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  1. Mark Flach will be driving the Madsen Overhead Doors #22 this season weekly at the Valley.
  2. Where were you last year when I tried to sell mine? I have seats as high up as you can be at the exit of pit road. I’m not selling this year though.
  3. They suck at the Valley and OC anyways.
  4. Nope, it’s not different. You’d see it differently if Malta or Lebanon scheduled something first then Fonda scheduled something on the same day. I guarantee that you would NOT come on here and say Fonda shouldn’t have scheduled against them so...not different!
  5. The Walmart and Target analogy has been used against me to tell me that GR didn’t have to compete against Malta when they were both on Friday nights so it seems appropriate to use here too.
  6. Aren’t Walmart and Target open on the same days?
  7. Good for you, you took time away from playing Fortnite in your parents basement to tell a joke for your little friends. It could’ve been a little more original but...heck of a job. 👍🏻
  8. I went by the track on the way to my son’s hockey game Saturday and he wanted to stop and take a look. The new front straight wall looks awesome and they were working on the surface with the grader...can’t wait for opening night!!!
  9. I’m not saying anymore because it might not be accurate info and I don’t want to be wrong or start a BS rumor. I do believe that Britten is staying though.
  10. “Downtown” Jackie Brown is making the Valley of Speed his Saturday night home in 2020 and I have it on good authority that there’s 2 more about to be announced soon...another EPIC season ahead at the Valley! 🏁
  11. Robert Morris, please explain what you meant...I’m confused.
  12. He won at the Valley this season too.
  13. Any year Roush stage 3 Mustang.