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  1. I call every Monday inquiring about camping reseverations,and there still is no info!
  2. the Dr will beat Sheppard ,it won't be long just a matter of time!🔙🔛🔝🏁
  3. Called today as I have for the past three Monday's and still no camping info! 😎
  4. It's in the rearend ! Dr will beat him soon!🔙🔛🔝
  5. Dr will beat him soon!🏁
  6. dirtroust

    The DR

    Still makes ya wonder,
  7. Does anyone know why Dan was in old Troyer?Is their a future with Grahm And Dr.
  8. Where will Brett be tonight . Oc or can am?
  9. The DR will be making a house call!
  10. Don't forget Jerry Knox , Dick Sundgren,Mert Hulbert,Rick Jeffries,Kenny Moore,the Podolaks,Terr Kincaid, that's all for now
  11. I have around 25 cars and that are wonderful.
  12. dirtroust

    DR at DKM

    Thanks for the info ,there must be more?
  13. What up with the DOC at DKM?