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  1. Huge difference in every way except for the lap times.
  2. Matt has to be close to $150,000 in winnings this season. He is so dialed in right now.
  3. I saw that too. Was it just the top 4 on the lead lap? That’s pretty crazy!
  4. Maybe they (the SDS) considers the SB an advantage at smaller tracks like Cornwall? Maybe they want to maintain the integrity of the series and have all the platinum drivers on the same footing? I honestly don’t know. I saw the write up this morning and this is where I got the information re the reduction in points. As I said it doesn’t really matter for this team as they aren’t competitive and maybe I’ve missed something on the ruling. I’ll go back and reread the article now
  5. Mike Mahaney. And as a result he lost half his points from last night’s show. Mike isn’t a threat to win the championship or even finish inside the top 5 so the points aren’t really an issue. He hurt a BB motor earlier in the week and was down a power plant
  6. Not in 2019. It brings the wrong kind of attention. It brings the kind of attention from insurance companies and lawyers and all of a sudden the liability is through the roof. This isn’t what you want in this day and age.
  7. Saw the video. Don’t know what led up to it, but based on what I saw it’s enough to ban both for at least the balance of the year and to sign a peace bond going forward. Make them both put up $2,000 that’s only refunded based on no further trouble. Failing to comply would exit them both permanently
  8. Can someone share the link to the video
  9. JohnyC

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    The guy is what, 60? The fact he’s still competitive is pretty damn incredible in itself. The sport needs new blood because so much as we might all hate to see it the curtain will come down soon enough on AJ, Doc, Hearn and some other legends who have helped to grow the sport. Up our way we lost Pat and Danny O’Brien to the racing scene which has opened the door for others to become the leading figures. It’s the natural progression of sport. I’m not writing a dirt eulogy for Doc this second but the end is in sight and that isn’t the worlds worst thing. It will present an opportunity for someone else to step in and hopefully carry on
  10. So what happens to the guys who drop off? 20 guys signed up for the tour. What happens to the guys who don’t make every show? Do they simply lose their status? Cause if so why don’t more people sign up and get whatever benefits there are from this platinum status?
  11. 12 guys have started all 9 races. One guy has started 6. Four guys have started 5. 12 starting all 9 races is excellent
  12. I get your point. I have stated that it will be in the form of a touring series only as it’s so damn expensive. Who the heck is coming into the division with these costs? Yes there are many people with lots of money who love racing but it doesn’t seem like more people are joining the big block ranks than there are those who are leaving or reducing their schedules. In any event, as I’ve said in the past, please enjoy it while we have it. The days of 80+ drivers entering a show are over. So let’s appreciate when we get 30+ showing up as in 5+ years maybe that number is down to 20
  13. Patty, Freddy’s, Riverside Pizza, Cornwall Royals, St Hubert, Howard Smith Paper mill, the old bridge than never had a single ship sail under it, Brookdale cinema........ Cornwall
  14. Just want to offer my congratulations to Flyin Patty O’Brien on what was an incredible career culminating in his hall of fame induction. I’m 40 so I grew up with Pat and Sheldon League. His cars always looked amazing but most important the man could flat out drive. He was always a threat to win when he unloaded in the north country and was a fan favourite for years. I wish him the best in his retirement and again my thanks for bringing me tons of joy as a young man when I first got exposure to the sport
  15. All I’ll say is thank goodness there are still people willing to do it for our entertainment. It’s almost assuredly a losing proposition financially. Take a tremendous amount of time and requires great sacrifice. The only ones winning consistently are the fans. Shoot it cost me $50 to take 3 kids to the movies last weekend. Nothing is cheap anymore. Considering what these teams shell out for the benefit of entertaining the fans we should thank the drivers, owners and sponsors whenever we can because on almost no level does this (northeast modified racing) make sense financially