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  1. BIG SHOW VII POSTPONED TO AUGUST 12TH DUE TO WEATHER Promoters Brett Hearn And Lyle DeVore Have Fans In Mind On Wet Day In Malta   July 7, 2015 (Malta, NY) – Brett Hearn’s Big Show VII is one of the most anticipated events of 2015. As part of Albany-Saratoga Speedway’s 50th anniversary season the event is without a doubt a must attend for fans and drivers alike. With drizzle falling at the track through the morning and pending thunderstorms coming in the late afternoon into evening hours the Big Show was postponed to August 12th with the fans best interest in mind.   Big Show promote
  2. Just got off the phone with Pete Demitraszek. As of right now there is NO MANDATORY REV BOX. We understand some tracks run them and some don't. Drivers from both situations plan to attend the 602 Nationals. He now understands that some guys from Malta that don't have to run rev boxes are planning to attend, but wasn't aware some guys didn't even have them on their cars. Apologies for that misunderstanding and AT THIS POINT NO REV BOX OR CHIP IS MANDATORY FOR THE 602 NATIONALS per Pete Demitraszek.   We also discussed several other things to make sure that this race goes off well and is
  3.    I did, due to jack a$$es like Scott Friers who sits in the stands drunk and thinks he knows racing. Have a great day.
  4. Awesome, positive, and productive post. Sounds like Ronnie & Jamie had a productive year at I-88. It's refreshing reading about that on DTD rather than the endless mind bending garbage you see on here. Kudos men... Oh...MLIU
  5. [quote name='ketchumfan' timestamp='1347598778' post='403742'] i think hazer has no friends so what one he does have he is trying to hold on and this is the only way to do it i dont think there is one person that haves one good thing to say about him. just saying [/quote] Everyday I look for one post that proves the intelligence level in racing is decaying and at an all time low. Thank you for being today's example. Now go get an education and try again. PLUS I still remember the password to log into that account, you may want to change it. Just sayin...
  6. OK now we're all even more confused at this situation... Head Scorer Says [quote]The computer shows that the 79 finished ahead of the 44 because the 44 did not have a working transponder.(The driver was so told by the Race Director prior to the start of the feature) I personally was hand scoring the 44 because of his transponder failure and could not determine which car crossed the "finish line" first. Where is exact finish line?[/quote] Former Track Promoter Says [quote]BECAUSE IT SHOWS ON THE AMB SCORING THE BATTERY WAS WEAK IN THE HEATS SO IT WENT DEAD IN FEATURE.[/quote
  7. [quote name='meandmymizer' timestamp='1347426998' post='403436'] So are you saying that Mr. Soucie did intentionally wreck Chad because of what was said to him the previous week? That is what I get out of this statement No, I don't believe Mr.sousie wrecked Mr.Edwards intetionally for somthing he said. If you go back to the feature the week or possibly 2 before, you will see Mr.Edwards repeatedly make contact with Mr.soucie and then drive over his front end . Understandbly he was trying to get around Mr.soucie but could have drove around him not through him. T
  8. Bernie, did Mike make you aware he was asking the 44 to prove it and he'd make it right with no written protest required? Basically what you're saying is if it isn't written, even if it's wrong, it's tough cookies? Mike had no answer to the phone call he got about it apparently. Again just passing along info. Again, I'm just pointing out the discrepancy...I didn't make the error in judgement, I'm just pointing it out, as it was pointed out to me. So if you must lay blame boys, you can lay it on me for asking the questions, it's ok I understand how nob
  9. [quote name='Custom Bob' timestamp='1347343644' post='403238']3. The new Promoter is a local person. Not Howie, Ric, Bruce or anyone currently running a track. When the time is right and the new management is ready, the announcement will be made.[/quote] Here's my one guess Custom, STR and Checkers out will be big contributors? lol If i'm wrong I can wait...
  10. I'm just the messanger, info is factual, I'll let you guys debate what is right or wrong and what should or shouldn't be done to correct it. Same sort of situation that happened in the street stock division a couple years back and they eventually admitted it, corrected it, and awarded the person who earned it. I applaud both drivers efforts, not knocking anyone's nuts, but sometimes the right decision or statement isn't always the most popular. Been there, done that, and always will. Again I'm not loosing sleep over it. Just in a sport where everyone wants fa
  11. Paul, points are awarded based on the dirt scoring point system. 60, 56, 52, 50 down by 2 until 28, then down by 1 until 20. Only night missing on the website is September 1st. Take the points from Sept. 1 and add them to the points they have on their site, wala you get your final points. Problem is the night the points were scored wrong. Claimer, I don't know everything, but I'm intelligent and will not dumb myself down for anyone inlcuding yoruself. The video is not inconclusive, it was enough to get Pessalano the proper finish. So by stating that you're stating the track is i
  12. Let's jump right in shall we... It was brought to my attention on August 25th the Sportsman feature finish had Rocky Warner 2nd and Greg Pessalano 3rd, however the 44 (Pessalano) transponder fell off during the race which can be confirmed by viewing the My Laps report. It shows nothing for the 44 for fast lap etc. Per what I was told Warner had spoken to Pessalano about it and told him he didn't understand why he was 2nd when he didn't beat Pessalano to the line. Greg Pessalano apparently approached Mike Romano about it and was told watch the video for August 25th and if it s
  13. According to a source close to the champs family, Jeremy got $3,000 and Mike told him the reason was there wasn't enough tires sold to hit the $5,000 mark. So American Racer apparently pro rated the point fund money. Reportedly Jake said that money was set in stone at the beginning of the year via Bestline Oil and if I'm not mistaken I do remember seeing something to that effect, but after combing through their press releases (cough) on the website I found no such information. On a side note an article will be in the AARN all about the Ridge and I'm sure it will be
  14. [quote name='TFrable' timestamp='1346947250' post='402309'] Is it normal practice for the points money to be paid out within a few days following the final race? I thought it normally came at the banquet or over the off-season? [/quote] Normally at the banquet yes, but the ridge doesn't have one. They haven't in a couple years. Rocky got his $2,000 so I'd guess the Mod champ got his. I'll ask...
  15. Rolling Wheels Sept 2, 2012 - Results From My Laps 1 5 Don Spatorico 2 25g Nick Guererri 3 1s Jim Spano 4 66 Danny Wiesner 5 21 Taylor Caprara 6 21H Brandon Hagan 7 24A A.J. Lewis 8 67g Eric Giguere 9 3a Adam Hilton 10 1R Kyle Rohmer 11 44 David Conant Jr. 12 3m James Maier 13 6 Nate Reynolds 14 15d Kyle DeMetto 15 48B Brandon Rauscher 16 55c Jesse Cotriss 17 57 Anthony Stockman 18 16 Earl Rudy 19 8s Justin Sharp 20 17J Josh Livingston 21 20x Kevin Ridley 22 m1 Dave Marcuccilli 23 57b Frank Burnell 24 21J James Henry 25 7g P
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