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  1. FightForTheRail


    This. Posters seems to be willfully ignoring this fact.
  2. FightForTheRail


    So if the test goes back 30 days, that means he was smoking in late June or so. Telling a cop you should get out of a speeding ticket because he didn't pull you over a month ago doesn't work, either.
  3. FightForTheRail


    I assume you mean weed? Just because it is legal to use in some states doesn't mean a person drive while on it. A person on weed can still get a DUI -- just like alcohol.
  4. FightForTheRail

    Knoxville Nationals predictions

    Of course, this point is nothing new or profound based on Gravel wining the biggest Sprint Car race of the year last night. But it still amazing that Gravel put himself in a position to be at this level of success while coming from a place with no Sprint Car racing in the area (or even dirt tracks in his home state).
  5. FightForTheRail

    Mr Dirt Track USA

    Agree completely with that. The huge number up front does create a "buzz" to an event. As far as Modified events go, the Freedom 76 is not what it was when I was a kid, but the $50,000 to win show was just crazy.
  6. FightForTheRail

    Knoxville Nationals predictions

    Agree with the thoughts that Gravel will win.
  7. FightForTheRail

    Mr Dirt Track USA

    I will never understand this board when it comes to purses. The Valley pays at least $18,000 above the minimum series purse and the first post is bitching about the distribution instead of mentioning the tracks that pay not a cent more than the minimum. Where are all these other Modified tracks paying $25K to win for a $26 admission?
  8. FightForTheRail

    SDS engine rule

    Oh, Jesus. Not this shit again. There is good and bad racing on all types of surfaces. This board is bizarre in so many posters refusing to acknowledge that slick tracks also produce more than a few boring, lifeless, glued-to-the bottom parades. Where in New York is it ever not black and slick to draw a conclusion to different types of surfaces?
  9. They don't. At the big Late Model races, 100 laps is 100 racing laps, not 60 racing laps with the rest of the race being lost to guys stopping on the track with flat tires.
  10. Jeez, I think it is cool to see a guy from another division step out of his comfort zone. Yet, on here, people immediately take a piss on the move. IMO, I like the idea that a guy who runs for a hell of a lot more money regularly is interested in stepping into a Modified.
  11. Wall has been for sale for a while now. I think most people recognized that this day would eventually come for the track.
  12. Even a decade later, the Tim Fuller quote never fails to agitate on here. And people want drivers to speak their minds?
  13. That is just the flipside of how comical it is when two inches of snow completely paralyzes the south, schools are closed and life grinds to a complete halt.
  14. I am surprised by how many people are saying tracks have never canceled before because of the heat or this is some kind of unprecedented thing. Cancellations because of excessive heat have happened several times in recent years at tracks in New Jersey and Pennsylvania and Delaware. Go outside. It's already hot/muggy as hell outside today and it is not even noon time yet.
  15. FightForTheRail

    Friesen over Sheppard at BAPS

    Meh...it has been shown time after time that posters on here really do want bland, colorless NASCAR-type drivers who don't say anything controversial. The Tim Fuller New York shitholes comment was, what, 10 years ago and people on here still get hurt about that. This board lost its mind over Robert Ballou's comment about the surface at Weedsport when USAC was there.