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  1. I'm pretty sure Bobby gave Rocky the good finger ... a thumb's up. He had to know his lap times were slowing down because he went into protection mode ... and when Bobby goes in protection mode, God help you. Still ... Rocky flew around him like a rocket. Bobby had to be impressed. As for Jess ... I'm pretty sure she was the fastest car on the track in the last 5 laps. I can't hep but wonder what would have happened if it was a 50 lapper.
  2. I agree with Krash 200%. You're one of the best and it's great to have you back.
  3. This is very accurate information. They try and run the modified main around 9:00 and the racing is almost always done before 11.
  4. Because they aren't running against T-Mac 🤣
  5. GasketCase

    OCFS ???

    I remember when the Valley started at least 33 modifieds every week, and sometimes as many as 40+ for big events like the 200. You would think that a track wouldn't sent anyone home unless they had to.
  6. Try a different browser and see if it's the same.
  7. I think she'll get two.
  8. I'd love to see them reel in a huge field and a huge crowd. Anything that will help to keep it going.
  9. I love The Ridge. and I agree ... some of the best races I've ever seen were there.
  10. GasketCase

    SDS Title

    By the looks of it, Brett Deyo.
  11. Thanks for all the work you've put into the site. Much appreciated.
  12. GasketCase

    Former Dirt. Driver

    Opie ... as I call him ... will always be one of my favorites. He his father, and his entire crew are a fun bunch to hang out with. I wish he'd return to full time dirt, but I'm glad he's having fun and success at what he wants to do.
  13. Thanks. I get lost every now and again, but like a family dog, I always find my way back.
  14. Yes. Jake Spraker has hired me to drive a cab based on user suggestions from DTD.