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  1. Larson was dominant tonight. The track looked like ice. As uneventful a feature as you might ever see. Biggest move of any competitor was 5 places. Friesen was a non factor. Will take time to adjust and these fields are absolutely stacked. T Mac was 20th. Looked good in the hot laps holding fast time through the first four sessions but seemed to go backwards all night. Coverage was very good. Thank you for the link; i will certainly watch more this coming week.
  2. Was this Doc’s primary sponsor, outside of local deals he has to run specific tracks such as Outlaw? If so does this end any chance of him following the SDS next season?
  3. Were either of them in the field when these other 7 won? I remember seeing different winners at outlaw towards the end of the year but I believe I recall Matt not being present.
  4. I tend to agree. Sheppard struggled at times this year but he along with Friesen are the class of the division. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to estimate a .500 winning percentage for either. The only thing preventing one or both from reaching 50 wins is the weather.
  5. Stew is the favourite any time he unloads a dirt modified. But it all depends on who’s paying the bills. If it’s a shared deal then it would make sense to focus exclusively on modifieds. But if Halmar is footing the entire bill then yeah why not get into late model racing and increase the chance to pad his bank account?
  6. What’s interesting is a track like Mohawk didn’t race in 2020 and now I see they don’t have a SDS race. I can’t imagine the track has closed permanently given the money that’s been into the place and the bankroll the former (not sure if he still owns it) has but maybe they are taking a wait and see approach on 2021?
  7. Gross I assume. It’s the net that always has us guessing. On paper Matt Williamson killed it two years ago. Wonder what they actually end up with when it’s all said and done?
  8. I think some tracks and by extension some forms of racing could survive with no fans, but I’d be willing to bet the vast majority of tracks would perish.
  9. Yes thank you I understand that. My point is the door is opening and hopefully by next summer/fall we are back in a landscape in which stadiums are filled to 50-75% capacity.
  10. I also just read the state is allowing 6,700 fans for the Bills playoff game so hope for stadiums at 50-75% capacity is on the horizon.
  11. Wouldn’t this same theory hold true for time trials? If you time first the track is most likely going to range from different to dramatically different to the surface that somebody time trialing 60th might expect to see?
  12. I’d agree with this. To give everyone a fighting chance I’d remove time trials and replace them with longer heat races. How about draw for starting spot in the heat and then have 15-20 laps to determine who qualifies for the feature. Consi(s) and provisionals round out the field.
  13. Sucks for drivers, great for fans. I can see this through both lenses. Races aren’t the most exciting when you have Friesen start up front vs him coming through the field. On the other hand I can also understand professional drivers wishing to hold their outcome in their own hands. Answer to this will depend greatly on where one watches the races; from the stands or from the driver’s seat.
  14. A number of notable omissions from the schedule this coming season. Beyond what’s already been mentioned I don’t see Mohawk either. Here’s to hoping we can cross borders and attend in person next summer.
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