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  1. Just read Heffner was light on the scales so Frank Harper got the win.
  2. Heffner won the SB feature Zearfoss the All Stars
  3. I’m guessing that’s where the 4cyl I seen in Pittsfield Thursday morning was headed.
  4. I know it is, my point is that it doesn’t matter to 99% of the fans what the Modifieds purse is so asking was only to have another reason to bash Lebanon and the track management. If people don’t like it...don’t go. I don’t go to tracks “very often” that I don’t care for and you all have the same option.
  5. I comment after I have been there and I have said in the past that I’ve seen good races at Fonda. Now your turn, how does the Valley payout have anything to do with you?
  6. Who cares what the payout is unless you are an owner or driver. None of you commenting are going to be there anyways.
  7. Sorry, I guess it was $8K to win but dropped fast from there.
  8. Yes, it drops $500 per position down to $1,000 to start...just like Fonda when they paid $5,300 to win 🥴
  9. Fireworks have been added to the night thanks to Funplex Funpark 💥💥💥
  10. Hearn will not be there but I’d like to see Perrego and some others show up.
  11. It’s Howie’s birthday but he’s giving out the big coin. This Saturday the King of the track 30 lap BB mod main will pay $7,500 to the winner. Along with the BB will be the Sportsman, Pure Stocks and a $750 to win Pro Stock race. This is a must attend night at the Valley of Speed!!! Sunday 7/14 the All Star Sprint Series invades the high banks along with a $1,500 to win SB event. The weather looks great so far for this weekend so be sure to come out to Lebanon Valley this weekend!!!