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  1. The updated schedule lists all of the 358 events to be run first, including the feature. It would be nice if they would post the consi line ups.
  2. Floracing just keeps playing a really annoying rocket mortgage commercial in an endless loop.
  3. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EFAhg3iWsAEINLM?format=jpg&name=medium
  4. Does anyone have a link to the schedule for today?
  5. paulgarrow

    malta weekend

    Dirtcar seldom follows the posted schedules.
  6. Complaining about complainers is the worst!
  7. Dear OCFS, counting laps while packing the track was not your best move of the day, either.
  8. I thought that counting laps while the cars were packing the track was not appropriate. Sheppard may have won if they waited until the track was usable to start counting laps.
  9. Are they getting the track ready?
  10. Live stream is totally unwatchable. Race monitor is also not working for OCFS. I have asked for a full refund.
  11. I paid $69 for the live feed. Nothing but advertisements so far. It was supposed to start streaming at 5:30. Called the track and they said to just wait, they haven't started yet.
  12. What the hell is a B3?
  13. Nikki Davies just said no.
  14. paulgarrow

    Outlaw/Race Monitor

    Race-monitor should be paying us to beta test their glitchy product.