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  1. I think it was two announcements at the same time. One about the suspended drivers and the other about suspending racing while world war 1 was still going. The war ended only a few weeks later. As for the drivers and sanctioning bodies not agreeing... Just proves that it has gone on from the beginning!
  2. I didn't ask Howie directly if he paid Brett show-up money but I did ask him back in '96-98 (I do not remember exactly) what effect Brett had on GA ticket sales and Howie stated that at the time it was a minimum of 300 a week. Do we really need to ask why some guys can get show-up money?
  3. Why not just go and enjoy the show? Glad this "debate" will be over soon.
  4. Three thoughts: The LV haters will never concede that the place puts on a great show and/or that you can pass Howie has one of the best points funds in the country I don't understand talking down a purse increase
  5. Class warfare... Seems like we talk about the land of opportunity and then put down anyone who makes the most of their opportunities.
  6. Would you travel 4 hours to see them run a crate sportsman feature?
  7. Really... I do not believe that is the intent... There are other ways to follow along throughout the season. I hate the Yankees but I would not say a friend of mine was not a Yankee fan if he did not attend all 162 games a year. 🙄
  8. The level of competing tracks on Friday vs. Saturday may have had an impact on those car counts. I would also submit that with so few big money races for the small blocks that it may also have added to the car count. What makes the NE mods special are the big block motors in my opinion. Small block racecars are a dime a dozen.
  9. I'd like to see one win, the other protest the winner, and have the track refuse the protest! That'd make for an entertaining board next week.
  10. Sounds to me like there are enough cars to cover the scheduled events Saturday. Teams and fans having a choice is not a bad deal when that is the case. Changing qualifying to Friday night to screw an event like the Eastern States is another deal entirely in my opinion but what do I know!
  11. That class has been out of control for years. I'd bet the farm that some of those running at the back had heard that he was going to protest a few cars.
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