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  1. Dale Jr doesn’t deserve to ever get in but I guarantee he gets in first ballot 🤬
  2. I wouldn’t hold your breath, the way things are going there will be lots of new cars garaged for a while.
  3. Valley, Malta, OCFS, Oswego and Charlotte
  4. First off, I’m clearly not the ignorant here. If Trump ever does something intelligent I will gladly say so. You can’t argue with his own words.
  5. Your king speaks
  6. I bet there’s over 100K cases in the US but without testing there’s no way to get accurate numbers. We decided on Monday to drive to FL from MA to “self quarantine” by the pool with friends that also made the drive. None of us are working and our kids obviously are not in school. This is NOT a vacation for us because we are not getting paid (our wives are because they are teachers).
  7. My wife and I are both out of work hopefully just temporarily because of all of the shutdowns. I agree that people are overreacting but it’s not due to the media...it’s Trump and his administration contradicting each other every time they speak. In a time like this you need leadership and this country hasn’t had it for over 3 years now.
  8. The media isn’t hoarding things, people are clearly over reacting but it’s not caused by the media it’s caused by the White House contradicting itself every time someone speaks.
  9. Back it up, give me an example of the “over-hype”. When H1N1 was around it didn’t get the attention Corona is because we had a competent president and administration to handle the crisis and they were on it from day one. Trump lied about it and continue too. Tell me this...is it under control and contained like Trump said it is?
  10. Show me where someone said Trump “caused the outbreak”. He clearly didn’t “cause” it but he certainly didn’t help the panic with his constant lying and self preservation. Look at what Trump said starting after the 1st case was diagnosed in the US. It’s under control, it’s contained, it’ll go away one day like magic. Trump is a complete moron and is responsible for the panic 100%.
  11. I’m just a country bumpkin not all fancy with the book learnin...please tell me how the media is to blame for the “panic”.
  12. I’m guessing based on your posts that you do not have a degree.
  13. Yes, it’s called The Trump Administration.
  14. I’d be surprised if we have local racing by July. The virus is worse than we know because the lack of testing has us in the dark. Once the testing is done the numbers will go through the roof but I’m not an expert...can rpm72x comment based on his expertise?