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  1. As I said in my original post, away from his home track he isn’t the threat he once was. Everything comes to an end and he’s winding down. Keep running his home tracks if he so wishes but the day of unloading on a series and being the man to beat are done. And again, to be clear, I think he was the very best to ever strap into a northeast modified. I love the Yankees and love Derek Jeter, but there just comes a time when you are no longer the man. Must be humbling for these legends
  2. We will agree to disagree. I don’t agree that he would have as good a shot as anyone. I truly believe he wouldn’t. Sheppard, Williamson, Decker, Rudolph.... these guys would have a much better shot to win from the pole. Again, good for him to come up to 17th. But I still just don’t see it the same way. No big deal
  3. Coming up to the 17th is impressive, sure, but that’s nowhere near winning a race. I stand by my comment. Brett is the best to have ever put on a helmet, at least in my opinion. But much like Dave Lape a few years back he just isn’t what he used to be, by a long stretch. But I have a ton of respect for him stepping away. I’m sure it’s not easy, but the time has certainly come.
  4. He could have started on the pole of the feature and still not have a great shot at winning. It’s 2019 and he’s just not as competitive as he once was away from his home track
  5. That’s a long way from home too! I think Mike is around the Canton, NY area. That has to be somewhere in the 8 hour time line commute wise, excluding traffic
  6. Yeah, some people are making a ton of money; they are called the suppliers. Owners, or those funding these teams, are likely losing big time. My guess is it’s either some sort of write off for their business or they just simply love the sport and want to be a part of it. The cost that goes into it, to say nothing of the time, is incredible.
  7. To his credit he’s racing a ton, getting loads of seat time. That’s how you get better and that is how you leverage money properly; I agree, money alone won’t buy you wins, but it can buy you time at the track and, in partnership with hard work in the shop and trial and error you can get better in this game. I have seen guys look lost at a track for the first time and come back and get better and better. The best just adjust quicker. Anyway, great for Mike. Hope he follows the whole SDS next year
  8. I’d love to know who has won more $$. Totally possible that I’ve overlooked someone but I certainly can’t recall off the top of my head a better year financially. Again, others have won more races, but this seems like the pinnacle for $$$$
  9. That has to be close to, if not exceeding, $400,000 when it’s all said and done for Money Matt. Greatest year, financially, in the history of this sport.
  10. Not to mention sportsman teams rolling in with stackers and $10,000 pit boxes..... some just like being the big fish in a small pond
  11. NY is really high. It’s very comparable to Ontario and in some cases higher at lower household incomes. But when you make $$$ in Ontario you pay a huge price. Talk about nuts, put our 9 year old in Cubs (scouts) and it was nearly $500 for the year and that doesn’t include any of the extras plus he has to chip in money each week and fundraise
  12. Many forms of taxes. I live in Ottawa, ON and my property taxes are over $7,000 a year. That’s just one example. In Ontario we have a carbon tax. We have toll highways..... many different models to provide funding.
  13. Good bye transit, hospitals, police, firefighters, military, infrastructure...... Yeah, I hate paying too (and trust me I pay a LOT more where I live) but unless we can convince the super rich to step up and pay for these services than I don’t see an alternative.
  14. Williamson and Sheppard both have a chance to finish in the $350,000 to $400,000 ballpark. That’s absolutely incredible money for this level of racing.
  15. Pretty easy to calculate the money won. Money spent is a little harder but could be ballparked (excluding one’s time of course). What I have never been able to pin down is the amount sponsors kick in. For example, did a guy like Sheppard who’s running his own deal (for the most part anyway) receive $100,000 to $150,000 in sponsorship money this year?