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  1. JohnyC


    Sure, he “can”. I “can” I also win the club championship this year but that isn’t going to happen. Hearn will still push for wins on the weekly scene and maybe he picks something up in a long distance race but he’s no longer on top of the heap. At 60 it’s incredible he’s still competing.
  2. JohnyC


    Thought OCFS had the better point fund and also the opportunity to double up with 358 and BB rides would have been deciding factor
  3. JohnyC


    Why in the world would Stew move from OCFS to Fonda?
  4. Agreed. Surely something was up because it looked like Max was in Doc’s ride and Doc got last year’s hot rod. It sucked that Outlaw’s big show and OCFS all conflicted with CanAm but that’s become the norm in mod racing. Too bad the decision wasn’t made until the last minute
  5. Thank you for sharing. The confusion came from the post from KB19 back in March who had included Perrego and Hearn.
  6. Thank you again But we are talking about northeast dirt modifieds. And again OCFS can do as they wish. But looking at results from the SDS series they don’t start 24 in a feature. Looking at the weekly tracks I’ve been going to since a young man and they don’t cap at 24. This isn’t to say that OCFS can’t. It’s their business how many cars start but again capping at 24 is the exception and not the rule in this region. Now, as someone said maybe going forward they add provisionals and the field grows to 28-30. Who knows. And again my only point was that I agreed with the original poster; on a track that size I would like to see them start a bigger field. But I also recognize what others have said including that the price structure of the purse is based on 24 cars so I get that too.
  7. Do you have a list of all 20? Love to know who the other 19 are
  8. I said this months ago when I saw some of the names who had signed on. There are more than a few guys that will struggle just to qualify for shows let alone compete. There are some platinum guys who wouldn’t be competitive on the 358 tour. No clue what they are doing and no clue what DIRT is doing now that some didn’t even show up for race number one
  9. Well if that’s what Late Models in Oklahoma or California do than I guess it’s set.... All I’m saying is that it’s going to be a great, exciting season at OCFS and it looks like the cars have turned up to support it. I’m just adding a suggestion to open the field a little to maybe start 28-30 cars. Chris will do as he wishes and that’s cool, I just agree with the original poster
  10. If they don’t count cautions Matt will lap almost the entire field. The way the format works now, the only shows that are even remotely interesting are those in which Shepard draws 12th place and starts on the 6th row. At least then we get to see him work through the field. Put him up front and it’s over unless he breaks
  11. Stew is going to treat OCFS as his personal bank account while Matt will do the same on the SDS. Going to be a lot of money going into those two accounts this season
  12. Fair enough but I bet you see the numbers drop off if guys don’t have a chance to make the show
  13. Agreed but nobody is suggesting everyone qualify. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to raise the number of qualified cars from 24 to 30
  14. It isn’t......for Super Matt. He was actually pretty unlucky last year and still came out on top. The year before he was dominant and still won despite the suspension. This year things are clicking and he looks poised to cash some big checks. As someone else said nobody in the northeast spends the same amount of time going over the cars and it shows.
  15. I do agree with you; for a track that size you would think they’d go to 28-30 for a feature. Heck Cornwall starts 30 for their SDS feature and it’s a 1/4 mile bullring