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  1. I didn't take issue. It gave a glimmer of hope for your crusty soul. 🤣
  2. Who are you? And what have you done with Miller?
  3. It worries me that so many of you know so much about nascar. I know Stewie, Tyler, and that Kenny tremont won some sort of nascar something or other ... and that's 3 things more than I want to know about it. It's all about the dirt.
  4. I didn't scour the place for people I knew, but I did look around a bit. I have no idea how I missed you because I could see the entire flag stand well enough to know it was The Rabbit flagging. I didn't stick around afterward because it's 2 hours from home and Laurie has to be to work at 7 am. (She lives another half hour south of me). If i could change only one thing, I would have chosen to start it off with a vintage race ... coupes and coaches era only ... nothing newer than 1972. This was the highlight of the evening for me >>>
  5. That's the beauty of being me. I am a douche and I am proud of it. 🤣
  6. You are correct. It's not just an LV thing. Neither is staying at a track and declaring it superior to tracks you've never been to. ... But our track seems to have a bigger percentage of these people than other tracks.
  7. No. You didn't. I refer to it as a DQ because I'm too lazy to type "the time the purse was reduced because his fuel cell was enlarged".
  8. Not the answer Miller was looking for, but a good rule to live by, nonetheless.
  9. I was hoping you'd give your opinion here, because I was interested in reading how you saw it. I'm guessing you were in the first turn because I didn't see anyone I knew except Kenny Tremont's kid, and everyone said they didn't see any bird or bat shit. All in all, I'd have to say that you, Mallett, and I are all happy with the whole thing and for the same reason.
  10. It's amazing how our posts said the same thing in different words, and we were writing them at the same time.
  11. I wasn't very fond of that interview either. Or the disqualifications at Syracuse. ... But ... to classify him as a douchebag over a few comments that he made is more than just a little over-the-top. I've never met anyone who hasn't said something they later regretted saying. We are all guilty of doing it at some point in our lives. ... We race fans are especially judgemental in this regard. If we don't like a driver, everything he says or does is wrong. Brett Hearn taught me a valuable life lesson. Unlike others, I told him ... to his face ... that I didn't like him. When he asked why, I told him. His response was pointing out that I didn't really know him and asking me if I would at least get to know him before judging him. ... Since he was sincere in his "challenge", I accepted and talked with him at length several times over the next few months. Short version of the story: We've been friends for over 10 years now. So, before you classify Stewie as a douchebag, hang around with him for a while. Getting to know him should be easy because he's very approachable and very unlikely to push you away. Knowing him, he will jokingly agree with you that he's a douchebag, and win you over in a few minutes.
  12. You know me, so you know the drill ... love it or shove it ... The track definitely needs work. It looked like 4-6 inches of loose fluff on the 3rd and 4th turns during the heat races. Aside from Joe Orlando and a few of the 4 cylinders, there really wasn't any passing in the heats. Needs better lighting. It wasn't terrible from the stands, but you could tell it was tough for the drivers. There was bird turds and bat shit in the stands. There were less cars and less spectators than I was expecting. It's a long way from anywhere, regardless of which direction you're coming from. That being said ... A race track has been brought back to life!!! Seeing the vintage mods pacing the field was like falling asleep and waking up in 1969. After the heats, they addressed the loose dirt and the lighting, so the racing got better halfway through the pro stock feature. I got to watch some guy I never heard of ... Lobdell ... take a car that looked like a demo derby refuge and blow off some of my favorite Pro Stock drivers. Happy Harry made up a full straightaway deficit and got the lead after some exciting door to door laps with the leader. (Harry won). Paul Szmal was outstanding, detailing out how racing works for those on hand who may not have been veteran race fans. The Rabbit, Joe Achzet, made a seamless return to the flagstand and did a masterful job at keeping the drivers in check. To get to the point ... it was one of the greatest things I've experienced in my 50 years of racing. Who cares that it wasn't perfect? (If it was, that probably would have ruined it). Seeing the dust fly as the cars flew into the first turn was like reclaiming a lost part of my childhood. I know it's a tuity-fruity, worn out, sissy phrase, but there really did seem to be magic in the air. (I have to wash my hands after typing that). Lastly ... I don't believe in ghosts ... and I will ridicule you if you do ... but I could swear I saw Danny Ody's face looking down from the clouds and smiling.
  13. "Making plans". I actually laughed out loud at that because, if he was alive, the plans would have been made the day they decided to reopen, and you two would have been camped out since Independence Day. The pair of you were truly twin brothers from different mothers. ... Take that as a huge compliment, because it is. To me, things like this will keep his memory alive as long as there are cars going in circles on dirt surfaces ... as will be the case with you when you check out of this world. You and Danny were the first thing. I thought of when I read the track was reopening ... so you sort of have a legacy already, and you haven't even left yet.
  14. I wish Danny Ody could see this. I'd love to follow him and Miller with a video camera. It would be just like two kids on Christmas morning.