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  1. DirtVision for sprints rained out in North Dakota so they broadcast the late models from Port for free. Awesome deal all around. Good racing tonight.
  2. So this event has gone pretty smoothly....
  3. National Open and World Finals.
  4. An F1 driver? That’s Mark Webber, lol
  5. That was a rumor last year as well. Could happen but it would take a huge investment by someone to make that happen.
  6. No falling back and waiting with that type of money on the line.
  7. Not just this board. When Eldora had the audacity to pay $175k to win the Kings Royal, people complained about the disparity between first and second and the rest of the purse despite the fact that Eldora had added several thousand to positions 2-24 a couple of years ago. Despite the message boards, I’ve always felt that average race fans respond to a large winners purse more than a large purse disbursed more evenly throughout the field.
  8. Schuchart 22nd to 2nd, what a drive.
  9. Gravel is the obvious favorite, the only car with consistent speed every time he’s been on the track among the pre-race favorites. Reutzel has been really good but i don’t think he’ll be able to put it together for 50 laps. Sweets been ok but not nearly as good as last year. Schatz hasn’t looked good at all but the same thing happened in 2013 and he won from 21st.
  10. Even with all that, it’s 10 times better than a normal NASCAR race.
  11. Schatz finished 12th last night with the WoO Late Models.
  12. He’s been okay at Charlotte, seems to qualify well and then either be decent or stink in the heats. One year he started on the pole of the heat and finished way in the back. He regularly wins at River Cities and has a podium with the Outlaws when they were there one year.
  13. It’s not just even new divisions anymore, look at Billy Pauch being uncompetitive at Canandaigua. Guys have a hard time adjusting to different tracks and setups. The difference between winning and being totally out to lunch is very narrow these days.
  14. I’ll have to make a trip next year. Historic track, at least they aren’t closing down immediately or at the end of 2019. Gives you a year to give a good send off.