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  1. I love the Wingless sprints at Port Royal.
  2. $27 is what I would consider high for the All Stars let alone the Patriot Sprints. $18-20 is on the high side for the ESS/Patriots but I could live with it.
  3. Knoxville Nationals 2016. Emotional week after Bryan Clauson’s passing, Jason Johnson and Schatz had an incredible battle. JJ’s death makes it even more special as time goes by.
  4. “To whom should you be catering, if anyone? I think no one.” To be or not to be, that is the question.
  5. The standard Usac sprint purse is as follows: POS. / PTS. / PAY 1 70 $5,000 2 67 $2,500 3 64 $1,250 4 61 $1,000 5 58 $900 The top Non-winged guys get paid a fraction of what the WoO guys get. I'm sure they’re excited to race for 10k
  6. I thought you were talking about NASCAR crowds, haha
  7. Perhaps I’m in the minority but I loved the racing at Fonda under Lucia. I haven’t been in a while and all you hear since he left is how bad the track is. Come to think of it, all you heard back then when he was there was how bad the track was, haha
  8. “Tickets go on sale 10 a.m. June 15 for “An Evening with Tim McGraw” set for 8 p.m. Aug. 14 at the Orange County Fair Speedway in Middletown, also known as the House of Power.” House of Power is a thing now?
  9. They’re not rescheduling the 100k to win show. So you’ll be able to get your money back.
  10. Not a criticism for tracks that don’t do it because I know profit margins are thin, but discounted admission or some sort of refund would in a perfect world be the fairest solution when the show is stopped because of rain before the features. As for Mansfield, the fault I have there is there seemed to be no effort to run on Sunday and no plan for rain. Knoxville and other major dirt track events give no refunds, but they tell you in advance, all events will be run the next clear day. If the Nationals get rained out Saturday, they will run Sunday. If you can’t make it, so be it but at least you knew when the show was going to be run.
  11. Thanks FFTR, I was hoping you could be the voice of reason as you often on here. Haha As for the definition of “dwarfs”: cause to seem small or insignificant in comparison. The bigger number always dwarfs the smaller numbers.
  12. A mid level WoO owner a few years back said it cost them over $5k per race in expenses. If you race 80 times per year that’s over $400k and that’s not one of the top teams.
  13. $9500. Knoxville is on another level altogether.
  14. The only perfect format is the Knoxville Nationals. You need to be good every time you go on the track and are afforded no advantages by timing well. You can’t do that at every race because Knoxville is the type of track that affords passing. Many tracks don’t get wide enough for passing until the feature. If I were in charge of Dirtcar, I’d have the following format: - Group time trials - 2 sets of heats; first heat lined up by time; heat winners automatically to draw, remainder to 2nd set of heats, invert the top 6 and calculate passing points from first and second heats for the remainder of the draw for Feature. - Consolation events lined up by passing points - A main feature- 50 or 60 laps, no caution laps counting.