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  1. Fullbrew ...You want to watch your mouth. LOL
  2. Can anyone clarify? Stewie's car has a Bicknell sticker on the nose and no DKM identifiers anywhere. He didn't mention anything on victory lane.
  3. All that aside, he is one of the funniest comedians ever.
  4. Yes, it definitely makes me that much less of a musician when I play a song and follow the original riff note for note. Absolutely. Even when I do an "original" solo, when I listen back I'll say, "stole that from Mayall .... learned that part from playing along with Gary Moore's guitar note for note ... that was such a ripoff of Sonny Terry that he'd be rolling in his grave if he could hear it". I failed miserably in not mentioning George or Groucho right off the bat. You got me there. They were like Cosby ... they didn't need "dirty talk" to be funny. And ... speaking of people who did have to swear to be funny ... this is one of my favorite routines ...
  5. Mother of God. No one said your ass is limited. Carlin? Yes. At the top where he belongs. Pryor? He took Red Foxx's gig a step further and reached new heights. Joan Rivers? Funniest woman ever. Period. The Stooges? Unequaled Matthau? One of my favorite actors of all time ... but they were someone else's lines. Cosby?Yep. Don't care what anyone says. true comic genius. Dennis Leary? He cracks me up, but he doesn't belong in the same group as Carlin and Pryor. But you are skewed if you think most of your list is spot on. The second half is almost entirely people who used lines written by others. And the most glaring omission .... Jackie Gleason
  6. I was in Larsen's office when Shepard called and heard the whole conversation on speakerphone. Here is a transcript of the whole conversation ... Shepard: "That piece of $#*@ cost me a hundred grand". Larsen: "You finished third and you had plenty of time to get to the front". Shepard: "Okay. It was seventy grand. And he's still a piece of $#*@" Larsen: "Stop calling Mike names or I'll wrap that cape around your neck and choke the living $#*@ out of you". Shepard: "And I'll never race at your track again". Larsen: "Not even starting pole in the 200 in a Halmar car"? Shepard: " I already have the best car. I want your money". Larsen: "You'll have to win my money". Shepard: "I can't because you won't let me race at your piece of $#*@ track". Larsen: "This conversation is going nowhere, fast". Shepard: Then quit talking and start writing the check". Larsen: "How much?" Shepard: "Nothing. I just wanted to know that you would pay me". Larsen: "Okay. Then what's the problem? Just come down for Eastern States". Shepard: "Can I have Stewie's parking spot"? Larsen: "No" Shepard: "Then I'll take a Halmar car". Larsen: "No". Shepard: "A few minutes ago you said I could". Larsen: "Tough $#*@" Shepard: "I better at least get an apology from Gurda" Larsen. "Not happening. Again ... tough $#*@" Shepard: "Then what are you going to give me"? Larsen: "A chance to win the race that you've never been able to win". Shepard: "Okay. But you and Mike are still pieces of $#*@". Larsen: "And so are you, Matt". Shepard: "Thank you". Larsen: "You're welcome. See you at Eastern states in Victory Lane. You can present Stewie with the trophy". Shepard: "&%*# you and Gurda too. I'm winning it". Larsen. "We love you too. See you in October".
  7. Mother of God! I couldn't even watch the whole thing. Miller is probably watching it on loop.
  8. Judging by his limited/skewed idea of what funny is, I'm pretty sure he'd be a Ferrell fan.
  9. Not bad. I should sue them for infringement, but it's not bad at all. What the hell do you consider funny? Will Ferrell?
  10. I know that there's a point somewhere in your response. 🤣
  11. You're opinion doesn't count. You have a stick up your @$$, you old goat.