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  1. I should have included Jimmy. He definitely silenced some critics this month.
  2. I'm going to abstain from choosing one until I hear the arguments ....
  3. While the race was running, I assumed the announcers had the age wrong and thought nothing more of it ... until the kid stepped out of the car and I saw The Doogie Howser of Dirt. I know that some of you will bitch and complaint that a kid that young shouldn't race and blah blah blah ... but it was cool to see and I hope to see more of it from him and others.
  4. I can answer this. The top 5 teams: Williamson - Too much Shepard - Too much Stewie - Too much Larry -Too much That kid in the 4 cylinder class at Malta - Too much I hope that clear things up for all of you.
  5. Phelps has been the most underrated driver on the series for the past 10 years.
  6. I 100% agree that Ronnie is a gentleman and that he'd have a lot more wins if he wasn't. ... But I don't think anything was stopping Ant in that race. The kid is becoming someone who you will all remember.
  7. How about we leave this post for Anthony, and move the conversation about Matt to a post about Matt? This might have been a real "breakout year" for Ant if this pandemic didn't come along. I agree, Chas ... I think he can win anywhere at any time with the right equipment. He seems to have the sense to save the equipment when need be and go balls out when the time is right.
  8. I've been raving about this "kid" since he was first brought to my attention (about 3 years ago). Last year, I stopped short of proclaiming him as the second coming for 2020. If not for Covid, God only knows how accurate I would have been. Despite the limited schedule and appearances, I think it's safe to say that he still managed to get everyone's attention this year. Anyway ... the track got shitty on us part-way into the mod feature tonight and deprived us of what probably would have have been the kind of race that we'd never forget ... so I don't wanna hear about how he got lucky ...
  9. Thank you. It has been a while. I had to use GPS to find my way back.
  10. I actually bet against him in the modified feature because I was sure his car would break if I bet on him. Easily the best bad bet I've made in years because I'd rather lose the bet and see him win then win the bet and see him lose. He's a great guy and a great driver, and it was a pleasure to see him pull off a sweep when everyone was watching. By the way ... whichever one of you it was who tried to tell me that he sucks .... feel free to make excuses below. It won't take anything away from tonight's accomplishment.
  11. Attended Lebanon Valley Fonda Malta Devil's Bowl Glen Ridge Airborne Orange County Accord Canadaigua Rolling Wheels Weedsport Fulton Syracuse Oswego Utica Rome Volusia Putnam County Brookfield New Egypt Thunder Mountain Riverside Visited Off-season or Closed : Pine Bowl Afton I-88 5 Mile Point Drummond Granby Brewerton Bronson Flemington Georgetown Paved Daytona Monadnock Wat
  12. Any of you who have talked to me about racing probably know how I admired that grouchy old bastard. He was like an older version of me ... but better looking and with driving skills. (I'm pretty sure he taught me how to be old. .... Either that or he taught me how to a grouch). As I said on my Facebook page ... if there's racing in Heaven, he's already put someone on their roof and picked up his first win up there. I'm not going to say a bunch of mushy crap about how I idolized the old goat, because I don't want his foot in my ass the minute I get through the Pearly Gates. May h
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