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  1. Good motorsports books are few and far between, unfortunately. It would be great if someone did a bio on Donnellys career with all the success and controversies. You could weave in the highs and lows of dirt modified racing as well.
  2. I do wish this could happen. There’s a lot of content on VHS tapes that will be lost to time if they don’t get digitized. You see a lot of old 80s wrestling tapes that were saved and now are on streaming. I hope we haven’t lost the chance to make this happen with dirt modified racing.
  3. Jack was one of the greatest ever and arguably the best long distance modified driver ever. A true hero of mine although I only met him once, when I was 9 and was too awestruck to say a word. RIP.
  4. Tell that to the dirt track fans in Arizona who just lost a track near Phoenix because of noise/population concerns. Are there too many tracks centered in too small a geographic area? Perhaps. But better that than nothing at all.
  5. The promoter from Port Royal is affiliated with Bloomsburg so that explains the aggressiveness. I hope they are successful as you can never have too many dirt tracks.
  6. I think you'd need a minimum of 15,000 seats, good lighting, a good reputation for track prep, a professional management staff etc... to hope for a NASCAR series to schedule a race.
  7. Honestly I think it looked a bit like amateur hour but will likely improve year 2. It's overall a positive for dirt racing overall to have Nascar involved and hopefully the WoO shows in the next few weeks are safe and successful.
  8. It seems as though dirt experience (at least in the trucks) was not a significant advantage; Larson was out to lunch today and Truex, who has raced dirt twice, dominated.
  9. The quality of the clay/dirt might be better than what is found upstate. I’m not sure what the degree of banking is versus other tracks.
  10. In general 3/8th-4/10th mile tracks are just better than half miles and 5/8ths, but Bridgeport really hit it out of the park. It’s an unexpected but welcome surprise for sure.
  11. He’s been running strong for sure. Hopefully he’ll get in the win column soon and continue to be a legit threat.
  12. Williams Grove is in the top 10 (maybe 5) most well known dirt tracks in the country, Bedford is not.
  13. Weedsports resurgence lessens the impact of RWR shutting down. That doesn’t mean it’s good by any measure, but at least something replaced it.
  14. The WoO sprints ran an entire event at a track they’ve never seen before last Saturday night without one caution. The support class which I assume ran there weekly had about a caution per lap for the races I watched. Point being there’s a difference between letting anybody with a car on to the track versus only inviting professionals with a ton of experience to race. Not to say Bristol won’t be insanely dangerous, but at least you’re lessening the risk by ensuring only the best in the business are racing.
  15. This weekend kicks the racing season into full swing from a streaming perspective. Both Flo and DV have good stuff and way more than you can watch in real time. Great news is it’ll be like that every weekend until late November and in the summer there will be racing basically every night.
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