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  1. con7

    David Gravel 2020

    I’m torn as well. Sprint Guys going to Nascar has been a boon to dirt racing as it’s focused way more attention and money there but I sort of Dream of a day where the “big time” includes winning Knoxville or the World 100 or Super Dirt Week.
  2. con7

    David Gravel 2020

    Rico’s family is loaded so money is likely not an issue. He’s said in the past he likes to run all kinds of cars and prefers running a true Outlaw schedule. Also for years he was hooked up with paul silva as his crew chief (before he went to Larson) and I’m pretty sure Silva also had no interest in the full time grind either. I too would like to see him try it once because he’s a huge fan favorite and would be good for the series.
  3. con7

    David Gravel 2020

    Depends on what truck shows he wants to hit, but as the Outlaws are on the west coast in March and the trucks on the east coast, I doubt he’ll be able to follow the whole WoO tour. The team will and depending on who they can get to replace Gravel when he’s out (Tim Kaeding would be a great choice) they have a decent shot at another top 3 points finish.
  4. The modified feature was fantastic last night in part because of the long green flag runs.
  5. con7

    World Finals

    What a great show.
  6. There seem to be more flat tire cautions in Modifieds for sure.
  7. con7

    World Finals

    2 points separate Sweet and Schatz after 70 races. Will be fun to watch .
  8. con7

    World Finals

    I think they staggered them a bit so that if it rained early one day wouldn’t have a ton more racing to do than the other. For example i think what didn’t get finished was Saturday’s lm time trials and Fridays mod heats. Had they not done it that way, Saturday’s program would have been really long.
  9. Apparently there were issues with playing DirtVision on Google Chrome today. They suggested using a different browser
  10. Given the tightness of the points and how many ny fans come down I have to believe they’ll run them at some point, maybe starting early both days or earlier on Thursday.
  11. And 50 for a high, still cold but a bit more manageable.
  12. How much did TMac make running the late model this year?
  13. We can only track the winnings, no one knows how much any team actually makes. 330k for a local racer is extraordinary though. Only 5 or so sprint car drivers are at that level and all are WoO drivers.
  14. How much would you say the top mod drivers have made this year? Sheppard with the big point money and Williamson with the big race money.
  15. That will screw up travel plans and the WoO banquet. More likely they will run a double show on Saturday.