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  1. No ,although a friend of mine and his boy,
  2. Wish I could,wanna meet the young boy and his father!
  3. That's not 100 percent bullshit,it happened!
  4. Matt could not hear the kid ,but saw him pointing at him with thumbs down,and flipped him off Matt is a jerk!
  5. Shepard brings out caution ,and the restarts back where he was ,he thinks he can do whatever he wants!
  6. Shepard is a baby ,does not like to get beat , if he feels he is at a disadvantage,then ya get run unfairly,. I witnessed his actions last night!There was a young kid booing Matt as he drove by and Matt gave the boy the finger!
  7. Googles just listen to yourself , you talk out of both sides of your mouth, most important thing is DR is making a hose call Saturday night ! Pay attention Googles!📝
  8. I call every Monday inquiring about camping reseverations,and there still is no info!
  9. the Dr will beat Sheppard ,it won't be long just a matter of time!🔙🔛🔝🏁
  10. Called today as I have for the past three Monday's and still no camping info! 😎