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  1. ranger22


    So by this line, if the money isn't there, the drivers aren't there meaning the fans aren't there. Meaning the money draws the fans, simple enough for you?
  2. It still doesn't change the using of the words in their proper context.
  3. Hell froze over because Don Slover won a feature or because nobody complained about 3 different street stock classes where the cars all looked the same?
  4. Not 100% accurate, the overheating could have been caused by a heavy track, mud clogging up the radiator if it was still heavy in the feature.
  5. ranger22


    The picture of your President?
  6. Grandview has been getting over 40 mods every week after dipping into the high 20's a couple of years ago. This is great to see.
  7. This is the part people seem to forget. The mechanic is 84 years old, the driver and owner are both there in years. the owner I believe still runs his own business. I'm sure if someone stepped up and paid some of their expenses they would travel to wherever anyone wanted them too.
  8. If there is no Main event, there is no need for satellite events. You need a central location for all the campers and people from outside the area to be at. I don't see all the people moving around from track to track everyday to make it happen. Jmo
  9. Probably for scheduling against Eastern States a few years ago. smh I think it's time to let it go already
  10. But still not enough to get the project off the ground.
  11. It's kind of scary for me, but I get what he is saying! sort of. But it seems with the stands having less people every week they are getting paid back in a way.
  12. Why does it matter? apparently there are owners out there that still want to put him in their car.
  13. How dare they cancel with a near 100 % chance of rain!
  14. You tell me, are the 3 Johnson's Bob Mcreadie, Doug Hoffman, Jimmy Horton, Billy Decker and Billy Pauch greats in the sport or not. Because they were all competing against each other in the 80's and 90's to an extent. There is a lot of good young talent in the sport today, but I don't see any of them being on the level of Matt and Stew, actually if you want to get right down to it Stew isn't on Matt level right now either.JMO
  15. Nobody is saying they aren't, what people are saying is there aren't 8 more just like them competing against them like in the 80's and 90's.