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  1. His Dad Randy owned some pretty fast cars on the PA tri track circuit in the 90's for Kenny Brightbill. We parked next to them at Penn National, great bunch probably met the kid. Good for him
  2. A couple of you guys trigger so easily on here anymore, your almost taking the fun out of it.
  3. Your partly correct, he will groping er I mean checking the women only.
  4. Yup i heard the same, but the reason Nascar left Eldora off was supposedly of because of Tony starting his deal.
  5. That would be great but I think if Knoxville is a homerun I don't think they will walk away from it to quickly. They need the midwest region or they wouldn't be considering a street race in Chicago. People seem to think Eldora is done because of Tony's involvement with the series but that doesn't seem like direct competition.
  6. It seems the need to turn every thread on here into some type of argument out weighs logic anymore.
  7. And you loudest opponent has been strangely silent.
  8. Gibbs never shut any xfinity team down and bubba never ran for Gibbs in any series. He left KBM and went to Roush Fenway, they closed the team due to lack of sponsorship.
  9. If Austin Dillon was in any car besides the 3 nobody would give a rats ass about him. I don't understand the hate on here for families giving their sons or grandsons whatever it takes to be successful.
  10. As much as a lot of people would like to believe that, me included. You would think if it was in his plans he would have undertaken it already.
  11. Bristol is listed at .533 mile. I'm not sure where it is measured at though. Not that it matters because they are flying no matter what the distance is.
  12. Quite a few torn up race cars and a few trips to the hospital so far. I wonder if anyone is rethinking their trip south yet? I heard a few sprint car teams have turned down their invites.
  13. Dirtcar hasn't had any competition like this since Alex Friesen. More money spread out for the teams is never a bad thing.
  14. The 77 has a charter so he is already in the show.
  15. It doesn't matter how many there are in the series, you said they didn't contend. When she is ready to move up there will be a competitive Ford for her to move into. Cindric is already moving into the 21 in the cup series next year so that frees the 12 up already.
  16. You were doing good until your last sentence. Then hauler envy took over again.
  17. Tony Stewart ripped Toyota for signing so many kids then not having anywhere to move them up too, but I bet Ty Gibbs doesn't have that problem although he does appear to have the talent to move forward.
  18. You do realize that Ford won close to half of the xfinity race last year and the championship and 3 races so far this year.
  19. That's funny, they just put a list out yesterday showing that North and South Dakota were both in the top 5 of the safest states during the pandemic.
  20. I'm pretty South Dakota and a few other states never closed.
  21. Billy Pauch had a pretty good run with Bob, CVD did too back in the day.
  22. Bob was a diehard Olsen guy. We ran a season and a half with him in the mid 90's and it was Olsen or nothing.
  23. JMO, but i think Max would be better served trying to earn the respect of his competitors than making funny t-shirts.
  24. Teams having someone standing in a certain spot to signal their driver is nothing new, it has been going on for many years. Maybe using something like a stick is to tell someone to block is a bit extreme.
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