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  1. I feel the reason they didn't go Big Diamond, Grandview or any other track that's not in NY is because of the tire rules. Other than Bridgeport. Bridgeport had a decent field but it was only 34 or 35 cars. Definitely a quality field though. Probably would of had 50+ if not for Hoosier vs. American Racer. Most teams did not want to spend the money for just 1 night. Just would not have had the home track support. There is more SDS teams that race STSS than STSS race SDS. JMO!!!!
  2. It's the working man's series. Not much different than the SDS.
  3. Yes, they did race at Flemington in 1991. The 1st race on asphalt at the square. I didn't enjoy at all after seeing alot of racing on the dirt there. Never went back after that race.
  4. According to Alan Johnson's Facebook page looks like they're prepping a car for the 200.
  5. Just heard from a friend who is at Port Royal tonight and they announced that a Super event is coming in October. Also the Super Dirt Week pace car has been going around the camp grounds today. Announcement coming next week.
  6. Maybe that's why Larry and Billy haven't signed Platinum agreements yet?
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