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  1. Mohawk: Frogtown. Huge dump to palace. Amazing transformation. Pat O’Brien in the Bear’s Den, Stan’s Auto Body special #1 Edelweiss: sandy, sandy, sandy. Driving through downtown Ottawa on Friday afternoon. Brockville: Marcel Lafrance with the biggest bus and most tires on the roof of said bus in the history of motorsports CanAm: Pat O’Brien trimming the sails of the Skoal boy’s back. Danny O’Brien’s horrific crash Syracuse: Canada Joe. Kevin Fleming RIp rolling Wheels: only track I enjoyed sitting in turn one. BB’s letting off at the flag stand Fulton: best vantage point as a fan. Outlaw races with sail panels and alcohol Brewerton: always seemed to rain Cornwall: Bill Moon Mullin. Parking on power damn drive and walking through the field. Barefoot coming from the back twice to win a SDS and riding an outside groove that I didn’t know existed Friends who I haven’t seen in way too long but who I share a passion for the sport with. Every time I log on here I think of them
  2. Ha Utica run a race this season?
  3. Danny being done might have been premature. He’s certainly winding down though. Finishing 4th out of how many guys who ran the whole series (maybe 8??) is good but nothing spectacular. He’s had a great career, maybe top 5 in the sport all time. But even the very best have an expiration date. We are seeing it with Hearn and we will see it with Doc. Could he win 3-5 races this year out of 60+ events entered, yes of course. Don’t know that this means he’s still dominant. In any event I enjoy watching when he’s in the field and encourage anyone to come out and watch him race as like everything else in life: it will come to an end eventually
  4. Foster I don’t know you but you are obviously close with Doc and have the scoop. That said it’s not a great look when you say definitively that he wasn’t fired and then when someone says that Doc himself is quoted as saying he was fired you just brush it off. In any event the sport can’t afford to lose any drivers so this is good news hearing that he has picked up a ride so quickly. He certainly is entertaining so I’d rather watch a race with him in it.
  5. And was someone else not in a 27j ride? Does that not strike anyone as odd? I’m not saying that Doc was in a jalopy I’m simply saying the optics leading up to that show weren’t great.
  6. So, did Danny race last night? If so where and in what?
  7. 2 lbs light on the scales. Went from winning his heat to a back marker in the B main. Damn I get cutting it close but in a heat I’d rather err on the side of caution and be 20lbs to the good
  8. And keeps losing them..... sounds like a great book when it’s all said and done
  9. I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner. I figured CanAm was it. Someone else was driving the 27j and doc was in a last second ride. I don’t profess to have all the facts but the optics of that from the outside was pretty damn strange. Was he going to OCFS, was he going to show up at the SDS race? So weird
  10. I don’t think there’s any question about it. Of course it was magnified because although Weedsport is an incredible facility the racing surface is less than stellar.
  11. Is Dunn or someone from his team on this message board? Be nice to clear this up
  12. Overhead is overhead. I kinda get what you are saying, but even if you have the asset paid for there is still overhead. Probably the better example would be; scenario A: take in $100,000, keep $30,000 scenario B: take in $100,000 keep $5,000
  13. We all better get used to it. Matt is on another planet right now. If Mother Nature cooperates he could win 50 races this year. Right now the only thing preventing him from cashing more cheques is the weather Not sure what’s become a surer bet; that Matt wins or Utica Rome rains out? Both seem to have about the same odds of happening
  14. Maybe. But will a 1-2 hour start time change dramatically alter the racing surface? I honestly don’t hold the answer to that question. It’s certainly something to consider though. Starting at 5 instead of 6 or 6 instead of 7 wouldn’t make a huge difference one would think but again I defer to others who would know that more than myself