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  1. I’ve always taken it seriously. Obviously my family took the proper measures to stay healthy on our trip...none of us got the virus.
  2. I live in MA and our Governor has done a great job. You may not like Cuomo because of what he did to the Fairgrounds but he’s doing what’s best for the health of New Yorker’s even if it’s at the expense of local racing...NY is better off than most of the country right now Covid 19 wise at least.
  3. I heard that Eldora is being considered for SDW 2020 because Florida is currently a mess with Covid 19 and the poor leadership in Florida just doesn’t get it. I would go to Eldora but not Volusia.
  4. Can’t have liquor in the pits anyways so with no fans allowed it doesn’t really matter. The people on Facebook that said that article means they are shut down are wrong...everything running this Saturday besides the 4cyl.
  5. I didn’t write that, seems like rpm72x learned my “trick”
  6. I have you figured out now...you are trolling on here. Someone as far removed from reality as you are can’t be serious.
  7. You are too much, enjoy your Independence Day...will be the last one if Trump steals re-election.
  8. The Dems concocted this whole thing and convinced the world to be involved...they are that good!
  9. So you don’t believe it’s “fake”? We have had better leaders in the past to tackle the viruses from day 1 and not just try to wish them away. Travel restrictions weren’t going to stop the virus from spreading when it was already doing so here. I pray to god there aren’t enough people that feel the way you do to get Trump re-elected...if there is it’s the end of the country as we know it.
  10. Based on your post you believe the virus is made up and the Democrats convinced the rest of the world to go along with it...that’s your logic?
  11. I don’t know a single person that thought it would “just disappear one day like a miracle”.
  12. I think SDW and ESW will both happen with fans in the stands...the virus is going to “just disappear like a miracle”.
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