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  1. ranger22

    OCFS ???

    If certain people weren't so obsessed with everything Danny does, Foster wouldn't have to come on and set them straight all the time. Just doing my part to keep it off the rails
  2. ranger22

    OCFS ???

    How did an Orange County thread become a Can Am thread?
  3. I don't think not being added Saturday figured into them making the switch. They always said 24 cars to start and never listed provisionals. After winning the STSS race at the end of last year and running good Sunday along with all the money up for grabs. I think that has more to do with it.
  4. This right here says it all. People got there panties in a bunch because both races scheduled against Fonda were list as full blown SDS point races, making it look like Dirtcar was deliberately scheduling against Deyo and Fonda. This after Malta and Dirtcar jumped on the original Fonda end of the year weekend.
  5. ranger22


    I don't think you would be able to sit out races for no reason. The 2 times it came into play were for injuries, and I believe nobody in Nascar thought Kyle B. would win the Championship. I think one of Nascars biggest problems is no one can relate to the younger drivers coming up. Back in the day fans followed the drivers from the short tracks to the Cup series, now there are divers who fans have never heard of running because of big check books.
  6. I will say, like a few people on here you worry way to much about a track you don't attend. If you can't see past what Grandview is and will be until they close the doors I really feel sorry for you. The place holds a lot of great memories for me, hell I met my wife there in 84 so yeah I'll defend the place to the end. Not many race tracks around that are run for close to 60 years by the same family that built the place. Can't say what the official crowd numbers were but I will say I got there before 5 o clock and had to search for a parking place. It was a great night!
  7. Well Tom, I went to my first race at Grandview in 1974 to watch my Uncle, Spent most of the 80's and 90's crewing on different modified teams and was lucky enough to be on feature winning teams and was even lucky enough to be on a championship team one year. I too have spent a lot of years there and know exactly what I was going down to every Saturday night. I had a great time every week no matter what the outcome was, win, lose dnq it didn't matter. Last night I went for the first time in probably 5 years because I wanted to be a part of the night honoring a gentleman that we drank more than one beer with on Saturday nights through the years. If you can't get past what Grandview is I feel sorry for, you missed a pretty good race last night and after that I plan on attending a few more this year.
  8. I think Laubach was 3rd, at least he came out to be interviewed afterwards. Racing was good and pretty clean most of the night and far as I know nobody fell through any of the rotten boards that the grandstands are supposed to be full of.
  9. Anyone coming to Grandview tomorrow night for the Bruce Rodgers memorial? The track is advertising Super Matt and Stew, along with Pauch SR, Horton and all the regulars. it should be a good show
  10. It doesn't save anyone any money when they have to spend more money on a different engine package that they don't need.
  11. They are not buying $45.000 engines every year. The smaller teams that have built up their inventory and have a decent engine program are the ones that will be hurt the most, much like any rule change.
  12. Bloomquist was injured in a motorcycle accident this week according to an article on Facebook. real sketchy on the details but it did mention serious injuries and out indefinetly.
  13. Wait a minute. I thought it was okay to tow to Florida because it was a vacation in the winter time? Aren't working men allowed to take a vacation? J/K I don't think anyone has considered the STSS a "working man's" series for awhile now.
  14. Since everyone wants all the Saturday night track to only award show up points, shouldn't Dirtcar make the shows they scheduled against the Fonda 200 be show up points? After all it is one of the next highest paying Modified race of the year.