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  1. I hope CD Coville see this, he is big into Iracing.
  2. I hope you're charging her rent for the space she takes up in you head.
  3. I have 3 memorable days being a crew member. Aug. 91 winning the Forrest Rogers Memorial at Grandview, Sept 91 winning the Grandview point championship and Sept 95 winning the Coalcracker at Big Diamond.
  4. The Friends of Mike race at New Egypt was probably one of his greatest accomplishments. Hopefully someone can do the same for him.
  5. The family owns the 66 car driven by almost every big name in modified racing.
  6. Keep the Petruska's in your prayers. Son Jared was fatally injured in a construction accident in Jersey City NJ yesterday.
  7. ranger22

    Ryan Newman

    I personally liked the tandem racing which is what you described. It's a double edged sword Nascar is walking on here. Fans want more exiting racing but when they get what they want a bunch of cars get wadded up and everyone complains about. Nascar has gone a long time without a serious injury and I believe this led to all the blocking a bump drafting. The all felt bulletproof.
  8. ranger22

    Ryan Newman

    I would consider maybe a two thirds of them Professionals with the experience to do what they are doing, the rest show up with enough money to buy into a few races here and there. With that being said most of the wrecks are being caused by the so called professionals blocking to keep their position. The all complain about but they all end up doing it. The closing rates yesterday were faster than the have been in a few years, there were times when cars in the middle of the lead draft were 6-7 mph faster than the leader.
  9. Did he see his shadow? 6 more weeks of no wins?
  10. Saw that John's funeral procession took a lap around Indy today, that is pretty awesome.
  11. We had moved on to Grandveiw by that time but still had a lot of friends running the Park so I kept up on what was happening there.
  12. I wonder how many people realize John got his start in racing on the 1/5th mile asphalt Dorney Park speedway in Allentown Pa where he was a 1 time feature winner. RIP John
  13. Why didn't you quote Rerob0510 a crew member on one of the top teams in NE dirt modified racing? He is the one that said that nothing learned from Volusia can be applied to any track in the Northeast.
  14. I guess this shoots down the whole 10 steps behind theory, the top 5 in SDS points will be steps ahead of most teams whether they go to Florida or not.
  15. How can you be behind if there are no points awarded? Racing in Florida in February isn't going to get you any closer to the top 5 in SDS points.