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  1. The thing that blows my mind is how many shitty EV and green companies have come public and gone through the roof over the past year while losing money hand over fist. That is why I felt good about CURI and UTZ; they are both profitable and solid companies that go public through a SPAC allow small investors to get in on the ground floor in a way typical IPOs do not. I bought in to ENB in several different waves. The dividend was around 8.5 percent with most of my ENB shares. The other thing that is really great about them is that they consistently raise the dividend 8-10 percent a year. E
  2. Funny you should mention Suncor. I have most of my stock investments in a Vanguard total market index fund, but I always have 12-15 stocks that I play around with for fun. I looked hard at Suncor for many months (it was still as low as $11-12 a share in November), and I know I know Buffett is a big Suncor believer. In the end, though, I went with Enbridge; it has a big dividend that is safe and is not at the mercy of oil prices so much because much of its business is guaranteed contracts with oil companies to ship through ENB pipelines. Analysts think there is still money to made with Sun
  3. Here is a compilation of congratulatory Tweets to McDowell from other NASCAR drivers. Some of these Tweets are really cool to read. I never knew how well-liked he is among the rest of the garage and what a fan friendly driver he is. https://www.nascar.com/news-media/2021/02/15/michael-mcdowells-daytona-500-win-a-popular-one-among-drivers/ Here is a very good article on McDowell's ups and downs in NASCAR and the hopes that even start and park rides will one day lead to something better. https://nascar.nbcsports.com/2021/02/15/michael-mcdowell-denny-hamlin-brad-keselowski-chase-e
  4. That was Furniture Row Racing that shut its doors after winning the Cup title with Martin Truex Jr. The juggernaut Rick Ware racing team had Joey Gase, Cody Ware, Josh Bilicki and Derrike Cope driving for them on Sunday. Of the 42 cars that took time on Wednesday night, the three slowest cars in qualifying were all Rick Ware Racing cars. Only Cope failing to record a qualifying lap prevented the team from having the four slowest cars in qualifying.
  5. The AP is also reporting that McDowell was 100-1 to win. https://gazette.com/ap/national/mcdowell-beats-100-1-odds-for-upset-daytona-500-victory/article_2ff1a66a-1258-5c2e-ba41-89cf931168b9.html
  6. Last time I looked, Michael McDowell was 100-1 to win. Dammit, went with the wrong FRM longshot.
  7. Prior to the duel races, the open teams that weren't guaranteed to be in the 500, seemed to all have some really inviting odds. I think the chances of a miracle happening were substantially better with Ragan or Preece than any of Rick Ware Racing's slugs. Both Ragan and Preece seemed like decent fliers after qualifying because they could each fall back on speed to make the race.
  8. No one is "losing their mind" or "can't handle it" that someone was punched; the issue is that the DIRTCar rulebook is a complete joke if their own policies are not followed, especially for a repeat offender.
  9. At the risk of igniting the usual firestorm on here, Bubba Wallace also looked attractive to me at 25-1, given how fast he has been. But I did not put any money on him. He has since come down to 14-1.
  10. I like your thinking. I put $10 on Bell at 35-1 early in the week. I also put $10 on Ryan Newman at 50-1, $5 at David Ragan at 100-1 and $5 on Ryan Preece at 150-1. I tried to go with guys who have at least been fast this week and have attractive odds. Betting odds on three of the four have come down since I made my bets, so a lot of other people have recognized them as good value bets as well. Betting any on the favorites at 8-1 or 10-1 at Daytona or Talladega just seems crazy to me.
  11. Sports has always been the area for social justice reforms to start. This isn't something new. That has been the case since Jack Johnson (the boxer, not the Jumper), Jesse Owens, Jackie Robinson, Muhammad Ali, John Carlos and Tommie Smith just to name a quick few. As far as people not clamoring for more white people in the NBA and NFL, you are comparing sports that are strict meritocracies with one that isn't. No matter how much money someone brings to the table, they are not going to play in the NBA or the NFL. Conversely, if you have enough money, you can be out there in the highest for
  12. If that premise is correct, why does it bother you so much that a black guy or a Latino guy is a getting an opportunity?
  13. I don't disagree with that point, but you were suggesting a driver that is not a realistic option at all. Teams don't want Cup rookies nearing 40.
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