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  1. Which row puts you at a window seat, row 1 or 3?
  2. paulgarrow

    Malta tonight

    Prostocks are on the track
  3. You could just taper the end of the barrier so it lifts your car instead of killing you.
  4. I watched all of the Utica Rome races this season, Super Dirt Week and the Eastern States Weekend. I would pay $300 for a season pass to Malta or maybe the valley. Perhaps $500 for a both track combination. Malta could use ways to generate increased cash flow without more real estate.
  5. The least they could do is livestream the audio
  6. Friday was horrible, the picture was too dark to even know which car was which. Saturday was decent, I still had to refresh the feed several times during the feature. Today is a complete failure. OCFS needs to get their Iphones out and livestream the race today live on their OCFS facebook page.
  7. Since 11:30 they have broadcast less than 10 minutes total, in 30 second bursts. I have reloaded the feed hundreds of times. It runs for 10 seconds and freezes up over and over. The track telephone just yells at you and hangs up now when you call them.
  8. They say he is alert and talking. It's hard to follow. The feed doesn't stay running for more than one minute without needing the page refreshed.
  9. 12:38 the stream finally came back on. (845) 342-2573 I called them and tried to explain that when they keep dropping the feed, it doesn't restart when they start broadcasting again, you have to just sit there and keep reloading the page. On Friday during the really horrible live feed, the OCFS facebook page said don't worry, Saturday and Sunday will show everything all day long. How hard is it to just leave a camera broadcasting? The OCFS facebook page is covered with pissed off customers. They keep deleting the angry comments, but the paying customers keeps adding more complaints again. www.facebook.com/OCFSRacing/
  10. When you pay for a pay per view event, you shouldn't have to sit in front of your screen for hours hitting the reload button to see if they started broadcasting again. Since 11:30am the event has been unavailable for 30 minutes so far and it is now only 12:12.
  11. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10216563651674056&set=a.1788355358955&type=3&theater Malta needs this kind of section. Knock down the woods behind the track and build a multi level parking/viewing section. This would reduce noise to the neighbors, too.
  12. 1.Skip the flagger shots while ignoring the field on restarts. 2. Stop blocking the live feed way too often with banners for hours and the top 5. It doesn't take 2 minutes to read 5 names. 3. A commercial started during a caution and I didn't realize I had to click on the live link to get back to the race. Once I clicked on "live" the race appeared already in progress. 4. Had to reload the feed dozens of times. 5. Drone shots instead of the cars restarting sucks. 6. The price was the cheapest ppv event I ever watched.
  13. Blocking the live feed for hours throughout the day, with a stay tuned banner is really annoying.