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  1. Howie's argument is that it is a split field on the preliminary nights, For example, Kyle Larson or Christopher Bell are not eligible to run every preliminary night program.
  2. Go get him, Jumper. LOL I have had a discussion with Howie quite often when it comes to that specific race. A prelim at the Chili Bowl or the Knoxville Nationals s not the same thing as a winner's classic or something along those lines. 😋
  3. FightForTheRail

    Devils Bowl Issues....

    Your point is that some teenagers are accountable for their actions and some aren't? When has that ever not been the case in society?
  4. I always thought the winner's classic at Syracuse was completely lame became many teams did not even try . Other than drivers in the first couple rows, a lot of teams used the race to practice pit stops or pulled off shortly after it started. Maybe I am misunderstanding what you are saying. But the winner's classic was all the winners/qualifiers from SDS races throughout the season. The driver with the most SDS wins started on the pole and so on. Along that same vein, the Race of States and Mystery features during the Knoxville Nationals were often lame as well because teams had much bigger priorities that week than those gimmicky races.
  5. FightForTheRail

    2020 Fonda 200!!!!!!

    Grandview averaged 41 cars weekly and was never under 34 this past season. They will be at least in the upper 50s with the NES/Bridgeport cars that always show up for the Freedom 76.
  6. You are really trying to make a case that having a race and the gates being open for a race that didn't happen are the same thing? What the hell?
  7. That scenario is not at all comparable. The gigantic difference in that scenario is that Derek Jeter was an employee of the Yankees, not an independent contractor. Trying to shoehorn local dirt track racing into comparisons with the major stick and ball sports never really works.
  8. You do realize what a slogan is, right? Darlington (S.C.) isn't really "too tough to tame." Fonda (N.Y.) isn't the only track where champions race. The World of Outlaws may or may not put on the "Greatest Show on Dirt." When I used to go to a lot of Late Model races, I went to Cherokee (S.C.) for the Blue-Gray 100 several times and it still wasn't "the place my mama warned me about." Does all bull really stop at the gap at Volunteer (Tenn.) Speedway? Penn National (Pa.) was a pretty nice place, but I don't know that it was really "The Aristocrat of Racetracks." Is Hagerstown (Md.) really the "Capital of Dirt Track Racing?" The Indy 500 attracts 300,000 people and has had an infamous infield for generations, yet Super DIRT Week is the "Greatest Party in Racing?"
  9. FightForTheRail

    David Gravel 2020

    I don't know that NASCAR ever "gloats" on marketing the Trucks as the best drivers. It is the third division, Guys going places in NASCAR don't stay in the Trucks for long. The same thing used to happen with pavement ringers jumping into DIRT cars and winning back in the days of of the DIRT/Asphalt series.
  10. FightForTheRail

    Phoenix Truck Qualifying

    Not just on this board, but whenever I see the word "NASCRAP" used to discuss a given NASCAR topic, it is a given that some conspiracy theories/agendas are being put forth.
  11. I don't even get the argument being made at all in this thread. Soccer is so unpopular that the Truck race was booted off the air because the network wanted to piss off the largest number of viewers. So why did the Truck race get dumped if it is so much more popular? The last time NBC negotiated U.S. broadcast rights for the EPL, the network paid one billion dollars for the right to broadcast the EPL in this country. No one is saying that soccer is bigger than baseball or football in the U.S., but the NASCAR Trucks have virtually no fanbase -- and the television ratings reflect that. Television networks don't boot popular programs off the air to make room for something that fewer viewers want to watch. I don't mind debating the point, but at least debate in good faith. What does high school soccer have to do with popularity when the game being shown was professional, not a high school game. That is like saying NASCAR is completely unpopular because no one was in the stands to watch the local four-cylinder feature.
  12. It is easy to say promoters should just run no matter what when you don't have a penny invested in the outcome of such a decision. A lot of downside risk was mitigated last night because many people already bought tickets in advance and/or were in the area for weekend.
  13. Because the Eastern States 200 isn't a bigger race with lots of people who have already paid their money or anything like that. It is a lot easier to wait out bad weather when the promoter has gobs of money and there isn't hand-wringing about how much money will be lost if only 300 people show up.
  14. It's Dirt Track Digest, so let's get back to the bitching about a pavement race getting cut short? Since it is Dirt Track Digest, there shouldn't be any discussion on here about the NASCAR Trucks other than the one race a year they actually run on dirt, right?
  15. With all due respect, you are really out of touch with the popularity of soccer. In terms of salary and social media follows/likes, the elite soccer players of the world dwarf any U.S. athlete. Your stance about "nothing exciting" happens in soccer and "running around aimlessly" is the exact same argument that non race fans make about our sport.