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  1. Not to pile on, but there’s no truth to this whatsoever. The WoO started in 1978 and by the early 90s it was about 15 years old. There was also never a card handed out like Costco or Sams Club that said “Outlaw” that allowed you to follow the tour. Regardless, Billy Pauch is one of the finest dirt drivers to ever live, that we can agree on.
  2. I wouldn’t bother, you hear the same thing about Sammy Swindell in sprint cars, for some reason people can’t accept that Father Time is undefeated. For what it’s worth, I’m still trying to unravel the WoO being an invitation-only league in the 1990s, that’s some high quality nonsense there.
  3. To which I reply...why would he? The same arguments get used against Schatz because he doesn’t race Wjngless sprints or only races midgets at the Chili Bowl. Back in the day there was a monetary benefit to running different divisions but unless you just like to drive different cars or have some goal of being a sprint or midget driver, I don’t see why he would take time out of his mod deal to run a different division for less Money.
  4. I think Dippel is still 12 if I’m not mistaken.
  5. Only this board is obsessed with that distinction, we realize the driver doesn’t gross 100% of his winnings. But I say to that, there are not many short track drivers that “win” 400k, and very very few travel as little as Sheppard to do it.
  6. An absurd amount for a local racer. It’s laughable that some think Mcriedie couldn’t make a ton of money if he came back to modifieds.
  7. Waiting until the day of is best for most events unless it’s a super In demand ticket. Stubhub ticket prices usually decline a Bunch right before the event as the sellers get nervous about not being able to sell. Scalpers are also good.
  8. There might be more people at a big race at Middletown than any truck race outside of Eldora or Daytona anyway, so it’s not much of a step down to me.
  9. I really need to run these by Bayko before posting, haha
  10. Not sure if people saw this earlier but More big news from the dirt world, this time sprint cars.
  11. Wow, that’s a great deal.
  12. Madden in that car is much more competitive and Bloomquist is the biggest name in Lm racing. For a series that is a redheaded stepchild compared to The other series, it’s a big move.
  13. This is very interesting. I had heard of issues with the border and guys having records which made getting over there tough but didn’t know about the t shirt issue. Now it makes a lot of sense why they don’t have races up there.