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  1. Oswego used to have a tour type modified race on Saturday night during SDW, i went with my girlfriend now wife and Francis Hardner in 1984. Richie Evans and Jimmy Spencer put on a hell of a show. I still have the Richie Evans t - shirt i bought that night.
  2. People seem to forget that racing on the mile was generally terrible and conditions during the week could be pretty terrible depending on the weather. When we ran there one year, getting old so i don't remember exactly what year it was, we used a truck load of hay bales just try and stay out of the mud in the pit area.
  3. Really smart move, almost fell back into traffic. There should definitely be some kind of penalty.
  4. What? Do you mean DIRTCAR didn't have someone monitoring DTD to see what the experts were saying.
  5. Grandview was a combined race, I would think he had a big block in.
  6. They are trying something to improve the racing, which yes if it works should improve profits. I haven't read the article but i saw it mentioned that they are adding banking too but i can't confirm that.
  7. As much as you would like to believe it is, not every reply on this thread is directed at you. Someone else mentioned the concession issues.
  8. We ran the Lebanon Valley 100 at Penn National on Methanol with out a fuel stop.
  9. ranger22

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    Actually yes, this was an open weekend with no big races. I'm guessing that is why Fonda chose it to start with.
  10. ranger22

    Turn 1,2,3 or 4

    Standing against the inner guardrail between 3 and 4 at Penn National when it was open was awesome.
  11. ranger22

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    I don't think anyone is saying tracks shouldn't pay big purses, what they are saying is why pay them if teams will go elsewhere for less money. And saying teams may be skipping a 50,000 to win race to save their equipment for a race that pays less, makes even less sense.
  12. ranger22

    Fonda 200 - No Rudolph

    We are talking about teams that will tow to Florida for $1500 but will pass up $53,000 to race closer to home. I get the whole respect thing but back in the heyday's of modified racing none of the top teams would have passed on this kind of money. Once again this proves that purse money means nothing anymore.
  13. You should really be in politics, you spin things better than most of the posters on here.
  14. So Duane Howard won the Championship at Grandview this year, but in you eyes it doesn't mean as much because your list of drivers wasn't there. Competition is competition.