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  1. When your tear off is a depends, its time to retire.
  2. Great coverage DTD, especially the knowledgeable pit reporter. Way to go Mike! specially
  3. Maybe all the track experts on here shoud buy the equipment it takes to lay down the clay, and remove it. I'm sure the Wights would appreciate the help.
  4. Im glad we have old men for fillers, it makes racing more exciting.
  5. At least Hearn knew it was time to hang his helmet up for weekly racing. I think other people need to retire, examples The Doctor, Alan Johson, Tremont. All non factors in big races.
  6. Freedom of choice, don't bitch about it. I order A/S every week, and DTD provides great coverage for a fair price.
  7. I love the Dr, but he's a non factor in big races.
  8. This is why your chasing people away. The topic belongs in the asphalt section.
  9. Max was spotted at Volusia looking for his teeth, and Matt will be working security for Hendrick today.
  10. Dirtvision is charging 40 dollars a month, and it Includes UMP's, SDS, World of Outlaw sprints, and late models at Volusia. Flo is covering the All Strar portion. The best deal going.
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