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  1. I think guys like Stew and Matt would still be strong contenders if they had been racing back in the day. They just have that pure talent. I also agree that the 70s and 80s had much deeper fields then there are today. Who introduced the power steering box to the modifieds? I know Geoff Bodine is given credit for bringing it to NASCAR.
  2. Pack the track night. Always a good way to get people to come back and see what's new.
  3. Ok lets put it this way, unless Tim McCreadie gets a top notch ride and actually wins a lot it won't compare to what he does in a Late Model right now. Timmy is a very good Modified driver but he has NEVER been a dominant modified driver like Matt or Stew are now. He would have to be like that to equal what he did finishing 6th in points in the Lucas series. And again racing for Lucas he gets $700 just to show up, and if he qualifies he is going to make no less then $1500. What is the minimum you make for qualifying for the SDS? And the SDS races don't come close to what winners get
  4. The only time I saw slick conditions was either during WoO sprint car/BB Modified shows or during 100 to 200 lap day shows. And those were mostly the bigger tracks...hint Rolling Wheels. And remember there is a difference between tacky and heavy. These are also back in the days of using calcium/water mixture to hold moisture in to the track. Besides a regular at Rolling Wheels growing up my home track was 5 Mile and the Southern Tier tracks...You don't see a lot of slick tracks there. Accept when Northgate Speedway existed. (where I was a track champion). LMAO
  5. Modifieds (BB, SMB, Open Sportsman allow 4 Barrel), Crate Sportsman, Street Stocks, and 4cyl Stocks. Do it at 5 Mile Point Speedway. Keep the Summer Series going. American Racers (to be part of the series for the drivers). Keep the Open in the Spring and bring back the 100 lap National Quarter Mile race hopefully for $10K to win $500 to take the green. No SDS or STSS races for Mods, but maybe a special Crate Sportsman race in the middle of the summer.
  6. Still 11th in points and was able to take a NON-paid provisional. I wasn't happy about it either, but it is in the rules.
  7. Freisen also gets paid to driver in the Truck series and has everything paid for in the SDS.
  8. In Tim's own words about coming back to Modified racing "I really can't afford it". He makes no less then $1500 for every Lucas race he qualifies for. He gets $700 just to show up.
  9. Nothing against Stew but there are guys who spent good money getting down there and running time trials, heats, etc. And he just shows up and gets put in the show? That really isn't fair.
  10. Rolling Wheels is business property, if the track isn't making any money then it's losing money. They use that as a write off. It's very simple.
  11. LoL Its all those light weight parts, can't handle a non-slick race track.
  12. Just posted they are finishing the rest of the night tomorrow starting at 1:30
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