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  1. who are we losing this week to fulton.. Fuller for sure what about bobby?
  2. with sowle now backing Malta what does this mean for the ridge?
  3. very odd that he wants to come back to run in the middle of the pack again
  4. Jake is not that stupid unless someone is helping foot the bill I don"t think he goes to the valley
  5. Fonda is selling 2017 season passes I guess that's a start
  6. Fonda doesnt pay 2200. I saw wilder at the payout window get 1250....
  7. Billy Decker to the Jeremy Smith 46
  8. Oh were they treat the Modified teams as filler for the show.. Yeah thats the real SDW
  9. I thought Sunday wasn't that bad considering the factors that were in play. They will get the surface worked out. If that 358 race last night happened at the mile everyone would be talking about how great of a race it was people are real quick to forget on how bad the racing actually was at the mile
  10. WRG runs both I doubt they would run fulton vs oswego will be interesting to see what happens
  11. Decker 91

    Bridge Street Dirt Run

    gotta stop at the clubhouse tavern for sure