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  1. I think the race will have far more than 2,000 people. Big shows at Lincoln are elbow to elbow with people.
  2. Then don't listen actors' or singers' or athletes' political views. It doesn't matter one way or the other to me who they support. You are making a big deal out of Bubba Wallace being "half-white." Eh...that is like being a little bit pregnant. I don't know that I ever read anyone make the case that he is not "black enough " or not a "real black guy."
  3. Oh, Jesus. He is not Dale Earnhardt (although I don't know how much winning Dale Earnhardt himself in his prime would be doing in Petty's car these days), and no one ever said he was. You keep harping on the one black guy in the series as being undeserving or unqualified when you can easily pick out white guys that don't have the resume to be where they are. Again, why do you only have a problem with the one black guy in the series?
  4. Go look at his resume. He worked his way up from Bandoleros and the K&N series and the Truck series. He won six times in the Trucks. He is not glaringly unqualified to be in the Cup series You have a problem with the resume of the one black guy in the series. Did I miss William Byron winning 300 short track races or Chris Buescher's pages and pages of accomplishments? Wonder why you don't have an issue with them in the Cup series?
  5. (Sighs) Bubba didn't work for it, but Paul Menard did? Or Joey Logano, for that matter.
  6. People without financial means of all colors get left out in racing. That is not even a NASCAR thing. Big Block Modified racing and 410 Sprint Cars are not very attainable for someone on a middle class salary.
  7. NASCAR has never been the best 40 best drivers in America. NASCAR isn't the NBA and it isn't the NFL. or MLB because you can't buy your way into the NFL or the NBA or MLB. You are offended that Bubba Wallace is in the Cup series because he was born black, but Paul Menard worked his way into the Cup series by picking wealthy parents?
  8. Rule out the white kid? There is one black guy in the entire Cup series. The sport is over 99 percent white and you saying white kids are getting "ruled out?"
  9. Maybe the oppressed white drivers should organize a protest, chant and carry signs proclaiming "You will not replace us." at any Drive for Diversity testing. The discussions on race, immigration and socio-economics really seem to have revealed an ugliness on here, IMO.
  10. I am just glad that only illegal immigrants are lazy mooches who have bunches of kids. and there is no such thing as a legal resident who is lazy or has more than one kid. 😅 I have worked with a lots of legal U.S residents who aren't worth a shit or can't keep their **** in their pants. Your stereotypes of entire swaths of the population are extreme.
  11. My point was that the reality is that people in this country illegally are overwhelmingly taking jobs that "real Americans" don't want or won't take. Illegal immigrants aren't taking white collar, cushy jobs; they are taking dirty, dangerous, smelly, back-breaking jobs that are very difficult to fill.
  12. All the real 'Muricans who have "earned it" can't even get cushy jobs anymore like working in a slaughterhouse or picking fruit or cleaning bathrooms because lazy illegals have taken all the good jobs. I have been trying to get myself a sweet gig shoveling manure at a mushroom house near where I live for years.But someone like me, who has earned it, has no chance of ever getting in. The place is filled with lazy illegals.
  13. Don't be too pumped about that. A more appropriate statement would have been that you are indifferent and derive no pleasure from getting to see seven more races for your $31. 😆😂
  14. Tyson is a fringe top 10 heavyweight all-time. That is not me hating on him; a Tyson fight in the late 1980s was an event like almost no other. He was spectacular against competition that was terrified of him, but his resume is very thin when put up against the top heavyweights of all time.Tyson's two best wins were against a 38-year-old Larry Holmes and a blown up light heavyweight in Michael Spinks. Ali and Joe Louis are always the two guys debated as the greatest heavyweights of all time. Ali usually gets the nod because his resume of guys he beat is like no one else in heavyweight history. The George Foreman of the 1970s was Tyson before there was a Tyson. Ali was 32 years old in the Rumble in the Jungle. Foreman entered that fight eight years younger and 40-0 with 37 KOs. The guys usually ranked above Tyson all time are Ali, Louis, Johnson Dempsey, Marciano, Liston, Foreman, Frazier, Holmes and Lewis. That is 10 right off the bat that are usually ranked above him on most serious heavyweight all-time lists.
  15. Whether or not Lebron James would still be a superstar if he played in 1990 is a completely different argument than if he is as big a superstar now as the greats of the game were 30 years ago. The rest of the world was in awe of the 1992 Dream Team, but there still was not the international following or influx of worldwide talent into the NBA back then that there is now. We have had this discussion before, but I don't know about the premise that the world wants scoring. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world by about a million miles. I am a huge college football fan, and those Big 12 games where no one plays any defense and games routinely end with each team scoring in the 40s and 50s seem a bit silly when the BCS/college football playoff comes each season and the conference routinely gets smoked.
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