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  1. Chip Ganassi has 19 cup wins total in how many years of competition? Larson has 6 of those and that leads all the drivers that have raced for a Chip. Ganassi is a 2nd tier team, we’ll see what he does with Hendrick equipment.
  2. He drove through the field last night too, no fluke about that win.
  3. They started to figure it out right in time for the bigger money summer shows, won Lernerville, was really fast at the Grove but then blew like 3 motors right in a row and they didn’t recover for another 2 months. He still won the biggest paying show of the year so all was not lost. I think Schatz has lost a bit but it’s the bit few guys ever have, so he’s still a threat to win a bunch. The 2021 WoO roster is loaded and it should be a fun year. All stars also have a cool roster so that series should be very competitive as well.
  4. Apparently some schmuck late model driver was spouting off about open wheel guys sucking because Larson just shows up and wins in sprints and midgets. Well, with less than 10 starts to his name in a late model he won by 15 seconds tonight. Pretty absurd.
  5. Yea I think it’s 2 57 cars. Still unclear how much Rico will run it, and if the 24 is just for Jac Haudenschild this year. Larson is running late models this weekend (I think) so that’s interesting given there are 3 decent paying sprint races in Arizona this weekend.
  6. Looks like Rico will be racing the Silva 57 that Larson has run so successfully. Not sure how much, but it’s interesting that Rico’s 24 is going to run by the Wild Child this year on a limited basis.
  7. I wish OCFS had better racing. It’s a cool place with a lot of history.
  8. Octoberfest got too rubber down and usually was a one lane snooze fest, but those March SDS shows at night were some of the best races of the year. Hagerstown used to be one of the premier dirt tracks in the east.
  9. For pure racing, I think some of the best tracks for modifieds are Brewerton, Albany-Saratoga, and Fonda. Sometimes a “regular show” can be more exciting than a big show with formats being the way they are these days.
  10. The other difference between lm and sprints is while lm guys follow a tour, they can go to all 22 of these shows. The top sprint car guys theoretically can go to all of the top 20 sprint shows, but none do. For example, no WoO guys race the Tusky 50. The point fund and tow money on the WoO tour is too good to drop off for 1 race. Interesting discussion, thanks for the info.
  11. Yea if there’s any difference, it’s that there’s 2 tours that pay a minimum of $10k to win as opposed to only the WoO for sprints. Having said that; the WoO sprints race about 80 races a year compared to 50 or so for the lm leagues which balances it out a bit. You also have Central PA where you can make a good living not leaving the state. It’ll be interesting to compare 2021 as it should be a big year for both divisions weather and Covid permitting.
  12. Knoxville is a potential for 200k to win if you lead all the laps. I don’t buy that there’s more money in late models but you probably can make more running slightly less races with less travel and be more safe doing it. So It makes some sense.
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