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  1. Permanent vacation like was threatened is the only way to stop it. It seems to always be the same person that starts it every time.
  2. I grew up on the PA Tri-Track Circuit and before that Dorney Park and Nazereth. All ran 2 classes weekly, so yes i agree.
  3. As much technology that they have in F1, what are they doing racing with a barrier like that at that angle to the track?
  4. Rumor has it they offered the ride to Alex Yankowski and he turned it down.
  5. They could if it didn't always appear to be Dirtcar doing the screwing.
  6. Agreed, but all people saw was that a series race was schedule against Fonda. Also Albany Saratoga scheduled a race on Friday if I remember correctly.
  7. I'm thinking the way it was done the first year Deyo scheduled the return of the Fonda 200 is what riled people up. taking races that were scheduled and making them series races against the Fonda weekend. I agree more big money races is never a bad thing.
  8. Sounds like Jeff may have talked himself out of the ride. I would think he has something in the works, at least I would hope he does.
  9. Yes Duane ran the 357 all season. Haven't heard anything concerning next year yet.
  10. The teams don't own the numbers, Richard Petty was told they had to run the 43 again or someone else could if it wasn't used for a certain period of time. No one was going to run the 3 no matter what Nascar said until RC decided to run it again.
  11. Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs for us, once again hopefully next year.
  12. Our annual trip to Brockville when we were at our trailer one weekend obviously didn't happen this year after at least 15 years of going. Hoping to start the tradition over next year
  13. There are some pretty entertaining threads on hoseheads about the Port Royal announcers, there seems to be a new one every couple of weeks.
  14. I guess the one bright side of this is that they didn't wait until after the feature and dq him for it. They at least gave him a chance to qualify.
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