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  1. Due to an area power outage, the remainder of Friday night's program could not be completed. We apologize for the situation. The remaining features from the Friday night of Fall Classic weekend will be completed Saturday, September 7th at 2:00 p.m. Tickets and pit wristbands from Friday night WILL be honored for admission for the remaining features. The pits and grandstands will then be cleared, and Saturday's evening program will race as scheduled.
  2. And you thought Hurricane Dorian was bad news...😣
  3. Name game fun aside, as I stated in the other thread, this was a perfect storm of bad judgement and bad decisions...and it's unfortunate for all involved. Based on what's been reported/discussed...the only viable option (hindsight here) IMO would have been to literally 'wipe out' the first 12 laps, allow ALL teams to work on their cars, and restart from the beginning once the track was ready after the rain. In situations like this, you'll NEVER please everyone and someone's going to feel like they got screwed...you do the best you can, but once you make and announce a decision, you can't really 'take it back'. That would be like announcing a race is cancelled because it's raining...but it stops 30 minutes later and you come out and say 'well, it's not raining, we're back on'...not gonna work. Again, IMO...a Race Director needs to have control over a situation...and no decision should be announced unless everyone involved is on the same page...I don't know the circumstances in this case and I'm certainly not throwing shade at anyone, just stating what should be obvious based on experience. Let's look forward...who will take the reins now and what level of authority/accountability will that person have? How will decisions made affect upcoming events, including Eastern States Weekend? What happens long term, going into 2020 and beyond?
  4. Wow, has this turned into an epic shite storm! First off...get well wishes to Bethanne, that's what should be first and foremost. Second...from what I'm able to piece together, this is the result of a perfect storm of bad judgement and bad decisions on many fronts. All I can say is this...when (arguably) your biggest ever weekend of racing at your facility is being discussed and remembered for incidents on and off track and the after effects...and not who won, how good the race was, or any other compelling stories...THAT'S a PR nightmare that even the best spin doctors in Washington DC couldn't turn around.
  5. 'Everybody's gonna have to buy new stuff'... I've heard that an awful lot...and it's true...BUT...how much higher will costs rise when you're essentially trying to buy something that's no longer made, widely used, or is only manufactured/sold by a select few? For racing to survive, it must change WITH the times, not AFTER them. Will it price people out? Yes, in the short term it will. Will it bring in others? Possibly. Will it continue to stagnate/deteriorate if we try to stay in our little bubble and hope everything turns out OK? Definitely.
  6. Looking forward to this as well...missed the late 70's era of the track and never got there when it came back in the mid 90's...happy to be announcing this one, gear's packed, cooler's packed!
  7. Happy Birthday on June 8th to Joe Marotta and Mike Mallett! (From the guy who also celebrates on that day)...:)
  8. Having only been exposed to the SLM's on a limited basis till this year, I am LOVING the racing at Freedom, not only in the SLM but in all the other classes as well!
  9. Thank you, much appreciated!
  10. smallguy

    Cancellations weekend

    Freedom Motorsports Park also cancelled 5/10
  11. USNA was created by Dave P and Gale Mitchell...Dave's family owned Fay's Drugs and Gale was President of their Wheels Discount Auto Supply stores chain. The ideas behind the series were good...and maybe a bit ahead of their time. From the inside, I can say that there was a level of sponsorship support that was expected from both inside and outside the racing industry that didn't materialize...and a lot of that had to do with being the new/untried commodity versus the older/heritage/proven commodity...kind of the same thing that happens when you have a radio station that's played (example) country music for a long time, then another station pops up trying to do the same thing and fight for the same share of the audience and revenue. Sometimes, the new is significantly better or different and it kills the old. Other times, the old can't be bettered.
  12. Let's bottom line this since it's turning into a scwantz-waving contest here: Until such a time as any of the current owners/operators of RWR are gone and new ownership/management is in place, NOTHING will come of the facility for anything motorsports-related or otherwise. Too much damage has been done and the facility has not been cared for. It's going to take financial commitment (long term) and a lot of donkey work to get it back up to speed (pun intended). Problem is, the asking price that I've heard is totally unrealistic...there's no way anyone's going to accept buying something at over 3 times what it was purchased for when it hasn't drawn a dime in that period, and then have to spend significant capital to get the facility back to an acceptable level (not counting necessary improvements/upgrades to make the facility competitive/comparable to others). The racing calendar is already crowded with 'special' events and it's extremely difficult to schedule anything because so many weekend/weekday dates are spoken for...not impossible, but very difficult. As it stands, traditional 'racing' events at RWR will not ensure the continued life of the facility...other motorsports-related and non-motorsports events need to be in the portfolio for it to draw positive cash flow. This takes networking, market research, strong third party vendors and operators, and a LOT of detailed planning. Any 'rezoning' issues would be a matter of public record, in terms of filings, public hearings, etc...and I'm pretty sure local radio/TV/newspaper would pop on the story if it, in fact, WAS a story at this point. We can hope and pray, but I wouldn't (realistically) be optimistic at this juncture.
  13. Spud, you guys did a 1 watt, I'd bet...correct?
  14. Brett's looking into the status of that FM system for Fonda, and if Butch is reading this thread, he'll probably look into it for the Ridge as well. I have my own FM transmitter that I use for some snow drag/snocross events, but it only has a bolt-on antenna...these work best with a roof-mounted antenna. You do have to be careful using these...(technically speaking) you could get heat from the FCC, even if you're not interfering with an existing channel...depends on (a) if they're out and about or (b) if people complain or (c) what mood they're in on a given week.