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  1. I thought it was very well presented. Seeing nostalgia from guys like Foreman, Tyson, Sugar Ray Leonard, was pretty cool. It's one of those things that my father-in-law and I dropped everyone else off at the cottage we had rented and then spent a few hours touring. The employees appreciated us being there and shared some of their personal stories when boxers visited and gave us a bit more of a guided tour.
  2. Never been to Penn Can, it came from the same roll of film from our vacation in upstate NY when we watched the LM's at rolling wheels, there were some photos in the same pack from when we visited the Boxing Hall of Fame in Canastota and had a beach day at Sylvan Beach. If Miller knows nothing about it, I'm sure it's not the Wheels. I'll get the pic and maybe someone knows the location.
  3. Hello, Yesterday I was going through some scrap books of racing that my mother in law has. She has everything from Le Mans, Daytona, to Brewerton. Takes lots of photos of family racing trips, always has... I don't have the photo in question, and she was asking what track it is, she's certain it's from Upstate NY, she labels all photos with the year, but this one has her puzzled. My only guess is Rolling Wheels as we were only there one time for a WOO LM race in approx 2010. She's posing because the background is quite unique, there are street cars sort of buried/cut into the hill in the background. Obviously would need heavy equipment to make it happen... Any else confirm or not confirm that Rolling Wheels has some old cars sunk into a hill as you're entering the main track entrance? I know it's not the other NY dirt tracks we've visited...I vaguely recall the photo..
  4. Right because the word exception comes only in racing. Dingwall points out an issue that's hurting the series and perhaps it can get looked at to better car counts and help the smaller teams.
  5. It's much more humane to buy steaks that are grown at the grocery store.
  6. Where are you where the season starts this late? Our gun season began Nov 3 in Ontario. We bagged 2, no monsters.
  7. I grew up watching very grainy feeds of This Week In Dirt. I'll watch anything dirt racing related now. Mandee is good for our sport.
  8. Sometimes being pissed off in sports can be a good thing. Great run by Stew and crew.
  9. I agree, she should dump her boyfriend and hook up with Williamson,.then she should get Hearn to adopt her. Mix it up a bit Mandee
  10. Yah here in Ontario it cut out here too. I watch a lot of truck racing, always have. Most times better racing than cup or Busch. I'm also the type of fan who sticks around to watch the last feature even if it's the 4 bangers because most times they put on a great show.
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