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  1. Who in their right mind would be buying a racetrack right now? Makes zero sense unless of course it wasn’t for the purpose of racing and was to be used for something else
  2. Lots of integrity^^^^^^ Honestly I consider it my duty as a father of three young boys to show them right from wrong and I am certain most on this forum do the same thing. It’s the little things; we went to Costco today and at the checkout the cashier failed to scan a case of soda I had on the bottom of the cart so I called his attention to it. It might not be a big deal but as a dad and caretaker for the next generation we need to take the responsibility of doing the right thing, now more then ever. F*^% I hated to lose. Still do. But I don’t want to win at anything unless it’s fair and square. I don’t care if it’s golf or throwing washers in the backyard. Play by the rules; it makes the victory all the more rewarding
  3. Mike MaHaney has signed on for the full (or whatever it amounts to) tour. Lost track of where we are now at in terms of numbers. Have to be around 10
  4. Sobering to think of the ramifications. How many orders would Bicknell have if cars were parked till September? How many tires would be purchased? Fuel? So many businesses will be impacted. The fallout from this could be staggering. But not to worry, the stock market raced higher again today so the elite are thrilled and isn’t that all that matters?
  5. I have always enjoyed Cornwall. The track lends itself to so many possibilities for grooves. I’ve seen guys win riding the bottom and I’ve seen guys win riding the top. It is usually action personified and I think it’s cool that both a SB and BB have a chance of winning. Nice inclusion IMO
  6. My father bringing my brother and I to the races as a kid. Remember spending time afterwards drawing pictures of the cars, collecting photos and decals from the vendors. The smell, the sounds, but mostly just spending time with others. We got to know people who sat in the same section. Maybe not by name, but we recognized each other and watched over blankets, etc. It was being part of something. And right now, more then ever, I feel a void. The isolation sucks. The lack of social interaction is weighing mentally. And the bad news is this could last many more months. What I would give to watch a caution filled 15 lap street stock feature right about now. I guess we are all guilty of taking things for granted; if nothing else comes of this it will be the sober reminder to enjoy what you have, your friends, family and community. Back to the original question, hard not to identify a race at Cornwall in which Barefoot came from the back to win. They had introduced all the drivers and it looked like he wouldn’t make the show and then all of a sudden, just before the pace lap began, he came out. Slowly. Looked like he would maybe just take a lap and pick up some points. He ran a top line that I’ve never seen anyone run before or since. It must have been around ‘94 but I can’t recall for sure. That was a night I won’t soon forget.
  7. All the above is true and was important 40 years ago. Now we’ve swung too far in the other direction. Case in point; white woman calls a black woman a “n###er” to her face and rather than discipline we send her to PAID sensitivity training. Being a manger in a unionized environment is like being asked to play a game of poker but before the game starts all the face cards are removed from the deck and given to the union for their exclusive use. Again, the employer had unfair advantages years ago. The employee didn’t have sufficient rights or representation. But now the pendulum has swung violently in the opposite direction and as noted above it’s the front liners who are dictating decisions. Should be more collaboration but that’s wishful thinking only
  8. One of many who were late to react. The scenes from Florida this week are shameful. We are in the midst of a pandemic and kids are running around bar hopping. People just flat out aren’t taking this seriously like they should be. We all need to make sacrifices. And those two politicians that sold their stock holdings based on inside information should be imprisoned.
  9. Depressing to think but this is a very real possibility. It’s still early but I can’t see racing before July at the earliest. Just think about the blow to the economy the suspension of all sports will have. It could very well be a trillion dollars in direct and indirect revenues. Flattening the curve will save lives, but it will also destroy the economy. I have personally lost over 30% of my investments but at least I still have a job. Some folks are going to be hurt bad and it really sucks.
  10. Fair point but consider this; the number of infected people could be in the tens of millions when this is all said and done. As such even a death rate as low as 1% will be substantial. But the biggest burden is on the health care system. Capacity is limited and the ICUs aren’t equipped to handle this influx of volume
  11. 4-6% death rate doesn’t seem like a huge number when you are talking about 9,000 cases. But in a 2 weeks to a month when the number of cases is 90,00 and growing it starts to resonate.
  12. I cannot imagine a scenario in which there is racing this summer. At best things might resume after Labour Day but the chances of this seem remote at best. I don’t think people grasp our new reality.
  13. And if we had the ability to test and confirm results for 100,000 people a day the results would be even higher. It’s here. It’s bad. The exponential growth in the USA is staggering. You are going to blow by Italy shortly. The curve is painting a very clear picture and it’s not good. Too many people still don’t appreciate the severity and are clinging to comparisons with a seasonal flu. It’s so sad to think so many are just so ignorant or stupid
  14. Man this is going to grow exponentially. Wait for next week, it will have tripled. And this will repeat and repeat and repeat