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  1. Any of you who have talked to me about racing probably know how I admired that grouchy old bastard. He was like an older version of me ... but better looking and with driving skills. (I'm pretty sure he taught me how to be old. .... Either that or he taught me how to a grouch). As I said on my Facebook page ... if there's racing in Heaven, he's already put someone on their roof and picked up his first win up there. I'm not going to say a bunch of mushy crap about how I idolized the old goat, because I don't want his foot in my ass the minute I get through the Pearly Gates. May he be racing again in God's peace.
  2. It's no secret that I hate NASCAR and call all their drivers crude names, but I am glad the guy is okay, ... ... as i said on Facebook ... it's a shame we can't all unite on a daily basis the way we all united in prayer for Newman.
  3. Which I don't disagree with. However ... his age has nothing to do with that. I've seen great full-fendered drivers get in an open wheel and be a menace on the track. I've seen guys debut in a modified and run decently. (Drellos comes to mind from recent history). I've seen them fail and I've seen them succeed. I just don't recall age ever being a common denominator to either success or failure.
  4. I'm having a hard time thinking of a major sport that has never had a child accidentally killed ... but never minding that ... Why is the focus on death and childhood? Is an adult's life worth less than a child's? If you think the answer is 'yes", then maybe you can explain something to me. A person turned 18 years old yesterday, an eagle scout, a straight A student, involved in community activities, and so on .... ... ... He's with his friend who turns 18 tomorrow, was at the bottom of his class, molested a classmate, has been arrested 6 times, and will steal the teeth out of your head ... ... They get into an accident and both are killed. ... ... How Is the 17 year old kid a greater loss than the 18 year old adult? How exactly does that work? It's definitely one of my peeves with American society and culture. we've let the news channels brainwash people to believe that a child's life is worth more than an adults. It's not just absurd ... it's sick. .... Anyway ... ... little McGrew has proven that he can wheel a car and that he can carry himself in a more mature manner than many of the guys he'll be racing against. And his chances of getting hurt are the same as any other driver in any other class. ... ... some of you need a more realistic reason for your opposition.
  5. The fact that you don't have it, yet, are still trying to get him a dirt bike ... ... that's what your kid will remember. And that's far more important than winning any race. ... Well ... except on Sunday at SDW maybe
  6. Like I said ... I don't see him making any waves this year, but I hope he proves me wrong. We always, always, always need new drivers coming up through the ranks ... and the more successful they are the more likely they'll stick around. I've seen a lot of them move up faster than I thought they should, and, most times, I was correct. I hope you and I are wrong and the kid wins opening night.
  7. With a lot of kids ... maybe even with most kids ... I'd agree. But I have never seen this kid lose his cool on the track. You have to give him that much. Guys knock the crap out of him because he's just a kid ( and they forget that his father could twist them into a pretzel) and the kid doesn't get even. He just continues on and finishes the best he can.
  8. Now ... back on subject .... I've been watching "Little McGrew" come up through the ranks. I don't see him making any waves this year, but he will definitely make an impact in the future. The kid has undeniable natural talent. i hope he proves me wrong and wins opening night at Malta.
  9. Any non-believers should watch last year's Battle of the Bullring at Accord. One of the most impressive performances i've seen in a while.
  10. I'll be very interested to see what Brett does. The Big Show has been one of the best racing events every year and it doesn't pay an outrageous amount of money ... so he has an idea or two in him. The man does nothing half way or half assed. He's in it to win it. I hope the first thing he does is bring the admission price down to earth and bring back the fans who have found other things to do on Saturday nights.
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