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  1. I didn't know you were there. You should have sent me a message on here that you were definitely coming down. ☺️
  2. I call BS on the "official count". LOL. πŸ˜€ Sixty-six cars ran the heats, but that does not include the three guaranteed starters (Gular, Von Dohren and Kressley) who did not have to run the heats.
  3. Jeff Strunk was not panicked at seeing upstart Grandview regular Brett Kressley roar from 20th to the lead in 24 laps Saturday night during Grandview's 50th annual Freedom 76. Kressley a three-time winner at the track this year, drove around the outside of some of the Northeast's biggest Modified names (Strunk, Bobby Varin and Matt Sheppard) to go from fourth to first. But Strunk had already won the Freedom 76 seven times prior to Saturday night, and he related after the race that he did not think Kressley's pace was sustainable for 76 laps. Of course, Strunk was right. Saturday's Freedom 76 went caution-free from lap 38 until the finish -- and Strunk drove past the fading Kressley for the $35,550 win in turn two 13 laps from the finish. Over the final 10 laps, Strunk pulled away to a half-straightaway margin of victory in an event that saw the top four finishers race through slower traffic in a tight bunch for the better past of 20 laps in the race's closing stages. After dominating much of the race's mid stages, Kressley faded from the lead to fourth over the final 13 circuits, dropping over $30,000 in the process. The top five finished as follows: 1. 126 Jeff Strunk (12th starting spot) 2. 9s Matt Sheppard (5th starting spot) 3. 2a Mike Gular (24th starting spot) 4. 19K Brett Kressley (20th starting spot) 5. 5 Bobby Varin (2nd starting spot) * Teenage pole start Briggs Danner led the event'a opening circuit before ceding control to Bobby Varin (Clay Realty No. 5). After Kressley powered to the lead on lap 24. he would officially lead until lap 64, when Strunk became the fourth and final leader. For many circuits following the race's final caution on lap 38, the top four cars battled nearly nose to tail through slower traffic. * Sixty-nine cars attempted to qualify for the event, which featured New York track champions from Fonda, Lebanon Valley, Orange County, Outlaw and Thunder Mountain speedways. * The feature was slowed six times by caution, all of which were single -car incidents of cars slowing or spinning. * Among the night's three biggest non-qualifiers were Billy Decker, Billy Pauch Jr and Ryan Watt (coming off a $17,000 Big Diamond (Pa.) win two weeks earlier). All three drivers were hampered by poor starting positions in one of the six heat races. Decker started last (11th) in the second heat, and could advance only to sixth. That placed him in eighth starting spot in the Minuteman 20 last chance event that qualified five cars to the feature. * The Minuteman 20 last chance race has traditionally been a crash-laden mess of mishaps that is often shortened to a time-limit conclusion. Saturday's Minuteman 20, amazingly, went non-stop for the second straight year. * Mike Mahaney, who owns one career Saturday-night Grandview feature win, was handily leading his heat race before going up in smoke. * One -time Freedom 76 winner Stewart Friesen was especially quiet Saturday night. After drawing 25th starting spot among the 27 drivers to draw for feature starting positions, Friesen was instead forced to start last in the 32-car field following a pit stop during the pre-race pace laps. Friesen ultimately moved from last to an eighth-place finish. * Six-time Freedom 76 winner Duane Howard was forced to the Minuteman 20 after failing to transfer by one position in his qualifying heat. Howard advanced from 29th starting spot to a sixth-place finish in the feature, and certainly would have benefited from a caution at some point in the final 39 laps. * Row three in the feature looked like an obvious place to find the race winner before the event began. Matt Sheppard drew fifth starting spot and did challenge for the top spot at various points in the event. Sheppard passed Kressley for second on lap 67, but gained no ground on Strunk over the final 10 laps. Eleven-time Grandview track champion Craig Von Dohren drew sixth starting spot, but was not much of a factor. Von Dohren was falling through the field before dropping from the event on lap 21 following contact with the outside wall. * Fonda champion Mike Maresca (Hirthler owned No. 117x) won the Minuteman 20, but did not make any progress from his (28th starting spot). in the feature. * Just from walking through the grandstand parking lot during the evening, lots of New York license plates were visible.
  4. GV has been getting close to that for weekly shows.
  5. It is a draw show; that is what is always neat about the Coalcracker at Big Diamond and the Freedom 76 at Grandview.
  6. When the drive-in at OCFS was open for several weeks, the conspiracy theory on here was that Halmar bought their way into special treatment with Cuomo. That theory went bust and was quickly discarded on here.
  7. The whole thing must be a smokescreen. There has not been a water truck seen in New York in decades. πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‚
  8. You are just massively shitting on Dave Blaney, and I don't know why. Larson being a very good racer is not contingent on trying to cut down Blaney. Blaney's run in the original Teo Pro car was the most dominant Modified performance at Syracuse other than the Batmobile. He didn't win because the car broke while he was walking away from the field. Period. He also finished second in that race, what, three times? Whenever Dave Blaney ran a Modified at Syracuse, there was always a buzz around it.
  9. IMO, 358s/360s have shown they are not a draw in and of themselves in central PA; it's 410 country. Local Sprint Car people would not pay a $30-40 ticket just because 358s/360s are on the card.
  10. The conspiracy theories get trotted out regularly on here that this is some kind of partisan vendetta against New York racetracks. When examples are given that show otherwise, there is either radio silence or doubling down on the conspiracies. Various leagues and events and conferences far bigger and more lucrative than New York racetracks have either canceled completely or are not allowing fans, and this board is still filled with nonsense that the governor of New York is the only person in leadership making such decisions.
  11. For a more impressive conspiracy herp derp, explain how the Indy 500 not having fans is because Roger Penske is some raging liberal. Penske gave $50,000 to the National Republican Congressional Committee, gave a a quarter-million to Jeb Bush's SuperPac and has received the Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Trump. Penske is obviously just sticking to Republicans by not having fans at the Indy 500.
  12. Big 10 football dwarfs New York dirt tracks in terms of money generated and fan interest and this board still wants to claim that it is only New York dirt tracks being singled out because something, something governor of New York. Who won the King's Royal in Ohio this year? Who won the Knoxville Nationals in Iowa this year? How big will the crowd be at the Indy 500 in Indiana this year? Is Cuomo the governor of Ohio and Iowa and Indiana and president of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and president of Big 10 universities and Ivy League universities and MAC universities? Do the management teams at Eldora and Knoxville and Indianapolis all hate racing?
  13. Some places are and some aren't. This notion that dirt tracks are somehow being singled out or victimized while ignoring other sports forgoing billion of dollars in revenue is just silly.
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