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  1. Ryan Godown didn't get to the front first in Saturday night's 51st annual Freedom 76 at Grandview (Pa.) Speedway, but he got to the front by the time the track took rubber in the closing stages of the $30,000+ to win event. Godown overhauled Jeff Strunk for the win on a double file restart entering turn one on lap 51. The race then went caution-free from that lap 51 restart until the finish. And the last 12 laps certainly proved frustrating for Godown. On a track that took rubber and turned uncharacteristically one-lane in the closing stages of the event, the top four finishers finished n
  2. Thank you, and you are spot on about people who have not been to the race not knowing what they are missing. There were 66 cars that tried to qualify. Brett Kressley, five wins at GV this year, looked very fast in winning his heat from the last row. Kressley also won the $1,000 cash dash. Billy Pauch Jr. is in the Hansell No. 357. Mike Maresca won his heat from the pole. Bobby Varin started last in his heat and showed extreme displeasure with Kyle Weiss after getting shuffled back to sixth on the final lap. The race is now $30,250 + lap money to win.
  3. The NES promoter owns David Van Horn's car, not Mike Gular's.
  4. That has always been true on here. People say they want drivers to speak their mind, but the Tim Fuller "New York shitholes" comment upset people for years. Same thing with the Robert Ballou "shithole" comment about the Weedsport surface.
  5. Another example is Kevin Hirthler dropping down to the Sportsman the night before the Freedom 76 and pounding the Sportsman regulars a couple times in recent years.
  6. No one is arguing they should have raced in the conditions. The objection is that the cars were brought out for two laps behind the safety car in a blatant move to say there was a race and rip off the paying fans.
  7. I can't see any way that they refund the fans (even though Lewis Hamilton was calling for that to happen); the race was declared official because two laps were run behind the safety car. We've all been to local races where the qualifying is quickly spun off to void the rainchecks, but I think that may have been the biggest sham I have ever seen in racing. What was really lame IMO was spraying champagne and even having a podium after two laps behind a safety car. That being said, three hours discussing whether or not the race officially started was pretty high on the ridiculousness list as
  8. The scam and farce that was the F1 race today even makes NASCAR's plate racing look good. Imagine paying to see two laps behind a safety car called an official race.
  9. I am pretty sure he is talking about Racin' Russ McCullough of Port Jervis, N.Y.
  10. Knoxville has no problem running four nights in a row and providing a multi-groove track every night. Hell, one of the years I was out there, they ran Saturday afternoon, then reworked the track into great shape for Saturday night. The Freedom 76 runs a Sportsman show the night before the big race and the track always has lots of passing on Saturday. There are numerous Sprint Car tracks that are also able to pull it off. When other places can run consecutive nights and still provide a racey surface, that is a cop out for the places that either can't or won't.
  11. You need to get out your Old Racer to English dictionary, then the original post with make perfect sense. ๐Ÿ˜
  12. Larson from third reminds me of those Steve Kinser years at the Nationals when you just knew he was going to win.
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