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  1. I don’t think I understand what you mean by the sock people have stretched around their head?
  2. I agree it’s a bubble. I agree this will pop. But not anytime soon. We are safe until the election in November. November 4th all bets are off the table. But between Trump, the Federal Reserve, CNBC Headlines (stop me if you’ve head this before - “Market soars on hopes of a vaccine” or “Jobless claims beat analyst expectations”) and the emergence of Robin Hood traders who have bid up junk to sensational levels the market can only move higher. I bet we see another 20% upside from here, this year. I’ve put every penny I could beg, borrow or refinance in. This is the easiest money I’ve ever made in my life and it’s not too late for others to do the same thing. There is presently almost zero downside risk. When in our lifetimes has this ever happened or will ever happen again?
  3. Too early to make a decision on schools. Presently people should be building contingency plans but things are far too fluid to lock into a decision today when things might look measurably better or worse in two months. This is a rapidly evolving situation and we have to be prepared for all outcomes. And yes, it is very likely to happen to everyone in situations in which people don’t abide by the health guidelines. It’s a virus.
  4. I don’t think a gun can protect anyone from a virus 😉
  5. What we are seeing today is the result of the country opening too early. Where we go from here is anyone’s guess. The thing is this virus has a lag between cause and effect. The decisions we make today won’t have an immediate outcome tomorrow or even next week. It could be a month. Could be longer. This is why the Florida Governor looks so silly right now. He took a victory lap in the midst of a pandemic and now looks like a fool. At my hospital we are preparing for a second wave that is four times worse then the first wave. That said, so long as the border remains closed to international traffic I think we will be ok. But the thing about this whole situation is nobody really knows for sure. So in the absence of fact it’s best to proceed with caution. But hey, that’s just me. I live my life essentially the way I did pre Covid, we just manage our affairs a little differently. Maybe that is here to stay. If so, no big deal.
  6. The exact opposite actually. It’s been theorized that the rate of fatality due to Covid is actually underreported. Initially we just didn’t have the laboratory resources available to test post mortem. Funding in Ontario has no relationship with the number of Covid deaths. No clue about other jurisdictions and how they are managing their budgets. At the end of the day it’s all about money. And right now the stock market is soaring. The election will be tied closely to what happens on Wall Street so I fully expect policy and decisions to be made with that in mind. Locking things down again, even if it would ultimately saves tens of thousands of lives, isn’t an option for the GOP. Not if they want to have any chance of success in November
  7. I was there and saw it too. Must have been 300 people with the native poker hoodies on walking around. But the money, wow, it was wild! At that time they used to get 25-30 modifieds and 20-25 pro stocks on a weekly basis in Cornwall. The pits were full. Friesen, Fuller, Plank, Danny Johnson were all weekly runners.
  8. It was a front for money laundering. There was no viable business. Look at the side of the cars in that time period and they are littered with businesses that just didn’t ever exist or existed for a very short period of time and didn’t make any money.
  9. Came upon this old post. Amazing the money that came into the sport 15-20 years ago. Native poker was on the side of 10 Mod teams and another 10 sportsman / pro stock / 358 teams one year at Syracuse. One of a number of fronts that were used at the time
  10. You can get across the border but it’s the required quarantine that I’m having a difficult time understanding how he is getting around. Again, I’m guessing he’s just staying in the US presently
  11. A buddy of mine works at Enterprise and he said in the month of April air traffic in Ottawa was down 98.3%. Living within 2 miles of the airport I can tell you anecdotally that there is next to no commercial air traffic. We see the shippers land and take off and some small private stuff but I can count on one hand what I’ve seen commercially in the last week. No clue what the rules are regarding quarantine in the States. But in Canada you are required and the police will check in on you.
  12. I wonder the same thing. Mind you there are work arounds, at least to get across but it wouldn’t allow you to jump back and forth. I assume he is now living in the US for the duration of the racing season or at least until such time that the border restrictions lift.
  13. Sheldon was up my way. He was a tremendous talent but, as you have described, he had some of the best drivers in this area in his stable. Pat O’Brien won everything up this way when I was a kid including Skoal series races when the big guys came to town. Just beautiful looking cars that were always at the front. They often say in hockey, show me a great goalie and I’ll show you a great coach. Not mutually inclusive but you get the point. I see this through a very similar lens. So many great inovators and engineers (maybe not academically but just as brilliant) who got something out of nothing and with a tenth the money. Guys like David McIntosh who was behind Bill “Moon” Mullin when he dominated the semi pro division and went on to win a track championship in the 358 division. And there are hundreds of others who devoted so much time and so much ingenuity. I helped for 3 years at the grassroots level and the sacrifice required to race three nights a week is incredible. Tip my hat to all those behind the scenes and a special note to those who got more with less. Cool thread
  14. Serious question, even with a $10,000 winner’s cheque, would Matt break even for the trip? Maybe make a little cash? Just curious what a trip like this would cost.
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