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  1. JMO, but i think Max would be better served trying to earn the respect of his competitors than making funny t-shirts.
  2. Teams having someone standing in a certain spot to signal their driver is nothing new, it has been going on for many years. Maybe using something like a stick is to tell someone to block is a bit extreme.
  3. Yup, running three nights a week back in the day didn't leave for a whole lot of family time. Monday's weren't too bad as long as we didn't get tore up on Sunday, but if we did the whole week was scramble.
  4. Way back in the day of the PA Tri Track series, Big Diamond on Friday used to average anywhere from the mid 30's to mid 40's, Grandview on Saturday somewhere in the 50's and Penn National on Sunday would Struggle to hit the mid 30's on car counts. Even now you have 3 tracks within an hour of each other Grandview, New Egypt and Bridgeport all running the same headline division on Saturdays. Pretty much pointing out that no one wants to run on Sunday.
  5. Friday gives you the option of a Sunday rain date if you choose too also.
  6. Pretty funny story and good comeback Bob. I made it to 59 and a half without ever having AAA but we are seriously looking into it now. Hopefully we will be able to make our usual 5 trips north of the border this year and hopefully having it but not needing it!
  7. Why is this a bad thing? Play stupid games win stupid prizes. If your plan is to walk up and assault someone that is legally carrying a firearm, getting shot is a chance you take when you make that choice.
  8. Pretty amazing how similar both of those incidents looked. He went in way over his head both times, wheel cranked hard left and straight into the car aside of him.
  9. It may be the worst calling out of someone I've ever seen. I mean multiple cases of what he was accusing the other guy of doing wrong.
  10. He very well may have hit water, but if you noticed the more experienced divers ahead him stayed a lane above it probably knowing what would happen if they drove into it.
  11. We always said we weren't there to make friends, we brought our friends with us.
  12. Watch the video and pause it, they don't make contact until after the flag stand.
  13. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10157622308031426&set=p.10157622308031426&type=3 Don't know if this will work but it is a pic of the moment of contact.
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