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  1. Which obviously wasn't enough to make it worth while to follow the tour again.
  2. Sorry for taking it off topic, but one thing i'm passionate about is hunting. I refuse to let people with no clue talk down about hunting and hunters. Like Bob said, scroll by if you don't like it.
  3. That is not proof that most hunters kill for the hell of it. As much as i disagree with this type of hunt, you still have no proof that even the people doing this don't take the meat. You are just assuming they don't.
  4. Do you have proof of this? I know a lot of hunters myself included , none kill for the hell of it.
  5. More like sitting in Mommies basement waiting for someone to comment, then poor mommy has to cleanup the mess he makes on the keyboard when someone does.
  6. If Bob was close in money won, it really shows how far behind dirt modified purses really are.
  7. Been watching the trucks since the beginning, any racing on tv is better than no racing at all.
  8. Oswego used to have a tour type modified race on Saturday night during SDW, i went with my girlfriend now wife and Francis Hardner in 1984. Richie Evans and Jimmy Spencer put on a hell of a show. I still have the Richie Evans t - shirt i bought that night.
  9. People seem to forget that racing on the mile was generally terrible and conditions during the week could be pretty terrible depending on the weather. When we ran there one year, getting old so i don't remember exactly what year it was, we used a truck load of hay bales just try and stay out of the mud in the pit area.
  10. Really smart move, almost fell back into traffic. There should definitely be some kind of penalty.
  11. What? Do you mean DIRTCAR didn't have someone monitoring DTD to see what the experts were saying.
  12. Grandview was a combined race, I would think he had a big block in.
  13. They are trying something to improve the racing, which yes if it works should improve profits. I haven't read the article but i saw it mentioned that they are adding banking too but i can't confirm that.
  14. As much as you would like to believe it is, not every reply on this thread is directed at you. Someone else mentioned the concession issues.