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  1. FightForTheRail

    Danny Varin

    Well...you never really know what is in someone's head. But I think it is like every other expensive form of racing; it is too expensive and the pool of car owners willing and able to spend that type of money keeps getting smaller. When you look at Pennyslvania in particular, owners are not getting out because of safety; they are getting out because of cost. The safety factor did not even push car owners who have drivers killed in their cars out of racing.
  2. FightForTheRail

    Danny Varin

    I don't think the Nationals will be expected much, if at all from it has been in recent years. The car count will still be around 100, IMO.
  3. FightForTheRail

    Danny Varin

    There is very little Sprint Car talk on here. But if you read social media or Sprint Car message boards, there is lots of hand wringing and concern about 410 car counts at iconic places like Williams Grove and Knoxviile. The concern for car count is not going unnoticed.
  4. I know Keith Kunz fields half the cars on the USAC Midget, but the USAC national Midget tour purse is the one that is really pathetic for the travel involved.The national Midgets run for $3,000 to win and a weak purse throughout. Like con7 wrote, that Grandview purse is significantly better than what just about every other place pays for the USAC Sprint Car tour.
  5. FightForTheRail

    Danny Varin

    Or you could have used an emoticon. Montess gave me a like, so I am not the only one that could not tell your meaning
  6. FightForTheRail

    Danny Varin

    Teams in central PA don't even race two nights a week locally because the unlimited money teams in central PA are lone gone. The Grove did not even have 20 cars last because only a handful of teams race more than one night a week, and you want more teams to travel four hours away in a Sunday night? Central PA in not even close to what it wss 15-20 years ago with big money teams and full time drivers.
  7. FightForTheRail

    Lebanon Valley

    At many races in central PA, heats will get handicapped or lined up by draw and the feature will then start heads up instead of handicapping the top 12, as was done for decades. But central PA on the whole has gone to far more time trial shows than what there used to be in the past. Time trials used to only get run for WoO shows , ASCoC shows and only a couple other times during the year. The Grove paying more paying more money to win based on where the winner started still did not entice teams to come out for the handicapped shows. More teams run the Rahmer/Stevie Smith and Kreitz/Dewease type schedule and only run time trial shows for larger purses.
  8. FightForTheRail

    Lebanon Valley

    The blatant sandbagging to start up front is what has led to handicapping all but being eliminated in the central PA 410s.
  9. Some of the posters on here do need to get out of New York more and check out other places. There is currently a thread on Hoseheads right now by Mike Nelligan entitled "New York Racetracks" in which he calls the surfaces at Dundee and Staeline "easily the two worst tracks I have ever seen on back to back nights." He further wrote that Dundee and Stateline look like they are located in the Sahara Desert. Kevin Eckert has always maintained that New York has the worst surfaces in the entire country. Both of the guys are people who have traveled all over America chasing races, not one state or one region attendees. https://www.hoseheadforums.com/forum.cfm?ThreadID=112475
  10. Tim Pitts has beeb using that phrase for a while now, although I have seldom heard Pitts use the phrase without the word "legendary" preceding house of power.
  11. FightForTheRail

    Is Brewerton back on top?

    Every time this thread gets done on here, it always devolves into "my local track."
  12. The thread title asked about "entertainment factor," yet we keep getting posts trying to say what's fair and what's not fair. It almost seems like the posters advocating heads up from time trials don't want to acknowledge that heads up from time trials isn't very "entertaining."
  13. Almost all of the Sprint Car and Modified tracks in central/eastern PA and New Jersey run the headline division first. Con7 is right about it being a New York thing not to do so.
  14. It is a chemical compound that helps replace fluids and control acidity when patients have low blood pressure or blood loss due to trauma. The reason is I knew that is because I have always been fascinated by the JFK assassination. One of the reasons Lee Harvey Oswald did not survive his gunshot wound was because he was not given ringer's lactate until he reached the hospital.
  15. FightForTheRail

    Anyone Got A Spare Sprint Car????

    What are you talking about? Con7 knows his stuff when it comes to Sprint Car racing. If he isn't the most knowledgeable Sprint Car poster on this board, he is in the conversation. The Sunday Modified purse is about $50,000 more than the Williams Grove National Open and Port's Tuscorora 50, although the Grove and Port don't require drivers be there for the better part of a week. Con7 was exactly right with everything he wrote. The Grove and Port do also pay a complete purse on their preliminary night, whcih puts them in line with the total DIRT Week Modified purse. Top running National 410 teams are spending more than $45,000 on engines. Here is a link to a 2012 story on engine builder Ron Shaver that talks about Shaver's 410 Sprint Car engines going for "upwards of $65,000." https://www.enginelabs.com/features/shop-tours/a-peek-inside-ron-shavers-engine-shop/