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  1. Lol it all really doesnt matter when Stewy shows up at Fonda on Saturdays. Better off racing the valley of OCF! It’s not even fare!
  2. Exactly!! Awesome job Rocky. Many had doubts whether you would even make the start of the season and then this. Make sense now?????
  3. Just was wondering if the flying squirrel is still on track to make the 2016 debut?  Any updates?
  4. Well im hoping the Rock will make it be back in action.  However that was a substantial procedure to go through.  Itll take a while to be back to 100%.  According to his facebook page he seems to be getting better each day.  We'll just have to wait and see?
  5. Well that's good news!!  Any chance of him racing this year.  I know he will miss the beginning of the season.
  6. I know there is a thread already going about this but at times it seems to get side tracked, which is ok.  I was just wondering if they had an official date or close to an official date for when it will be awarded?  I know a few promoters have already bid on it.  Just curious.
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