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  1. I for one, am glad they will be back at both tracks. I am at Fonda every week and have always enjoyed the ESS shows, or , in the old days, the URC shows. Fonda is a very high speed track for the sprints, and they really put on a show in front of a big crowd. Utica Rome has given me some very enjoyable times as well. The holiday weekends were always time for the ESS. My wife actually went with me on those weekends, and she rarely goes to the races at all. I hope they can regroup and get the series back to what it was, and even better. Getting these two tracks back on the schedule is a
  2. If I was Friesen or Mahaney, I would make it clear that I did not want my name or a picture of my car on any advertisements or promotions for any SDS races. If they can't collect point money, no reason to use them for gain. All they have to do is work out a deal for a few races with Deyo, and all this nonsense could be avoided. It would be a win for drivers, owners, teams , track owners and promoters, and the fans. It is all so stupid and easy to take care of. It is going to be an interesting list of platinum members this year. It looks like there will be racers collecting point mon
  3. I like the STSS better just because I get to enjoy the heats as well as the feature. With no time trials, the top guys are not guaranteed to start in the front of every heat. And yes, they do usually make it up to the redraw, but I at least get to see them mix it up to get there.
  4. Our group already has a house reserved. My buddy was right on it as soon as the date came out. I love that place.
  5. Isn't that nice what they have done to the ESS? They were a well run and anticipated show all over just a few short years ago. Now, they are not allowed to race at the two premier tracks for the series. Instead they race the same few tracks a bunch of times. I don't even have a clue who the points leader is. I had to make it a point to go to a couple races during the 4th of July week just to see them, and then the field was smaller than the usual holiday week. It is a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face. The racers lose out, and the fans lose out, all because another promoter had
  6. Unfortunately, the meet and greet got cancelled when the rainout happened last Saturday. The fans love these meet and greets, and there were literally hundreds of people down on the track for this one. Then, the antiques had a bad night on the track with several cautions including a roll. These two things are what made it a long night. Doesn't change anything, but just giving people that weren't there a perspective on why it was a long night. All I know for sure is that I enjoyed the season up there, and it sure does seem good to go to a track that has a big crowd every week.
  7. RJ and Rocky ended in a tie. Rocky got by Craig Hansen with only a couple laps to go to get to third and made it a tie. It was a nail biter for sure.
  8. Funny, I thought they were doing a good job. Mimi is just starting out and I think she is off to a good start. It's a big challenge being in the announcer chair, and I am glad Fonda is bringing in fresh talent. It takes time, and some of the older folks may struggle with a female voice just because it is so different from what they have heard all their lives. Give them time to work as a pair, and I bet it works out fine.
  9. I remember it well Reddfoxx. It was a big decision to spend the money to upgrade, and then shortly later, Brett took over. Glad it all worked out for you. And, I was glad to see you team up with Jack Lehner. I don't know him at all, but took note a few years ago when he was showing up at the super dirt series races, and straight up qualifying for the features. He was a small team, and a young, less experienced driver. That told me he has some talent behind the wheel of a big block. You just don't get the chance to see many young drivers step up and have success like in the past. Glad
  10. Good to see the team come up with an early win to give them a quick boost in confidence. Looks like this pairing is working out well. Redfoxx, what engine did you end up with this year? I remember you being frustrated about upgrading your big block program just before the Deyo rules started.
  11. farklek7 provided a good, unbiased report on the mod feature. Facts, not opinion, which is nice for people that weren't there. There were a few guys that had a chance to run the top, but they just couldn't seem to find a sweet spot for the entry into one, which let the car on the bottom power back by coming off two. I think the crowd would have cheered louder if RJ won, but Rocky is pretty popular there himself. And, it looks like the Bobby Varin fans may get another long awaited feature win before the year is out. Looks like he has plenty of speed, but still tweaking on the handle. Ma
  12. I watched Tim Hartman Jr at Fonda all last year and he won a bunch of features, and the track championship. You could even say he had a dominating season there. The funny thing about though, is when he was racing through the pack, most of the cars were as fast or faster on the straights. He killed them in the corners race after race. Experience, equipment, and set-up went hand in hand for a great season.
  13. This simple format ends up having a lot of excitement every year. I look forward to it.
  14. I'll be at Fonda camping again. I love the 200 lappers. The owners and racers can decide what purse to race for, and if they are complaining about payouts and how expensive it is to race all season, keep on going to the same tracks and same races. I'll be at Fonda just about every week. I'm sure there will be some weather and a graduation or wedding to screw up being there every week. It's my favorite track because I grew up at the track and in the pits. Besides that, most of the time I can count on the mods being able to pass, which is not the case at all tracks. I'll hit up three o
  15. I like the fact that Deyo can come up with the sponsors to offer that kind of bonus fund. It's also nice to see a driver, owner, and team have a shot at actually winning it. Congrats to Matt Shepperd, his family, and his whole team. Also good to see some owners and teams getting out and going after the money the STSS puts up for a couple regions with a lot less races and travelling than the SDS. It's tough for the family owned, low to medium funded teams to be able to travel and follow these series and remain competitive at their weekly tracks. As a fan, I appreciate them all.
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