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  1. GasketCase

    Brett Hearn

    I'll be very interested to see what Brett does. The Big Show has been one of the best racing events every year and it doesn't pay an outrageous amount of money ... so he has an idea or two in him. The man does nothing half way or half assed. He's in it to win it. I hope the first thing he does is bring the admission price down to earth and bring back the fans who have found other things to do on Saturday nights.
  2. GasketCase

    Brett Hearn

    A $5 increase in one year is actually astronomical in race admission terms. Lebanon Valley has only gone up about $3 since the mid 90's and I think Fonda went down in the last few years. I understand that they are fixing the track and I respect that ... but ... I'm not paying for repairs that should have been made with the money I paid to get in there in years gone by ... and I'm not paying for repairs that may very well be used to raise the admission price even higher. Two words. Deyo. Fonda. ... The man may very well have lost money with all the improvements he's made. I guarantee you he'll make it back and then some because he's making a place that everyone wants to go to.
  3. Miller ... you're telling me that Gary gave you a facial? 🤣 This is why he's always been one of my favorites.
  4. I'm impressed and .... obviously ... I was wrong. Don't discount the $82k. The lap money and other "contingencies" used to add up to a whole lot more than what they are paying these days. (That's not a slap at WRG. The admission prices haven't gone up in ages.) ... I recall reading somewhere that Tremont won almost $120,000 in the 1999 Syracuse 200, and that included the value of a hauler. Brian Bedell will read this and correct me ... 🤣🤣🤣 As for AJ's numbers ... Bob Miller could probably confirm or discredit them. He's definitely AJ's #1 fan.
  5. I don't see where any arguments need to be made for Mat's greatness this year. His achievements speak for themselves.
  6. GasketCase

    Brett Hearn

    The front gate needs a serious price reduction. Every time I thought about going there, the ticket price sent me somewhere else.
  7. I do not see that as being even remotely possible. Not even half that. No way. No how. Williamsonwon $150,000 in two races, and he isn't near $300k in winnings 16 years later.
  8. Money-wise? No one. Victory-wise? Shepard, Rudolph, Tremont and probably a few others. He just won when it really counted.
  9. Brett Hearn is going to race at the Valley while supervising OCFS from his phone.
  10. GasketCase

    Brett Hearn

    He'd be crazy to move it because it probably wouldn't bring in as many cars or fans there as it does at Malta, which would probably cut in to the profit.
  11. 10 points, Miller. 10 points. That was definitely good.
  12. GasketCase

    Brett Hearn

    Absolutely. He started the conversation as well. He knew I was going to ask so he started explaining before I asked. I wish I could remember the details.
  13. My nose has been wind tunnel tested at speeds of over 170 mph, but I have no idea what it's like to be second.
  14. GasketCase

    Brett Hearn

    I don't remember. I only remember that he took the blame for it.
  15. Stewie should have me speak for him. He'd be much funnier.