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  1. USNA was created by Dave P and Gale Mitchell...Dave's family owned Fay's Drugs and Gale was President of their Wheels Discount Auto Supply stores chain. The ideas behind the series were good...and maybe a bit ahead of their time. From the inside, I can say that there was a level of sponsorship support that was expected from both inside and outside the racing industry that didn't materialize...and a lot of that had to do with being the new/untried commodity versus the older/heritage/proven commodity...kind of the same thing that happens when you have a radio station that's played (example) country music for a long time, then another station pops up trying to do the same thing and fight for the same share of the audience and revenue. Sometimes, the new is significantly better or different and it kills the old. Other times, the old can't be bettered.
  2. Let's bottom line this since it's turning into a scwantz-waving contest here: Until such a time as any of the current owners/operators of RWR are gone and new ownership/management is in place, NOTHING will come of the facility for anything motorsports-related or otherwise. Too much damage has been done and the facility has not been cared for. It's going to take financial commitment (long term) and a lot of donkey work to get it back up to speed (pun intended). Problem is, the asking price that I've heard is totally unrealistic...there's no way anyone's going to accept buying something at over 3 times what it was purchased for when it hasn't drawn a dime in that period, and then have to spend significant capital to get the facility back to an acceptable level (not counting necessary improvements/upgrades to make the facility competitive/comparable to others). The racing calendar is already crowded with 'special' events and it's extremely difficult to schedule anything because so many weekend/weekday dates are spoken for...not impossible, but very difficult. As it stands, traditional 'racing' events at RWR will not ensure the continued life of the facility...other motorsports-related and non-motorsports events need to be in the portfolio for it to draw positive cash flow. This takes networking, market research, strong third party vendors and operators, and a LOT of detailed planning. Any 'rezoning' issues would be a matter of public record, in terms of filings, public hearings, etc...and I'm pretty sure local radio/TV/newspaper would pop on the story if it, in fact, WAS a story at this point. We can hope and pray, but I wouldn't (realistically) be optimistic at this juncture.
  3. Spud, you guys did a 1 watt, I'd bet...correct?
  4. Brett's looking into the status of that FM system for Fonda, and if Butch is reading this thread, he'll probably look into it for the Ridge as well. I have my own FM transmitter that I use for some snow drag/snocross events, but it only has a bolt-on antenna...these work best with a roof-mounted antenna. You do have to be careful using these...(technically speaking) you could get heat from the FCC, even if you're not interfering with an existing channel...depends on (a) if they're out and about or (b) if people complain or (c) what mood they're in on a given week.
  5. Pile of cash...that is the reason why you don't see indoor dirt racing as much. The costs to set up/build/maintain/tear down a temporary dirt track are insanely big if you're going to do a big arena like St Louis does, and pretty damned expensive to do a smaller hockey sized arena. Indoor racing is not everyone's cup of tea, to be sure...it's very hard to get any indoor track, regardless of surface, to have as many lines/passing as an outdoor track. Trenton nailed it last year for the micros, and the Chili Bowl always nails it. I don't know how DuQuoin is for midgets, but for karts/flat track bikes, it's stellar too. I think we're just about right in the amount of indoor events that we have and where we have them...enough to hold competitor and fan interest and keep the appetite sated, but not so much that it loses its special flavor.
  6. Somebody lock this, please....(hands to head)
  7. I would wholeheartedly agree with this...in 99% of circumstances. This show is catered to 'hardcore' racers and teams and not so much about drawing fans in, so the advertising was directed appropriately. I know I had notices on my FB wall about it, so I'm guessing they did targeted FB ads, which are a great way to hyper-target a demographic at a cost that's much more affordable than print or broadcast media. Having said that, broadcast media is still a great way to reach NEW fans and introduce them to the sport. Radio, when used with the proper frequency (which means you can't just run one spot a day for a few days), is a great enforcer and TV adds the striking element of visuals that can tell a compelling story when properly used. If there's one thing promoters should be looking at for 2019, it's the proper combination of broadcast and digital advertising for their events. It's not always cheap, but when produced and targeted properly, the combination can generate solid results.
  8. At just about every dirt kart track, teams are using tire prep...of many different compounds, some with colorful names (like 'goat pee')...you can't be competitive without it...and it can get pretty expensive. Go to an event and you'll see teams prepping tires constantly, or buying tires already prepped (which has turned into a viable market of its own). The prep is what allows them to run fast on dirt on slicks.
  9. OMFG...is this guy possessed by the spirit of Tom Curley? I agree with Mike, if this went down at a track in our area the drivers and fans would riot and try to burn the place down...but THIS is the kind of brutal honesty that we NEED to get the sport back on track.
  10. Due to non-payment for services rendered and no communication from management to resolve the matter, I am ending any and all affiliation with Hillside Buffalo effective immediately. Any questions or concerns regarding the track should be directed to management. Thank you.
  11. Ralph Stopello and a couple of partners ran AMG and they handled the motorsports marketing for quite a few clients (Wheels and Coors among them). They were cool guys to work with back in the day. We not only worked with them thru DIRT TV, but they also did a lot of work with the Patricks on the race car shows in Syracuse and other locations. Ralph is the one who came up with the idea of the 'Cowboy' Paul Szmal T-Shirts back in the Rush Hour days...believe it or not, I don't even have one of my own (think it disappeared when I left my first wife LOL). Morgan Colegrove at Woodhull actually bought one and has it to this day (this was approx. 1998, does 20 years classify it as vintage?). Needless to say, those shirts were NOT a huge revenue stream (LMAO) but it was a cool thing for sure!
  12. You know the classic definition of insanity, right Bob? LOL. And 100% YES on keeping fans we already have, but as an industry/sport, we also need to cultivate new fans, 'cause the hardcores like us aren't gettin' any younger or more prevalent. Heats would mean more to me and shows would move quicker if we had 2 heats for an 18 car field instead of 3...and IMO not every division should run the same amount of laps for heats/features. Like I said, I'm not sure you can 'reinvent the wheel' there, but it would be interesting to see someone try. Darrell, I remember doing the 'hot laps' you're referring to at Brewerton and Fulton back in the 90's when I worked there...not a bad thing.
  13. Acknowledgement and respect for the past is important, but it's also important not to be enslaved by it. We do 'heats' because we always have...they used to mean something when there were enough cars in a field for a consi...now, we justify them with 'top x are handicapped' or we award points to encourage better racing, and neither method is 100 percent effective. 5, 6, 7 car heats are now the norm where a field of 20 was 2 heats of 10 and 24 was 3 heats of 8. Better yet, try explaining this to a new fan in one sentence or less...chances are you probably can't, and if they can't get it in one sentence or less, how do you expect them to be invested in the process, or the (lack of) racing that often happens? This is an example of what I'm talking about when it comes to respecting the past, but being enslaved by it. Is there a new or better way to do what heats accomplish, and who's going to be brave enough to be the test tube experiment on it?
  14. I'm not sure I've been around THAT long...LOL...still under 50 (closing on it) but with 32 years in the business.