But...if you listen to the experts and scientists they ALL say that wearing a mask is to keep others safe from you and not vice versa. The original post from Bob did not make sense. I don’t know either way if the masks help or not but if wearing one means I can work, my son can play baseball and we can go to the races then I’ll wear one.
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