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  1. Has Shackleton closed up shop or just the NAPA stores . What's the future for the DR ?
  2. dirtroust

    Mike Maresca....

    Mike is a great guy and competitor , very easy to talk to , has lots of determination , will soon be at the top!
  3. dirtroust

    Time To Retire?

    Matt already proved their just race cars , look what he did in a Troyer !
  4. Dr has more raw talent then most the field !
  5. Off topic is Dr going to break out and be mr October?
  6. Shepard had passed 8/10 cars during caution ,now that's a champion
  7. The 66 atlas car , Tommy Mei?
  8. Caution was brought out for stew , the field went by him , he had to catch field back to his spot
  9. Brings out yellow and starts right back in third. What a joke !
  10. No ,although a friend of mine and his boy,