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  1. Dude just stop, you make yourself look stupider with every post.
  2. Not in the pits, which is what this post is referring to.
  3. Grandview has run small blocks as the headline division since they opened 57 years ago. A better question would be when did the big blocks first become the headline division.
  4. When you are in the pits every week it can be pretty obvious who's doing it. When the car comes off the track and pulls up to the trailer and the nobody is scrambling around looking for a problem anywhere, that is a pretty good indication.
  5. Track time for one thing. If you are consistently running in the back there might be a reason. I just don't understand race fans anymore, we bitch about car counts but the question why cars stay on the track until the race is over. smh
  6. That's called racing, if every car pulled off because they weren't running up front you would have 2 cars finish every night.
  7. I disagree, this was one of the best parts of being in the pits working on race cars! Before I was married of course.
  8. Very true, but he also shouldn't have to put up with the garbage from loud mouthed drunken assholes either.
  9. Per a New Egypt Speedway Facebook post, the Jersey Rush race scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled siting a low car count expectation.
  10. I will respectfully disagree with the big teams requesting all the rules and changes to level the playing field. Every time Nascar makes a rule change mid stream and the talk to the crew chief or car owner they complain how much it costs them. If the teams were really interested in keeping costs down they could get together and do it themselves but they keep spending more and more to find a couple hundreds of a second. Oh and it was nice of GMS to try and sneak something by on the satellite truck and not one of their own, that way it doesn't affect them if there are penalties handed down.
  11. Great run in the backup truck, finished 2nd.
  12. It didn't lead to divorce but I did miss out on a lot activities my kids were involved in growing up, but they did go to 90% of the races we ran so we did get to spend the travel time together as a family. I do regret missing the times I did tho. I was lucky I met my wife at Grandview and before that she attended weekly racing at the Nazareth .5 mile so she was as much into racing as I was.
  13. That is a gray area, I'm pretty sure the drivers that race for a living have to claim the winnings on their taxes every year, making them at the very least subcontractors.
  14. This is kind of odd. stick and ball sport players don't pay a fee for their own salaries. My opinion has always been drivers and owners should get in free since they are the ones putting on the entertainment. I never had a problem as a crew member paying my way in and never regretted doing it all those years.
  15. And it should be a great weekend weather wise, finally.