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  1. OldTimeRacer

    Bus Trip from Cny to ?

    I would certainly consider
  2. Bob, a little clarification...Dominic Tantalo was promoting Waterloo in 1977 until his heart attack after the races on a Saturday night..not sure if Tony Vitti was involved with him...Dominic's son took over after that but actually didn't have an interest and shut it down..If Dominic had lived longer, he certainly would have fought for the track.  The Street Stock race Gary won was in 1983..It was promoted by Glenn Donnelly..I can still see Glenn on the grader and looking for the drain in the 3rd turn with Tony Vitti Bob Rodgers and I promoted the antiques in 1996 & 1997...In 97 we had an "invitation" only SS race for 2nd generation drivers.Frank Guerreri won that one but as I told him,haven't any recollection of his father racing.(would love to see a picture to verify)  We went in as partners with the fair board those two years and with cost of insurance and all, about broke even...we paid $ 50.00/car and let 3 people in with a car.In 1998 the fair board wanted no part of the races but said they would lease us the track..thus, racing at Maple Grove Speedway ended and soon after, the rail came down...It was amazing all the support we received, especially from Gary Palone, tow trucks, ambulance, fire dept and police dept...
  3. Retired official from the DIRT circuit (Canandaigua,Rolling Wheels, Weedsport, Fairgrounds) Jim Stetzel passed on this morning to be with his wife Mary, another retired DIRT official. Jim and Mary also contributed greatly to the WSCRA reunions and races
  4. OldTimeRacer

    This week @ CNYRP

    sure sounds to me that Mr. Rohr should move out of NYS...why stay if unhappy
  5. OldTimeRacer

    new nickname

    going way back to the Waterloo days, there was a driver, Calvin Briggs, they called "the Professor"..but he had glasses as thick a coke bottles
  6. OldTimeRacer


    If only everyone could see what Danny Johnson used as a shop this year...pulling motors from a tree limb...Dan had a pretty good win year..Matt will survive
  7. Adirondack would be awesome...needs to be refurbished...asphalt and dirt track could be utilized....great camping
  8. If Pat Ward happened to win, they probably would not need to tear the bleachers down...the fans would do it for them...
  9. Vintage Stock Car Club....do you think that means tube frames?  Chevelles, Novas Torinos...these cars should not be raced...if you want to race, get a Sportsman or SST...preserve what the old days were...there is still a vintage club but those who went off on there own disbanded the "new club".The one that was started by Carl Carpenter and others is still active..They just don't race...
  10. Adirondack International Speedway would be an awesome place...was there this year and was very impressed...the "almost mile" is 80% complete....campgrounds need alot of work as a tornado went thru there but everything is duable
  11. OldTimeRacer

    CNY raceway park

    Adirondack would be the perfect place...needs ALOT of work but the almost mile is not completed and could be finished for dirt racing...the banking is outrageous...campgrounds need alot of work but it is there
  12. Good reporting getting both sides of the story...More interesting is if MPR was using Rudolph's motor, where is he getting one now?   Stewey not driving for Siri anymore?
  13. I remember setting the alarm for 11:30 to get back up and watch these.
  14. Would love to see Erick run Kutztown...what an addition he would make to an already stellar field. Congrats on your win, with many more on the horizon