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  1. Right because the word exception comes only in racing. Dingwall points out an issue that's hurting the series and perhaps it can get looked at to better car counts and help the smaller teams.
  2. dirt-in-my-beer

    Good luck hunters

    It's much more humane to buy steaks that are grown at the grocery store.
  3. dirt-in-my-beer

    Good luck hunters

    Where are you where the season starts this late? Our gun season began Nov 3 in Ontario. We bagged 2, no monsters.
  4. dirt-in-my-beer


    I grew up watching very grainy feeds of This Week In Dirt. I'll watch anything dirt racing related now. Mandee is good for our sport.
  5. dirt-in-my-beer

    Phoenix Truck Qualifying

    Sometimes being pissed off in sports can be a good thing. Great run by Stew and crew.
  6. dirt-in-my-beer


    I agree, she should dump her boyfriend and hook up with Williamson,.then she should get Hearn to adopt her. Mix it up a bit Mandee
  7. Can someone explain this topic using packs of sugar?
  8. dirt-in-my-beer

    A New DTD

    Dr. Phil might have something to say about that.
  9. Yah here in Ontario it cut out here too. I watch a lot of truck racing, always have. Most times better racing than cup or Busch. I'm also the type of fan who sticks around to watch the last feature even if it's the 4 bangers because most times they put on a great show.
  10. dirt-in-my-beer

    Mahaney at OCFS Sunday

    Mat - Williamson Matt- Sheppard
  11. dirt-in-my-beer

    Sad Night in Racing at 311 Raceway

    The phrase would change to "he went out doing what I'd love to do"
  12. dirt-in-my-beer

    Time To Retire?

    Old guys rule! Decker will need a forklift to drop him in a car 25 years from now and he'll still be winning races.
  13. dirt-in-my-beer

    Chris Hile

    I rooted for Chris when Chris wasn't cool.